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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 1, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee1 tymm monday. A rust a 195j farm news Kin sport office of Extension service in chamber of Commerce building soil conservation leaders meet in Roanoke next week hog Price level drops to lowest since March As volume is heavy Tennessee formers7 Corner by the a880ciatkd Metron and these ruin has kept most of Tennessee extremely toxic. Don t use fresh and Green this summer unless you Are going to in it seems there s trouble on nil precautions listed by the for the Money Cotton and manufacturer. Tobacco. N Cotton urea Only the fit entomologists say there s a Roanoke Vuk. Farmers manage inc off Nurs of local soil tobacco greenish soil conservation districts in n i n a bodied rapidly in Southeastern states and Rico will gather Here next sunday draw the ant to review accomplishments of the and Lay plans for a infested tobacco leaves become shrunken and distorted eventual Ati Anta hog prices mainly cents to a Hundred _ hold speedup of soil conservation in Thel a die or Are damaged beyond use. Southeast aphids also Deposit a sort of a. D. Holmes or. Guillion j a in a tonal association soil safest control materials for these cattle Price trends though mix were mainly steady to Strong. Some not Ste Oak Southern int midwestern pro i sent a few More hogs to Market in the face of poor alot of Sumer demand for fresh pork. The Hok Price level fell to the lowest since March and was the lowest for any july week since 1946. Lumi us Pius 101 ser vation districts has Mona tors. Lindane also is of that the keynote of the Roanoke i conference will be local self gov a Erna int in agriculture and More Larries Slevc leadership in soil con or Valion by the Jumer officials i attending the conference which in incl sold 208 cad of Ancl calves on lip auction Market saturday at prices however held up Well run rally about steady with packing plants in he Georgia Florida Alabama Peanut area. Wholesale Park is off the wholesale fresh pork Price All level declined to a hundreds Lalonni heifers had brought As highly the National association of soil the week before. The Price was narrower for heifers however at to from Virginia Tennessee Ken Lucky North Carolina South Caro Florida Alabama Mississippi and puerto Rico. Plans will he discussed for soil. A Hundred pounds some a cop Reward ship week to be sponsored pounds in Eastern Seaboard markets Back to March april Low. Closing prices Friday for u. S. No. 1 to 3 Grade butchers of the Best weights included Chicago to Atlanta. To Nashville Memphis to Louisville and Mont Gomery to and Georgew Florida Alabama major plants. Two other aphid killers Are de Ordinary wallowing hog not As dumb As you May think Blacksburg. Oral s the previous week conservation districts next year. Or me and Ca pcs brought the week will Benin May 6, nary wallowing hog is not As dumb Gonei calves to tm.-1 which has been designated he looks says role mood Scy. , i in mini n it 75. And Light bulls sold at to and cows at to with a few Odd head of the latter below top brought sib.70. Tobacco damage from Blue Mold heavy in Virginia to stewardship sunday and will Holmes said Farmers spearhead hav ing the sell conservation movement will be asked to obtain the Hooper ton of churches of All denominations in the Observance. Through May 13. Vij. In fact. Animal Husbandman at after studying his be. Godsey claims the lowly Quick lest Weevils survived Winter. But those who made the Grade Ting. So far the Weevil buildup is mainly in the Southern half of West Tennessee. Infestations of 10 per cent were found in some Fields and Many Cotton growers have been Busy dusting and spraying. A Good Way to get a roughly accurate Check of a Field s Weevil population is to criss Cross the area pulling 100 squares at ran Tom of the plants. The number of punctured squares found in your collection gives the per cent of infestation. For Weevils you should Spray at least three times spacing each applications by five to seven Days. That la keep insecticide on the Plant Long enough to catch the new generation. Caring for livestock takes almost As much labor As 50 years ago flu emulsion for Corn old Indian trick brought up to Date. Indian fish trick of fighting slugs is made modern by Henry free written for Aba service few Flowers in the Garden Are More admired than the colourful the Weevil goes through begonias but. Alas slugs Cycle in about 17 Days. By Here s a Peep at the future on the Hay and hog fronts Courtesy of Eugene Gambill University of Tennessee Extension farm manage ment specialist expect lower Hay prices soon. The fall Price decline is due Earl Ier than usual. If you be got any hogs still on hand that Are anywhere near ready for get them on it it porker is probably the smartest of this is All hoofed animals on the farm Howu in in. I Leiua Luis the time to Cut Breeding express their admiration by feast ing on the stems and lower leaves. These repulsive looking soft bodied molluscs leaving a Slimy it ail behind them As they Inch their Way about the plants can be kept under control with a Metal de Hyde bait like snarl or Bug Geta pellets. These attract As Well As kill the slugs and should be placed on the soil under the plants. Chlorine is helpful too. If scattered on the soil Between the plants. But since he usually ends up in the Slaughter House before he s six National soil conservation leaders j months old he never has a Good de to hog arrivals the first five Days at 12 principal mid Western nor ices and at Points in Interior town and Southern Minnesota Lota led compared Wilh 435. 424 in the same time the previous week and 407.20b a year ago. Mold director and a Mars compared with 23.300 the week be More injury Davis or. Inns cattleman and fore and a nor non Virginia tobacco this year than former president of inn soil con who will attend the Virginia con a Chiacc to show off his intelligence. Fern acc include Soleri j. Maybe this newly found hog in Skeleton siae. Before the year is out you la be Able to buy feeder hogs cheaper year ago. Ii has in the Post five years s. B. Cattle and calves were few Plant i Vii. Most Southern markets and vol a ports. Ume also was off midwestern because blur Mold had not. Been and for several faring cows made up the bulk of supplies Hern to careless in applying con in the South in contrast to the "ro1 feline said. The Chicago Market where most offer caused delay in mus Ings were Choice and prime Grain fed steers. Typical sales a i Nashville included n few Good and Choice 000-Pound steers it to Good mixed yearlings of 450 to 650 pounds sold at to Utility and commercial heifers and mixed yearlings ranged to most canner and Culler Cowf Duncan. Okla., president of the a Tel licence is behind some of the Ionel soil conservation tips Farmers can read group Russell j Fisher Virginia " current farm magazines. An or Del Ryning and member of the. In tide in one Magazine recently of tonal Board of directors w. These suggestions among oth mall. Pioneer soil conservation ers Leader of spurt a. On., also a in i Jet Breeding Stock have two weeks to feel at Home before mating. Hogs can feel insecure inn. Don t castrate or vaccinate Early indians taught the Pil than you gems a valuable lesson about could raise them. Growing Good Corn placing old hog prices will move downward wish in fhe Bottom of each Hill from today until the end of the j today the Home Gardener can year. Aim for rapid finishing so i achieve the same results m a you can avoid the very Low prices less Messy manner using a con in november and december. Cen rated fish emulsion to which after the big Price break comes he has Only to add water it will be at least a year before besides being 100 per cent or hog prices recover 1 panic Atlas fish emulsion con the reason for the switch the Spring crop Market of pics sold at to Utility and com Mercial bulls brought to late sales of Good mid Choice Slaughter Culves ranged to planting in Ninny cases and made it necessary for some Farmers o pet plants from other counties or Oiler states. Where for Bam or Zineb was applied according to recommendations almost perfect control was reported. Anthracnose n comparatively new Plant bed disease appeared first in Virginia about three years in late May and Early june several specimens of the disease were sent in from Brunswick Franklin Mecklenburg Hall Patrick and Lunenburg counties. Ordinarily Fern a and Zineb will control when applied it the. Time recommended for Blue Mold control. By thrum Nunin showed up in number of Fields. At North Georgia and Florida auctions Good demand f r o m Slaughter and mocker kept prices trending steady to Strong and gains up to 50 cents and were registered for some a losses. Slaughter cows and bulls declined As much As in Florida however. Shi Strong advanced in the week r1 Nashville. At Louisville Choice and prime Strone to up. But mature cattle closed steady to a Shade lower with bulls decline i mostly 50 cents. I a. N seasonally Large Southern broiler won l by n dim if you in the creep. Baby pigs and sows it associate the creep with pain mid fear rather than fond. Wenn pips in the mar inc so sows and pigs will have All Day to get Over the separation. If a restless sow won t take her pips after you be tried nil other measures Call the vet Lor Pitu itary shot. It usually works. Seriously Godsey says such Ani Mal behaviour information undoubtedly has practical applications though Good hog Farmers will unite to operate on the theory department is Ril str a Good balanced supplement fed in Billing free a new handbook the. Proper ratio with Groin will signed to help producers of ment cure most emotional disturb n nil mils interpret seasonal Price Alicus m Swine trends As a guide to Good manage ment. The Booklet is called the seasonal Market for meal Ani ser vation districts association. Handbook shows seasonal prices of meat animals Washington Insi the 60 i million hand. At 40 million be near the record Lams nitrogen phosphorus Potash and countless Trace and ele ments which abound in fish pc by John Booth International news service farm writer Washington. Ins studies by agriculture department economists show that whittling Down the amount of labor consumed in producing livestock and livestock products can provide one of the greatest challenges to Farmers. A current report by the agricultural research service Points out that farm wages have quadrupled Sincu the Start of world War ii. But in this same period the amount of labor required for livestock production has been reduced Only seven per cent. Forty per cent of All farm labor into the care and feeding of livestock. The report comments not proved statistically but nonetheless obvious is the fact that it takes almost As much labor nowadays As it did 50 years ago to keep sideline livestock a cow a few chickens and a few pigs. Progress has b3 passed this phase of Daryln takes most work economist r. W. Hecht. Who made a special study of livestock labor costs found out As was expected that the milk cow is the big labor user. His estimate is that it takes an average of 61 and seven tenths Man hours to produce of milk meaning that the operator aver Ages roughly tl.60 an hour if he attempts to evaluate the Worth of his own labor. This estimate covers Only direct labor such As feeding milking hauling feed cleaning barns and pens and moving and disposing of the animals and their products. Hecht a findings seem to indicate that the Farmer stands to get much higher returns on his labor in vestment if he goes into some phase of livestock production other than Dairying. For example Thore is tin Esli it takes to Man hours for t hand milked cow but 20 per cent less 111 hours where cows me machine a number of devices and practices were cited As Means of reducing the amount of labor required in Dairying. They an Tomally feeding devices mechanical litter Carrier barn clean. Vuk. Stanchion drinking cups efficient barn arrangement pipe line and bulk handling of Nilk. Maintenance of Large herds and High producing cows. The major conclusion reached from the study is that one of most pressing needs is for com Merical Type equipment hand Ling suitable for medium and Small farms where livestock herds and flocks Are Small per haps Only sideline enterprises. Rowing was this Enlal i year of 1961. Fir of laying Barbara Christian gives safety tips Church Hill Barbara Christian Junior Leader of the my j he Tefs Bend 4-h club will show con. It he Mcpheters Bend Community Najj club monday night the demons trn culverts with doors built to study Bear Shoemaker students observe farm safety Gate City. In. The shop Tion of safety in the Home which she won District honors. She give the demonstration at the 4-h club meeting lust week and fish emulsion is especially recommended for tuberous Helonias roses african violets and All other flowering pints. Blue Ribon dahlias the kind lint win it the. Shows arc yours if you keep pinching out Side shoots and secondary buds feed the pints Well and maintain a constant soil j replacement chickens takes Only 45 Man hours of labor Pur of end product. Likewise it was calculated that comparable returns in the highly specialised broiler Industry can achieved with less than 12 Nan hours of labor. The. Report added it s Worth while to note that dairying1, a big the prams win be p. Or a heavy till Oak Knur All our hollyhocks that came up this year Are a Pale Pink. Last year they were All shades. Why a hollyhocks self sow and the resulting seedlings vary greatly inquired per animal per year. Is scheduled to appear on vision program tuesday. Mcpheeters bund is very proud of the me work Barbara is do Man. Joyce Arnold 4-h club re Porter snid. This is her first year of Junior from their parents. To be sure of colors you must order now sped each year from it reliable seeds it includes 23 curls show ing the indexes of seasonal trends for livestock and meats. Any Eppli cent ran net n single copy by write diff in the agriculture. _ no Market Lii service Depner Tenient inner him school agriculture inn ice Smith. D. C. And risking for agricultural l3epnrtment. Observer National be in Chorre of the. Meeting. Him Lynok in. 83. I form safety week last week Wilh the Prospect of very Henvy two Pfuno broadcasts mid n Sofet Jjo a a t Pondu clinic of Imus and other inn courthouse inn. O Al Light autos in the Mannins Muniec lately Ai m . , j led. No cart porn Bubly prompted distr lbs pm in Farmers Tammra pm Tymir lion of the hand Bonk it this time. Kyle and Cecil Denn and i out As for . Coley appeared with is farmers7 Gross receipts drop have a 4-year-old weeping Willow in the Yard Aboul 15 feet the 4-h girls plan a Hakint con from the House. Neihbors say that lest for their next meeting it roots will soon grow into the . It the Home of mrs. Sewer lines and foundation. Is Annie Simpson will thai True for a Coley p. R. Pillow Mots the spread brunches eventually 50 would be Wise to remove the pm. Experience in tajik it the old Gardener that no weeping Wil Low should be nearer than 75 feel Washington Farmers Gross receipts from marketing in the first six months of 1955 Are estimated it four per cent less than last year for the most part be cause of the continuing decline in livestock prices. During the period producer sold seven billion 800 million dollars j j Worth of livestock and livestock of the products and four billion 400 Milf it u Linn ring flu s we in of Field crops Wil-1 talc Latler f kure was two per cent above 1954. Largely because prices of potatoes soybeans and truck crops were substantially extra fast due to headache neuralgia muscular aches and Tain 1 than Lour i notice to lower Rotl lorm Start to Woric Nutly Lor Imo roil or finn no i in mar than 2 la in pvt Coody i. Kern pcs m m pm Phis owners of production continued to find a Nood n Culvert Wilh n door on a ment officials say Thev see dimmer n ii i is Perl Stollon ancient Nulo mobiles have compact i Nynie outlet. Heavy weights were Short during one of your summer hikes. I of n serious Price collapse but ex-lwk1n Iii _ i Appie. To Hie House. S mall 1 l higher than a year earlier. Of buyers needs in most cases but lighter weights were subs tit it la really be there. Hut Don t Pitt the trend Over the next Elgun. In play Alice in wonderland and try to 10 months to by below that of used where possible. Generally climb in to see what s markets held steady. Closing if you do. You la by then and what the handbook does is to nip on a year earlier. However weakened slightly in Del there you la be. In Short you la mar a. Ica Wirht in a hear trap. Closing prices Friday at farms an original pcs Iii. The trap l in lending producing areas were supposed to by Binder and Butler meat animals and North Georgia North Alabama and Janil Bear Are supposed to beat Amu cts. Ant instruct Franklin and adult Farmers c. C. Carter and Orn Berry or. Appeared in another bronc not Wilh farm program i Central North Carolina mostly 116 cents a Pound Mississippi 25 j to path to the door. Or. Henry s. Mosby professor of Rubn the most common Ike Upchurch in wept. A wrecked car was displayed on the courthouse inn Here to pm meat pro Johns Lac the i Ruffic safety slogan Down und i patterns in production Market and prices for each of the 27 Shenandoah Valley. 27 to Manam intent at vim. Sex cents. Mostly 27 2, and the thai it is All Par til a study mar a area mostly 28 to 2 j Cunis. Melons sell cheap Liberal to heavy vegetables sup Anil in study is being confine let by Vii wildlife Sci Carch plies continued to pour in at a commission of to Imine nut Enslen markets and were Inland i Zieries. And v s. Very Low Tor Ninny commodities. Forem service us Purl of a Al the Allan Iii whole of the Blick Sulc Market of Ruhiye Betir in Virginia. Butu Benns pole Beans and Field Bear Hunting officials explain peas ranged Between and a rapidly incr enming in popularity in Bushel. Okra ranged to j 2. And the. Ingemi Khatum of cording to size. Tomatoes sold in which the trapping is Only n pure eight quart baskets at 50 cents Lols designed to Supply information Al. Needed in Annir . A heavy volume of watermelons trips Are three feet High six ranged 10 to 40 cents Ench Accord Long culverts painted ing to size Nanri Quality. Cent Loups Equi Piu a with Iron drop in need 50 cents to n Bushel. They Are placed it unit flue cured tobacco prices re spoke baited with fish and once in covered in Georgin Florida mar it. Is impose bar for the Bear 01 kelp rising to As much is j6 a it you must by curious to Hundred pounds for some grades get out. Gross sales for the six Days after trapping he hear will be through thursday lot led More put to sleep with Eicr or Chloro than 67.544.000 pounds averaging form their faces will be of Linler. In the same period ears lagged and they will be year sales totalled nearly 49 Mil released lion pounds at in average of Crockett would have dreary life of today s Frontier science open d n successful three Day tour of West Tennessee and they took place in livestock including hogs and other meat ant Why pay fore y a Tirl fall 1 planted the hey re going to do it again next Jinn Fleet or. Climbing Rose sent year. Main stops in Memphis horseless club route were Fly John Hoo ill research. The application of Alomer Zakhi Niton tins Jarm Radii Mon and Power to agriculture Nure Nii president n. almost Tiniou Chad Field Man figures that Davy Cro Keti i in addition in the Chol Geiiking would Imd things pretty Dull if he opportunities for production re were Slive. Today. A Henreh. There other Wrens Ito me from n. Mail order Nursery. Since no Book on roses mentions this climber and because the Plant Covington of Casburg. Union City jul inches High with Small. Perls and Brownsville. La yet Green leaves and a few tiny Only one car a 1906 Model n. Buds. I wonder what i have. Ford failed to Complete the Jour Ney. Memphis Beauty wins miss Tennessee title Jackson. . Wil 1 in is. N Memphis Lasp represent ing col leg a Mijs or 1955 she was selected saturday Over v7 can instants Nanri will represent tie Volunteer state in the miss America contest. Patty is n delightful 3ft-2 stands 5-5 and weighs lift. A i wonder too since i find no record of such a Rose. My guess is that you have either n Multi Flora seedling or a miniature Rose 7 to li1 inches High has roses is hardly and blooms much of in summer. If a must if Lorn it will mum i ii out of if n Pixie Hon have a Cir if your 34, about 23 per cent of snips went to the stabilization corporation for government loan. On opening Day thursday Gross sales in 11 South Carolina flue cured markets totalled More than 5.928.000 pounds averaging s57.1k nearly 47 per cent into Juv Loans. In Southern 19m-c Nev uses for fans May be found soon speculating along that line i Shu Man in Teri out the i the in inns Are now mostly Well protected wards of the government thai i Are few bears left to kill in Tennessee and that nobody a Nils in Patch the crack in the Liberty Bell. Writing in the finn tinn s monthly the form Huizhu federation Lender conceded the Kuve ziment it Wash id stand bin he did not spell of jii.1- lie meant. The Point Shim in was leading up to that while there Are to ally no physical frontiers for modern to exp Ltd the Field is wide open q most persistent Squirrel has drs roved my iwo tree in jes Liy a Xinji the bark clean around the trunks. What repellent can you recommend As being effective Siigri Nilamal research Hinl offer is a there is no better or pc nost As Many possibilities. Peah Millet shows than r Lnch Wirt Lursh in the in tier Troun the a vhf Collar securely fastened Aboul the president placed the urgent need Promise for Virginia Insp certain to for More research to improve Haij insert n. In Inch or More my the he called and haunted and Inifi Rieu Telac Shurd. In Pearl soil and up to wll Hin 6 inches of marketing practices and systems. Millet variously known As in Trail the chemical repellents he declared that Farmers Amie Millet has yielded Well for sup. Properly to know Why con ple mental pasture and Hay in tests Henry Prce is unable to answer Sumer prices for fond and clothing conducted by Vii agricultural individual i have remained relatively sle Triy pediment station while prices of form commodities researchers Miv there in Hiiva dropped 24 per cent since enough experimental Lintn yet to 1051. I econ Henri Pearl Millet and that Slominn took the position that tests Are continuing. It is a new Farmers would be better served by crop for Virginia. For Sudan. To comparison with us the government t More Effort were Pearl Millet resembles Sudan Dan Peni 1 Millet recovered from directed toward securing in a grass in Early stage growth but or cutting More rapidly in Quinte and rapid picture of changes appears to be less Ciemmy in later last year s tests. Spike like head., it is not the top. Chemical of Short duration. In Abl scions from i renders. However with Ench col i urn he will answer the most inter most frequently asked Washington. Wins scientists of the agricultural research Maryland wind up service believe that Cotton in Uto inic Rop Light ced Oil. Soybean Oil. And pc Mut Hinn Loop co buffeted Price for or in vhf Vrr i Firu Iino nearly glares. Net auction Cru and surprising outlets on the Market. Ark report that tier and the fat and cried into my have ast pie Pinili iic.--. A lira Mav be amt keep Sinton fish Imil or. In n a mean1 pm in hmm Iii consumer demand than in try stages. It has a Spike like head. It is not to be confused with explorer no i or my to Price. Without re soil Tnp tuntion cultural methods Lennan Millet which docs not re Olli cruise Gurd to the Market. And fertilization Are. Iho. Same is cover after one ii Titus. He said Liere is even now openly up to us the possibility of for the m Hunn through it does div Lotard 32.586.000 pounds at a Hundred i h 000 last in j54 i Noi Saki . Of r Junior cattlemen s Field Day scheduled . Pc i Ond annual Junior pm Tlemcen s show Nuci Field Day will kind be held Here . I of lowing tie state. Department of Ann travelling 50 culture proving in Sini Ilcy us Money to encourage 4-h club members and future banners in developing beef Sci ices for Herd found oltion. County groups of Halter classes for Junior heifers heifers and summer or Junior yearling heifers will be nudged. Special Nutu d1 by ft1-1 Ocia tons will be made for the Cham Pion in each Halter a Best showman award also will be made. Pm quest us i whither 01 uni or will Dir Diu Ane i re nil on Rrt in our Scicli for new knowledge on the f nil hers that can Nelv con q i Rcd by in Nils Sluiman pointed nut dial Nacri r 1 Rah Prem Dent Lincoln a kind ice Ivan i k inn pm inc in lion s Fust Al 1 ret i n Fer Tern farm ram being work done in laboratories and it in Rolmon a Mulcy Pel mumps upon mint stations. In Hviid. Has award pm civic aided banners in doubling and be rep and livestock productivity. But a human added there re Mam vast new possibilities of in t he said was a 40 Imle per hour Nouchi d another car him from behind. He farm production through finance i tax. F or no steal the four in tons of r Parr to of w Al in or Dir. N told police of in them n of to Hurt a Frinier . of Oil of floor Fornac furnaces ii Kava do to Stykki i Racks Coal no Iwohn Low monthly i. M it to ski months to Tav Southern Sheet Metal works .134 Sullivan is. Dial Clerc k mj4i my wife read this and and decided it was time for me to go to work. So of of of from now on i la be at the underpass Shell ser vice station that s at the Corner of Highway 81 and Lincoln for the next few we will be doing some remodelling but you will still be Able to get the kind of service you want bring your car come Sec David Walkey Kingsport Checkerboard news by John Cornwell mrs. H. Christian was Tell in me Friday Nobou the inst on her us while leg Horn Pulios. Nil she housed pm Birds and Niter cull nip during the your she sold last week. She told me she was Nel tip 45 a Fijas a Riny when they were sold. Thai s production and they had been housed sixteen months. Mrs. Chest inn s records show n net profit Over feed Cost of for dint six teen month period. We think this is Pood considering die net that last year was one of poor prices. Mrs. Christian is us Iii the Punna pro Tam again this year to prow n not her 100 pullets and they will soon by in production. Mrs. Christian also uses the Purina program in the. Laving House and has in in creasing demand for emus. John Lacy sold those plus that he had been raising on the Purina program. To had in average gain of 50.2 . Per pig for a period of eight weeks. Or. Lacy used Une bag of baby if Chow to Start the Litick on and then changed to pig Shailena. Boost your pasture benefits with Bulky Las Bulky Las n proven in inn. Bulky Liis is body building chm helps hold Condi riot in. helps you avoid milk lumps by Niobe feed ii Iio your cows on hot Lav Cou s love it. Lilu Fui m not in i Ali v 1 of Hay. Every Micro mixed bag is alike. Bulky Las Coes farther it s fed with if a the molasses in makes rows drink More makes More health hint Check Ricking and cannibalism with Purina Cikk pick developed by Purina this new product helps Ron Irol and fear her picking. Just duh it in pecked places. Buds Don t like it and Stop picking. John Cornwell Good pasture management pays big dividends regardless of the rare you May give your pasture pro Gram you know that grasses Are. In a their prime no this Lime of year. But there Are Severn 1 things you can do to hold production and cow Condi Tion. Pipe water to Trio if no natural Springs or sources me plenty of pure Ron. Icca Eccl u rms give lots More milk tests have shown. Spray Roivos weekly Wilh Purma pair Spray con Ernie mixed with Waier. Tins rows from Mies and per Mit better of a slurry. In icon try in. I c on the Vilf Fri a Sturr t will to diver or Fields 10 "re-r11 he plants. This helps avoid kill. Out. Mow is soon Thev Bruin to so Lender new so kits can come n. Try to fort Shade n pasture. This gives cows an Opportunity to reduce body temperature on Hon Cal on per head per Fednik helps hold condition and milk Pori us tinn. Try n for just 30 and Holston feed store wait Street Kingsport Tennessee

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