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Laredo Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 5

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Laredo Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Laredo, Texas From Tum Dayi i Browns queer Pace by associated Louis Browns an unusual Pace in piling up assists during the 1925 incidentally the same club holds the record for total assists in a having established a Mark of 26 in the Browns came close to equalizing this Mark May when they made the same number of assists but took Tea frames to do 24 assists were made in the nine in which was the league record the club also recorded a 12 inning game on on several other occasions made As High As 21 assists in nine going to the other the Browns also participated in three games in which they made Only five assists Washington took the prize for Mak ing the fewest assists per Mak ing three each in games on May 27 and August for the 26 assists in july and today Centenary of the birth of Julia Dent the wife of president this is also the one Hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles a celebrated american Geol liquor legislation and its enforce ment will be reviewed at the annual meeting of the Ontario prohibition Union in Toronto the trial of mayor Lawrence Quigley of together with a score of others under Federal indictment for conspiracy to violate the liquor will begin in the fed eral court in Boston the Appeal in the Case of Gerald the million Dollar Bandit under sentence of death in con is docketed for a hearing to Day in the Federal court in new York the merger of three lutheran the new York the new York and new England representing More than 402 is to to considered at a special session of the evangelical lutheran Synod of new York to be held in Albany women hold monopoly by associated new women Virtu ally have a monopoly of one of the most important positions in the motion picture Industry that of script Holder and film in this capacity they arvo As assistants to the during the filming of a they help Check on the thousands of details relating to the when All the scenes have been they superintend the cutting and arrangement of the an operation which always plays a big part in the Success or failure of a pro Many times the cutting of a film requires night work and the women generally Are known As being Arnopp the hardest workers in the Industry their salaries Are better than those received by average a woman viewpoint is necessary in the production of a Allan James Edward slither land and other directors pointed women also have a greater Power of concentration and infinitely More patience with minor two producers Many of the script hold ers and film cutters have risen from the ranks of stenographers and Secre after the negative is it must to cleaned and then printed on Posi Tive film by special which in Many instances Are operated by from the film goes through Many processes until it Fin ally is tested and ready for at the Paramount laboratories Here alone approximately feet of film is assembled and printed an m Only on the a negro was charged with stealing have you any witnesses you wish to Call asked the Sambo threw out his Chest Dis he Rebbah steals chickens in front of progressive von Resick youre tired youre Ner Vous Why jays Call on the vitality is tremendous Only those with Strong nerves pull through with Success you need help i something to renew wasted nerve put red corp sulcs into your and carry you through and Over the Vou need Persa for tills impaired Stop the Drain the the nervous the restless the tired and exhausted condition that is becoming habitual with take Sconsa Pursa for ten Days and your nerve health should try it and see How health and Energy will come Back and put you in the front two and it your duct fit of from f tale of married offering difference the usual treatment of plays of directed by Frankf Borzage for Mayel the strand theatre to and opening with a prologue in which the wife of an eng Lish lord slopes with their Mutual it offers Many humorous Situa in the the events of which take place thirty years the son of the deserted Nobleman finds himself threatened with the same situation that faced his it is further complicated when the Young wife invites the runaway couple to visit the first Triangle is formed by three of the most noted r character actors of the Alec Eugenie Besserer and George Fawcett Eleanor As the Young gives one of her Best and most convincing Malcolm Mcgregor depicts the Young Lover in striking fashion and Creighton Hale plays the part of the irritating Youmg Eulalie Jensen and Otto Hoffman play character roles Complete the the script was prepared by Kenneth Clarke and he did an exceptionally Fine was the Chet Lyons Fords revival of old dance music originated in Kitchen by associated Renaissance in dance music which Henry Ford is sponsoring through the revival of old time tunes and with Tho Aid of Many old time had its inception in the Kitchen of a modest Home outside of big it was Here that Henry on a vacation trip North with Thomas Edi Harvey Firestone and a few other intimate first saw Jep maker of violins and fid Dler at old time country Jasper of Asho registered at Detroit leading hotel As the guest of Ford 83 years he is the father of the movement Back to the old fashioned Ford it was listening to him and his old fashioned tunes that helped to crystallize my belief that the time had come for a revival of the old a very Fine old Man is Jasper and he knows his Ford first heard him in and shortly after Jep came to Detroit to make the first contribution to Fords dance Ford sent him East to Elsons Laboratory where some of the aged fiddlers choicest selections were perpetuated in the phonograph reproduction Jep played a drum for the sol Diers in Detroit in later he con ducted a drug store and sold Tea and at other moments he played quadrilles and called dances at country gather at Jep still is Able to dance a Yogi he they thought t was going to but in fooling i run 40 rods every Day of my life and in that a lot of Childs the associated mentality of on trial hero for the murder of his Benlo last is that of a child of nine this was the testimony of Jean Shep social worker and psychologist of the Dallas Public called by the defense As a witness snows trial Coolidge by associated before Presl in at Neces Dent Colic age would be inclined to consider clemency for former Gover nor Moray of Indiana now Lanta it would b sary for Mccray to submit a new petition pointing out that ill health justifies his two were by associated men were killed and another injured by a fall of Rock at the mine of the Ryan and Reidy Coal company near Frank Lin the dead miners Are Peter Medosh and Robert Violet society editor Telephone social g g the tuesday music and literature club will meet in the High school at 4 Oclock in Tho afternoon the Parish Guild of Christ Church will meet at l Oclock in the afternoon at the Oas guar ome in gardens the Little winds Are never quite so warm As once they sullenly they lift and stir empty of the purple grapes that once Hung Lush with Bloom sem cold and wet As Marble carved and set upon a the seeding Flower like some ragged Clown offends my mood that cries for sweeter food than and yet it was but magic yesterday you walked with me hero by a flowery sea and All was Gay each winding path was splendid with the Day but now i feel each bruising Stone in gardens Gray Regina in University of California Harry the first number a piano Solo Chopin in b brilliantly rendered Barnes t interesting talk entirely without notes Tho rather benighted islam Republic of Camp in this connection read an intimate de scripture of Home and official Ute in Haiti by Frances pop Kinoti Christian Endeavor the following la the that was Given at the recent Christian Endeavor party 1 song by Evelyn and Dan Earnest Reading modifying i Cornell a milking time i Evelyn and Dan a boy and his stomach Gertrude a vocal Louisville Lou Evelyn and Dan aunt Tabitha Maurizo with Banjo woke up this morning and of Polly Meta earn a musical the indies Aid dreamy Carolina Moon Evelyn and Dan piano Evelyn Dan several Banjo Earnest a read and miss Olivia Braden several piano these added very much to the pleasure of the occasion and the wonderfully Nice program was greatly enjoyed by accused include a numb n of in Active and by l it n v r v i i it t line Reipp by Ocean Sturm general Burr returned yesterday from Devine Aud three Ross Swisher went to Hebbron Ville yesterday for a Short Frozen assets Given As the reason for closing Bank by the l l r i i by associated Dollar savings Bonk of Bridgeport was closed today by Tho Ohio state Ai Jan members of the other individuals were by a Federal grand jury an alleged Bootleg byntlicat0 by Bill Dwyett former Racetrack Nino of dieted a Rosalu in Active thre6 separate wire charging Trio 01 of the i said Frozen assets caused missionary banking u Guin delightfully the department to order Tho Bank in talked the Mother Sallee Circle of Tho Baptist monday afternoon i the study in Royal service was the h totall flss0ts cd Public Snow entertaining feature of Tho afternoon those present wore mesdames Sun Dermyer and miss Minnie the visitor of Tho afternoon was Webb at the conclusion of the meeting the Jioio Altess served Lovely to a statement Velma Vidaurri left Friday for san make their where they will Mildred Hiatt returned yester Day from san Stanley Copel Ancl expected to leave monday night for Mexico and Marion Radford left f sunday for to make their Thomas Peyton Mcneil and baby expect to leave for their Home after a visit to and and cards have been received Wilhemina who soon to returning from will and Johnston and children Are visiting in san the Fidelis Matron club of the Baptist Church will entertain with a party at the Pastorius on Friday the ladies Aid of the Christian Church will meet with pet 1518 Bruni thursday after noon at 3 plenty of food no Iran the woman missionary society of the methodist Church Mot monday millions of chinese afternoon at 4 the voice pro report Gram being the subject with Manford As the meeting was opened with a song and from the Bible were read passages by de starving because l b r of the military j also an entertaining article from Tho american prayer i by associated followed by i is Oati Gad Horry gave a talk on Tho mated that Persona out of n Christian and his Pat population of Are starving Thompson and Seaman in the province of in Tho each gave talks on Tho the of Milonan a smaller proper meeting was closed with a Benedi Juon of Tho population is in the grand jury has spent six weeks bet i a rum ring which represented by Federal As having trolled 18 Ocean running and 1 4 by associated than a score of his coucodevate8sverg arrested in Cour boats in the Trade have Boon Tho Federal was Tho Backbone of a m r trained in Tho Bast re Var say Ings Bonk Bill Dong and general tors wore in Lexington h were Porf Tod from a foreign Porte to rum Row and others Between ruin Row and Liq the indictment charges a third incl Cymont charges Dwyer and John with having sout he Amor loan Vessol William Salonoy to Boa in foreign and coast wrap Trade in such an condition that the Crew men ip8t their the wives Ami Chil Dren of bomb of tie men Iyoho Oti gave Abs Stanco in the loaders of Syndicate those present were m Tinero Aro ple pitiful bup Liob of food Dames Brower Huffa in but owing to Tho tie up of Tho railway because of the Mill i they cannot to sent Tho stricken and Ernst today builders greater m there will be meeting of both circles of the woman auxiliary of the presbyterian Church at 3 Oclock thursday afternoon in the sunday school 9 and Hamilton and miss returned Home yesterday after a three weeks stay in san Hamiltons underwent an operation while they were there and Hamil r by associated pharaoh and his slaves have had too much press getting As general con tractors in the opinion of of who has just retired after fitly years of Railroad and other construction today builder of buildings is the peer of All the egyptian pyramids Winston he cites the fact that mod Ern ingenuity enables Tho builder to not recognized by Splawn affects Price of raw rubber the senior however will continue to probe student by associated accomplish in a Short space of time what the ancient Kings and armies or slaves required a lifetime to Tho fact that Thoy left to been Refu Sotl their recognition by president members of the senior Council of Tho University of Texas will continue their investigations of student Gerlev in when the steam shovel a thing unheard of and Tho wheel Nowlin Llano chairman of scrape the contractors main the count a when the Winston supervised a Council called at Tho office of ton reports they her doing nicely when and Fred Jug Tor re turned to their Home in san Antonio last night after a Short visit u t w t i 1 construction Job in which 043 Miles of Splawn the president to d Railroad were built and Throe times As Mombert of Tho committee that their much material As went into one of had not been great pyramids waa All in the student Assembly and that there of to not treat with them is official representatives of the Dent Tho Many Little friends of master buddy Foster will be glad that he 643 of track Mcrobb the is Well again after a recent spell of the Traci info of 300 Miles of roadbed the Many friends of master John a period of seven outstanding achievements of Railroad for Tho Extension of the Minneapolis and Manitoba Railroad from to great Tho Winston firm used men and teams in the laying of by Assoc Jated two and the building of Bridges and other Pinchott former state Charles Snyder and Harmon Kei Parker will be glad to learn that he Force Tho contractors organized their is reported to be doing nicely and on Ivory plec0 of Timber and All Supply governor pm hot today in a let other Spanish aviators today resumr0gtsterod Whaff was termed Tho Road to Ulins Cronw the Plain pm nut de their flight from Spain to the Mitchell by associated of the Mitchell court martial Case with a View to revising the Law concerning military courts waa proposed j arrived in the City saturday Ayen reached a Speed of eight today in a Resolution by represent for a visit to her Uncle and Mues a considered a Good rate Oach borrowed More than 000 from state Hanking institutions agitation against monopoly i i n brought the Price Down in two f the Laredo Elmea of crude rubber have been greatly affected by Tho Campaign against High costs now going on i Tho United in the opinion of Secretary on december he said when to staked Tho cooperation of Tho american people in the Effort to moot spot rub Ber was Selling at a pounds i Tubor for delivery within three months was Tho spot Price to was 6sc and rub Ber for three months delivery waa 1 r about Tion by a special House committee into Tho profits made by the Ameri can Industry waa proposed today in a Resolution by representative Black of now j thing Trosa Antiono and Rizii will probe report believed close and f be made before h k i r Vav by associated former v head Highway with Luiei Biondi l t i i r i that Iio state Highway at fairs close and that Probett Busty to Mado 1 of i1 in 4 i v l i i l predict Early n by associated Tion of Tho Haugen Bill to create a cooperative marketing division in Tho agriculture department waa sum cd today by the House Prospect of an Early with resumed by associated Las Canary an to haul every without adequate Security were Mado Franco and Jan two i r r t member of Hoffman 1 t l l m said Ferguson named 1 v j1 n his Erlenb i v i i or by Assoc lated the Nemee of Ferguson and United state senator May Field injected today into the Tes Timothy la Tho Highway flute Afija inst the Hof Maii company a a stockholder in the coins testified through an Oral could not fight the feta upon adm Nie Traylon Beca Ueo pointed As Highway comm us loner Hie Good Foo Burkett i i i i burned to by associated Sally Robin aged daughter col at Camp burned to death today when an plodding alcohol stove enveloped her in t recorded by Aldo cited v j6 Inetri Raenita Here today Ter sent to the Honbo Ami Flemate de Ter one expense item included at a Public their destination today is the Oats on pending banking Verdo i m Catus trophic earthquake a great distance the shocks continued for two land a half 1 Tive Connally Democrat of and Leopoldo baby Chicks grow into Vig Orous Chicks mean Money in the we vitality body even at the executive committee of the Laredo Public Library if entertaining with a Sliver Tea in the Library rooms saturday from 3 until 6 a very interesting program in supreme associated Mexico j Twenty new by associated Percival Dodge of Sabbach Botts nominated today to to minister to Ben Mark and John Prince of now Jersey minister to the kingdom of the a tend men n London is being arranged by b0ven injunction suits brought Byl croats and foreign Oil companies which seek restrain Tho government from putting pan american round table into effect the retroactive clauses of Tho fourth meeting and luncheon to government from putting into Efry associated of the pan american round table fact who retroactive clauses of the it r m i f i i 111 i f pc Rook place at the Hamilton hotel Ort now d0troleum Law have reached the Coolidge looks with sympathy on the e court on after hav proposals to facilitate the return to f f m a f a i j same French shop keepers 8tiul raise the by associated shopkeepers still talk of putting up the shut ters at closing but actually r they pull them r the Many paned shop Dowa familiar in the old illustrations to Tho songs of Beranger and the Cruickshank and Phil drawings for by associated act Afi guides to pedestrians dense Foga Settle Over London Hare been complaining because of Alck of Busl Nessl duo to this Winters weath which been exceptionally Clear and thousands of persons frequently come lost in the even within a Block or to of their Homes or of it in on such occasions that the Blind who find their Way by 1 i r Continental our modern january at 3 after the Reading of the minutes of the last the director Gen made a Bright and helpful talk emphasizing the use of Tho Golden Rule throughout this the program was in charge of ing court rejected by the District the United states of times want holier Makreff Iff fought overseas with Tho american army and remained in Europe after the to believes some provision should be made to Dickens have disappeared to find take their make Way for solid Iron cur prominent Corners and which Are hauled Down with a services As the old co webbed and Gallt remain in Ito new parts of last than 14 a

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