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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 1, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeTennessee Central Mokes final trip monday. August 1. 1955 stray thunderstorms false Hopes of Cool King port hot forgotten by a ormer miss Martha b. Akard s boat Doc iced in Honolulu on her return in the United sillies she was met by three of her Foi Mer students of the Janice James school for girls. At the left the girls present miss Akard with a Lei. At the Rishi is the school where miss Akarl has served us n Mission Irv for 29 years. A the family scrapbook by do. Or most g. Osborne child of their later years children make a difference no Inan and c in be rime the Fame Arain after a child has been born to them. And i is particularly True if that child comes Dur ing inter years. On of of Nifon in in rail Iron of 24. If anal is via i k of fir recently desc Rihino coins of Ilie Ilir child now 5. Or Nimshi to their Way of living when she Wai born. She map Holh Maretus feel a. He s always Tiff it time is running out missionary is for Many sex soldiers to get go Home Loans by William kor twin Washington. Only 31 in awarded highest honors by uh.i1ass Dolores Del Rio blasts i ii n ii from nou. I aka id of Rlou Neville a. Chi com a Mill Ann Demhi in ten million world War ii mom in inn i about in i Thurp Jill cd Muu i aug air scheduled to "1 will be on furlough for one Ihler Nyht to buy a Home under year and Ihen i Hope to be Ikiri it j the til Bill of nights. In some Field of i poll jul i a Hie question facing con Cress mass Akard. Who looks Yuncer Tel Llyl next january u whether to sex i than her 67 years returned to this Cen trial Rall any went Oul of the Pas Senger business yesterday but h should have made a profit on the by till asset Impi i Russ last round trip across the Cumber weather Bureau while not i Memi Between Nashville has my let land Harr Naii. Where it has been hot and humid. I old no. A Enid Slinn of iwo it s to be that was Acala Small coaches a Home made diner today and Don t Lei any stray and a cur behind a disc thunderstorms net up false Hopes engine picked up nostalgic Pas of senders at every one of its a incr. Ful. Ovorn Litho Low Ous slops and wound up in Harri in Law 80s in with More than 400 Passyn am Central plugins 188 at users. Kansas Cit i and another Day of j at Monterey Aboul three fourths 100-Denree-plus rear Trif a was due of the Way on the outbound rip was m harassed. I ass nuer agent l Una sunday 108 at Lincoln. Neb and Stanleyjr. Opened up the Banka i ,07 Sioux Colv. Iowa and Omaha ear had put All hands Lei drat Klimik Neo. From the depot to provide j deals from the three week heal wave in thai Section already have if wed had like Lens 38__ls will along. We never would have Cut in 9 in Missouri and l in lout the growled c. O. Nebraska i by own. The line s Chiel dispatcher. R 1 in other parts of the Eastern two quite a few pass enters added Ali ids of the nation minimum tem to hint that if the Iraln made ule Juri Ului were in the 70s and an i of Iii trip the other Way Star tons atm Dav of 90.pius temperatures in Harriman in the morn Tim and returning at Nikhil country Oik t co Iii to Nashville for the Day i v i f Ink he have Kepi it in business. F j the Tennessee Public service com Mission had agreed with tlie1 Railroad Hal. It did l have to con mass Ann be army. In huh Tinnie the service beyond of mind mrs t h Doii Nair since in was Losman so much Money i m3 a Streel. Hew Home Bui hint s nol necessarily the Las word on the matter. In Cross e Athan t Citi Ville. He Cumberland county court a m i Wor he filed Sun the line in Chan 0, Washin Lolli Ilij c. This summer. In the fall she i in a complaint signed by county be k Lunior Al Rast Tennessee Indue Thomas to. Or Rev the Conn stale College. To charges tile Railroad is Bonnello passenger a Rolce to the county under terms of an i8p8 con gov. It Light tract which promised perpetual i service in Exchange or the Burciar of Titi Donnly raised to help build the mine. Was indicated. Showers and thunderstorms out solid Cooling effect Dirp ened the South Felkl from the unas Alabama and Southern Loui Siana Southern texts Wisconsin and Northern ill nou. a. Once a Peahi f.i.i7.arktii Arlen soaps Mornier s gov. Goodwin Knight Dice inner 1914. In the Phi and say my Illif Jun Ardon s famous Hani Bulli snaps Are off Rcd now at str ardinary ii Tom made la if Tui urious cold Cream Bam Porf Kinrd to strength Willi Tare or Cecli essences Anil he milled eight to Ihram Long lasting firmness ind Rich easy lather. And Klian Butk 5rtnp in Rich fit with inn Tim first floor look .hc.i. Bui it can be. Foi Bolil ii win id vein ii plum., to the mixed bless Iii of Helvink Parent a very Mvi Gorat carries the easiest credit she completely dependent on Ini experience. In already produced ome controversy and threatens More before the Issue is a Hill la lip Louella Parsons resolved. A by oof Luhv a while o is nil vacation this Lea Muir will be trn by nonrh.1. Hollywood. July 30 blankets Are Koll Vitoon la Knik Aboul the grocery Peck has turned add Llcy Cut 10 be whal with his Lolly Vaca Tion ill View of the hides of pro f at i. Door with m whim Del c wo3t the pick of the offer airs. And i 1 Iii ii j to Chi real Al 10 accept any. Jennifer Jones coming on of1 trips h. Hell to the Del rat of inter i ins Wnm ens kit Lar viewers Are Lind nip the Lor-1 n to York. Bright blanked. Nisi in difficult mrs. David be stylish on women As Wel Friendly per on. Beds next fall. She a. Was Verv Ever mrs bal nol know Al the time Boeve what was in store Lor her. Rumor has 11 thai she is really there was very ittle literature to ,4 Ray. Us nulls that she dines on a Ordenia leaves people. ,.nu.ks was m up Lisp Al the con a hocs expect conare.--. To role be fences and Lack of hardships pm. An if lot in o her Ren there. Laughed or son than the fad thai it would be. Land he did Kinder . 10 Supply Eva Imell tic hip eligible veterans Wilh Homes the people were Bud Samc me belie the operation expire.-. Disis slip said so cooking classes n she Rii nned. Bin i and i Ven. Two democratic sen were conducted and when the women came they were told about1 is o silly. I sleep Only nine hours Celeste Holm return to Holly the fish Ion Industry . I. Bau Eiliv no Dif alter ear Anil me i e dual t .111 i i a Umili the and j-ol-5 mini Slie s charms ill in the Kel and make . Hat and Imp Nelisi under the tender Iohp wih Debbie so thai what s Bill of which Congress Davin and Frank Benir done. Lulli tailed inc moreover. Enki. In ii Alors. Later kill and John women came Mey Weie Ria of pvn inn have introduced n Bill a Many Ico Timie the program for three Arp i christians she said. And t can hardly Wall to i years Mill july 25. 19ho. The in 10- 1 mass a Kart Olhol s ble up some of those wonderful j measure has the support of Ihei ordered in help Sel up a Ronkos and american legion and .segments-.-Rhoul. Two years later the Janice of the Hon in Industry. James school for girls was com emm Sny but chairman olm e. Tapuc p eled. A similar school was Sel and drink Marlc potions. Of Tom of the House Veteran i a boys. Bill Iny Only secret is mind Henlly affairs committee has it Romeri shr -nu1 llk1 schools housing indu try Leader Hal he operated Hie War lint is opposed to extending the go cd Illren were used to work i Dolores also i. A non Drinker and loan opera l inn a up i Nim Nelly . Winch she Elii ims a cae can be made for the action -i-111111 attend the rills school Beaune is said to feel Hal the alcohol makes so most added in Fml the american i Mililani. Police advised Iho la cull to leave the co Ivinity. Lii at Nomnie to Ibe the police Lold tar no Porf. Nii Mona Lvi he. Nmn i More policies Check the list below her Friend in re Seli s Collac with How Henri by up plaid blankets Ilii a Are con. Hernrd Neile Pierc was Macli Anil ill Iti a Hie Wedeln in of i lasted m the a and Illi Nizik them Ore a is per cent of Leel Lnu and said. I he japanese Rio studio Skinny Pant. Then Sally Vic the til Home loan cram people Nonni Levi the americans in 1ik. 10 the Lor mine Mil Wanh a of Erl nil for now. Roll Call vote of state congressmen Given Washington indy j Del i Clouds Moi spy. Rio ii Lan fund rupid.-. Tin . I re Yuriv or Luna. Clan r h 21 Are arrested in 4-state sweep 94 i i Fiji afer refolded As Volilla on recent Roll Denver Rlou Riv a palp woj la. Deal on Pas Ane. Of i n.1 Kansas Cloud. Iso Lorein up prop a Bill to ton Clea Yor Gore d1. Not vomit Kel Cleveland Clouds d. A Anta. Clou ii Miami Cloud Mph Paul Al nude Omaha. S sle Mai in. I of i House on 31578. Bill m 1 in Hie t n Joi Rake in p .11 in m on h Hill a or Hie Lull cup i in n 11 pin -11. In. Mirin a p hi.i-. R f Hie f Dein a Jaf a f in ii Raker a a d. Cnown Fivus ill. Tho a in against narcotics p m Memphis a. An us p l fir i undo cover mkt Fri i j aided ir-1 and 9h it p. 1ms of Lierl in lir Arras a of i id Al turn in of nor i Uther in inn he t or Atif it. A to a from . can f p7 71 Tiu if in Houmann. Orleans and it l ill Rock. Three Nairn 77 Uci f u m sick in re a Auchu. Ill in the o lira Cai 7h her Elf. I vhf Iii Iii Culli Anctil crib tick. Of Ken my1 inn. Lipid of tilt in it n Viilu my Ace of n Ini Luin he Chr if nmn i. Pier or. I . N a i n a Nairn Pla k.4 h l St it h this boy knows farms m. he old uni or Nirid to him a i Hill. Miv a Giitl Iii d fur and mild. Inc brei a but i would on Koni a n y of her Hun or a. Abr Yaj j. Ennui u or Kim Ampit n a Karl i 11 i a Kiriti or i in Chr v i Bui he u ill not he Yum kit or. O Mih n d r t p d. In v. It a Pinr Tifis Kirl anal fat lift von of uni Irner want lift to protect your in hut you nver taif night of All the of Liow Ynn can make All nine True if mini Lippe ii. I lie Coupon in for your . Check the list then mail it now while you i thinking about it. life. Stihi Iranie is. King Purl i rim. N run i in a i Robyns Taylor or. W. Broughton Hutchins announces the of his i Nii lice August 3, 1955 ------------------------------------1 Money from interstate solves Many problems or k. Main St. Jolt on City trim. Or 145 Commerce St. , Tenn. Dear i Riri iils at i ,1111 inc res Rel in the subjects below. Please Call me for an to Imp Commonwealth life ran he of help to me. Don t do without Tho things you annl find need just be coup you lock ipad cosh. Figure up How much you need and How Low your payments will to. Or Slop in our office today. On Jar icbms ave Stanle if 5 intestate Ivor Chiun for my in Reily Inconis no ii a my Phi mint Protection i Imp in i i Ruif Tifin my Mother and int liar or i thru i a Diu mint for my a hurry Ivor Riisom for my Itury Injo Crich Larry Pipit Izmir Nitro on my building an int nor. Dur lion for my rail Ferrn savings plan Protection gift to my a Vorill know mint for children wife or other relatives for Grantl children gift to or in Highler in trance on my business partner settling final debts and other per Narn a Pho Commonwealth Compaq

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