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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1871, Page 10

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 16, 1871, Indianapolis, IndianaThe India a Olis daily Sentinel morning Noye Beil 8, 1876 Tweed s tour. Hiis escape capture in his second i Cape and recapture at Attico. William Finik a. Jaii ios Stewart Isaac Lier Stein Louii Mccool Francis kin it. Henry it \ Lton. Marcus a. Little Frank work and the and administrators of Reuben i a Mons. I Njamin s. Halsey and James b. His be a. In my hmm Acata no 4p�r�li�baion due to Numi ply lob Mana a a a rotary Siulin it my a st it Ecial dispatch to the new York world Washington. Nov. 5.�?tlie arrival of Tweed is almost Momon thinly sex in voted by the authorities Here. The ii avy in urt ment regards the Franklin As now of glue. The fact that he will soon be on tia Tive shores again induces tie tue it a apartment to make Pupic al Liat it knows of his est ape and a up tire. Which compiled from it a a i records is to tie following direct tween i a aim a from new York in a Schooner and was landed in a Small boat from thi it in an Hascure Jot known Asu Hing own. Ton Miles a uth of Santiago do Cuba. 1 he l that Brodit Tweed from new Ork Nierel put int a the Small port Ali. Piir a. �1 Tweed aug a Yonn in iii u red him. After the Uvo were til Aeed on Shore the Small boat returned to seh Ltd int r. name is in known to the officials. she headed about and i la i again. A cuban tilt lilt in in d tii. W Cret l in it iii of the a two Ltd of Ana and other states to e specific names of Ltd of which Are Given that such franchises were lawful property m such states that they were licensed by the United states government the the and Liat they were conducted in a manner consistent with found policy and Public morality. It is alleged m addition by or. Stanly that during the time he was interested in the azores id lottery business Benjamin Wood by Inch Morris Murray Hbruce and i Olton conspired to defraud the rest of the shareholders and appropriated to their own use the weekly protits of own use which sum Wood received a i to a min did a Kupsc ted Iceni wit i Aid cd Furt lor t Jhin not urgent a. The suspicions of the in were still further Iru Meiusi a by the jew. i a Hing him and Lenng him a Ruidera la Usu of Noii. Y Toonet y Llie iii Over i. Aug go de it Ulia. Where i1h-> cd to lie complied Neitli Timir . Keld Tohir Ili ii turn or to to v spa iii ii . A quoted Thoin As Susu i., Cly Arat re i who Iliad the Island in us. I a secret to Weir certainly an landed trial an sex Phi Nat a. and his companion Thev were travelling for their it told so Many con rioting it Loris As a Ltd i h further accumulate suit Piei a Agni inst to it. M. Tweed also exhibited Niide Ohi at the state department at Mon for himself under the name of Secor. And la int for his companion and who i to have i Quot in obtained a Fine time before wed s escape. Tweed said he was a Citi in my Klor Iila. And his pass dirt confirmed him and he was very indignant at . Now Atli it tan Hng his explanations and Lus was Pla Ltd in the custody the Admiral of Tiu Spanish Fleet at . I Cuba. It of ing to lieu he that As iwed a. I cd lii la to aveling by sea he a Itter of Rig it to the. Naval Authoritu-.-. Consul at Santi Airo a fret Juii. Young re sorted All tiie did fire of the pc red by sent Here ail of the facts in the cae y had i Eer to him. The stated Quot int a i. One exan iii d its re ords and that to i it Jia Sporis inferred to were Rebuhr and had been Olna ined As the records per week Banch and Morris each per week and the other conspirators the remainder that they appropriated Altos ther $2�>�>00, of which was4iis Rig Lithul a Hare that he knew nothing of the until he di.-, it last year that he received from Murray. France Andt of tuu Satis faction for the suits they appropriated but that woo Ltd Han hand Murris utterly refused a to pay him anything and that As lie can not get the other a tie. Named As co i Pla Ntilis he has made them party defend i ants in the suit. Or. Stanly has two suits the statements being those embodied in the first action. In the Toni in the second suit he charges a Levija Mill Wood with having been the Privi Sipal a fairer of the lotteries named As the agent j and if Stee of the other parties with having i had supreme control of the receipts and Dis Bur sements. And with having fraudulently j and converted to his own use it a it of which sum or. Stanly claims that ii was himself entitled to ?2.1h,m. L similar answers Are made to it oth i c mph ints. All tie allegations in each i complaint Are denied then follows the i statement on information and belief that the Mariag intent and the conducting the lottery . It there was any Money made in it. A i unlined to this and Osiier states where the business is i awful and that no profits a rued in the states where tin lotteries Are aut Iiorio d. The statute of limitations set Upas a ii al de1 before judge re holding Sui it reme court Chim Tibt is. O motion was made \ Ester Day by Smith on behalf of the defendants for the framing of issues to be tried before a jury As to whether or. Stanly was a of Artner in tie lottery business in question and in what slates the Money in tiie had been made. . Townsend , counsel for or. Stain in. Ins Steil that tie cae was one which should a heard a referee. Or. Declared thai there could not be a a because the que tion of fraud raid. The Rej it by to Liis was that or. never Quot specified any such i Sartre ii Ali proposed issues. The reply of or. In. The was that he believed he Kad Over Kcal it whereupon Ludge a Irremore said lis papirs straight list of in due Forni. It Lynn occurred to Secreu iry fish. Who vix. Familiar with the Many sensation dial si.v-i.i-, Hai had been a a Hubli slide in new York concerning Tweed s escape that these two men sector and Hunt. Might be the mis intones. Ile at once sent on a �.hoto-2rra�>h of Tweed to Hall to Bave Secor. If i is Bible Ridenti Lieis. This of course occupied in iii cime Tweed was meanwhile kept i in i in Kiv. L Romutis upon tue receipt wed s photograph. Hall dista tubed Santiago de a Uba where Young at i dentil de Tviede. Hall then Telegraph Losi Creary fish Liat the Man Uin self Sec a Tweed and asked ii had get h a before into court and there up n adj Jairn Quot Tuo further hearing until . Two 11111.1.10� a waste in. Of it to once i calling for instructions. Secretary fish at once sent Back to the Consul general to the attain a Jovellar a us present t him a full a a tii tement i the and request thai the Span Iva government deliver him up to the. United authorities. To this Jovellar dial it would give him much Plens Are to Grant the request. He at a Nee l an order addressed to the Admiral of the Spani i sleet re questing him to turn Tweed Over to the Consul general at Havana who wins to hold Hini in it Slody until a United stilts vessel could be bunt for him. Sit rotary Hish recounted to to Bihui what he had done and the latter directed a wart Secl lying at fort Lloyal s. C., to go to Havana for Tweed. But meanwhile it appear that Tweed had Strong Freemis in t Uba who aided him again in making his Immik. An Patlue initial re ident of i Nii ago do Iba not a spaniard or an american name is withheld by the lat department was in the Admiral to release Tweed his parole to visit Santiago de cubic. Of course he violated his pan tie at Oik e an again . Consul Young then found out which Way he had gone and that he had taken passage upon the Carmen a trading bark bound for Vigo Spain. Hall at Havana Rei it sorted the Csia a to Jovellar who was very indignant. He at once coi Simuni at Eli a Cable with the government at Millrid. And it promptly responded by saving Liat a careful watch would be kept for the a Armen at Vigo and upon her Landing Here her two passengers would be arrested and locked u j to await the Call for Theio by the american authorities is. This Viraji in uce Rda uce with Jovellar s Demaid and was regarded Here Vili factory As it made Tweed a a Ai it Uro a Mere question of time. Theve to Dav tiit the news arrived Here of the Arri Val a of the Carmen at Vigo and Tweed s information was received at the Navy states Steamer Pon the eve of departing no n a homeward . were at once cabled to her Oili cers to proceed to Vigo and to Ike on la it Ard. And bring him along. It i Quot of supposed that tweeds com of Union was his Nephew although that Pant is of of Cundary importance to the state de Prtrt Merit and no information concerning we has been sought. ,./ the Paw port which was obtained for Tweed in the name of Secor accurately de sir ibis him and we a ranted upon the night plication by letter of see or who wrote that tie was a citizen of Florida temporarily in new York and desired to go abroad. Pain Sert a so. a a no that the United s Kian Klin wits at Gibraltar Upo some facts and Flag rare a to the Cost or poll trial fire works and la Row Oil Hilum. From the illustrated weekly. Alien it is remembered that Bot i of the two great factions hold numerous meetings every week in the Large cities during a political canvass it will not seem strange that very Pyro i technic attract if it is Are needed to attract the thousands of it eople required to make the gatherings Large and imposing Imp Osing often in a Himble sense. What with roman candles sky rockets. It Ara Hutc rockets Evoh ing Nickels Quot illumination Floral bomb Quot Cam a jute shells Quot Quot mines of stars and hits Quot Quot detonating Cannon salutes Quot Quot Siver coloured tires. And the Hundred other designs which go to make up a first class i Nlay the Cost of a political meeting now a Days is . These tire works vary in Price from $1 to in a dozen and twelve dozen do not go very far. The largest it outlays of tire works of course occur in years of i Rcd dental elections. Of late years the expenditure Een at that use important seasons has decreased Conidi Abiy. Very extravagant displays were made ii new York it ity under the Tweed regime. In Isis for example the democrats sign ent on lire works flt r one procession. The largest amount spent this year on a single occasion was expended on the great Denio Cutie Torch Light procession in new y Ork. Last thursday evening. The in this City have not devoted much More than al in to All their l grades during this Campaign and the republicans have expended Little More than 0. But the Cost of fire works Only represents a portion of the total outlay for Jed tical Pix Emmons. Very Man in line with a eap Cap and Torch represents an exp a Endi Turo of Ljra. So that a Parade of men will about a 7,. 00 for equipments alone. In the of our it Opul i tion there Are i it Rol ably More than t oys and men Caj it Able of marching in these pageants. If m the course of a presidential Campaign one individual in every Twenty of these 10, h>1, a Ltd it a and this is a moderate estimated Takt a part in n procession of this kind the exp it nature for torches and uniforms would Rea it quoth a it a >,00f�, and if to this we Adel the Cost of tire works the total would it probably exceed $2,<.m 0.r 0<. Competition has s Sibly decreased the once Large Jiro lit realized on the manufacture of fireworks. The goods Are manufactured in the suburbs of new York and at Ironville n. J. Ordinary tin crackers which Are produced exclusively in China Are tie Only lire works imported. The j Rice of these is largely enhanced by the duty in in Gold in it used by the custom House on every Box brought into this country. There Are pm Jshii a i it Ltd it a cram it. As the crowd of Ana ind City court rooms were gathered hear the a stove awaiting his Honor s arrival and discussing various subjects the conversation turned Luik n Hunting and Uncle Josh who had joined the in up interrupted them with. Quot of. Vou Voung Fellers ton t know nothing bout Hin iii. Cause Liere s no game left in the wintry Wuth Wilkin about. Who. When i wus a by a deers an Sich were so thick you could often kill Quot pm with clubs an Sich. Why they wus As Liick As lies in a political newspaper Quot the news Man. Who present expressing a doubt As to the truth of this last remark. Josh resumed Quot it s a fact Young Feller nevertheless. Why 1 mowed one Down myself Nice with a scythe it Onie person sex a doubt As to Josh s Vera ii. That worthy gave the disbeliever a look of . While he continued Quot i d Tell to be All. But i a pose there d be some smart Alex in the crowd t Coli verdict Quot a. There won t. Uncle Josh chimed in two or three. Let s hear continued Josh. Quot Here us he gave his chair a hitch or two Forward and elevated his feet against the stove Quot but mind be. No interruptions or cop.ii-. -Diciii. or alien l be being Assi Ircia he would no be it of Lien d. He took a in so t Hev of Tobac of Ault a began. Quot Well As i a . When 1 wins a and lived t Home Down in i Osey county the. Deers Atid Sich g tiie was too thick to talk cum. Thi Ker if Eiliv timing then errors in the co of the. News a giving the news Man a look of ii Iet Triumph a he l on tinted Quot it was one Day in hone As near As i kin remember Boulo Odd Virago. 1 was but in the yield a Iowen gras near a Patch o Timber when All at on. E. Lookin up 1 seed just the Mattlene get smash Enest. Latest old Buck Deer cum Taren out of thet Timber Anil make Fer a nother strip of Woods bout half a Milf Oil Cross the Fields like All in assessed. 1 Hadu t no gun Ner nut Hen to shoot with a Wail ii thet Deer nigh to bad. Cause we d been out of Quot meat Fer Soiu time. I lit out after him with my scythe in my ban. Well 1 run him bout a Tarter ways to the Timber when 1 seed i was Gainen on him. Which encouraged Lue to keep it up an purity a Oon i was close nut to hear Liim breathe ail i seed thet if i cud Hole lout Fleetle longer he was my meat. My wind works wus Begien to give on me but i set my Teeth hard Gether. So suiting the a tion to the won at the same time ejecting i a Stream of tobacco jut through the aperture made by his Teeth i which threaten hid to Wash a Small Bov who was standing near of his feet con i to tired Quot As 1 was a Sapeti. My mind works was gotten Short but i gathered All my ii i orgies and made sum Home lunges. In Quot get i ten within strike to distance 1 raised my i we poll to Mel the . We iii the Deer. I thinker to Dodge me bucked and made a Side jump but 1 etched him Oil the try j bout Midway tween his head an tail an settin myself Quot Back the Deer lunged ahead and fore lie snowed what Hurt him he j a nipped Oto tiie end of the scythe split in i two j Quot Well. I Lille Josh remarked one a listeners Quot you must have by in pretty sleet footed in your youth. Quot Quot i no. Not Inore than Ordinary Quot answer a Josh. Quot then How could you catch a Deer Quot Quot Why. Don t be see Quot he Sci lied Quot it was Eusuf there had been a heavy fall t f Tinow some three or four feet deep an a rain bed fallen on it the night Afore an froze hard Maken a Stitt crust which bore me up awhile the Deer Cut thnh ugh it Keepen him from Maken much \ Broad smile spread around the room which broadened into a laugh As a Young limb of the Law who had been listening to the. Story asked Quot and now. Josh How did the Snow come there in june Quot Josh rising to h is feet und giving the offender a withering look with his cock Eye indignantly a plied Quot Why. How d Spos e i cud account fur the Snow Bein there All i know is the facts in tiie Case an of you want to distort facts 1 Spose thet s Yoiiro privilege. Seen As you r a Tiu laugh that followed was checked by his Honor calling the court to order and Josh taking his position looked the picture of injured innocence. Buchy a prom dispensary of the United states. Dicosma Renata Bucu leaves. Proper Tibb Ali eur odor is Strong dlf Tusie and somewhat aromatic their taste bitter bid Ami analogous to mint. Mordical properties and uses. E by Chu leaves Are generally stimulant with it Culiar tendency to the urk iary organs. La Are Given in complaints of the urinal organs such As travel chronic a Ataroli of the bladder of the bladder and Uretha Dise of the prostate gland and retention or incontinence of the urine from a i0s.s of tone in the parts concerned in its evacuation. The remedy has also been recommended in Psia chronic Ruiea mutism cutaneous affections and dropsy. Helmbold s extract Bike iii. Kokll. Pres. Aad treas. John c. Bookmaker vice pres. Dan i. G. , sm7 Der i time go. Udell s a tent step ladders Extension ladders for the use of painters winners and lightning Rod men fruit ladders Universal ladders which Are adapted to general use fire ladders Hook and ladder treks for fire departments Kimdien it Noodle ii it Vare lot Les horses ask for tie Diamond is atsed by persons from thee of 13 and 25 and from a it to to or in the decline or change Ollile after Cut a tenement or labor pains hed wettin Gln children. In affections Peculiar to , the extract Yueliu is unequalled l y any other remedy As in Chlorenia or retention irregularity pain full Tess or Kun Purck Sion of Custo Inai evacuations. Ulcerated or a Hir Rous state of Uteri. Dix s e a. S b s of the bladder kidneys gravel in i co u a it Freo id h it maid x h cd m cd % cd 5 x re h a it h and drops Oal swellings. Saves ? a a saves clothes s a. Ves time a a i bar a Udell s Wilowee stands ita Diks a Mike them. A Kkt Stoma and Nat. Ladder and wooden War Indian Apoi a. Beau tirl and us Kotti. Present to the above Cut represents a stand that holds 10 its. The Sale of thes new styles of Flower stands is increasing daily and we Are making two styles. Every Lover of Flowers Shouki have one Hittiii in their Houm during the Winter Allied a Ltd Choice Flowers. No. 1, holds 7 pots it d kt>en3 50 no 1, holds 7 in gets a. 4 00 no. 2, holds �5 p to it d Green. 4 w no.2, holds 25 p to want oud. 5 w this Nuh Licine increases the Power of digestion and excite the absorbents into a healthy of his anti ii by Wlinich watery or Calcii Reous Deposit tons and All unnatural Menlai Gei Nentz Are reduced As Well As pain and in a Matlon. Hix bold % Bue iii Hett Zinc solid Best Board in the Market. F i 3sr e c a i m i it Foj Sale Ivy tie tirade. % address b Send for illustrated catalogue and Price list. To Dix ladder and wooden Ware com Ulm . A cml or a Rte no it egg hgr Ike Smirt. How York her sid so a big Bonanza was formerly the lottery in Knees in this Day that is to say it Ami fictions from this great metropolitan Center. A suit has been instituted by Marcus Cicero a tank a against Benjamin ood and others which assuming the allegations in the complaint to be True throws a ome interesting Light on the sub a Kif its mamas extent. Or. Stanly Ste the is of november 1868. To the 19tii of july Imp he owned a certain Eliare of the lotteries in a the nominal Wana a a by c. H. Morray a co. The remainder of the a tut 1m am were owned by Benja bib Wood Loob Fruich and John a. Iki a Nua Manvi of loom ruin a get the Centennial year been rear triable thus far for Many things. We have had a Centennial world s fair a Centennial series of races. Centennial heal and Centennial a a rices. Besides All these. B. T. Babbitt s Best soap has been taken into hundreds of thousands of Homes and brought Comfort and satisfaction to All who have tried it. No family should be without matters. Every one without exception who has tried one of diem pronounced Matthews s renewable memorandum books an indispensable article. For Sale at Bowen amp Towart s. Stop when in Louisville at the Beautiful and comfortable new Riverside hotel. It is elegantly und completely furnished and All its appointment Are new and Glrst class. Terms 92 per Day �10 50 per week. Of Pond h is a fact that once introduced into the House it holds an undivided place. It is an unfailing remedy in All cases where a lotion or a liniment is needed and As a pain destroyer it is without a Ravul a druggists heu it. The readers of tie Sentinel who May Liis Kun Miner have occasion to visit Boston will thank us for Reml Diug Tjiema that the american House More than sustains its Well earned reputation As one of the Best hotels of Newa particular attention 1� paid to the o please is a has cured Ever it Case of Dlab Etea in which it has Bien a Iveli. Irritation of the neck of the by bidder and of the kidneys Vil creation of the kidneys and Blat Der Redenti to of urine. of the prostate gland Stone in the bladder calculus gravel Brick dust Deposit and mucous or milk discharges and for in Feegh d and delicate constitutions of both sexes attend Chi with the following symptoms indisposition to exertion loss of Power loss of memory iii Luuy of breathing weak nerves trembling horror of disease , dam Liess of vision pain in tie Back hot hands Flushing of the Jody dryness of the skin eruptions on the face pallid countenance Universal Hiss tude of the muscular system Etc. Helmbold s extract Buchan o is do untie and Blotny Purl a Long. And cures a Dise Tusi m arising from habits of dissipation excesses and imprudence in life impurities of he by mid Etc., superseding Copaiba in Aff to 8 for which it is in connection with Helmbold s eos Wash. For luxuries of the sea Shore in season e o to no. 60 East Washington Street tha and Only Reelar Oyster establishment in the state. Oysters clan so Cix it let st lira in Efy st adj oysters stewed or raw Only 2.5 cents per Don a tol skier s cel brat a sea Ostas shipped to All parts of the country in , cans must to Baltimore. Address a orders Indianapolis a my. A Mem h. M a my John Andrais a. Six Lari a dealers in fire works in new York with an invested capital of al it out $200,0 0, who ship goods to All parts of the country for Liol tical clubs and for fourth of july Celebration ii. Great improvements Hase been made of late in the manufacture of fire works. Most of them Are now made by machinery Only recently introduced and Many new varieties have been lately put upon the Market. America is considered to Lead the world excepting Only China in per technical science. According to the Vienna Neue Furcie presso Herr Hans von Bulow. After having let Een robbed by a wicked Secretary in America of All he Poi ies sed is now in a private fanatic Asylum in London. The Berlin Vicho on the other hand a Sherls that the Herr in at present at residing at Godesberg a charming place on the Rhine Liat he is in the enjoyment of perfect health mental and Bodin and that he has invested his trans Atu tic savings 100,000 Marks very advantageously and safely. A special to the Globe Democrat from Kaufman to feat my that Eugene oath Ngi Aad we. Fam who Mord omd John lore my twas in maj 1�75, Wenhan them Friday. England. Comfort of , and a desire to Parent la al parts of the House. Put the Yanieri Down in your both a and Stop there who in Boston. Pirk a at a recent fire in a Tenem House in new York several persons were a seriously burned one or two almost to de Atli the Only prompt and effectual Relief obtain was by the free use of Pond s ext tit which proved la to blk ease As in hundreds of others of less severity a specs Fly. The two who were thought to be fatally burned Are almost entirely recovered and almost free from even any Marks. Children who Are always Blun Derins into accidents and Are fortunate Eno High Tohe tried Pond Sext aet instantly run fir the bottle for every Bruise Burn Cut Etc., Etc. There is no household remedy so easy and Safe of application and so effectual. Keep a quart bottle in your House _ Helmbold s fluid extract Sarsaparilla the great blood purifier and Beautifier of the complexion will Raul ally exterminate from the system so Sofula fever sores ulcers sore Eves tire Lem sore Mouth sore had bronchitis Shin did eases Salt Rheum cankers runnings from the ear White swe mings tutors cancerous aft tons nodes rickets glandular swellings night sweats rash tetter humor stif All kinds chronic rheumatism dyspepsia and All diseases that Haye been established in the system Foi Wirs. American and Mem exc Haindal Engineer and expert in Patent litigation. Caveats prepared forfeited cases revived appeals carefully Cuve. Re issues and Extension secured. Design patents Trad. Miki ? 0pyrights, registration of prints and labs cured assign j anal Cense a prepared and recorded and All business a Tali to romps attend eco to it and strictly conf dental. The est Lou on questions of Patent Law Aad by siness or att Odd to at reasonable rates. 01b< Iio. 4 Cuba do Patent litigation Ems a Black ill wait ion prompt Polla. Inow we. Burd amp co., of my wanted Brown s amp Start shuttle sewih6 Richine is the Best. We ump a or tar a a a Polar a t a a a a a. A Ruttjr a w a a most Oom m North Miaoli stall. A8k for Helmbol by take no other take no other delivered to any a a Resit securely packed from observation. Price is per bottle or six bottles for s5. Describe your symptoms in communications. I it cures Ghi Granteed advice Gratis i med Seal depot 104 South tenth a treet below cd Dot. Philadelphia Penn. Beware of in Unter Feib a arts aka Mol a Ali Elk firm a and pure neat s foot Oil olae Stock and Natue s Peet Bongoll Mcintire Street near West. Directory for isre. We Haw on hand a few copies of the India Aphis cite Dib a torn for 187e which we will leu at the Liow Price of Fer copy. at the . Twenty men wanted i know a Good thing when they see to. This is the Chance of a Dufex Imsu we Are offering the finest residence Iota inside of the City it its of Indianapolis on hit Beautiful ground away from the a and turmoil of the City and a till within tto tee it minutes drive of the heat of business. Pore air and water. Shade from the finest Forest Trees Block pavement to tour doors and in a net. Everything to make a beat Tiftz and desirable Home at prices within the Raou of All and in the one location where Arloea air sore to Advance. No Money wanted. We can take three fourths the Yale of Tea lots in Well located firstm Slana Arloo Tural lands in Kansas or Iowa and give easy payments on balance of Purchase Mommy. Wadsworth it us it Waal add it

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