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Laredo Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 3

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Laredo Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Laredo, Texas H i 1 i t v from thursday a obtain Winter by associated sunlight for the Dena tured Light that comes through Ordinary Glass from which tie Healing ultraviolet rays have been filtered but the real thing with virtually All of its health giving qualities May now be obtained Herman associate professor of physics at Johns hop has found that Between go and 70 percent of the medicinal value of the 6uns ultraviolet rays remains in the sunlight that passes through a Type of transparent wrapping paper ordinarily used on Candy the advantage in this discovery is the cheapness with which Ultra Violet Ray treatment May be made available in nurseries and sanitarium in cold scientists for Many years have realized the curative value of ultraviolet several years ago one of the Large corporations manufacturing electrical appliances presented the childrens Section of Johns Hopkins Hospital with a window made of fifteen quarts Glass panes costing each that admit passage of ultraviolet this window has been used largely in the treatment of but the expense of a window Handicap Ped general use of the treatment else the paper is made of the substance that forms the cell Walla of and gives stiffness to the stalk of wheat As Well As the tall by the use of a routine developed in Switzerland several varied ills Are treated by the suns ultraviolet rays applied under medical for years Pfund has been ducting researches in the action of his discovery affecting Violet Raya was made recently while testing the transparency of numerous sub until practical tests Over a period of time have been made and the results observed by physicians he the fact that the paper allows the Healing rays to pass should not regarded As a certain indication of particularly As Ultra Violet rays Are much weaker in Winter than in a daily lesson in for Over 40 years Halls Catarrh Medicis has been successful in the treatment of it consists of an ointment which quickly and the internal a which acts through the blood on the mucous sur thus reducing the Halls Catarrh Medicine As a blood purifier gives wonderful All Cheney study in United by associated plans launched by the american friends service committee a selected group of japanese students will be invited to come to the United states next turn to study in colleges and universities As the guests of the friends service committee said that a nationwide Appeal would be made for cooperation in carrying out their a number of colleges already have this is the first Concrete said a to give general expression to the widespread desire to improve our relations with the people of if the quota Law were applied to japanese As it is to europeans the approximate number of japanese immigrants admitted yearly would be Only we Hope to be Able to extend an invitation to at least 160 a friends service com posed of japanese has been formed in this committee will be charged with the selection of the the Choice will be based entirely on individual fitness and Aims and the students will not represent any official or other special on their arrival they will be placed this will Benefit of the plan to am Well As to the in this country in Volunteer col insure the full Prince keeps brides Book reports concerning a prospective engagement Between the Prince of Wales and Princess Astrid of by the appear to have As Little foundation in fact As Tho Many similar rumours circulated in the have brought to Light the fact that the heir to the throne keeps a most unique scrap Book containing the Many newspaper stories concerning his matrimonial this he Calls his brides and Only his most intimate friends have been privileged to see it the Book is said to contain More than four Hundred newspaper the majority of them Are from american but the cuttings show also that Many of the British newspapers appear to know More concerning the princes marriage plans than he does 1828 1841 1871 1890 1899 january charter granted for the Ithaca and Oswego founder of the Omaha Bora in died in capitulated to the Ger mans after a siege of 131 several members of an exploring party perished from exposure in Marble Harvey former senator from died at la born in Sangamon Stuart Phelps whose novels have greatly influenced american woman died in born Louis Bra Ideis was nominated for associate Justice of the supreme court of the United Congress appropriated 000 for an investigation into the Teapot dome Oil Violet soot to editor 1 1916 a meeting of both circles of the woman auxiliary of the presbyterian Church at 3 Oclock in the the married ladies social club will be entertained by i Charles Deus at 3 Oclock h in the the Peter pan players will meet at Oclock in the afternoon with Robert the Fidelis Matron class of the Baptist Church will meet at the Pastorius in the Evev Mendell vocal from Talea of a dream of from the lore Hamilton and Travis Bruce i 11 l w masonic called a Catlon comm of la t redo Lodge Friday evening january at work Brethren 1 m i m v it sentenced to deals for murder of his Stepson near a Ville last Ces f in All Msj Are fraternally Tunis Sony secy his h h 1 Sot b 4 b in 1 1 i i 886 i 1924 f our daily birthday the Long life is a so they a chapter a chapter Gay it moves through scenes of Shine and of Chi hug grief and laughter night brings a the pages a phrase familiar halts the text to be in our january Marquis of British Ambas Sador to born in endless chronicle years ago each follows the strange mysterious change pc pm my Daniel president of the of Page song find knows he Baltimore Ohio born at a in plot t 65 years Aeu and a Tfaye Swift Yearl 8llp Otway Augustus the sculptor of something within him beeni8 to the Stone Mountain Confederate born in 55 years ago Frederic presi Dent of Richmond born at White Sulphur b8 years ago Charles president of the National Board of farm Organiza born 60 years ago today this tale so varied and perplexed will be continued in our in Washington general Graham is in san Antonio for a Short Hackenberger passed through today in route to Mexico another cold by associated second taste of subzero temperatures within a flanked with wind and was on the weather menu of the Northwest and the great lakes area v i aged Veteran by associated los aged reputed to have been Tho last survivor of the famous 39th in Diana volunteers in the civil is dead t statistician showed that actual qinninq8 j de the Early a j i was found guilty wid death penalty today by Yulch Hod hearing his charge of killing the jury received late yesterday and two Snow announced snows conviction closes for re r j n j i l l j Tho present one most noted cases in Texas criminal tofiq head of Connally was by two Mouths ago in an abandoned show was arrested and after several Days of questioning by authorities admitted the and also his and her math Farewell to associated Curry of United states Cotton crop he said which have been severely stroked the women bodies in a fir6 assailed this Bais Boen Vor place at his body of con find by actual Nally Ems a Mountain near by associated i declares in a letter to be hat of show said Texas crop to rotors to counsel offered a plea of Farewell to Cardinal Mercier Tho forecast of August which wan with drawing at the last Momant Tho impressive ceremonies were held ginnings to january one Day with the King taking Tho loading were which Sti Huu physicians and part the body is being taken the attention of those who bout vote Fonow was backward the August forecast was far too not pronounced i h i Houston i Clakey Hoff f p i j Foj l i made excess of to Matinos this broke by Aflfe ocl ated Over four million final estimate of Tho 1926 Cotton production of Texas was placed today at j i i safes were Prince of Wales suffered a fractured Bales by Tho government Collarbone when thrown from his crop reporting production san v i we i horse while Hunting Only Yeslo proviou8 your was of the san Artt Onlo Arah sus Ter Day his horse dropped dead from total farm value of the crop decent Legette Tarver left tuesday under the the Accident Ocker curved at Little Shelton this at Tor the Prince fell on his left was in the Days for Sata Antonio for a Short Frank Mims has gone to breaking the Collarbone Oti that he is returning to London Nwafor medical indictment railway at Saspamco Aad is Meridor were blow ii and Opo nod Early today and several Huu Drod Dot Lars id loot secured by to robbers Rora both january sir William who has been appointed director of the Imperial where he will be manager of the Border foundry machine cancel Iowa soon and de Corrigan by associated and Des Institute in is a noted Soldier baby have moved into the state commissioner of i a m a prominent pawmu8ka Man and administrator who has numerous important posts in British the son of an Archdeacon of he was Home of Market the announced today that because of recent ruling of Tho Federal farm loan Board the Banks have cancelled Loans the duplex Bungalow at 1806 Chato aggregating about educated at Eton and in 1834 entered j c6n has just been the he saw service with lord pitted for Zene Planche Seal unmentioned before is to be drawn into Roberts in India and served with and is occupied by her and distinction in the War in South and the family of Steve he was at one time director assistant american vice Consul of London Region under the Nuevo also the Premier and of the ministry of he was chief administrative officer in organizing of the official displays at the Wembley Tho Institute of which he has now become the head is housed in palatial buildings in South it was designed a generation ago to by the Center of social and Industrial relations be tween Britain and its great overseas Tho Institute is now be ing reorganized with a View increasing its by associated Oklahoma Hora City Thnora Bays today that in Aro expected against be by also cited Pereona who have Boon attempt Waka Teykl in Teoforo with Tho govern today was formally appointed investigation of Tho allowed Yout Puu Slayer tried by associated i i Couert Tho youth who killed three shot three Olio Saiid of Tho dark for mor0 than a week last decor Aberi trial Here Corner is expected to stayed atm noun de n Kia ii j l a cel i freighter Crew by associated i r and a under to m of a Miler and interim by Prince Regent John Morton arrived in the who was rain City yesterday afternoon and is visit later of Home affairs in the Cabinet ing at the Home of and of Viscount takes the place left vacant by Tho letters which took place this death conspiracy in Tho Saga coun the newspaper declares that a prominent Pawhuska business heretofore unmet lond is to to in Tho hos who be faced with Topper today Parish the Parish Guild met yesterday of at the rectory and the meet ing was opened by the Limbert read the minutes of Tho last after by associated which Delegate to the new drawn into the now testimony is to be gluon Tho grand jury when it reconvenes at Guthrie february it is included in Tho new the times is evidence that a Pawhuska Whoso body was found along Tho right of Way of Tho Kansas Chimney i and Texas Railroad after to had Boon american liner president l i got last Man off vessel at Marshall would not Aid in his further to do with Hloi v 1 i l i i a l a f i f 1 i we h i i j 1 j t Agio cute opened consid today with opposer its of the Daniel pres Clant of it Imore Ohio system and one of gave her report on Tho Cou sweeps of new Orleans Are finding it hero to Confer with an Osage it was a very splendid report so Dif cult to High hat their rivals was killed in Oklahoma City and his it was a very splendid report go so Well Given that it was con the bes known of american railway i Side red Ono of the Best Ever is 65 years old an ancient to High hat their rivals i was killed in Oklahoma City and his profession is being body carried into a bleeping from so Row bilk which it we later Vaughns sled the president and Coolidge give a reception at the White House this evening for the members of Congress and their placed in Samos reported on the banquet per Aro Wom nowadays that negro client was Corgo and speeches Given by Bishop Capers Chimney sweeps have no Way to i Tho Day after Tho of by associated now York Crew of Tho British freighter Antiono even if tax reduction were has Boon rescued at twelve la Yod beyond mflich15fwheii men were rescued by the United first income Tux liner president Roosevelt and the remaining 13 wore find Bush Coit of reports Marya Wero renew the badge of their been placed in the going Hospital bore by m keep at it until 28 Ducioa took its v wire Loas today that to had taken Ato today in j i f thl t i one May rounds of residential streets Coal k advantage of in tue form into Cumo in and gave a blackboard Skinny Little Negros with Tho annual meeting of the Ohio i line on the lesson taken from Tho Short jacket of the Eton school state bar association which opens program of the this Chap talc bundle of rods and Bruch in Cincinnati today will to featured i Ter was on Indian work and theand above All their distinctive by a complimentary dinner to Judson lesson for next week will to on negro cocked jauntily on their rut it Heads former attorney general of j those present at the meeting battered silk the United were mesdames Earl Bren then Gnu tical a Ion drawn out governor Harwill of Iowa has called minor Wall of Chim Manusy Swee governors of the Corn Belt states sounds til rough Tjie Send delegates to a conference at pcs Ida riot Moines today to organize for the tray Ruby Are Down to their last silk working out of a practical Fred i new organs la a City of Younkin and and in thousands of modern sys tems of heating have not been Able to drive out the old fashioned open a ten room House in new Orleans plan for farm Cash for dental Magneto false 4 any for mail Cash by return 4 Hoke Silver the following is the program to be Given at the Suver Tea at Tho Public Library january from 3 to g a Gazz 4 4 t f Laden 4 Rossini Slichter and Horace Soprano Solo f f m apply at Lor one year ago sore Throat Chest colds a you sold january the Arizona legislature ratified child labor amendment to state the the a Lar a Madrigal Esparto a 4kinkyhear miss Arvida piano Rustle of spring1 Sinding 4polish dance Zar Wenka mass Hazel Soprano Joy in summer Holme tidy Little Rose of Mary j Katherine Blair Alden piano e minor Tenor answer Dainty Dorothea usually has eight fireplaces and every fireplace has a Chimney most of the houses Are Tho one and two Story Typo spread Over an area inside the City limits surpassed Only by the limits of greater new always the negro Chimney sweeps have do ended on their White folks for discarded silk but Tho White Folk Havo quit wearing through new Orleans streets March Chimney Orris sweets stove Bat int wealthy Osage county now under indictment for murder in a action with the death of Henry an and Ernest Tho ranch ans wave Tho rest of Tho freighter was still afloat world facing a fight on its Tho sors plan to keep it continuously Foro tha chamber until it fishing tu08 by associated Waltl not by associated social demo i i i cratic party at a caucus today do h t to report l j f j i t r 1 by associated u that Tho trav Lii r county grand Quarto Glide red in the social glories of eighties and the fishing tugs with eight men aboard combo up for this does not wore caught in a Galo on constitute the clearcut endorsement Lake Michigan and dropped out of which Chancellor Luther has been de sight coastguards reported that the tugs had been Drifting to the j South during Tho night and a blizzard j by Bare was making it impossible to locate Kelc Stag to Tho tugs were later located Day voted Confidence in the Drifting with the ice Cabinet by 160 to cited to abstain from voting in is Beon Reich Stag when the motion of Conj fairs for Beveral weeks will report fido co in Tho new Luther Corn area conference 1 1 f v v by associated l or Dos i Corn area conference appointed Tho governors of 11 Middle wite in states met Here determined to a remedy for b re t saving the Village Library of by associated the Library j the gift of 1 t a party of from i i we buy Chopin Wain All old ran Jort and bring them to the off beit pram Tafi vat Toft Whoso business has been almost exterminated by Tho increased use of motor cars and the consequent decline of hours drawn arc finding a now outlet for their they have discovered that there is a r demand for wrought Iron and with Tho help of the Rural industries Bureau More than Smiths in various parts of the country Are now making and various mental Iron forms of Orna of the University of California contains once the prop erty of emperor Arch Duke of who ruled in Mexico City from 18b4 to students Are permitted to take these rare books out of the building and the general Public has the privilege of Reading them on the after Maximilian the Library reached Tho hands of Don Robyn watch times everyday Lor wore sightseeing in one old chinese particularly courteous to them and r j remarked on leaving his App that the chinese must be a pretty smart race he remarked of i dont China Man not much smart come Cali stay fifteen not talk Velly la i i chop stay two three Maria a famous in Lotty from at an auction in i Magazine for in Hubert Howe the purchased them and in 1901 the entire Bancroft Library cams into the Poi Tenion of the Wadi Tot to feb my Par 1

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