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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 1, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 252 36 do you pump your brakes on roads to minimize the danger a locked wheel kid Kingsport times vol. No. 152 Clr Cli 4-1131 Kingsport tenn., monday August 10 pages five Centt every sunday in the red China releases 11 u. S. Fliers Zhukov orders russian troops out Austria Moscow soviet defense minister Georgi a Hulton has or dered russian occupation troops to leave Austria by oct. 1 a month ahead their dead line. Marshal Zhukov. Wartime Friend president Eisenhower announced the decision in an order the Day sunday. He also said Russia s huge armed forces would be reduced by the number pulled out Austria in keeping with a soviet proposal at the Summit con Ference that All four occupation Powers Cut their forces by the number evacuated from Austria. Otkin air Large crowd was on hand for the second open air concert the season for the Kingsport symphony orchestra sunday afternoon. Yesterday s concert was held it j. Fred Johnson Park. Reaction the listeners to both popular and classical selections was Good. Arpad Kurinsky is conductor. Congress adjournment plans snarled by housing Bills the russian order our Days a Flor the effective Dale come by Max Harrolson Geneva United states and red China today begun a series private talks on Steps to Vitse tension in the fur East. They met just after word was received that the piping regime had ordered the re lease 11 american fliers. This had been expected to be one the major questions to be taken up in the Geneva talks. There was no immediate comment from the negotiators As they arrived to tackle in equally thorny problem the possible repatriation some 40 american civilians Del inc by the chinese communists. The represent olives the two Tokyo piping radio in Mhz red China had ordered the 11 american airmen who have been sentenced on rites spying. The airmen were captured in he korean War. the austrian Independence treaty. Under that pact All four occupying Powers the United states Britain France and rus required to remove their troops within 9 Days. When the four Powers signed the treaty with Austria May 15, occupation forces totalled these. Were americans. Their commander. Gen. Wil j Alexis Johnson . Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Wang Ping Nan chinese communist ambassador lower in a spacious conference room at the Palace nations european Headquarters he United nations. Johnson mid Wang arrived Sun Day. Wang hinted that a Settle warrant now charges local Man with rape a War rent charging James Byrd about 22, the gravely Road Sec i input hum h. Arnold said their withdrawal would begin immediately. Continue Over several months. Might be near. He said most the remaining 5.000 approached the talks in a move South within 30 Days to sincerity it should be pos the civilian prisoners both Tion old u. Kina h w 7 t r As spies since talks to ease tension begin Al a kidnapping a 13-year Kingsport girl has been by Joe Hall Washington Congress adjournment plans were snarled the House kept working Satur Ray night until . And the Senate until . But neither today by disputes Over Public Den Rod the Way for adjournment housing and raises for its own in Advance the. July 31 dead employees. Other major Jedi malign i line m l up in the 1946 also pending Tion act. Leaders in both branches fixed some lawmakers said privately tonight As their goal Lor the session might last two or three i More Days. Eastman earnings hit record for 6 months three key measures tied up in Senate House conferences make up the bulk the remaining work Load although lawmakers inter ested in numerous other Bills will make his ditch efforts to through. The three Are j. The housing Bill then broke up in a Sharp disagree ment on Public housing. 2. The defense production act. extend several Powers requested by president Eisenhower Senate House conferees met until almost Midnight saturday ind he program. Almost the i same conferees Are involved in this which As on the housing Bill. Actor 2 others killed in plane i Lorce Italy s northeastern fron tier under nato. Zhukov s order said russian troops demobilized would actively join the constructive labor the soviet people in building communism in our world briefs a ramps Eastman total consolidated sales compared Burbank Calif a 3. The 2-million-Dollar Legisla Tive appropriations Bill i n n 1 Money measure the session. Conferees jailed to reach agree ment on this Friday did not meet saturday. The housing Bill vital to con a Boom conditions in air. Mes in Don s Home building Industry i inv Well by the bluest hurdle .Oi adjournment Jon Ghl. I new Eisenhower skid for 3s non Tokyo thirteen persons were killed ind at 14 injured tonight when n Flash expo Ion destroyed a fireworks factory. Several persons were missing. The destroyed j7 private i Iii in each the company for the first half with 16 per cent in the correspond Jinp crash a private air plane a lot two years. The senile lipped to. _ j i . T Imiru Olin Nett tic Artlia i. period to Ndem my period last year. Sunday Nirchi. Killed three persons Jinp r.1 were at the highest Levels i orking it so Ness actor Robert Francis. 25, in die rom s history it was the combined business starred As Willie Keith ported Toda Yby Thomas j. Harj company s overseas units has Cine. Chairman and Albert shown a Good improvement during in the movie version the came Chippi Iliin. Pie Coli Olivatt a inns in the u. S. Tor this period half Lum Murd to an in per cent Over lust year s corresponding figure a Silas a o topped the first the fiscal year and is Kodak s Nur shipments to them in the first 195s increased almost 18 dividends Cath dividends paid on the pre by 11 feared and common shares on april taxes 1953. Net in mines Ufier Unju Miod to an m Virasi it Pei cent earnings Tor Ilie firm Hull o Mel Pirn inc wen1 equal ont inn. On com Mon a miss outstanding compared re .611 a Jhai e on 17.401 shares out stand me the close the 1054 first half. shares out minding in Crenson officers said the body Francis Una found strapped in the Pilot s seat. Other victims were mrs. Audrey Ann Dosch 24, who had some minor motion picture roles under the name Ann Russell and Delhi picked China and then decided they wanted to leave have now asked to be sible to reach first All a reasonable settlement on the question the repatriation had Little to say on arrival other than that his Mission was Oul lined fully in the state department s july 20 statement announcing arrangements for the negotiations. This Sla Lement stressed that the main american would be re lease the civilians either in prison tinder House arrest denied exit permits. It said the . Government Hopes agreement on problem will incl dilute further discussions and settlement other practical matters now in among those the mate Rel specifically cited the 11 . Air men imprisoned by reds belgian spies a charge the tinned Stales red hns denied emphatically. This figure steeply to 135.000 Unius repatriated to Belgium. Indian red a year for the next four years but the House eliminated All Public housing from the measure. In the haggling saturday night. Semite democratic conferees offered to Compromise on units for one year. But the House group refused to accept this holding out for no More than the units Over a two year period asked by cent the previous Kodak first i july 1 were a record set Hull the net earn so far i his year. Dividends received from our companies with in he first halt com. I Nantes million a added to capital in the , half he to Al to a find Mas Keable Securi ties were si77.351.440. Al decrease i in the first half r t. R to year when Cash requirements following the paying the in Niponh Are usually heavier. George Meyer 38, a business Purt tar president. They said they Ner actor Joe Kirkwood the would have no Chance to get any i More through the hous the conferees reported Tell alive Joe Paloska the films. Francis was considered one Hollywood s most promising Young a arcement saturday on the other stars. He graduated from past a provi. Orr the Bill Ovio Artir. Unver Mem hous-1 Jakarta. In Donch forty Cha Home Marl percent Java s tobacco Cross officials said today. Toronto Forest fire Bat the still raged Early today in on Tario s far North. In the worst urea eight fires were burning out control Over acres. In All 1h fires were burning in the province 17 them out control. Officials said the flames have burned Over . Officials in Washington have said that red China s attitude on thu americans 11 imprisoned deter mine the scope the Geneva talks. The scene the meetings is the thu 200.000 months. Acres in the last two changed to rape Constable j. E. Upchurch said monday morning. Officers have been searching for Byrd Ever since the girl disappeared from a Home on Broad Street Latil sunday night. The girl was found it relatives Home in Hawkins county wednesday. Sheriff a. H. Hurd said his investigation revealed the Young Gir did get into a car driven by Borci and four other teenagers sunday night. Upchurch the girl told rela Tives in that her parents knew where she was and hut she had hitch hiked there from King sport . A visit. The rela Tives believed her Story until wednesday when a Uncle became doubtful called her parents. by Sham Geneva the h Amer ican airmen released communist China Are expected in Hung Konoff next thursday. The chinese communist ambassador to Poland warm Nan told american ambassador Alexis Johnson in Geneva that the airmen left helping sunday. Helping s announcement heard Here come As the United states and red China opened talks at Geneva on the ambassadorial level. The 11 were in a b29 which was shot Down Jan. 12, 1953, on what the far East air forces called a Rovatine leaflet dropping Mission Over North it a president reaction to the release is told in a Story on Page 5. By Malcolm Olivick Washington aur. 1 or h. Dixon testifies today in semite jul Clary a Nance null oils european head-1 Tec investigation the Contr nver quarters tie u.n., where Power contract which bears red China charged they flew Over Manchuria on a Mission for the u. S. Secret intelligence serv a chinese military court list november sentenced them to terms from 4 to 10 years on espiozinrt1 charges. The 11 and their sentences .Oi. John Knox Arnold jr., Sil ver Spring md., 10 years. Maj. William h. Stumer Lewis Burg pa., 8 years. Capi. Eugene John Vaadi clip Lon n. V., 6 years. Diet. Elmer. Lell Wellyn mis Soiu mont., 5 u. Wallace l. Brown Banks Ala., 5 years. . John w. Back Armi thime. Tenn., 4 yearn. Sgt. Howard w. Brown 81. Paul Minn. 4 years. Steven a airman 1st , Akron Ohio 4 years. Harry m. Benjamin jr., airman 2nrl class Worth Nylon miss., 4 . John w. Thompson Iii airman 2nd class. Orange va., 4 years. His Jimmu. Chairman Estes Kefauver big four Summit talks were held. . Officials estimated that talks might last at least two weeks. Both sides have indicated that. his larks with he negotiations achieve positive results they May be followed by Cailil City concur in and moved Kwh years in hip army by top str print nun purl1-. Am House the plane brio Niimd to he not too Itron. Mich me us Mej tie l Cint Stock did owl Insi Kar nags were 11 5 per cent Miles comp red with 10.1 per cent in the corresponding period in 1954. Pre tax earnings were tin t. 8 cent nver the or to half p in i Ion ii iconic acc to s43.17s.7vn the end in my half Chin pred Vilh it mid-1954. Irs most product lines or Fri in Chr is i 1 i Chap Pio Duc Conr rally a veil As i rutile Slid t hem ii us wifi Duck increase. However Nln o i lie eminent null tar1 inure in general. Hie rom .Oi Enrri o cont b l Tii the i it Olid 11 Hurt Rajive Cuni and Inrig inn fit pm i1 111. I my Fol in in no i.i-v-. D us i i h i 1 a Luil Cain the and securities total is expected to increase by the close the year. Thus car in 1955 expenditures for additions to plants and facilities have amounted to the budgeted amount for 1055 for such is million. The amount provided for depreciation Meiher with the earn in resumed in the business to tales s33.137.453. Million More than has been spent thus far n for improvements in plants the weather i Nespor victry Parvu Urf waft Dav. Ali Cannon i no has been by flood i la Tiivel follow mtg in nov ram h was re .Oi t Nhi Iii de Here Loda. Not Iii Blu Vrcon Sirn Terv state Dulles and red China s pre Mier foreign minister Chou in ii Kanji 1- san menu non Lel 10 Milf ii Allim Illets. I he i Nihl will Hizy Tenn l said the business executive a Isenhowr administration Daniel c. Schmidt airman 2nd class Redding calif., 4 years. I the red radio commented do during the period in which these 11 criminals served their sentences they observed discipline cd nos before sure items after Ting it opera i ions and offers no objection Manila soldiers Weie killed clash saturday with morn Balits pm temperatures 3 volcanoes drive chileans from Homes .divia. three vol and i the average Kodak s prices no the end this first half Good Ai about 30 per cent above 1939. This compares with 28 per cent it the 3954 year end and j8 per cent at the end the Hall 19m. Trial in tie i Sii Iio a linux i in Uip Huss. I in a i Lippi noun at in Ilir i h ii in half louti1 fir today s skies to the niger s allow net Bui i in. Year a dispute Nrose i Oxer for Coli Gressional m the Senate put in generous pity boor ils for inane its staff work . One source snid the House conferees sought to insert even raises for Many employees in tie can Lerere. Even though they not included in the Bill when it originated in the House and thai or Nat conferees Obj Eteri. Tie by tie other no prop a Ion bilk was put Ved saturday. I i nudes si.ti56.tt25.802 for purpose.1--, inu.1-. No n .Oi tar . Lir a special ses Sion later this year to act on jpy isolation Irr a toned by rep. Martin a Massi. The House Leader. The killed Jamed and him Hue a plan to expand Road construction mountains in spewing ashes White i after foiling to Ayar on How to hol inf a i Feu it. Martin an Abc i did t Ali Fiji a he would even re h penal be Mon to Leif j be there upper ind i fences opinion c some flip Brand the Huld -be.1 the find 19 wounded in St Tlok Hind tie gop Shaf Anim declared that Moit bandits hot no nip Ufa except Lor headline Hunting in in Lola Island four or live Bandilli Moo link third Nurto any in were reported Sla m. Oni land reported to the military trl the now cancelled Bunal the supreme Peoples court Dixon Yates contract was signed. Asked leniency for them. Republican National chairman the tribunal decided on july " Inird Hull meanwhile according to Law to release in Vest it at inn the Dlynn Yates 11 criminals before the comple crib tract i hum from ton their terms and notified Jie Jib fled Kufa Iive authorities n Charce to carry Iti ill int lip release pro Ici my Tail to make political and to ind lorm Otto inc in bin i jus Jierski Vijil i Esi can red i stressed today that. For is the United .stale1, is corned. Piliere will be Little or in Stven to the on the the americ an Ahn told Tihoni Raphers that he would not canoes continued violent eruptions pictures himself and m Southern Chile s Lake Disint want in he conference room Al though want already had said he j one i Iii China. This proposal hot the Ever would not bar discussion 0fjpnvnlp us Lily Kroup furnish Power a Kormosh cease tire in the Opin 1" the Tennessee auth Rily. Ion u i. Officials. Kel Nuver had r closed i mid and had Macie a Senate apr cd ii inst the Power Deal be fore he investigated the the gop spokesman added a routine item in Ite Ennis i language broadcast. It a Java no her details. Arnold. 41, is the husband m is. M a by i. Arnold Montrom Ala. They have four children. the time announcing the sentences radio nov. Arnold Testi fied his Wing was attached to the secret . Intelligence the United states has repeatedly find emphatically denied that the tuday. Sending hundreds weary and to Mofied person.1 fleeing from Ilif i Homes. Pilots lying1 Over the area 4vo third Volcano. I. By j there r hit in Voni or it "1 gases n wide area. Person1, nine been reported id since the erupt ions Becan commend thirty for orc is. Pc .Oi in feared by the there a lorem nil Ahue a Rescue Parnis set out. Or had no . Two break ins reported in City i try live to. M. F Lirl no Gurciu Iii cd mini Naif i. F o t i nil from i Itji j 2 convicted m order in electric chair p r r n n to find in in door other not ii avy on pit Brcik Mori unit 400 v re i .Oi cd i Dit Fifer i a i h k Juji n i his indicates we will have to airmen wore spying or Wei c on Coin a new term secret Mission. At the same time. Kefauver the chinese alleged a and sen. Clinton Onmi old was wandering on a Hill in declared unit president Man Nuna North the e owes the american people a new when captured. On the Power 32. Was second in com the two senators argued that Nind the b2fl. The Devon Yates Deal Mack Ever for the atomic com in. Ion. Storm Brenda brews they accused the dec pre Parnu a chronology on1 new Orleans aug. 1 h Dixon Yale contract. They a tropical storm just Short r in issued uie Rol played by liar Ricaide Force headed toward Adolplh . In official the the Gulf coast at the Mississippi fir-1 Huston .Oi portion who Louii Iana line today acid con utlant on the Deal tie storm dubbed Brenda. San Fri fint the chaise i e packed wind up to fit Miles per the report to Lour in its or her. The new or omit to wifi or role lean Bureau said it i Onmi Latiner the would hit tie Mainland late today. I Rizio .1 i cite inca 1-, d no Well. kit to ii or ene were in an a .i-n.1 and i Iii Ifju cd to c cupid and indu i -.oi, k. wed n a Rel a i a. In Mei 7.80fi it tar Eai in Nash Villa a1 two Wil on v ii no be Saiu Nairn Harry Kirk Encill in by or e can to the half a tort Charley in i end Coiner i would b Volmi to Konak snare res chair Early today the personnel hn.-. Heated Jioia an the murder h Lebanon or me and 01 since mid vice nation operator in the weep Sii Hins 34, pronounced dead b-1 a. Hor la a a in . And Kirk nth a .1 i nil. 33 a 10 minute in re ,.f workers strike a Warden Jarne. Aids a i ii i d . 111. A Wjk. 1 Insi prison and two nun a 19.s3 some Emp love the John Efi the a i ii inn lev or Ere o Weikert neither broke Down in pm a their m Illinois and Warden Edward said and both to Al Al Noav. Farly Triay As me in Otlie it first and second Prade this month .Oi inoculation olm Hoo children. It reported Satur 5-a years Ime. its current needs have been the Public health service an Tho with it said three million Annm Erl sunday in has cubic cent driers More will be Chou a for r4i5 0011 that to ample the its program de Mill i Roll i Elv on in. He said thak n w to be left to the Stittig 1 arid he p t but that i e a e c r Here Tein in m v v. Ii ii a non As Tion ment to the states in. A much is in no id ii Ali Aten number children How much to Phy a inn. in the 5-9-year age ground Maui Fatui de and tie distribution is the in Cicai lenl1 i Tor i he ble to the . Under and younger children in Elu Iole inter when More in h mailable. I me Kiu Ernier Hay Xei be the Vaci. State and Fli expected hint in to children in Awe

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