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Laredo Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 2

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Laredo Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Laredo, Texas From fridays daily the modern a discussing modern of a country banker who was is feed to Kielp finance a Church under the after inspecting said his Bank lend Money to Aid in building because uie main floor int built on ground but is up a consider Able much prefer to lend Money on a Church that in an emergency could be easily converted into a garage and perhaps that is one reason Why to Many churches fail and have to be sold under the they Are built with the either in the minds of those building or those who Are asked to Advance the that some they will be into something else than a critic of a sacred and on tace of Fer Home of the modern churches think that they Are built to look like any thing but a Church and the music and aside from the Are anything but edifying and there a no More reason Why a Church should be built so that it and there was not the incentive to Start a store because the merchant had to take his payment in kind and then dispose of it in some Way to pay for the Stock he our civilization is becoming More and More there tire specialists in every line of Commerce Industry has got to the Point where whole factories Are devoted to the production of eyelets for for instance and some Farmers devote their entire acreage to the production of some particular the Canning factories now take the banners surplus and turn it into a the moisture beneficial Light Rains everywhere will put Good season in ground for Spring severe freezes of past few weeks old much damage to some but Onina escaped any those plants that have survived Frimd in the the Rigours of the severe cold weather store in the that the Laredo Section has suffered be much benefited by the Light Rains that visited Thia entire Section big program on air tonight As will be seen by advertisement of the Royal furniture radio Headquarters of there is some Fine music on the air Victor talking machine broadcast from their new York the program of musical together with the weeks of District and a list of Tho Broa county of the casting station on which the birdies and others can tune urn lure product that is not Only Superior to0f the state last flight and the raw but will keep for today As the moisture has gone months and be on As it j into the ground to supplement that at any and the City Dweller put there by the Light Rains and buys his food practically ready to thawing Snow of the past As Well As his clothing and shoes i to far no damage to amount to 4 ready to anything has Boen visible to the big All this would be an advantage to Bermuda onion crop of the Laredo agriculture were it not for the although matured spinach Dency to congregate in cities and Deand some other crops that were be Soto the activity of All to the producing harvested and shipped to Market ton of something which can to sold got hit hard by the severe or Home the Best buy in Laredo Price write or phone Henry phone Between 8 and 9 tomorrow afternoon the sixteen court in Webb fort ninth judicial District comes to a this re presents two terms or eight weeks the District starts Over Troupa at the Hamilton hotel will buy your fat calves or bulls for immediate 1420 phone 137et advantage of alexanders suit and overcoat Sale while they have a variety of the following is the weekly drilling report covering the Oil Fields of Jim Hogg and Duval prepared especially for the times by Harry this report will appear Complete and corrected up to Date in the times each Friday after sputtering rain yesterday and last Pluvus stopped Hia weeping Early this morn throughout january aviator Edgington at a profit to those who do not pro due that particular article but Jyh re turn Trado their own what is brought All romper co is but product for says he will come Here the Clouds began to get thinner Ballet drilling in Charles president of and in some places the heavens cemented Derrick a in other words the real damage was ascertained after a thorough investigation was made when harvesting the Crowley motor of their natural azure Hue showed their lock could be converted in an emergency form of Barren and Trade into a garage or a movie theater ution that Sells us Furm than there is for building a store for about to be the Young Mexico distributors of Chevrolet a Pinach likewise is said to have been and Oldsmobile among the Dap cd to certain but the visitors in Laredo now that exact amount of damage a not known Laredo is planning a go if after a patters that could be converted into a so Many think nowadays of a Church As a Mere building to be used Lor a while and then converted into something the Church to them is merely a meeting and As such can be speculated with just a be an apartment House in the hands of the same rash in return pays out hat Cash for manufactured products and the tension of Industry which produces Only manufactured articles gradually lessens the Foo productive Power of a country until it becomes like a country whose dinner s dependent upon the farms of Dis Tant w have been shipping wheat and Cotton and pork and beef abroad for Havo at Thia Spring vegetation stated 1 expect to that will be come to Laredo More frequently and Plant no now Aud the seed germinal spend More time in thin for i to such people it might be Well in return to Call the attention to old Trinity j bought the factory products of Chorch in the heart of the business District of new for Many our own now factories to produce m an y for More f something our real those month of there is no Way years it has occupied ground that than we can consum0t some utilitarians think ought to Ftp traded for other products converted into such As a department store or grow a heft and Corn sweat shop factory or a produce rold Moa which to commission some might even figure the possible profit to be made out of a dance Hall on the spot and his officers during Early part of of Druary still find the soil in excellent Condi Jon to promote rapid and future Raina from now on will be ene facial to Spring next month it is exported that a least to additional fruit will be planted in Laredo and to surrounding meaning the farting of Citrus fruit culture in the Jorero Section on n truly commercial As there Are numer Ous parties taking orders for fruit Trees to to delivered during the Ove Kolf and Laredo should have Good and must because the Young men and women Auto when your Auto needs re pairing or adjusting bring it to 1210 Grant Street or phone i give every Job my personal attention and guar Antee All work turned out of my Gonzalez 4 Are becoming whether it would not pay there the of Home of Tho churches today Are More concerned Iruh the unearned increment in the i Church property than they Are in the Extension of the Church they worry Over the question of interest on the Dally deposits of the Church and they question to get a Inore popular one who draw in More of our Best meaning by that the ones who have most the banker in question May have thought he was doing a Fine thing for his Banff to turning Dom a loan on a Church that was not easily Cory Verible into a but he was showing his ohm attitude and that of his associates toward something that has helped to build our nation and in the belief of Many will out live the last automobile turned out of the for that Why have cd torches Why not rent a garage or a theater or a store budding Tor the Tew hours a week that most of the Taio Dern churchgoers use their churches if a re Orch could in an emergency be turned into a of what use is the Church As a distinct and separate building the Early christians had no but met in in Cata Combs and even out in the but once they had consecrated a not to that they would not have from the farm to the cities to become cogs in the Industrial manufacture is not in the fullest Ense it is a Mere elaboration of what is thrown or produced from the even though n part of the soils products Uro the ores and minerals and brought to the Tho the own or of flocks and is Flor All the real pro and when Tho Industrial popu lation outnumbers the out nation Wilt he dependent at Rhill time to ascertain How Many new Citrus fruit Trees will augment the present number of Trees growing in this Tho rads which lord Jim Screti version of Joseph con Fanua lord Victor Fly Cinius directed for f b said to be Replete with spectacular a Pacquet boat and a crash Between a tug the in Hyp Laredo Monterey Highway opened in april party mexican Highway engineers pass through contractors expect to have Branch completed in sixty but ninety Days time allotted Arr ording to a statement out of eth eight the Copper in san Antonio by Luna y Parra of Mexico Mem her of the National Coli Mission of Wuh on his Way Back to City from Chi where he had attending a tramp Steamer at sea bund Pahi smgers on Batto Between hundreds coloured Savages and a of in thine episodes Are recorded by Tho Chip Emp Hanifl of is Laid upon the striking Atory which shows the Battle of a Brave Man a thousand to prove he is not a Percy who will be remembered for his performance n the Street of Fork Tumi men he part of lord Jim of rho Post Talun tool and Beautiful actor pops on run notice to the notice is hereby Given that the corporation name of Moore has been changed Una Date to James Moore in announcing this we with to Avail ourselves of this Opportunity to thank our patrons and for their substantial expressions of Confidence in the past and to exp Roth the Hope that to May he Able to conduct our business in the future in such a manner As to Merit a continuance of James Mooke plays i he part of a half Oahu a urls Tho american National Highway vent and who arrival in l this morning Chi Hin Way the Branch of the great mexican Highway will leased or sold it for a place to Park chariots or store lamp this Bankers theory apparently Beta the Pace for future Church hereafter no congregation heed bother about gothic or Norma non or byzantine they plated and opened to traffic in or within Tho next ninety with Parra in his party arriving this Meed Only study the latest Type of fireproof preferably equip Ped with a sprinkler hat could be covered into something in Case of but that of appears to Abow to the Bankers a Church is not what Ever others May to nun wore who the trip to of decay of what seems not to be Undem Tood Many who Are boosting the growth of our big cities and talking in Terras of millions of the great Industrial and commercial centers is that for h Industrial group there is required on agricultural group to sup the necessary it May he centuries before the scientists shall have evolved a system of producing food in the the people who work at Industry must have their flour and potatoes and to say nothing of Wool and Cotton and leather to meet their clothing re in the past our people produced of Cost of their needs from the soil grew their own they of skinned their food animals and the beats of the Forest to furnish their Many of Tjiema tanning the hides and turning Over the finished product to the the Friess maker and the the few articles they could not were traded for in their own pro Tho Small percentage of to pay for it Dunn Araromi mum Chicago Thomas ii Init of co the Ron Trad for Tho construction of Tho a Vican Jolius or Larru i in san Antonio and in an Ompa Yini them to Mexico Iho Byrne Bros ooh Trutlion Huv t n y in o have Home Beautiful Price if you want a Beautiful Home at a bargain now is your write or phone Henry Lor of Refl South 1712av Between 8 a Man of Rorai a and a Well As a veto ran i Faid to l293t r the Huhl of his career As a Brut no Sfa Captain in the Pirn re Kay Oil Hutton rom Pletos Ihn Quad utto of Jospph of hip and map Rill Aro Alfo in the Story was adapted for the screen whose thrilling stunts and feats action and thrills ii Ffinlo Tho popular Ridin by John the Royal theatre lord is at f horsemanship have made him a today and Oroo favorite among hosts of picture win be yen at tie strand tomorrow one Day Only in j look Tho Best the Charn on Mexico Thoro approximated Mon at work on the 150 Miks hot Woon and Nuovo Tiarra n Tho tractors Havo in noised to at this buy in 1 a Lluu o to Alful Tor 00 Hhd terms write or phone nah Chaks botwen 8 arid 9 4 4 t a Road Randy for tin fair hut to Siv months in Ordor to b this Road is it puh of the Pokos fund appropriated by can Federal Tor Ilam 12931 people who were once Good looking thing of a system of built a Ijeh ways in some of which m now Rioarin com plot Asp Orioll that from Tho cily of Tho people of Mexico with our Road building to Tho was will on the which 3cth a Tiosh of on the go Novelty and Plonty of Lau Al Tinni is not hip Matury is pm Lyl to on it with the hts a is if at of hit fi4t Arion literal reel to Tuntg n feat Hoo a heart Riding and yet interesting to Ihn and them such suf Al help product required Freir co free and sugar products left Fly Lent to Supply their own barter and Trade waa the greatest cart of the Commerce of those More than any Tnp to development of our aside from providing employ ment for Thonson Ndel who no in need of it is to our own Puoplo and Tho outbid o world that our country is on the threshold of hip things ail that it Wilt soon taste us place a one of Tho Grontoft nations in the the National his Hwy commission is composed pointed by of Throo Ayi president for Nando of Moran Tonga represents the department of Public works on Tho commission Loon who is an Engineer of considerable represents the department of finance and Parra represents the Gaso line producing happened in a downtown store a Middle aged lady got Luto a argument with a i know i aha kept i Fried All other but 1 know from what j Law h do for from fronds of mine that it is Black mid ointment which rets rid of there pimples and i was Jim As pretty As any girl when 1 waa Bat i got careless and now i no in Iho fix you Many people Aro now finals tone f Black and and and White to get rid of tet breaking Beva Iuo they see and boar of the a outlands of others who now know they can depend upon and they Ere More the 60c ointment contains three times tracs f thai Rel Inest Thunderbolt to Advance new High Mark in this with mingled with for the comedy elected although lust moving that it is keep the audience from the first Ono of the numerous Buffalo his admirers occurs when he express train and Ard after a another in to those who u t l Bufi seen when robber and my after it Ike everyone grip r to inv i ugliness and from Iii Hall and in one one Anhert Lee in the heart of for Nale urto times office 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 rape and other Citrus Trees and most 3 der Rock no 4 Lerrick ready for plete line Ever Price list Fairview farm prolific on i Only have the pure pedigreed san Posi Tion Only in answer Abc care Laredo Alberca Block Edgington Ballet drilling to Thore Are 69 and 5 Alberca Block drilling Survey Block Cullnan and production in the Schott Morando City Pool of Webb county there Are 141 producing j Oil Wylie my 5 in the aviators Pool of Webb Conn producing Oil Wells drilling Derrick the spaces in Tho rotogravure edging it Carolin Texas Gas Section of the about february this is times to be issued 15 have All been just a Start in this Crown in the my Ojuelas Pool of Webb county there Are 70 producing Oil de Wells and 1 in the Wolcott Pool of Webb county Alberca Block Crown Are 22 producing Oil cemented in the Andrews Field of wed q Ripe Ririe there Are two a 4 Edgington subdivision Block in the Carolin Texas Field of Webb Rydal Oil couty Shore Are id passers Survey Kirkpatrick it la the Reiser Field of Webb county i Are 13 Edgington Block in Tho Bini Field of Webb county there Are 9 i in Morando Valley poo of a Survey associated Oil Pata county there Are 19 producing kind of publicity for but later Tion will be Oil Wells and 1 com in the Winch Farlss Jim Hogg there Are Survey associated Oil during the year a much larger s Survey 85 producing Oil Wells and 11 2 furl line i in the hand ado of Jim Hogg plenty of cold weather 1q12 Block 4 Johnson there Are 2 Oil Wells and 1 no Gas i in the Jennings Field of Zapata Morgan Oil county there Are 3 which Blip the City of in the shallow Pool of Zapata coun now is of our Sale or office building Farragut your Opportunity to buy one suits at 25 reduction present located at 1211 can give Possession 1 Laredo electric a rail Way 1221tf you Are in need of pure fresh will he delivered to your phone Matlas de Llano announces that Tho fireworks unintentionally Elini mated from the program published will be the most elaborate and gorgeous pyrotechnic Al display Ever witnessed in this Section of the the Star car he stitching 6c a firs class Del bar 118 Hidalgo phone Flowers and Floral 20 producing Oil Survey Block drilling Survey Block there Are and moving on f if Ady error Lyl noted or Survey Snowde Mcsweeney information la known further Tea 2 is Given it will be App re Survey Block Bordo Oil if you would Call 873 and gov to Survey United states Gas Oil moving j Survey Block Muckelroy Roark it i Survey Block Yeager it Reiser Survey sheriffs Survey Winch it Survey it City Block Lane Texas shipping orders our night and Day Crockett Broadway Al Crockett 2896 and Alertas Block the to 5 8th san la 1022tf Webb Duval counter Albarras Block 60 manifested g interest is Oil operators in the report that a Rich Sand has been found in the Sims Well in Jim Hogg county far of the Winch Farisa and the bringing in of the Well is being awaited with great state of Texas county of Webb notice is hereby that by Vir Tuo of a certain order of Sale issued out of the honorable District court of Webb of the 23rd Day of by the clerk of said District court for the sum of two Hundred and and tenon Huml Rorhus dollars and of under a in favor of City of Laredo in a certain cause in said to and styled City of Laredo Santana placed in my hands for As sheriff of Webb did on the 2sth Day of january Levy on certain real in Tho City of Webb Bruni Mariano Arispe Cole Petro Leum drilling described As drilling deeper drilling twit location no lot number seven 7 in Block Stein Mariano Arispe Survey number 9u Western the City of Webb county athletic Cut suits and overcoats offered in this Mariano Arispe and levied upon As the Survey property of Santana and paint with phone genuine Duco Floral potted Rose Bushes and ctr a fruit the ii03 phone in on the Victor talking machine artists dont mind the birdies who Are tinkering trying to locate broadcasting Btu hut just bans on to your set and in tune the Virdlea will Stop and you will hear your Talon notary at times 1020 Corpus Christ residence phone you desire use elec tric lights and Block Centex Petroleum Duval county Survey Humble Oil Survey associated Oil company Survey United states Gas and Oil Survey Graham Survey Mesquite Block How doctors treat colds and the flu Jim hog Zapata Winch Fariss Survey Derrick cemented i Survey cemented location no Survey on the first tuesday in the same Vieng the 2nd Day of said at the court House door of a Obb in the City of hot Woen the hours of 10 and 4 by virtue of said Levy and said order of i will sell said above described real estate at Public vend for to the highest As the property of said Santana and in compliance with i give this notice by in the English once a week for hero con ecu live weeks immediately preceding paid Day of in the Laredo daily a newspaper published in Webb witness my this 29th Day of Loca Survey Block Rydal Cade lock Magnolia Petroleum so bar Las Animas ranch Survey Ock Webb by Jim Hogg Survey Andrews Petroleum drilling much As the Liberal dealers have both the 25c All ointment and 0 re Throat with warm then apply Over it wat off times want t i Money Iii to break up a cold overnight or to Cut Short an attack of in sore Throat or Phy no of studded simians and druggists Are now recommending the purified and refined Calomel compound Tablet that gives you the effects of Calomel and salts without the unpleasant effects of one or two Cal tabs at bedtime with a Swallow of no no nausea nor the slightest interference with your work or next morning your cold has your system is thoroughly purified and you Are feeling Fine with a Hearty appetite for break fast eat what you Dan get a family containing full Only 35 at any drug adv times want Iff i no der Magnolia moving Survey Block Petroleum Survey Block bras Block Conway 1 Survey Survey Simms Oil company Survey Sam Raysmith Oil com Zapata Jennings Texas company fishing dreaded an operation had All manner of aches and pains Peculiar to my doctor said an operation was my Only Chance for re an old lady advised me to take pierces favorite prescription and the Golden medical disco dreading an i decided to take her advice and i am mighty glad i for i certainly was cured sound and i say to any do not hesitate if you have any feminine take pierces favorite and the Golden medical discovery if you need a general Lulu 2016 Cockrell a write invalids hotel in for free medical watch the times everyday for Loc

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