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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 8, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeThe Little people s Christmas there was a tiny toy Village for some Lucky younx3ster.amd a koocin6, the business of building toys Wpm on. The Timy Hamm cps went rap ram my s Ipp Ety Slop Wem the Palm brushes. Little saws squeaked Thor was through the shelves were fillies up with toys. And was oms and sleds and a Bow Volt arrows amp at " other wonderful toys. A doll a drum and soldiers in tall hats. Truman the Brushoff Kingsport times monday december 8, 1952 3_ 11th anniversary 01 Pearl Harbor observed in u. S. Main Addi Ess. The defense Oart ment and All branches of he armed forces were repro at the ceremony sponsored by am vets and participated in by other veterans organizations. Cincinnati mrs. Alenej Knierim for All of her 51 years j an ardent Democrat gave presi-1 Dent Truman the Brushoff Washington ter Day i anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day the gift sized news Vendor at1 was observed at Arlington a Cin Annati s Union terminal tonal cemetery yesterday by veterans organizations president elect Dwight d. Eis. Benhower sent a message which i said May our people never forget 1 u i did t mean just did t recognize the Little Gray Man who handed her a Dollar in pay i Merit for a newspaper Early to Day. You won t be Able to spend that Dollar he told her. Mrs. Knierim was Busy. She the priceless Devotion to duty of our fighting men and the selflessness of those by Hal Boyle has turned into a planned pro York i Are void go thu tin. Complete with evening to have an of face textual men seniors to present Hope to reverse is what s fog Island play downward trend fuss tonight tuesday mis. Wao woj. i in peered at the Bill and shrugged. Fought for or Are now fighting i d like to have a mint full against communist aggression in i of them it that s what you j tablets who he be latches pains due to she said 1 Back to her work. Wreaths were Laid at the foot a Mem intent honouring the later she looked at the billj253 men who Dieci in the Torpe Well the chances Are it won t hands. In coming knowing that with1 and turned of a Monument honouring 1253 . And screamed of my of the u. S. Serpens. That was t really j but she knew it was. Across Lone Side of the Bih was the Sig i Harry wives there no Over Oxhill hired hands will Back Nashville bras wild and woolly the Teci season the Uttmi a Christ a Mas party ii the Way to do but for mis opened today with Hope of i ominus a Safe and sane As the of verging a downward Price trend had been run Over by a freight fourth 01 july. Thev recorded in last week s sales. Train were flabbergasted two performances Given i cd. 1 in i c1 i1u us jul lilt _ m i-1, _ , it to to Oklahoma City fog the Dobyns Ben grimly searching Tor Theiu senior play., will body of a victim n Civ the High school at 8 p m. This presentation is the of nsxo11 Post taps were sounded by Frank Irtz 81, of Lona mich., sent i by fellow townsmen so lie could i realize a lifelong ambition to blow taps in the National Ceme Tery. Rear attn. George c. Wright director of the Navy s atomic Energy commission made the colds by or ache j pains and micral discomfort due to Alto offeit Dtra Fajt for neuralgia mod functional Peri Odic by table ao4 powders. Ioc 25c. Alia of 30 and 100 tablets. By wives v Kemu a h taker. cil Ini the opening Day Tennessee Rulo to Lett. us Liu j they re Tummy it irom a human hones. Out it the of Floc average was per Hundred i i to i i "ji.n.1 _ Mil pm t it i i it 0 10 up but the . Most wives Dies in Auckland Auckland. to Puma Beh Evcic. Ered lion to re rapidly. She died finally liver i rouble. Holiday into a family affair. The office Christmas party has a Long tradition in american folklore. In the old the to Boss used to Call in All the clerks ten Rai nites bereft1 Qiu Tung time. Be broke open a bottle poured a round of drinks and _ toasted their to a merry minist Al Kuit Lyl he grimly locked up the la icel Usu to Iii bottle everybody went Home i com. Work three minutes Early feeling a bit misty eyed about the old generosity. With the Entrance of women into the business world the is tem subtly changed. Over the by he Cap years the Boss was finally educated to the idea it would be a thin i if he went Home the employees then broke out their own bottles had some sandwiches sen up. And the spirit of the revelry took Over some connoisseurs regard this As the True hey Day of the of fice Christmas party and celebrated that Way some firms. I remember tiie your the bookkeeper was chasing a stenographer from he top u one desk 10 another and he Ell and broke a one recalled . We used to Xaiher around the water cooler and sing and then have a fight or two. For Days they d be sweeping up broker Glass Anci pulling lost employers Cut of the filing the wreckage a n d Pagar abandon of these orations de Many employers to up out a Flat order no More Christmas parties in the office. Hire a this is exactly what the employees did. But the hilarity was still unrestrained. Many a divorce Case started because a Hus band returned from the office Christmas party bearing lip stick souvenirs from his office wife. Many a celebrant did t even get Home until Christmas found his kids Al ready had opened their presents. Well wives weren t going to stand for that kind of thing for Ever. And they Haven t. Today mama insists on going right along to the office Christmas party if papa gets out of hand she s right there to take him Back in Tow. From being a spontaneous thing the office Christmas party the Price level hate skidded Down two dollars i hut we had through the rest of the week be with a slight Rise to s50.64 Fri Home before Santa i till Ucic j i Day when the suddenly Tucson Ariz. Cailor Rose from Between the rails and asked what All the commotion was about. Train s51.28 per lower than for the opening week been uncoupled to retrieve the remains of a thur e. Tarver 53. Over whose body seven freight cars had passed. But Tarver explained. Given at the same time tues Day. Nia s gov. Earl Warren said last of Island is directed by night to will not appoint himself miss Nancy necessary. It is a to fill the u. S. Senate seat which three act mystery with a cast i vice president elect Richard of 11. Members of the cast Are Nixon will vacate in january. Eloise Hensley Dorman i want to select a compare list Veir in Tennessee a burled market.-, or Ospa venans a during the four cays of Cut on Tarver s head was minor. Students 25 cents. Hii Uiol ii Ian a Jurj n Doty Teter Champe Bachelder Lively Young Man who will have Tommy Wai Rick Charles Opportunity to accumulate i Judy Compton Dolores seniority in the Warren l when Ben. Vice presi Dency. T Veir in Tennessee but Ai ver expand. Juy Ompton cores Senor total of 28033 194 pounds of Laid there until the cars passed Urquiza Samera Kassem Betty told a reporter. I will m Rev was sold on Tennessee Over sue Mann and Barbara Gibson. Selection about Jan. 1 we rket.-, for Hospital attendants said the1 admission adults 50 cents Nixon the vice s dec. Mother Aud dad be grateful if Santa brought them new sleeping after All they have been married a Long time now and even the Best of bedding does become exhausted after years of use. Tome Sec our new Simmons mattresses 39.50 to 69.50 Homeland the opening week in 1951 aver paged s55. 10 for pounds Carthage had the week s High average with s56.71 followed Rogersville with s55.31 and Ivity cited today in the o with zoo. Lowest prices in Tennessee Zoi a Horitz s decided in 1948 were paid at. Clark.Sville--s41.e8. That the spotted Panther should. Be destroyed because she was feeble but reports in american newspapers that he was to die save 15% to 20% on insurance in All forms Dougherty roller offices 101 Broad Streel phone 1600 r r. Times news classified ads get results radio programs wept wept pm w k i n Quick break up Chest oids painful local congestion r Job of highly Modt Caird. Corr a Trot to must role. It to relieve coughs sore Throat my helps break up local Poneros Loii. Mustaro a creates a wonder uni prof tire on Chest Throat and Bach incomparable music by the Waltz Kink toil by at Commerce St. Phone bet i and defense Bonds it ill he. 1400 so. Birth Ria cd i f pariae Widar brow. A Cwi woman in House believe Lime a Sixfin Olf the doctor s m. Or. 1 6 a movie weather Tri Upcraf Are 6 45 Slee a j 02 Wake up p -. I to the Morgan 15 Wake up it j 30 Wake up p1. 3 of rile Ivono 45 Wake a p time p 4 Nev a 8 the Rai rot id 59-Weaihcr ant tempera Irr g Kim up tune p s Telf panne hour up time p. I g-30-da to in up time p. T 1c 00 Iii h. 45-ap 10-30 re of alumni clock tin " s or in alarm time h .00 a nov.-. L " 00 merry go your it to sic Muir i a. it 30 morning a Crosby 5 sign 00-Tcllo-trs o of 1 Swap i Elj a 30 All pc tji of w s Lio if join news ban cd Platter 1 6 30 Fiji Irr 6 i Ait Pinter 00 a work it Glen in Hillo Iilva favorite j a Al Kunii Classir 7 Here s Tup a Pirrami. 7 45-duk.e of Paducah m 7 00 a world news round 15-Gospe, song time i tie world round or 00 Tenn news g pc Rev com 04-weather Tern Peratt mar Lnu meat la of Tenn Jamboree Al i Tenn Jamboree it 1 ? n i it and Tenn Jamboree it 3 0 g in Ann Tenn Jamboree it 4 00 Tenn Jamboree it it 9 of Welcome 10 double or 15-Tcnn Jamboree it p 230-Tenn it 1 a Ririe ii 43 show .1 00-Tcnn Jamboree it r in Tenn Jamboree it h 4. .30-tpr.r jumbo rep a p it 5 a Lii cd us birthday club 4 a Sporis. Parana 4 4j-ap news i j nov. Of make believe time 1 j 50 Isi or Luri 1 -00 to sign of Mcl or 1.4.-i or 2 december b l1 30 dial Dave i Snir news Troisi a any oui. 1 l of can of if lbs silent i float of 11 r. Tut. Abc lbs West f Rappr Younk 1 p ambit 3 4. Dance spurts Abc Senes Tbs Stella by to i 4 r.3 Onrie a trader and comment cb1 the woman in my -00 n f we a bal us new to i Anc monday Luck Smith. Show 9 of test of to n is g j morning news ices 10 is Artl or Godi Rev or Cizio Abc 1 u of Thi re i one in Kamily m Kancer 11-30 strike it kick lbs Groom Man s n a 1 15 love of ule a search for tomorrow 12 4.s Jura than Story 1 1 00 Carolina Cooter Isth Ciao 1 30 Garry nto orc cbs1 2 00 or not hints in Psi i Lurhl lbs 2 45 Art Winkle tact Corrion Abc i lbs Mcnary Taylor an i woman of lbs Bob Abc 3 00-mg payoff 3 30 Welcome traveler Abc also tvs Talent b couts lbs also to 4 00 Kurt s Kaleidoscope Latu Eilo Smith Nuci 5 00 Junior Rantio i Studli 5 -15 boys Railroad club 5 30 Howdy Doodt in but 6.00-Kil Carson on Maupin Abc crime Doca not Mai Voorhees no radio jazz Abc news reporters Mai 6 45 Weatherman Paul Lavalle Jibo 6 50 vespers and Abc night Beird 9 Wake up and Uve Stu lot 1 30 Doug Edwards ices 7-45 Como Lubs to 8 00 Lux theatre Obsi e 8 30 voice of Firestone i n by i 1 love Lucy Mantovani Abc Bob Hawk Abc news music Abc j comment Trio lbs news Goodman it said that 10.00-Sludio one defense Abe 11 music Faith for news All u 45-Slcn utwatlauh1 of v x of Early explorers called it by its Indian name peace Island the three mile Long Island in the Holston River that is now Kingsport. The Cherokee nation occupied the Valley of the Holston and at first was Friendly to the White Man. Translated into the Cherokee Lan Guage peace Island becomes Ginalli and sometimes they called it Cwa Gutwa Lauh or Long Island. Here they made encampments lit their Council fires and made treaties. From Ginalli Gutwa Lauh radiated the War and trading trails of the indians. History repeats itself for today peace Island or Kingsport forms the intersection of two of the greatest National High Way systems the Lee Highway and the great lakes to the Gulf Highway. In another sense Kingsport forms a Junction Point for Here the Power lines of Kings port utilities sister company Appala Chian electric Power interconnected with steam generating plants having millions of horsepower of electrical capacity and located in the world s greatest Coal Fields Are joined to systems to the South that provi do a supplementary source of Power. Kingsport has developed More rapidly than any comparable City in the state and one reason for its rapid growth is the availability of adequate depend Able Low Cost Power. Kingsport utilities your Friendly electric service

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