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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 8, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset pm Midnight Quarter tuesday v 8 22 . Prominent stars Square of Pegasus High in South ., will be in the West Hair High in South West at Sunset will be Low in West Lall times Eastern Standard k1ngsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 245 Kingsport term., monday dec. 8, 1952 10 pages five cents tie weather rather Cloudy tonight with Chance of showers and lowest about 42. Tuesday Cloudy with scattered show ers and cooler by night. Local noon temperature 46 last night s Low 34 sunday s High 56. Putnam tries to save stabilization program probe explosion firemen probe wreckage of a three Story Frame House after an explosion reduced the dwelling to a mass of rubble. Hours after the blast firemen recovered bodies of six children ranging in age from five to fourteen years old. The children were the five sons and a daughter of or. And mrs. Robert Moulis who were blown Clear of the House by the exploding natural Gas. A wire photo convicts seize guards at new Mexico prison rioters demand Gate be opened police surround prison site French african troubles spread co j20 Casablanca French and Algeria following the frenchmen and j mysterious murder of a Power Arab demonstrators were Ful nationalist Union Leader in i killed today As violence spread j Tunisia Friday. The arabs also throughout French North Africa. Were angered by the French boy in 1 Cott of the debate in the United nations general Assembly on warplanes hit reds at front behind lines Ridge front quiet communists move ski troops to Hills from press dispatches Seoul hundreds of Allied warplanes swarmed Over North Korea today plastering communist targets along the front and far behind the lines. The u. S. Fifth air Force said f86 Sabre Jet pilots destroyed a communist Mig-15 Over sinus jul. They bagged seven of the red planes sunday for the big Gest single Day score in nearly three months. The u. S. Eighth army reported another Light Day across the front. The evening summary new strategy to fight reds in Asia forming Washington up Diplo Mats believed today that a new u. S. Strategy for fighting communism throughout Asia is Tak ing shape in president elect Eisenhower s dramatic shipboard Basic policies he will follow not a shift in emphasis from Europe i l 1.1_______1___.i. 1 out tfx v if policy conferences. Few solid facts have seeped out of the Admiral s suite on the Cruiser Helena in mid Pacific where Eisenhower and his top aides have been meeting secretly. But diplomats said it seems evident the new president Al ready is beginning to shape the Only in Korea but throughout the entire far East. These experts believe Eisen Hower himself has not decided finally on the specific measures he will take. But from what was said during his korean trip and to Asia already is underway in Washington. It also is Clear the new administration will step up the propaganda offensive against communism throughout Asia. In Korea Eisenhower made it Sliu Illo cat f from the people he saw some of Plain he will Speed up the Tram r. I i _ ten uni 4-f Tel the Geni corned. There is 1 outlines can be Dis Little doubt for ext the new Nistra order a boost in u. S. A. Basic planning of South korean troops to ease the american combat Load in time. He said the United states would see the War through but would do nothing to enlarge see strategy Page 10 More than 50 arabs also were wounded when some White Robed stormed a listed Only a few patrol clashes mostly in the sensitive sniper Ridge area on the Central front. Temperatures stayed Low hover ing around Zero. B26 bombers opened the Days Aerial offensive with predawn Ike in huddle with top aides conferences held on Cruiser Helena by Don Whitehead aboard uss Helena in to Cawtha Santa n snatch police station. Tough berber j Rule. Nations general Assembly on Aerial offensive with predawn route to Hawaii tunisian demands for More self a attacks on communist trucks Dwight Eisenhower hauling supplies to the front. Snatch poc armed and1 gum tribesmen rushed to the native moroccan workers pilots reported 125 vehicles de Armea 17-year-old boy was killed travel paralysed at least eight dead from press dispatches the korean War was believed to be the main topic of discus Sion. But Eisenhower s press Secre tary James c. Hagerty told re porters there would be no announcement now of Dis cussed or decisions that might be reached. Hagerty made it Clear to re porters aboard the Helena that ittle. I lne general May not disclose his american front commanders lians until after he has taken reported today the chinese have ski troops stationed on the Cen trial front where South korean troops Are expecting new As saults on Snow covered sniper Ridge. Plans until after he has taken office Jan. 20. We will make no statement on the press Secretary declared. The conference that began to Day will continue until the he american military advisers to Jena reaches Pearl Harbor Jim Lcuy reaches rear Noti Aux a crippling wind rain and Republic of Korea troops said there those aboard i Snow storm that killed at least bands of White Clad ski troopers the Cruiser will join military 1 of Rev i f c i itt t to i o do i f i n to a Fri Liu c. Jii _ my Tomic City of los Alamos sur Rey Bay 80 feet off the land Tore up property began to municipal Beach when the shark attacked him. He screamed and at first Brady thought Wilson was fighting with a sea lion. He swam out with a i Trench knife he was carrying to open abalone shells. When he saw the shark he stabbed the Man eater three see riots Page 10 find children in jail at pc two Small boys kept 48 Days in basement Johnson City isl hurried to Wilson s Aid and investigation will probably to drive the shark made today into the Case of two away. They got Wilson to the Small boys held for 48 Days in a Beach using an inflated inner juvenile detention cell in he was dead by the time basement of the Johnson City they reached Shore. Abate today. The violent storm was believed see War Page 10 Barracks fire a companion Brookner have forced an unidentified Brady went to his Aid. I air plane to crash in the times near the Eye. I Brady said the shark was "15 swept Sierra Nevada mountains. Search parties ventured out again to find the missing Craft after Hurricane like winds Back one Rescue party. The storm caused the deaths of at least five persons in Call to 25 feet Long pointed head. Four men swimming nearby c rapid City . Force officers today investigated fornia alone and killed three1 a racing Barracks fire that killed with a Large More in Oregon. I five officers and injured six oth the storm paralysed Highway ers. Travel and communications two men were trapped in their leaders and advisers for at least two More Days of discussions. Hagerty said he could not what the general s itinerary would be after he leaves Hawaii. Those who came aboard at Wake Island John Foster Dulles Secretary of state designate gov. Douglas Mckay of Oregon who will be Secretary of the Interior George m. Humphrey of Cleveland Sec see Eisenhower Page 10 House group drafts we want for Christmas is a of these cute Little puppies is whispering into the ear of humane officer William Schaffer in the St. Paul minn., animal shelter we suppose that he is asking for a Home for Christmas for All of the cute pups. Animal shelters report business is always Good about Christmas time. A wire photo i flooded Lowland communities i rooms and burned to death when and disrupted Power service Over i the fire broke out Early yester much of the area. It had passed i Day. The other three managed j today but rain was forecast to 1 to fight their Way out of their night. Rooms but perished before they four of the stranded trains could reach fire escapes. Vote Law changes gop senators swamped by Job requests Washington of Republican senators Are being swamped with letters from Job seekers eager to get on the fed eral payroll after 20 gop years in the political wilderness. The senators say they Are amazed. They had not looked for department official arrested on such a Rush in a time of charges while reportedly High official held in wreck state dept. Rescues important document economic chief faces pressure for de control wage Price controls tottering after Coal ruling resignations from press dispatches Washington the admin stration sought today to Sal Vage its tottering stabilization program in of new strike threats and mounting pressure for decontrol of wages and prices. Economic Stabilizer Roger l. Putnam confronted with the disintegration of the wage stabilization Board Over the week end went into a huddle with his Legal experts to determine if be has authority to carry on the wage stabilization program on his own. A spokesman for Putnam said the economic Stabilizer is determined to turn Over to the Eisenhower administration functioning wage controls even if he Tias to administer them himself. Putnam had no wage Jaward and there were indications he might have trouble setting up a new one. All Industry members of the Board along with their colleagues on at least two of the 14 regional wage and in angry protest to what they called political expediency in president tru Man s handling of the Coal wage Case. The chairman of the Indus try members on the Kentucky Ohio regional Board said yester Day he will recommend Mem Bers resign too. The Law says the wage Board can operate Only with equal representation of members representing Industry labor and the Public. Defense Mobilizer Henry Fow Ler said in a television interview yesterday he believed inti Stry after "24 or 48 hours will decide to co operate with the government program to stabilize wages. He said he believed it to be utterly inconsistent that Industry which must pay wages would not participate in a wage stabilization program. Al president George Meany in another television interview said that a Holdup of the web May result in protest strikes by unions if a Way is not found to Clear a logjam of pending wage agreements. There Are about such cases before the Board and Meany said he believed Truman could solve the situation by giving Blanket approval of All of them. One thing appeared certain Washington up the state department investigated today the Case of a High state by booming business. Jail informed sources last night. Son Llucy Icahn eur Sunic. U41ui.u i. I reported authorities said the shark had delayed 24. Hours were freed aft officials at the rapid City air torn Large chunks of flesh eight Miles of snowbound j Force base said the cause of the the children aged three legs. He died from loss five were removed to the City a of blood new juvenile Home saturday by order of mayor t. F. Beckner or. North South Southern Pacific track was cleared late yesterday by Snow lows near Dunsmuir 350 Miles North of Here. Ber. Discovered the boys while1 making a routine Check of p be leaks in the basement. He re ported to authorities that the children wore no shoes and were fire was not apparent and an investigation was underway. The Washington special j Many of the senators say Pri House committee today started drafting proposed changes in the Federal election Laws but the Odds appeared to be against any thing being done about them by Congress. Spending we Jwuc i lit stud 111 an tuft. Lui iia i Nui Aio Aasu. .1 my blows in the Southern Sisk you ground from upper windows. Washington slow j mountains on the Oregon-Call-1 the injured included c co Olga l1u1j Vottis j. I wooden building was steam nothing has been done in a major Way in the election Law heated. 35u Miles North 01 nere. Netiea. Three southbound trains were at least 44 other officers were held for More than a decade held temporarily at klamath1 sleeping in the quarters when despite biennial arguments lately they Are sure most of the would be Federal employees Are going to be disillusioned not Only with the limited number of Job openings but also with the pay and qualifications. Most of the letters asked about the approximately Post mastership scattered through nem temporarily at Klamath sleeping in Mic . For Falls Ore. They were due Here the fire began to sweep through there is Strong sentiment for the two Story building base of lifting the present Selling of r _ a _ tint lev Al 1 today. The storm out the country. Said were s his Cor carrying an important government document. Foy David Kohler a member i of the department s super Sel Cret policy planning staff and former head of was the voice of arrested Early saturday morning after an Auto Accident in nearby Arlington a. Wurch ii Oil us Lilu. W to i. C i unai.10 i.gwj.1 a Szijj i Only lightly Clad and said in defense spending May fornia Border. Snow lows s. Underwood on Tempo through drifts to Rescue stranded duty from Hunter air base told him they had Long to been Here Cut this year s Federal deficit to about records disclosed the boys had that is a Little More than half been placed in the cell late in i of the deficit for october at the order of mrs. The 1953 fiscal year which the Lelia Taylor juvenile judge administration predicted four after their parents ago. And it is Only 38 them. Mrs. Taylor told cent of the she had placed other children of i deficit which president Truman the family in a Greeneville or foresaw when he sent his budget Hanage and was trying to get message to Congress last Jan these two placed there. No Rea uary. Son was Given for not sending government experts said that them to the new juvenile lag in defense spending which mrs. George Wilson wife of has never been fully explained Kohler forfeited Collat Peral on drunk charges. His wife was charged with drunk the two Story building Dase 01 Tuung Pic knots new Arp und Erien Drivins and on struck in hardest f Ici als said. Two Leape djo the three on the state department stepped nto the Case after the Arling capt. See storm Pace 10 Savannah a. Political committee May raise and spend in one year and boosting limits that individuals May contribute and that Candi dates for Congress May spend. Limitation on the terms of the incumbents. Postmasters now Are named see jobs Page 10 Iho uie Toad director said that every adult is ton police reported that Kohler i t be t in the 0. Said he had one important Doc it a tuber cd see children Page 10 o the Public is mainly responsible for keeping the Treasu a from going As deep in the red As expected. M Luc tax collections have been run Rhode Island youngster. Talking horse called to Aid search for missing 9-year-old Richmond a. A 27-1 Tab her a genuine phenom year old talking horse has been called in to play detective the search for a missing the times dispatch sent re Porter Bill Mcllwain to inter twice and got the same answer. I if Ning a Little higher than the Treasury anticipated but not much. It now appears that the government will take in about before the 1953 fiscal year ends next june 30, in Stead of As previously thought. The big change which has thrown the administration s guesses out of Kilter has been in spending. The experts now figure that it will run about instead of the youngster 9-y e a a old Gary Shaymaa disappeared from the Exeter state school near Providence r. I., sept. 23 and has t been seen since. Mrs. Benjamin Hayman cling ing to the Hope that her son is still alive called the Richmond times dispatch yesterday from Rhode Island and asked that a newsman be sent to query lady wonder a horse whose amazing View lady who pecks out her answers on a giant typewriter like contraption. When she an Swers she Lowers her Chin to touch levers jutting out from slots containing letters. The let ters pop up spelling out her answers. When Mcllwain asked if Gary a mute were alive lady pushed out then she spelled out the word Hurt and when Mcllwain asked answers prompted to two questions once psychologists to Island police to pass on to Kan Sas authorities. Mrs. Hayman heard about vice go me lady wonder through a news then he asked if Gary could paper Story three Days ago when asked where the truck was. Lady said mall Wain repeated the question be found. Said lady. When mrs. Hayman Learned of lady s responses she said of god i Hope he s Safe i Hope he s she said it was difficult to conceive of her son having got to Kansas but added that he unions which now have wage petitions before the web Are not Likely to take wage reductions lying Down. Meany said the Al favors see controls Page 10 free Chest a Ray unit operating now state health department employees said today that a continuous line of persons were walking into Kingsport utilities and hav ing free a rays made. Today is the first of a 10-Day a Ray program conducted by the Sullivan county Mobile a Ray unit in Kingsport. Or. J. W. Erwin county health department director said that every adult is Ament in a briefcase with him at the time of the Accident. Three state department agents came immediately to the police station and took the briefcase from Kohler. A slate department spokes Man said that one phase of the investigation was to determine the degree of secrecy of the papers in Kohler s Possession. He refused to predict what a Gram and help control tuberculosis. Health department employees Billy Mclntyre and Calvin Stamps Are operating the a Ray unit. They reported 102 persons had been a Rayed at . Today. The unit opens at 9 . And closes at So lunar tables which Lold of the horse helping to find the body of a missing 4-year-old Massachusetts boy. Dist. Atty. Edmund r. Dewing said lady gave the answers that led searchers thursday to the body of Danny who had been missing from his Quincy mass., Home since Janu May have been hit by a passing Motorist and perhaps carried away. Nun Auu Wucki where the boy is lady replied j she said she had Given All Ary 1951. It s stranger than said and we kept it a secret because we did t want o available information to Rhode j see horse Page 10 be taken against aids Knight s so lunar tables. Plan your Days so that you will be fishing in territory or Hunting in Good cover during these times. If you wish to find the Best sport that each Day has to offer. The major periods Are shown in bold face Type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a Hall or two hours thereafter. Tie minor periods. Tion might Kohler pending completion of the department s investigation. Costello turned Down Washington the supreme court today refused for the second time to Grant Gam Bler Frank costello a review of his contempt of Congress conviction. Costello is serving an 18 month sentence in Atlanta Penitentiary for walking out of a new York City hearing by the Senate crime investigating committee. The supreme court shown in regular Type Are of somewhat Shorter duration. Use Vailera time december 9 tuesday 10 wednesday 11 thursday Friday saturday 14. Sunday Miner major Elmr i Lake stages late Lerel monday. Feet s. Holston. 1.611.0 Cherokee

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