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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - July 14, 1878, Indianapolis, IndianaA a Panapolis. Sunday More Iise july 14. 1878. Whole no. 8453.mber Sukk of jewel by Are than any jeweler in if finest Lino of Gold fever t Chi Bild in tie e a it n tie new Louie Ever in titi ii. Flitted intern Tiou graft to Kiing Toni vests 1.00 ? in st san elves. Saint of the Ink orders the trus for inverted Lames it ii rest 1er Quot heir Alert leu re. Ami Louis Tohn a eep8 it Mil stewed and explanations senator Kellogg wholesale corruption in Louisiana. Making the administration More Neidic Ulm Uez general Butler declares it to be impossible. Adjournment till the 23d inst at Atlantic 0ity--e ivelatioe8 at new Orleans. The . Contin nation of Sci Ioka n of it Lemony before the Potter Coin Mil tel. Wash inc ton july 13.�?tbe Potter investigation committee to Day resumed the examination of senator Kellogg. In answer to questions by Springer the Servator said lie met the visiting statesmen on several occasions in new Orleans. He had no knowledge of any letter or Telegram being sent from Columbus Ohio by governor o any member or members of the returning Bird during the Progress of the count. Dots not recollect he Ever conversed with k. L. Weber in retard to his brother s stand Inix firm to his protest. He wrote mrs. Jenks but two letters both in Lefere ice to requests of hers he Kellogg should use his Good offices toward securing her husband or her it ther a position in the new Orleans cd Tom Libuse having however incidentally iii tired in one of his letters if she knew of anything definite regarding the much talked of letter. A did you refer to the Sherman letter , sir but i cannot say whether or not 1 mentioned the name of Lierman. The testimony of or. Jenks to the effect both he and uis wife had Corres bonded with Kel Tigg for several years witness pro Nonik cd a Uii slake. Their eos Respondence Badiali occurred since 1877. In Rei a to chair inn Potter Kellogg said mrs. Lenks did not come to Washington at his request nor in is interest. He did not know the object c her visit. Had heard her Renmark she adj de or. Packard would or chive tie collect worship but could not say she a litre to jis Sist in Ati acting result. He i i ii Ogg thinks mrs. Jenks is mis tiik ii in her st ment she had frequent interviews a him regaining the count during it ess. H any such interview had occurred he Lioi Girnt he should have remembered it Ani has no whatever at thi time it. Auy i Uch conversation with her. Jame it e. Anderson was not considered by him As a fru to Trihy Republican. He witness Dijt rtt collect whether or not Weber was a bed by him to the position he held it Rlee is. Knew nothing of the stand mrs. A i k always considered her Job a i to Uia be gentleman and a Good the chairman a aest Ioner at a very closely As t3 a i iii. A not he had any Siuw ledge As Govi rin a of by Juisiang thai there bad been protect from the parishes of East and a it st it i Jiana. Witness stated in reply tie of in a would show Vvhs Trenton Potter Rej it Quot a d Liis question and Roqu sted a direct Rej by which fitness re fue Ltd to give Sayir a Quot i know about it but if you will give me five min lies i can find it in the record. Or. Potter we can refer to the record ourselves. Witness Well then 1 iii not further to the question. Witness a a Quot reply to further questions regarding the exist mice of intimidation st Ltd he had heard from various sources of the t existence of demo Chafic intimidation in the Phi Shisoff East and West Feliciana but had no personal knowledge of the rame. He could not say from personal knowledge whether the protest of James e. Anderson was before the returning Ioard or not. Kellogg then in reply to Potter s inquiries Sra de he had no knowledge of any application for Federal troops. Having been made by the election Ohi cers in the parishes of East or West Feliciana on the Day of the election. the ai1ministrati0n ridicule of s. General Butler interrogated senator Kellogg and then said in the Way of a question i understand the state of fact to be Liat All the members of the visiting com i is it ion but one had Federal Oil icee Given or tendered to them and one was largely interested in a whisky Case which was settled. All the returning Board and All the supervisors except one Weber who was killed and Captain Jenks. Mrs. Jenks and her sister or brother have Ali been rewarded under the it Ivil service order of the administration for action in election or other causes. Air. Miscook said the question was category and must be answered yes or no. Gen Lal Butler then nod lied his ques on As follows have any of them it been appointed to Federal offices car As you know Hiscock objected to the a stood on the grounds a fact must be de by affirmative not by negative Testi general Butler modified his question Nator Kellogg answered it by showing according to his knowledge some of the lis amp ion had been appointed to Federal and also some of the supervisors he named had also been appointed to general Butler then asked do you by reason or of any special qua Ifica Iny of those persons Why they More others Sfa Oula be appointed to office in Section with service in Louisiana i Quot or. His Ock objected to the ques in it was intended to make the add a appear ridiculous. Or. Butler lid not Render the administration lou8 than it had rendered itself. Aud is Feliciana. Questioned in regard to be before the Aub com supervisor of Richland acted his testimony de or prepared a protest no if it was As if could be produced Rould show for itself pensive of keeping the until a Short time be yes sir. When there weeks before Natlia the Parish be Rajab Liciu �oyeo�9n� people who came in to the different Pedis Many of Vliem with bands and flags and with much enthusiasm voted the democratic ticket in East Feliciana Quot did not know it was reported so to some extent. A did you or not know republicans on Ihk Day stood around the polls and win a invited to vote dec Livrud to do soon the ground they Luid no printed tickets and when written tickets were offered them declined to use them. do not know hut it May have been a fact. d you or not know when the Republican leaders were informed the democrats conciliated the coloured voters they then a Aid the vote of the Parish would be thrown out do not think it would have been Safe for any Man to have said . It would have been thought they were Active participators in a movement of kind and i think would have been dangerous. I think Anderson did about All there was done of kind of business. My opinion has always been Anderson did not help matters up Liere very generally in regard to the election. A lint in regard to the exclusion of 2,000 and Odd democratic votes were cast and thrown out be helped considerably did he not , sir he Laid. He As he states according to fact and afterwards i have no doubt the opposition thought they had secured him and they cashed his worthless warrants and paid him Money and the next Day after the election took him to Baton Rouge and put him on his Way rejoicing. A i suppose you Are aware and a son now says he did not assert in Suhs aim the fact contained in his protest As Likely and he also has stated to these gentlemen he would net make any protest but he did do so and now l c says probably for a consideration he did i to sign the protest but he certainly did Sii a it. The Quot Olts Quot an "ins.&Quot. was the object to be gaint i by intimidating voters to create a condition of a lairs would result in turmoil and general disorder hoping might e me up for the Henelt of the Quot outs Quot i against the it was a cont is Helten parties imply. would the Quot outs Quot in on or to it in Lake sufi the vote of to a would t c thr.,> a i out Rentin by i will Tell Yon exactly about . The outs were Conjio sed of the class of people Wiio v. Hile they knew the coloured people Wiro in a Luh Jority. Were determined they should n get exercise Riveir Jenal rights of citizenship an Ltd acted on idea. 1.�? being so what had they to g in by attempt intr to Intima Aiu anybody at tiie r old had this t it gain. Tiey ii oped the result Rouhi to get reached which has been reached in and other s ales and Thuv were determined not to Saubiu. To the exercise of the right of Sun Frage by Colo Rcd people who had been emancipated by the War though they were in a Large majority. They hoped the government would be overthrown. Avneri the Constitution of Isis was framed their local pay ers said it would Only last six or eight months. A a do you not to link it might have occurred to some of them to try to conciliate the coloured people coloured people were conciliated in Many parishes by the Shotgun. They did attempt conciliation in some of however and i endeavoured to second them As far As the election in Eist Feliciana was concerned. The witness in answer to the questions stated numerous instances in which the Republican others were driven out of their parishes by democrats previous to the election of 1s76, and said he would furnish the committee a list of names of persons killed Hung and whipped tor political reasons if they so desired. Or. Hiscocks i thank the gentleman for remark. It characterizes the whole purpose of his inquiry. As to the of fir holi it Kos. A to r a further discussion Between general Guitler and or. Hiscock the chairman stated As there had been charges of a corrupt Eie Joa Aud ret Urtis in Louisiana it was pertinent to a a Faw the men connected with matter he i appointed to of Bce and we is their Orff Jalili cation to such Tolice. He thou gift the question proper one. The Witney so with the exception of James e Anderson All parties la ined i believe to have been appointed because they were com Jie tent to Ilis Charjie the duties of their respective position and they were men of us Hyicient character to it Slimy their appointment and had a Fco been True consists no and working republicin8in the last Campaign and 1 think the re Are More republicans of Good character who were efficient and Active in the Campaign who ought to be a Peini a t it office for very Renison if they Are otherwise competent and upright. A there other honest and Noble men of whom you speak did not Lappen to be supervisors who made protests at the time of the election did they May not have done but they were More or less prominent in the last election. By or. Hiscocks a. L. Weber has sworn before the sub committee you instigated him to go to Mississippi and testify there before the congressional committee. Please state All you know about . Weber was a member of the committee appointed by the state Senate to investigate regarding the alleged violence in the parishes of East and West Feliciana and i hit committee had made a report in writing which had not been printed when or. Boutwell Wen Down to Louisiana. Weber was anxious to appear before it with this famous manuscript. He was in the City about time and expressed a desire to go before them and i May have suggested to him he had bitter go if he wanted to but at the time he testified i was not aware of his doing so i was in attendance at the Cincinnati convention. As to violence. The witness was then questioned by or. Hiscock in regard to violence and intimidation in East and West Feliciana , and stated his information was based upon telegrams received the substance of which he had embodied in a Telegram sent by him to Zick Chandler. the time you forwarded dispatch to Chandler there had been communicated to you facts vion which you predicated it and which used you to believe the contents of the Gram to be True and you believe them yet had Large numbers of dispatches before me from the supervisors of those parishes and i believed them at the time and never have had occasion to change my opinion except i had doubts As to whether they a re Correct in the statement any considerable number of armed men came Over from Mississippi or Arkansas at the time of the election. facts which came to your knowledge is it your opinion intimidation arose by reason of the carrying out of any settled or de Ned plan on the part of bulldozers or was it a natural exhibition of feeling and conduct on the part of the Whites on account of their Anta Goniu to government by the negroes think there was a predetermination to cry those five parishes specially because they were known to be Republican parishes. That the action of the local politic iii my not have famished an additional aliment to in Tanaily feeling to Miami to i pub comm on at part of the j Whites i do not pretend to deny a to one or two parishes. I by the chairman referring to e. L. Weber s letter to you concerning the out i rages in East Feliciana i will ask Voa if there was not a Good Deal of Kiml of i letter writing in Louisiana at time was one of these men who used to write such letters As in which be mixed up a great Deal of truth and a Good Deal of Romance. He was a very sanguine zealous Man. The chairman then questioned the witness in regard to the signing of a second set of electoral returns and the action of the elect Oral commission thereon but no new facts were elicited. The committee then went into executive session and adjourned till the 2 d of july to meet at Atlantic City new Jersey. The Filje to 0ii�itt�e.the Congress last sitting a at Berlin yes. Ter Day tie treaty skied by All plenipotentiaries. Severn witness Hen a Xai nine Ltd Yem erday. New c Iuka a. July i5.�?before the Potter sub committee Henry c. Fish testified to Day concerning his connection with the affidavits of Dix Hobbs and Williams they had heard Wilder say Weber did not sign the Anderson Weber agreement and Anderson did not swear to it. The witness corroborated the testimony of Hobbs and Williams Wilder made such statements but contradicted Williams statement he Williams did not read or authorize certain statements made in lii second affidavit. The witness said the affidavit was twice read to Williams. Henry coloured commissioner of elections in the fourth Ward of West Feliciana Parish testified regarding his affidavit before the returning Board. Being shown the original he said he had signed it. Did t pay much attention to the cat As he did t the Bible. Though the witness did t kiss the Bible to Day he s iid he was going to Tell the truth. The witness in detail denied most of the statements in the affidavits say Ling they were not authorizes they had been put in by the writer of the paper and he did not consider himself responsible. It iia. I. Locks sworn a. L. Weber stopped a f a it weeks Asio at witness Home. He snide Rorig to Wasl Cuigton and he held Lite it Iierman letter in his pocket. Lilli a a and c4su.4l.tie$�. Ai my Oil la exp do Wiki. \ ii . July Headquarters Iive n trived information yesterday eve ning lieutenant John Anthony Rucker was Dro vivid in White River Canon at Camp Supply Arizona while att emitting to Rescue lieutenant Austin Henley from the water. With iii cars Are Well known As being among the bravest and Best Indian he hers in their , the sixth cavalry. Lieutenant Kireker is a son of general Rucker and a of mrs. General Sheridan. His in attempt to save the life of his com Raae is Menti Oneil in the dispatches As being a nost heroic and daring act. A washout on the Union Pacific. Ltd Mah july 13.�?to-Day the Overland sex Quot i to a shut r train on the Union Pacific rail Oriti was abandoned on account of a Lar a washout Between Antelope and Pine Hill it. They will be consolidated with the regular train due Here to Morrow. The break will a repaired at it o clock this evening. It was. Used by a heavy rain Between North i Latt and Sidney last night. A to Liker Ca Foht. Air Tsirkin july 13.�?William d. Tompkins of the term of Simmons t Tompkins Harj cd with planning the robbery on a Street ear at Troy of or. Bulkley treasurer Albia knitting Mill company has tui 1 in the House of a Friend near Suil ering from brain fever. A Tioy i. Now wit i him. A t01a o factory 8eizep. Villi by. July 13.�?government s yesterday seized the tobacco factory m. Guerrant in Calloway c unto sky. The government claims Shipin Entsmi Losicco have been made it the payment of taxes. The amount out 25,000 pounds. A Rice a is junk. Is \ to Iowa july 13.�?showniit%-i an Rice s hot Quot the Diin Sal Quot was sunk in thi Missouri River opposite Decatur Nebraska Lam tuesday. He says his loss including eif Cis will reach $2,&Quot ,000. He had no Insu Nih e. Efforts Are being made to raise the boat. A t her default inc cashier. Luly 13.�?John w. Bawker Cash Zimm freight department of the Eastern and abandoned his office recently and ligation shows he is a defaulter to the amount of $20,000. Murderer sentenced. Philadelphia july 13.�?alexander a Sayrs convicted of the murder of his wife in the Church of the ascension in november was to Day sentenced to be hanged. A murder or Hanciel. Charleston. July 13.�?henry Wise was hanged at Walterboro yesterday for the murder of Mercer Brown his rival in a love affair. The execution was private. A forger arrested. Uia pm july 13 Samuel brag gag d was arrested to night on a charge of foraging a deed for real estate. A Michigan officer is Here for him. P. In rain invt Washin Citok topics. Kofes and news from the various de Pitreau Eizik. Washington july 13. Treasury now holds United states Bonds to secure a Touhl Bank circulation.�349,205,900 00 United states Bonds to secure Public deposits. 13,858,000 00 United states Bonds deposited for circulation lor the week ending to Day. 420,000 00 United states Bonds held for circulation Witt drawn during the weekending to Day. 535,000 00 National Bank circulation outstanding currency notes. 822,702,011 00 Jold note. I a 2,120 00 internal Revenue receipts to Day. Us,4� 00 custom receipts. 336,202 00 be Peipu of National Bank notes for redemption for the week ending to Day As compared with the corresponding week of last year total for 1877. 5,560,000 00 total for 1878. 5,621,000 0 receipts to Day. 91,300 00 the four per cents. Subscriptions to the four per cent loan to Day $1,217,050. Returned. The Secretary of the Treasury has returned from new York. Mexican news. Information from the City of Mexico is Senor Malta has been appointed Secretary of state for foreign affairs. Bew York base Sta Oneat. New York july 13.�?loang, decrease $2,395,900 specie increase $1,628,900 Legal Tenenb. A oms $1,950,000 Del sits. In i \ the document contains fifty eight articles a synopsis of its provisions. Count Andrassy warmly eulogies Bismarck s presidency a the Prince Bemis la tanks. A grand court dinner at White Hali Palace speech of the Crown Rince. Resit to of the oxgrc8s. Enc land will Avree to to i it Elayn cent Crul note s Aud it i Ewe i. London july 13�?the government appears to be Busy with the details of the military and civil establishments in Cyprus. The papers announce fhe appointment of a Post master and other officials in general. Sir Garnet Wolsley has already under consideration a scheme of a financial company for introducing railroads. Arrangements Are also being a k for a submarine Cable to Alexandria which will give direct communication with England. Among other schemes brought to the surface by the English occupation of Cyprus is the euphrates Valley railway. The Duke it if Suh Rland and tiers Are in Active common Sealii a with the government on Sulu Jet in if is stated iha if within reasonable time it appears the Anglo turkish convention is successful it is possible country will be asked to give a guarantee for the proposed railway. s imi Omi t action at s sitting of the Congress Bismarck moved a supp eme ii Ary conference be held next autumn other at constantinople or Berlin but lord declared his Pinali Iviry to accede to any proposal interfering with the immediate submission of the papers to the English parliament and the motion was thrown out. The treaty . The times publishes nearly the whole of the text of the treaty of Berlin. Tho a parts referring to Asia and the limits of Servia and Eastern Roumania Are missing. The substance of the provisions of the treaty has been contained in dispatches during the Progress of the Congress. The last sitting. Berlin july 13 a the Congress held its last sitting to Day. All the plenipotentiaries and other members were in full dress a at the opening. The proceedings a Gan at 2 30and ended at 4 o clock. The treaty was signed by All the plenipotentiaries alphabetically. The secret Aries attended previously at 1 o clock in the afternoon to affix the plenipotentiaries seals to each copy after the signatures. Count Andrassy warmly eulogized bismark s presidency. Bismarck thanked the plenipotentiaries for their indulgence. The proceedings terminated with a grand court dinner this evening at White Hall i Ilace. The Crown Prince Frederick William congratulated thu illustrious statesmen upon the realization of 1rs Hopes the bless Quot bus of Placiti Bai crowned their Effort. He declared Germany s co opera iou can be counted for All tends to secure and preserve this great be Nezir. He proposed the health of the Pleni Zoiea diaries of the sover Eitens of the governments who on this memorable Day signed the treaty of Berlin. The Only Hsei meet at the Bali Juet were lord Beac Linsfield and Prince the germ n Semi official press rejoicing in tie triumphing in the sign Atutis. The treaty of i each. A nov Lions of the treaty. London july 13. treaty of peace contains 5s articles. The times Vert i a declared at Berlin to be inauthentic contains 57 articles and makes no mention of two important questions namely the Dandanell Sand Armenia. It is probably an Early copy obtained before the its first two articles relat by Garia which is constituted an a Toni Natick tributary principality under the suzerainty of the Sultan with a Christian government and National militia. These articles further regulate the election of a Prince by the notables at Tirnovan arrange the provisional government previous to his election and Lay the basis of Trover rent after his election. Articles 13 to 21 inclusive relate to the new province called Eastern Roumania South of the Balkans which is placed under direct military and political authority of the Sultan with however a Christian governor and in the conditions of an autonomous administration. The governor is to be appointed by the Porte with the assent of tae Powers for live years. The South african Wab. More have probably occurred of Whiteh the authorities have no record. Nearly every physician one meets can report from one to Ilee i eyes in his Privat practice. Sixteen d Atlis have occurred to Day from this Taus alone and 20 burial permits have Leen ii ranted u three Day which includes two of the fatal cases of to i a it is a Quot get of have the same degree of h at Here or so Matiy Caes of sunstroke and so Many heat is fron c use in the same Len h of time were never known before. St Loi is july 13-thorns .n.psor, who obtained c it no Lerable rep Stamoti As a humorous writer in the a pub i it i of this i a Over the signature of Quot i. X. Peck Quot be u dead in the streets of Elston , today from . Or. Meson had Nufer ous friends in new York where his of tally now is sfki.nofiei.iiii., july 1.�?John Dressen Dorff. Dpi heat work in a his yield two Miles Southeast of this City r Civ Quot a a suns vie this it afternoon from the effects of Whitti he died in Twenty minutes. This has bed the wan nest Day of the season the Mercury ranging from 99 to 102 dei re s in the Shade. Little Rock. July 13.�?hottest Dav of the reason. Thermometer 03 degrees. By Arlington la july 13, were to fatal of sunstroke in this City to Day. The Host lie India s. The finally a boned. London july 13, Cape town stand Ard and mail summing up the results of the War now ended with the natives of South Africa says Only a few Small parties of the enemy remain and it will not be Long before they Are disposed of. Many chiefs have been taken prisoners several have been killed one has surrendered and the Only Man of info Leoce still at Liberty is Koel. The loss on the Side of the insurgents has been much More than the natives had experienced in any previous outbreak and it May be said their Power As a people has been utterly destroyed. A for Effii notes. Havana july 13 a a decree has been promulgated concerning the election of dept ties to represent Cuba in the Spanish Cartes. It provides Cuba shall have a Deputy for every 40,000 inhabitants. The deputies must be spaniards and laymen not under 25 years of age. Any spaniard Over 25 who pays annual taxes of and Over May lie an elector. The governor general has the same Power to Settle All difficulties May occur in electoral questions As the supreme governor. The hottest Dat. Torrid and horrid weather All oter the Coa atry yesterday a Guam rms sob strokes la st. Jlonus mma la iii Here. St. Louis july 13.�?this been the hottest Day of the season Themer by ranging Between 9 and 4 o clock fro�>4c to Over 100� m the Shade. Nearly 30 hmm of Lariat joke were reported at the Tyi iii a and he Pital it Biog the Day we ably m maj its use n trouble in Montana a two miners killed great Alaric in Ore on a Call for volunteers. H ilkn.\, mont., july 13.�?two miners John Myers and John Lynch were killed last week near Elk Creek this Tern tory the indians Are believed to live committed the deed. Elk Creek is on the line of cadotto pass near where the tvo men reported were killed. a Perlien Sion is Felt by the ran it an 1 Stockman on the Roath from Here to fort . Gov a nor Potts just rett? from a Visi u tender chief of the lir necks at h it i Agency and reports the Lilii Ziock it radians a ice ably disposed. San Francisco. July 13 a al Naci a Patch says the indians l a turn d a station. Troop Are Bei a dispose Hopes of cutting off tie rent at of the and bringing the in to Bay. San Tiani Sisro july i a a biker a Quot a a Oregon dispatch says fue i of Jave Mida their acne franc son Cir. R Iti re. A to Batary of North to Whf r list r. Cad pin s company of in i c Quot a Comuni iii while Quot scouting yesterday i i the dim tion seven , eight j and some i had ren and some 20 he an of horses Aier a vigorous Pursuit 30 or More of the our tiles escaped. Scout s from me r port a Large Trail through to Alliue Nio in Pas ing toward i snap e River malt t Ari. Vc.-. Verday morning. Egen s i Quot or dered to toe Payette county to wat for ,who re Evi Ieni y it a o ing North towards Idaho the Salmon River country As As possible Sanford s l on Mand is ordered to Aisiks in Fly Valley Lirar Daly Raache then of i Quot allot on the Trail of the North. The prisoners captured yesterday Are now on their Way to fort Boise under Egbert ? escort. Deer Lodicie Star i ii Lisburg Montaj a july 12, a is passing Trouy murdered William Joy n the Ross Fork Quot Rock Creek. Jack a ves an 1 .s al Are also suppl it sed t it have be ii murder the same time and place. They Are Bir Kirtma to be the sane India ii who Ninder de men on a Arborn Riv e k Creek. By Are probably retail i let a parcs. Siakti.-. .vew.s. San Frani j Ziy 1. A a Portland Dis pitch says the following starting news is just received hero from Pendleton under the Date of the 12th, from j. B. Keeny. The dispatch is directed to it Oversh r Chad Well. Yours Juat received. Will try and get escort for a of in the morning. We bad been having exciting times Hafif to Day. Hostile indians Are in Force on . A Toile Coggan of Portland and a. C. Banker of Lagrande were shot this afternoon about six Miles from hereon the s ii e Toivi to Cay use. Quot Jug Gan was killed 11 in r supposed to i get mortally nov Index Freko ter waa Viii them and o by got us y by Luck. Bunker Loie with Niue of Voo tii two Miles aft r he was Sholand pm to Meeller to leave him Foster give the news and we started a team with 14 men As an escort to go for banker they got As f u As chief win Bunomo i e s Arm when they were attacked and com pulled Quot co return after exchanging a number of Stio i. The indians Are about 150 Strong. The Yeti Are undoubtedly Ligi iting with them. Ala it. Connoyer was wit i the at asked. They think they killed one Indian As he was seen to fall from his Horsa. Cannae a Lise was pillaged and burned. Our stage Stege it area was not burned at dark. Captain Miles command will reach the Agency to night. His soldiers Are All very much exhausted and should they go into the Agency thinking l Matillar a a re All right they May Ket the worst of it. Our families Are at the Mill and court , and the town is veil guarded. Other . Colonel Effinger of this City ust Eceil d the following disc Iteli fro i governor Chad Wick from Umatilla i have m a a Call for three Hundred to Lutife. A. Cap Ain stars one Hun live of Portland vere e a a a Evl by citizens. I e thai he liar me at so much for ilium but but for c Urage activity and Durance. Short work boys. I will it the balance 1 Ere. Cai Ain g. C. Sears of the Portland Volunteer rangers has just received the following from a Matill Aat 8 a. A Quot come at onc3 As you propose. I have guns at Vancouver now. Will get them. Signed s. F. Chadwick. The governor s proclamation calling out volunteers in substance recites the condition of affairs All Friendly indians will go to the whenever they find they can be successful against the Whites All Friendly indians with few exceptions Are Midnight allies of the and Aid them them in removing Stoke Stock and plunder their promises and pledges of Friendship can not be relied upon they his misled settlers and soldiers an have acted As spies and scouts for the . He further cautioned vol Meers against doing any act not justified by the custom governing modern warfare. The men will All be raised in Eastern o Egon. Governor ferry yesterday dispatched governor Chadwick to could have guns now from Vancouver on his allowance. A Large number of freight wagons Are on the Roa i four Niles above Cay use station. The men and Are gone and the Road is dangerous. The Folio Inglette has just been received at Umatilla by governor Chadwick by courier from Pendleton Quot troops under Captain Miles Are now lighting about two Miles above the Seney with indians have been fighting for the last two hours. The indians Are on the River near their general camping place. Almost All the Umatilla Are in the fight a. L. Binker has a Gan has not should the Indiana Miles we will a there Are it

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