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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 8, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday december Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p Tavaras or. Hull inset j w Vest. I Cueria a Aaflei w j a Cauliffe editor tills bins lev executive edit of Maracl Street Ull sport i Emi merry go round Hollywood by Pearson the world spotlight is on general Eisenhower and korean prob lems secret instructions have been sent by Moscow to All communist satellites to try luring free nations out of the Western bloc whispered it to me 1953 is the with economic bait. The Kremlin s strategy is to split the Western coalition by offering markets to Trade hungry nations also to break our own blockade on the shipment of strategic materials behind the Iron curtain. For example the russians have offered Membel of Tao associated Arras thou Herd newspaper publishers association and tile audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper Publ sea each after noon except saturday and Sunna tit associated press u Emlus Velj entitled to use for publication of All dispatcher credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and toe local published herein entered Al pos or tact in King sport As second class Mau matter october 21 Imi. Under lae act of March 8. Gamonal advertising representatives. Bhanoo it As inc with offices to new Ork Chicago Tetro t. Atlanta. Is Louis. Kansas City los and sap Francisco subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year Pul Chase of iranian Oil. On top of this to by Carrier daily and sunday ont Lance Anci Czechoslovakia have put up week 40c. As a Down payment to Iran. This is Rich bait for a half starved nation. Tows Bible thought the soviet Blou has also received Loa ays Jioie Inorg a other my e Namons which Are set thee up Way Marks make thee High greedy to do business with the communists heaps set thine heart toward the Highway Finland too is in an economic squeeze and even the Way which thou wettest turn again ready to talk Trade with her big neighbor o Virgin of Israel turn again to these thy Russia. Even the nations of South America by Erskine Johnson Nea staff correspondent Hollywood Nea be Hind the screen Betty Hutton told it to a British Friend who the times daily tonic there is no Man no woman so Smull but that they cannot make their life great by High have shown a sparkle of interest. Year that Betty and new Hub by Charles o Curran will take time out for a Stork transaction. The decision on whether Jeff Chandler gets the deme Trius role in Fox s the Robe is now up to his a i Bosses. Fox additional Pic commitments. Marjoric insists that she has t struck a Kettle off her list. It s just that there s so much slapstick in the Kettle series and i find it All too she s after a Long rest maybe i la do another at i Lena Home and Lennie Hay ton Are mystified Over the Rumor this new soviet policy was adopted at the that jumped off the Grapevine communist party Congress in Moscow in of and took Root a few months Fobe it was also decided to foment so called Back that they were planning to nationalist organizations in the free nations live permanently in Paris. Korea and raise an outcry for economic and political Independence from the United states. What All this adds up to is another big headache for the Man who is about to step into the White House. Ike and Cio Cio leaders calling on general Eisenhower recently went out of their Way to be con we Don t understand Lena told me Between howls at mimic Arthur Blake s night club routine. Lennie is under con tract to mom and can t live out Side of Hollywood. I Don t see How i could live in Europe and Lennie in what Are we going to do about Korea _ of Way to be in pm. That is the present Ana immediate Jack Cili Atory to the Man they had opposed. He was forthcoming to stints and pot question. What decision will general equally so with them. Eisenhower make after his Survey of the is not too much to say that the entire world Waits on answer to the question. It has been pointed out Many times that there Are three possibilities. One is to continue the present program and try to reach a solution by Way of the con Ference table while the War at its present during their conversation. Ike said he thoroughly appreciated the hardships of the Workingman when i was a boy in he said. I used to work twelve hours a Day. So i know what it is to get pushed he behind Eisenhower this column recently described general scale goes on. The second is to pull our Lucius Clay former commander of the Berlin troops out of Korea and draw the de sense perimeter farther Back i.e., Japan. J of Cabinet of state Dulles Niter tour Lennie says there Are two pictures being prepared at Mem. I Don t warm heart Bob Savage the Singer who decided that the Best Way to get publicity was to Rush to Spain to declare his love for Rita Hayworth had a similar scheme up his sleeve when tie was in Hollywood a few years Back. I m told by a press agent who handled him. He was go ing to storm the Gates to Ginger Rogers heart but developed cold feet. Waiting for the change calling by Douglas Larsen Mac s window by w. J. Mcaulffe educators say that College football interferes with Educa Tion. Well that is not going to get people excited. Now if it be to look like College Educa was interfering with col lege that would Bis serious there is nothing More Amus ing than to have a College pro Fessor suddenly shouting tha football has been commercialized. As if practically everybody did t know it and had accepted the situation As right and proper. When a fellow is a Bear ear at Polo says Little Johnny would you Call him a Polo Bearther is a question whether an animal that can be trained to do tricks is smart or stupid to let himself be trained that Way. Trained animals have a Sui look which they need not have. The applause is for the fellow who trained them. Did you hear about cautious Carrie who had started dating All her letters 1933, so she won make a mistake and write after Jan 1, i mean 1953? somebody wants to know Why a magician always has As u Helper a Beautiful girl who Wear a minimum of clothes. But it a mistake to think that it ii Mere window dressing for Hii act. The real is that magician knows that at least the male part of his audience wiil have their eyes on his hands All the time. A it s conf losing. Would you say or. Nunan was a higher up or a Lowdown or both the third is to enlarge the War and do Secretary of defense Wilson and Secretary of Weinberg head of the giant Goldman Sachs what military commanders say must be the done to win a decisive Victory. Investment Trust recently remarked Plain and vet actually we know there Are ively to friends j i sol Clay his Job in Germany and i put him in As head of Continental he in Only two alternatives because the second suggestion is out of the question. To pull out of Korea would be to admit defeat without achieving peace at All. Only those who think that the reds would be satisfied with Korea and have no further objective or no further plans of aggression would believe withdrawal is a solution. And who would accept a continuance of the present state of affairs that would be a woeful anti Climax to the dictated that Clay was nothing but a Mes Senger. Clay won t to taking any Job with Eisen Hower Weinberg added not if he wants to come Back to Continental a big name in Wall Street also sits on the Board of Continental can which hired Clay after he retired As american Mili tary Boss of Berlin. Probing deeper into Weinberg s activity in he Eisenhower Camp it appears to be True and Augusta ga., at the time the a Campaign which made Eisenhower presi Uon s business leaders were meeting at sea Dent. The cry of the american people has been that something must be done in Korea. So a decision to carry on As we have been doing seems almost As much out of the question As pulling out of Korea. There is a possibility of a modified form of the present operation. That would be to reopen negotiations and offer Congress in 1954. Island and Eisenhower was lining up his Cabi net at Augusta. Weinberg is also the chief architect of the so slow policy in. Tearing Down the new Deal. Weinberg argued that the new Republican administration should t Rush in and upset the whole new Deal Structure for fear of panicking the Public. Instead he advised to move cautiously and win Public Confidence thus paving the Way for consolidating gop strength and winning a bigger majority in Cabot will get the movie Queen build up from Bob Schwartz the agent who handles Steve Cochran Mari Blanchard and newcomer Roberta Haynes. The return of Blossom Seeley and Fields to the supper club life is the subject of Betty Mutton s some body loves Back memories of Blossom at the Peak of her career. Backstage elec tric fans wafted the scent of her favorite perfume Over her audiences. The she recalls was to have Universal the Eye the ear and the nose. It was terrific. They could smell me up in the third Odds and ends Anne Baxter s All primed to Clu an american version of a current German Flicker. From seven to eleven about a Check room girl Rex Allen Washington Nea the bureaucracy which exists in Washington today is called very stale four layer cake. Comes out sometimes when those Liaison with the civil service who constitute the machinery commission and general serv nobody can hearted person give a Good a Nasty look. They can Only give their own a of government Aren t Partick administration which now f t Vimr o a p in Nallory Vinyl lip Juth. When Franklin Roosevelt took supposed to be doing. Early in favor of what they Are performs the so called House Over in 1932 he found that the Best he could do was to put a new layer of his own employees and bureaus Over the one left by Herbert Hoover. When world War ii came along Roosevelt was forced to add still another layer of agencies. Then when president Truman moved in he found it keeping functions of the government. Both men extremely Able exactly what jobs Pollock or Flemming might get Are not three mechanics Are willing it is probably True As Eisen Hower himself said during the Campaign that the great bulk of specified in the talk. Both men government employees Are con Are considered extremely Able in Sci envious Loyal workers who will do All they can to help the the Field. Flemming was a Mem Ber of the civil service commas new Boss. But unfortunately that Sion during the War. And Al in t enough. Though he was the Republican a fellow said he did t used to get mad when people wer sarcastic to him but How he did. Because he discovered Bif no ing mad he made them id by getting mad i made them Happy Ana he Fig ured it was part of a Good Chris Tian to make other people Happy. Gosh there s gotta necessary to add a fourth layer the unpleasant fact is that in of peacetime agencies and his spite of thousands of studies by York provided the groups member he did most of the something wrong with tha memo i be Oil most of the fv., employees. That s what president elect Dwight Eisenhower is inheriting. It makes delivering on that part ail kinds of experts As to what can be done about the situation. Leadership. After the War Flemming be logic maybe the preachers can on it. The Federal government has came president of Ohio Wesleyan steadily become a More inf of his pledge to clean up the Focient machine. Nobody has University. Was mentioned prominently As a possible re it would have simplified thing a lot if or. Truman had told the wage Board what he wanted Ucic Lii Luau me. Una us u Tevlo come up with a real solution for publican candidate for governor elem to do m the first place the Cowboy Star who was to Lunglai porous Field of Federal and mess in Washington which re fers to bureaucratic inefficiency greater efficiency. Some say the of Ohio served As a member of extremely difficult and some heart of the problem is the the Hoover commission which say impossible. According to the old hands around Here who Are in the very sheer giant size of government made the study on the big1 re today. Others say it lies in the organization of the government question since the presiden knuckled under to or. Demands in order to save Gen absence of the profit motive. And was appointed top u. S. Eral Eisenhower from having have inherited sad ministration die at Republic is battling with Eisenhower s the studio for his to rights. Inducements to the red chinese. Just As for example. Weinberg actually urged Eisen Hower to extend the excess profits tax. Which Power 10 Exielu Uit eau Caa a possibility and not As a recommend expires june 30 it would be a mistake Wein lion it is suggested that if the West Berg warned for the republicans to Start off to Topi i to re Cognize the Mao government showing partiality to millionaires. He pointed agree a. To i Cognize me Mau go that the Ona income tax creases As the Bona fide government of China which went into effect in november 1951. Extended until december allowing both to expire at the same time. Weinberg also pointed to the predictions of a business slump in late 1953 or 1954, and argued that tax cuts could be used to stimulate business in a recession. Has made it Clear to advisers that he is More interested in balancing and give it the place among the United we expire in december. 1953 therefore Sug nations now accorded nationalist China tested that the excess profits tax should be the reds would drop the korean ques Tion entirely and find the War. That possibility must be mentioned because it is not so repugnant to Many of our allies As it is to us. And we should not bind ourselves to the fact that to some of them it would be preferable to the final Choice namely stepping up the War. It must be repeated again that this is a War of the United nations and while it wan i m ours must be a decisive voice in making nou Cement but the Justice department is a decision just As ours will be the de investigating the backstage role of Cirive Force in carrying out a decision that decision must be made in the name of and by the United nations. Therefore Ary decision we make must have the Louis Little new York Campagna Charles support of the other nations involved 31 it is not to wreck the United nations. Be from the motion picture Industry. President elect failure to do a prompt Job of bringing some kind of new efficiency to the Federal service will Likely Sabo Tage his efforts to deliver on his other Campaign promises. A new president or Cabinet officer can throw any number of marvelous new ideas or reforms sidelight to the casting of to s into he top of the Federal hop Mary Sinclair As heroine of per Only to have them ground Paramount s cowboys and it just so happens that there manpower official in the Emer strike on his hands would Aren t very Many experts in this gency office of defense Mobil have knuckled under the Samo add Jennifer Jones and Ward Bond to the list of Hollywood stars who will never appear in the same picture. A terrific restricted Field available to the new president help him streamline the Federal service. His budget Man. Joseph m. Dodge already has his hands full with fiscal matters which Iza Tion. He is now dividing his time Between his manpower duties and being president of Ohio Wesleyan. Pollock s service As a special is a big enough headache in adviser to general Clay in Ger Many right after the War gives itself. Way if the election had gone other ways to save Adlai Ste Venson from having a strike on his hands to however there is no evidence that Harry said to John at the time Lewis said or As a injun thriller speculation on what Man or him his inside Chance on an in ,.now listen John just Post men the president elect will Call portent Job in the new adminis e action for the time Belr i upon to help him on this in traction. Clay is very close to and after the election in see to to an mass when portent matter Narrows Down to Eisenhower and has High regard u the t t what want to an mass when Persis and u is said that for Poi Ock s ability. 6 j Mary took a suspension earlier this 3 ear because the studio As signed her dramatic highness to ail of the employees along the they finally come out at the Bot a for. Putting More efficiency one of Thorn has a Brand new Pollock also served Hoover commission on the concen which Eisen rating on the personnel studies. A Halburner titled Pony sex Eva Bartok Burl Lancaster s leading lady in the Crimson line have been in favor of the ideas or programs. It can be a horrible sight to behold what into Hower is expected to buy. He is head of the political the Throe Are his brother Mil science department of the uni even if i have to make my wage stabilization Board and look silly to do grandma May be malt ton Arthur s Flemming and a Ersita of Michigan and when Bandit posing As a James k Pollock Milton has he served As president of the headline. Lady of course had Long experience in Federal american political science As the gentlemanly thing to assume and knows the Basic Socia Tion recently made several that any female is a lady unti. The budget than cutting taxes in it is a Pip Pip in Lon any other known aircraft in the by the talk is that be will suggestions for reforms in the on whith a will Don with the Marquis of Milford f. Floberg. Assist is brother s assistant in . Government which received remains to be seen however whether he will be Able to hold Back Congress which is in a tax slashing mood. Gangster s parole it was t mentioned in the official an Haven. John Ireland and Joanne Dru have found the screenplay that will tee off their ant Secretary of the Navy. The White House and handle All wide favourable comment. Proved otherwise and anyone who looks like a female like a lady. But male or female c c first Independent production sergeant to general soul pm pro american Leader from matters of Federal personnel and it is believed that All three no hold up artist is a lady. A every american i Lemuei a Nyiri he will info to serve least not the kind that uses the Paul the waiter Ricca. Miss Moffat and the Thunder a Western yarn. So they say korean replacement he is train ing Gen. Cor Nelius Ryan training director of the Rok. If the Good lord leaves me to do whatever i m doing until Jan uary 20, i la be Happy to do what this new Job would involve men would be willing to serve under the new president. Least not the kind that uses i. Gun. Doctor says Edwin an obviously discouraged Cor be much improved or even re naval aircraft Are now coming Ever he will tet me respond cent. Is neuritis As lived entirely by giving enough off the production line which Are uary 20. Attorney the performance equivalent of James Mcgranery incurable As All other forms of of this Vitamin. Cause this is so we have the two fold problem first to decide what course to follow and second to persuade the United nations that it is the Wise course to follow. A decision to step up the War does not necessarily mean that we would step up after serving one third of a ten year sen tence the Bare minimum for parole All four Side glances trial judge. John Bright and the u. S. Attorney in charge of the Case Boris Kostelanetz. Dillon first appeared in the Case when he pulled Legal strings to Transfer the four mob sters from Atlanta to Leavenworth Penitentiary this too was done Over the objections the War. Many people believe that if that of Warden Joseph Sanford of Atlanta who decision were made and made known to do not Iive Thuv should be transferred at this time tune would be changed. There is ground reason there was no evidence that Dillon had any thing to do with passing Money. In fact the St Louis attorney May have talked himself into trouble by boasting around the Justice the russians and wed chinese so that Moncy is being paid to obtain the Transfer of they had no doubt that we meant it their these men tune would be changed. There is ground for believing that the enemy does not want to make that possibility a reality. There is ground for believing that the positive threat of Force would make the department that he was a reds More amenable to reason and that crony of president Truman and had managed it we made them see we actually meant was a dose business we would not have to do Busi Friend of the parole Board chairman t. Web Ber Wilson a Mississippi carpet Bagger who granted the four controversial paroles. In any Case. Attorney general Mcgranery is in Trevino to ret to the Bottom of this entire Ness. Of course there is the Chance that they would not change. There is the possibility that having put our hand to the plow parole scandal. We would have to act. That is a fearful possibility which includes the Chance that the fire would spread Over All Europe As Well As Asia. Yet if the risk is not taken at All there is Only to do no More than we Are doing. Now trying to get to the Bottom you could t satisfy me no matter How much ammunition there was. No one has Ever had enough. The More you have the More i would not raise my voice against general Eisenhower if he decided the Way to end the War in Korea was to Cross the Yalu Harry Woodring Secretary of War under Franklin d. Roosevelt. Imagination flourishes Only in minds stocked with a Choice and varied inventory of knowl or. Ralph e. Gibson. I Haven t used a razor in ten months. By the Ilau Ella full. I tic Liuio jew w damage you can army com Lime i do shave i la feel rheumatism is physiotherapy As Good i treatment for Relief As Reading Between the lines one can assume that the writer has suffered painfully and Long from an inflammation of the nerves infection often is cause p culty. Successful treatment is almost always a problem. The pain is almost intolerable. Neuritis is present in shingles particularly in people who have or herpes zoster. In this disease been weakened by disease Anc. The cause of he trouble is a in the elderly. Relief has some virus. Severe anaemia can pro times been. Obtained by killing Duce neuritis. Many chemical agents such As arsenic and the nerve by injecting alcohol or by cutting the nerve by a. Called neuritis. Incidentally it Many of the substances used in operation. Of course this is somewhat better to Call this Industry May produce neuritis not get at the Bottom of the infections of Almos. Any kind Mander Gen. James Van Fleet. Stage actor Joe Cusanelli. Usually very formal when we have Only with certain people he he can relax. Neuritis than rheumatism since rheumatism is More often applied to aches and pains in the joints and Muscles than it is to the nerves. As to the question on physio therapy the answer depends on the kind of neuritis on the condition of the patient on the kind of physiotherapy and particularly on whether the physio therapy brings a certain amount of Relief or As is sometimes the Case makes the pain worse. Now neuritis is defined As a painful condition of the nerves. In essence it Means an inflammation of a nerve or nerves which is accompanied by pain and tenderness disturbances of feeling or sensation and usually a certain amount of wasting of the Muscles. Many causes May be responsible. The problem is to try to find which one is present. Vitamin deficiencies especially the Lack of Vitamin by May produce nerve pain. Oae Type of neuritis is common among the victims of chronic alcoholism. Perhaps at least part of the reason for this is that such persons substitute alcohol for a properly balanced diet contain ing enough Vitamin by. This Type of neuritis often can Are frequent sources of diff trouble but it May be needed. To ease the terrible pain. Out our Way in be ashamed a Man with to will Power of course feel slim Anc athletic in those badge things ju5t put of your. To go Down to the Kitchen they slim press of your m1np How Pat Tod Are heroes Are maps not born

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