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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1871, Page 1

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Indianapolis Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 14, 1871, Indianapolis, IndianaI i Voi. . 108.indianapolis, saturday morning october 14, 1871. Whole number 6 408. Be Vei your watches jewelry and silverware Colclazer s Jei Velry ,14 Rast Quot was Liivat 321 Street a i o 1 tie i to out Orocu a a All g"0d5 sell Tkv based free of Cjarq-?._ feb Day late carpets whole Stock Cost we Call a Nii dii to following goods now in a or Stoch a z1s4 if Ces Billy Krus Siple pee. Is Ali a Piff a v x f fit Fiu p j is Loo Piec a i Wco. Rte., ele too ramp in s Oil a a a la i ii Ltd al in 50 Cursi Abib Cioti so a a a a of j.,. Loo mati.����. T och a e o. 50 May Tunita a Niv Ririe 500 a a f iils in a a to a Leci Loo piece s la Jie s l is re a prices Anda propert unit fjult5it.y of Ings Mats Oil if Mug Aoa 3ia�� a a a att Weiks . I Fuh curiae Wooods. A aah Anks Eph elv., Eie Tredick Mahlagha larger fuck of goods All 111 i of a stocks in Tice mutate ars All for Sale Cost and they Are going Buttri be tie clinic , Adams a cd met dam of. The pos of ctr i tilv Day con tracts Rou Lill . Cd woo october Dawn of Esch suf re in May brings r i r a Clit a to be plug of be e a a i Vuic i i win Hla b East Olih Ierg to a ii up we la a Miilu Chi a of White in we i a to i ened and added every i or a. The coir in of Tobii us a a s trip i a a re of tried wit ii of Bibisi Nail who h ito ure Ltd new locations Ami to either Dov Ieada or wih by in a i a. Days. F a. I Neu. Stocks of new kids arc Ai e a on in was Liere. Ii Imp rare of Ruhe if Dwitis App i on to ii to a h i Iino a for by. A tfx �<urp3& s. On font racial h id. La right Siti Eja Coli rafts us i a Tauti sire tires to by erected Oace. To a Tribune a tou no try al article Saj 8 cre is l a Lite doing in i route Circee but our Camm Jii in Erchant Aud g a a ?r3 a h i a we a p o paring to oped jut of amp inon a Lull a a a a a e Jusi As Soin j a a to will permit wlm a i a �?z>�4 win in a Lay of Quot i of a Quot o elevators mid. The following in a Correct list of al Ettta a l Muckor amp Armur a Galena Lui Boia oin ral a. Lii ram Wheler a National Vincent. a Calt. The Are adj a and ii. Air no i Quot Oia Ceca a. I. I Lent a x Loop is .1, a in two Belo a into Mann 4 Scott 10 071 6 i by Armour a a d tothe j Bur Lugton til a d , Aad Ilie Rois Kiva. Theta al s Iio ult a Gavi ?str�7ei a 1�ot3 elem Alert ii of a 0 b Job Els. l re a ass to is Bebault Osco. Of a his county Rul a a Cay and in i Mai tuly pis id a re somali of to rebuild tour. Hou a Quot once. A in Xvi to in tabal in these dial Itow. A Tery a of Cui Reney and Bonds in of b. Is of Coj l is n . To via added to Balai s a w York if rates them an amount of Cash i. Equal forty or fifty pm cent. Itis conf a a i a that least fifty per cent of All Kun raise j involved in Are will be promptly id this insures tie Coll Cioa of a Esat ser Iro of eighty i or Ceat. Of their los no a m. A �oh1 run Quot f Ite rooms Board Merce can. A Souie. I 1 cd to a oui i b Mika v. I time. I cd Vilbig a fat ii in re hit. A u 111 i tin f \ aria i a Turret Wuo til. Tie Cuaig by of Cora \ re. Four Chr is 5 f cd ii ? ii a a i ii. a a a i a a ,a i,. S i . ?0 i ail i Rte. for a to a Hurt l to try c f a a or Gil. I a be. 1 i. A al by o a to Miu by in. -1 i a a v. No la. 1, n a 4 f up in v a id. F a . F Vbk to d top-ihnn.-. Elliis Ino Jiing a drus inn to i iry huh Aie pop of from am a i Titt of cuyp Mircic ii Oda Ivari. Whit i in i to Ivy a sub ii 1cd . The Tiht bar Pulu of e u to a l Quot civic a ii. , eto. A to if 1 S. Asih Tolt und Irra a i r.-. L r p out i be fur if Solo a file Ltd a .1 Liui ii a i.3 a a cd i re . Quot Quot i. I o a quote to i n Del i win ,.t Ltd. 9. U us ii Quot Cecii pro a .10 if Toreco k Atid a a v. R i Rihs i an a al pil y a i la a 1 a sleek i r u a c�.�?�. A. T re Quot a a i he to .-.1 i Ovcin a a Gnu a a i h a j l i ii Uli i Jacci a. By tub he nil. Us b i. le., tix ii i .- a 1 v i. 1 7i in new Yoke. R i re be a a 1 i 6&Quot Ilau .1 1 n a a al Iro or if a i or i a Ltd a to a in i r. Per u of. Irr of via a a pm. Loflin of. >1 a Ltd v i a n a v -1 a a May. I.a.&.nv, ,.i a o i Quot fit tes in in v us. A a i a a. Aid of a i in a o Fri in v of Quot ii a 1 in. Ii n. A a f a a we . I Orin i i l114 Quot atol a a in in i. 1 a . Quot pit.51 a icon. I a i. To i duty us j a i ill o i to 1&Quot. Apr but. A a Quot of Iolj. A a a . E 11 a .5 loj Xiuji Tje . I by Jiae i if rec. T a l.-. Car was. A. T Nili a a. La is a a try a pm Hoij a a n Fhle ii a co to in. V a Wiir r. ? i a a night by n i. >1. W 11 a i d in if or Olnee a u i la i a. p to i i Stolti of a a. Re adj skin. A d a Vii a. Iii Cui Twu do Lara. Two a Tich Olori Rayk vents. A Noti Cable fat of import Ari in a i Judi of Civ ii Ihu Ntinos. Par a Quot be a. R out duo co edition in w a h lire hit Bel a a al path incl i he a is s a is Roi to l e worthy of mini Fin. My f i pm Ives Cunt o i a Orth Side Arlt a Lui Usco Ched and pro etly Fri o of debris aii .-u a a Cuth Iviz ion. A ii e both Fridek of in a ree s Wero la i cd with a a a y Brick Stid none , there is tray Sci y a. la Quot. Where a a Riaff May not. Be a a or Lvi a a treats. . Exempt where by 11-were blown up or part i All r blown up in a i d to sly a a Hifp ort h of flames i. I have Jet invariably file upon Teir own a in i h. Apo tiits we if Pate manii Werc Birned All. The ire Only iha l of id and in a uts i in Lite tie a to which they Trero Wili Xot a by i r durability. L08� of life be Latke than kit pro cd. Fridencio hours la loss of Tife is la n we Lavo venture 1 to i tia i j list. D i Quot to heat ii of pm a of a Koai. His a for in y eau le."3 01 their a Miliea eon Urra . A to Jet Ikin rvs Nuoi for i try or to i. In m o lha la ii i a irid in Ijo oit Uris ,h.i3t-. In r a viu Waou Coqui in a. Me Wujs of im a carom . Loais la Viaud n Iviria yesterday id Ali has a been �.1 1,a Quot Ai i. Let eds Tob. A thir i a o i to ecu a Assanie that Tjce fair hereafter be pro nerdy �?&-.i of Quot Obj has been to leave in iha control 01 tiie mayor and u to Chr coup try Large for ability to meet shia View a Iho Rojc a or a Nir i e elected this Etc Aisig consisting of e Iralli. A Quot a Chi a to lle f and Aid tfx a ted by citizen a. All by s Are to of rii Uriol by Lilac Cetire of Aat Ici� tig of Well known Citi of -.�f, in and i. B. . Al chef 1 a .j be Birned both by relied f ii Jayor. In Gre to destruction that Over Whf we cd a Little tii�3 to perfect an . This we can now May with great conf Deco has been Toto Mali be l. Thin orgarii7iti->c in a to to Fol owing to people Eltjo where b a Lar As Prati Able we Sug fit that Money be re Ecil cd As Wii i Eliut we Cau buy i li.? Ari Icloa i Ich a i to la ii in a we most need. All i buds Roluti d Rcv Rhein Shoum be Reu fitted is a ire tel or held a Obj jul to tic Berjer of Keilei and Aid i-oti.7 y. J in aired y Deponzi India other cilia Vili be upon Orden or draft of Chicago Kelcil or a to Icicy cent Liliee will be Ilgard by r. K ?�a.-. Al Erial s should Imp Cors Ned to. A 1 f Quot . A d a i or i . A. K o a .alio.-3.i 1 la i�ol.i., i intr in v. J a filet Leri in l. H i a i 1.-. I or Oli r. . F a a a i r a Quot i \ by a of h in .1i i &.o.i of ii .n w a a Quot of or a Quot by Lite a Loui Kiv i Eil 1 p iry i. To a pm i iof Jim a re to Etc cd i Vii or. Cor fair 1 / of a f or a Heie �i1 of a a. J 1 cd dry 11. A f 1jolt. Quoth Tell i I. R in a i y s or in a or a v a Dib k i. A / h a. Quot re a a a a i 1 r. A a a.yv. And my v in 1 rin a a i i 1a a a Mim Hii i d Tuen i a be i Feiy. Nas Vipo a a to i b Eop Jinrui de i a ?. ,.c . To. Rep to Ridant. To 1 hot Fjeld k i. Tais a Nice Quot Lecou d a i in. a to a us run a Tyr nine . A i Ilir-e.h ? a a Reo hourly of Quot purr a but Alt May l Atu Reviol de and will a Jared a Tain fat their is ii in. Loved Otey. Vomm a big paid. The a Funera a a a 1 s i a int is fore a tinted and hurting and paying loaves. Par a Ailen were Iho first re Cit acts of too in a and d a liars they Alee Ware using Doit hrs >10 ebon in of Hertford w Tose Eju Entz or i Alco adj Stin r Aad paying Scheir losses As rape Ziy is a de. In. Warren Ojeni of Erp al in Ndola and Globe a ii Nipan this morning re Eird a Cable dispatch irom thaae Zempan lab directing Hin to proceed orce 2ith and payment of every Dollar of be r Loues my if by h3 a an Ono. The losses of that a com Pali a aggregate a fix million do Lari. Belosi l to e co in Urce insurance i Pany of Albany i few�0. This Coupar Focas a a a in j Daft in a he hands of a Licci Corr by its officers b 1�z Cuimei that twin every Dollar Aad that a Rywk w 1 he pre to pro mod High their by aet i. J a a. Jois i 1-m a of arisue a o Ipuy of Yard bus Teletrap- a a a be o to. If Eui ii e Riks in Ai a v. Is is loud i Witti min or d for to k cd or Diciey do. To exceed of a in any m re . -.�. -. 3� rail can of Mist . Tue . A to a Tinb i. A a al i o a. Kew Yoek of ctn cts to i a by rite Chi ear in fir comi tue fit ii tar a. A Torr tie taii Rega did a u .1 v. I l also. i a ii Lerett. A a . T to to pour rain Ere y Qatar e.-, Kapoli a a. A Enllie l a Lar,., Riis -ii.i�,. I by r i o a in ii Tab Llan Hertz pric Ohof eve i a e aug s v Yomei l y ? to Raij Wey i pois a i h a irs a f.rioui , contain i go is a Eai Joiy Tulve was a of d Luriee. . Lgth i Rhu Cauin in bad is b ifs. To nits. Tali e is b i in run a a uru cd a Ul-1 of to r to to Iep rings. Jrot�sio3s Wor a a of a. I f a Abu Ance. Alicent every a in and try kind of pro a Ision waa lost pint Tully overed. Quot Ilary prominent tir gave Sutta Ichio i Vicenc is of their get a of i a. A Liim a to Ery of City of William Burn gite to i Barry is of Cru he a ucar. would be e to n Ake Nier Lon of Giitl and enumerate contributions of Poots Recei l by Thia company alone. Proba y will b he Rauhof tio0,0�9 por Day. Coul Zifcu in ipod a a com this i Yand to Ivinity Are rapid Fly going to tur a Ard. C tees what appoint a de to folic talk sire Nuiji re. By eni of in Weck an Imine be a Bill v. Ilba . From in Terico of to in Buli ii Sare coming in with Proitip Antn and a ity. Tie Ever v Wui h 8mic-s men of . Dipl in is a Gai is n a Henri g Evidon e. L Rich i 1.5 Ltd. Trade a i Quot both Eity me is n dirty Oil us is a ii of bu3ie.e ii. The a a Riff e. I ifs h be n la thug we a u to Uii Biol 0 i in Itie a no Ferris he to cd i a y a ask to s>7.� every when. ine Ieti 1s Edl a.? a. Gnu we a Elief w ii j i food lor Toliese j a -. Yves Bank f Rda. Dip Oes will Pi.&Gtl-. . A jul .-1. I a in Binck. Re i n y i. I. To Quot a ii i Alix buted .0 Ino <j.i. A in Ltd a l. . of ans we re a al -1 be e a tit to e i int i of to. To in a i were Obj acis of a hoi i Aid in up com a Tina of eur re i up Day Ali i by a. I n b a i i a a al j y to to their pay r. Lis a re s by Kepi in by ring i uric a o a a i to a a of Vio Polit Clai. A . oops re Issei s o Bce tar earned with heavy . Floc i snap Ltd Roki. Off Tyr Ham states that to h.1.1 Only 2 inspect Rijal of e action elect gtd out of v. Hole r.uiibor�?1,17 of ties irom last d 3 not i. F per Oval. William m. Evarts has return cd l pm eur be. Monk Saki . I pay of is Coures did i Harocd for Quot h a con Troy for Jive Sterney Audi muted tut to of . Al to ted. Buppo�3d to to i. Ii Tycho tvs . Of la tiie plasterer Garvey Canada. Vicila nok commit Tite. A a go be rally Rcd a a i Ila be con knife has Becq formed to Etc Rei a ainu next ele Tiju. The b Quot is. its that wed re entry to Foar by uni buy spa Eil Ioas a Lue a Venct Ani that adred Tweed to reign. Is. Hou to. A a a Ifica scg0�sx10n by tub ski Vijo to . . Lot is october 12.�? la a pub Icaza to Dar. Bas a editorial of a ult he ii elf Cunee. Luff no l eau Cratie Randi Date be Nomina cd for l<s72, snd�ai8 Bere a i National for Tlachac Cape Imertia out tin he a tried our and cites Ca Sipai on Mim Onille fill. 1. Alien , Why should Bot Jas a Xterm he a that Provasi so successful in Brea icing pow Power al in tini ii Why in not tue Wii if to utry find a Olin Arance fre i a a i Quot Gay to Quot in a nid Ilsy preset ive op�.sir?, i j.�u-s� file in 1 and i get a s Jio Luy Pic i e ill to a Auie Iio Siivo was in which a Sii a a of Fate Lound Inch a a Livia ice Trio Ursu 01 Ibe i. You 1 of i Btu was in Dacej a Iio r a to of vi.-,, i util or b Carld by Lical to a Iliou i , Iho a is Quot a cd of a in i a Tea Lora in a i eon cod Aud of a a win a in . I Ople. A id Reviva of ch-.- a list-5 Ippu a ar4, acid in Corr. Cat Rejiri a we Oil f a us a ii to b.f.- ii o a Nuiji its Whlig i Vodithe i Doia a a f tie i Erie Cert in Vilf a in i p do a a a its Rop Quot i to of b.r-, for in. Iti in Kyd 1. Void a of i ii 5 Licy 1 �?�j1 ,-1 to s h a i of i Fri y . I a in /a1 be i or i ii in p.i-. We i .1 a ii Vij i a cat to Jiu 1.a.ir to coi ild a 1 pol a id to o get a Van d by a Jwj i yol be m i i id a l co-.�s, v Buli vile Dilir Jyi i 1 y a l--.�?��?�.�?�. Ai to to by v Uii i an i to ilm tia ii Fucai of i Tylij p.Ca-Cnle-.�-Rtd Iliyof a. Talk Ott a up Hhd a. I. Lit in a 1 Jar /.t, Chi ,., Oil . P ii in i a Hele a Ilia a a a i ii.-. O i to 1 y. To. A a ii. V a i Sii c Nyji Yoer Jay tuft. a a wl-. W.--, Liti a o. 1& 1 r a d Werirt in to titi y Quot d i alien Tilus in .tlie-. By ,. Or. Few of a 1 /. Of cd ii. .�.i.&. We ice la. I to a or tl . Id 1 .-.�-n. A. Rys ii. Phriep to h ii i1�ii2 evid Jjoe a a can Ltd. A ill he Lulli. Hcdi35n, Urc Bitsco Retting Forth amended a also a bid from John Martia for Cor Start cl�3tt of in building upon Tea proposed Plain to cd , for $36,, with a of Eti Mono $-50 upon Condilia that is Tea feet instead of Twete. Or. Yohn thought plans incomplete in that that did not provide for Iron Stair Lajb and Wainston Long of Halls stairways and ,3. He under Stock there would be but Little ecu cd in Cost Between Waini Cotins and hard plaster. Or. Hodgson being called upon for information explained that difference in Coit a child be Small Bat he regarded Plain plastering preferable. Or. Yuhn insisted upon superiority of wainscoting. He further Obj acted Lotha Lack of Means of egress considering a single main Slaiw in Insun Brient. Or. Bios Haas explained that committee since last meet Nir of Board had been fur arched no puts or specifications and had no grou iid to work . He tic right matl r so oui be referred Back a specie Fly in to a of not pm rec d waa cow i a ii Piej of Bori Ami a tick our Lerl. To th3r.- tr.<i3 do of cd for Lurye i would Hii to a coi Thiu thi3 Winter a Tolj Way of b a i no. Or. Twi n died. A i .p �.tem a. A.5to a lieu y ill com to cd blend with in Noi big i a uni Herd Wilb p ans Etc. Or. E.ii� Nicye a to Reu a whole but jct a Eck to Why fio a ii . Be a urn her re Cark of he waa to reconsider uis Vot a Icloa a ref Treuch to Thia whole Laauer amp Rte Vois for constr Alica of eur eight room r alldih.?, to be free from any Exra . cd a building would Lieve present pressure. Beside had Cometo Knowledg e of committee that parents were much opposed to incurring risks in a Endi their children across railroads. The of committee on districts we a d also probably relieve pressure in this direct or. He in Feivor Ander Eils in g e Ste of of Remus for a thug or i Eccl f or what had been done and employ in if him or some other to prepare plans for cheaper House. Or. r was in favor of letting ?.c,. Or. A Frey concurred in views expressed by or. Elliott As to abandoning present Pian properly rerun rating architect Aud a talk ice out in a new director. In his opinion was Plain thai a building of almost equal capacity Coli fee a tested much ess expense. In present straitened a sedition of Firta Noeson Board was Stry to practice Economy. 35.4 j is Fiir. I�zdiakapoh8. 0% or. To school commissioners of Gentl Kikm be of find of of ipland exp Odi Kos a i Quot school is three moan in. Ending with this Date Fpx Ial fond. From eld b. Ard account special fnd.?20.r0 14 a in a Sci icon insurance policy a .1. I in Fuu dio Louii Eritee. High insurance p Licy. I to r , i building com merchants and Iiona a Aali in i Ell Atija a Quot a in or Uoo Coin l a v a .-.k, intere. As Oile Webie Ca a ,- Rai Cago fair. In Atte Aduce first Etc Niace an doubted a accost. The fair Inai stated Afonie Hall lest evening for Bea fit of def thute Youn Adios of Chicago via a Euc Casa from commencement. Ii could hardly be else when such Noble ladies As miss 0. J. Farrell mrs. Jalia Otis mrs. G. West mrs. Patterson lira. Whitehead or. Mary Allison and misses Jameson Fay Sharpe Mullen Walker Kunti auce Howland Annie Allison Lou Smith Embum Lilly su3�u b. Morton Ella Gilland Alice Finch Katie Stretcher Flora Bell Anna Rossell Ola Bronson Annie my Igraine and a Host of other bean tinl and True girls Are Bead of movement. All skill of womanhood has been shown in table decor aunt in Floral collections in Many samples of elegant and cosy Home ornaments end in preparing and set bag refreshment a. Tiie ladies Dently believe in brio my f Quot Way to people s hearts Ifland l a Nihro. Go i Weir mom la or i mistake for their eatables Are Mout palatable. All of articles edible or Iannal or Tueful Aie f be will Contri Butoi ?. A Shoay Wiegaud Fiji sent rare epic cats of plants and Flowers. Tha misses Jameson with or -sf skill Bare a table arranged most Beatti fully with Choice a cruets and plants culled from their Home collection. There Are other gifts tasty and Sweet Bror Juht by fair hands and added to general who a. Stands we located around spacious Hal la upon one choicest confectionery upon another plants and Floral offerings still another is used for divine purpose and so on. Tae attendance last i Jet was quite Large and such Wes Success that ladies have determined to continue same throughout to Day and this evening. Dinner will be served from twelve to two find supper from six to nine. All surplus material be anti Ful decor tire contributions and Floral gifts will be disposed of to night by auction. We Trust for Sake of Chicago needy and for gratification of Noble ladies in Charee that bidding will be spirited and patronage great. Masonic Hall has been freely tendered by owners and there is no expense Quot five for Gas. Certainly balance Sheet Sodl upshot a handsome sum if fair is Well attended during this Utey and evening. Religious 8srticb9. Byen july. A a . La. a . .�2. Kept. 7 8?. Fort. Sept. 7. 14 488 or a �>5 j48 03 258 14 2j7 86 587 99 .par.truei or Auk Ai al y. Dispatch to Sentinel. L a Liia or i october i a Llie h Orth German Lioyd line a that ship Berlin sailed from Ropean late Airship , l Chat i Point Baltimore o tel or 12, two Obj k p. For Bremen Che tikes out fourteen Cabin passengers and two my one Escaje a sea cars. Her cargo cuts of. h2ibe i Lobatto. And 2,3c3 Bis and boxe3 flt fits of 7hi a. Hogi leads Tala co Aad Chin Are from West. Hak i Foro. Mud ebb Yunu. , october 13. A Dir id Kently alias Jam a Wilson was Hung half past one p. If today. Be suicide about three o clock this morning by end storing to puncture his heart win a Small wire which he had secreted on h a person. In consequence of his weakness Thia morn theire was a Brt to procure a stay of proceedings but Faud. hour for execution he walked firmly on scaffold and Maie a Short speech a which he said he attempted to Coap Ign omy of balt do. Lie Justin cd Hia act in killing Warden finally rope around his own neck and met Hia Lale without i ducting. . To of i a. Kcal of and Aid , cd a a a a of u.? . Of i to 1 my tiie coi debts on 1. K a id a Enid Pio Ippu b7 . A Jid to of Quot bile food oui y pea Elan Alvi a lieu cur a . Ii b Mason a scr. Foy a. Klyr pies Viii Shif a to a i if Aud a a i. In 1& tor Kali Nan sex Corn Htee. Be . Be i e a or i i-., owing pm i �eoi.i.?d e. for iat Rea Elty trn cd. R to in j cd in i Aud i. Get ill a i r. Quot Ilij a pee a a in 01 ii y. Thea intr Isa i Corpora cd to id old a a . K vat ii is 7 Ypres a tiie col al Lance-feurc./in-iry, Ani i. , Vjio a Liuji Vork to a Dou a. Rte i Are ote of Elliis i Sci by is to Ai tie a work but they will rapidly Enlil a sni extend th.? came by adding or Miur. Cit Zeca to resp tire committees and 1 Call Apon All ill a 8 to Aid Tobii in Way. I a to Confer an then of Power heretofore Cher. Issod by be Citi us coat last to impress Canas Aad Laba and Procup a Maun cars so As May a a necessary Jar Trane por Tationa and Dmitri brition of contributions care of a Ekau i disabled. Uen Cral Sheridan Desirea Faia arrangement and has pro areal to a Quot Ope Nite with this Assoc a Loa. will be Sten from plan of work that a detailed below that Ertry precaution Baa been taken in regard to Diazo edition of con tribute Lou. Signed b. B. Mayo a mayor weather report. Tue us deb of major Otto. Pin Adelphia october 13. A pm lice Are sea Ching for murderers of my jor Caito. Gen eul Wagner in Bis order for Parade of re ii mint ile Gunwal its of Cait i la a was an a Wrighi Cini tin Whoso pitty was icily a d sic Coic a Puro mailed Patriot vrho served Bis country in Dainesi hour a Cour Teozia be Lucian and to flt Aoi Eier How red �<3 hid Iivo a without f a a j we ro., i. The by win Ila in staid to Ilio a ity armory i oud a. Milwaukee. i a Rai wat fiend. Mii to Laukvik october 12.�?th?. Rir&Gtadir of of far Tetuo a Tulip cd to throw f of Trak but is fire Lai get Hon been arrested and there is a for or caplet Oise tug o Beix. Tray were part of Tricaso plundering party al icing from Pinkerton a death order with probable Tention of making a rid on Raeine or Milwaukee . In Intel icon being apparent rail Road each ii lies would not allow them to come my further North hence they by attempting a wholesale laughter. Gity school matters. Of Wab 1 or tick or Tirrit a Nisi so Oval. Uric by Wam Imonti d. C., Oft. 13, x. probabilities. of probable that on Patu Nlay brr Onete r Verv Geiger thro�itb4wt Tea Atlantic states with ear Erly Wilda and i8er���lng Clouds by had. To Laibly rain Oti b in Lanc and Gulf of Imp. Chou by weather with Ligl Raywill prob ally extend to Lake Mir h tau to night a id Iresh oui Mierly kinds will prevail Over lower Lakei to i Orrew. Special meeting of bir4 school Board of school commissioners met in special session last night with presid tat Eider in chair and messes. Bingham Carey Elliott Nolls rentier Vonnegut and a. The minutes of l meeting were read and approve spec al by site a of meeting being matters relating to Eil his Ward Schoop House was taken up. A communication was acc in i from or. 12 91 22 50 tol?.1 .s22,2ij<j 45 Exi knit Ais. For teach div 1 to of iucluslve.15 7,. 97 27 onto or a. so e Ial fund 011 a id?m,60j 18 triy 0>i rum. r 7. Cid Bonds to i any 7. Litho Vivod from City tics Jer. cd of Tob r i l l to -r.=5 Iweis m per to 1 to is inclusive. A m7 c9 a Aace tuition f us on hand.8g 910 91 0-Iobrr 9. T ital funds on hand?4l,.020 00 lies a fully w. L. Noble treasurer. The report was concurred in and ordered to be spread upon minutes. Tbs Mon iou to refer Back was adopted. Or. Vonnegut of Quot ired following resolved that assistant treasurer be directed to prepare a pocket memorandum Book with then me Grade and salary paid each teacher in schools of City each school placed on a Page and whole neatly arranged for each member of Board. Or. Bingham requested that finance committee be permitted to present Ynar Terly report of treasurer which request was granted. The report is As follows Jam a Morris three months a prices a clerk to traasnrer512.5 00 tale Wiler by Catinga for Morton Furnace tor sixth Ward school House. 200 co Gray a Wallace Reia Otias and resetting Lur Nancei sixth Ward. Brancu a Burford Sutlo Nery. Indian so is Gas Light and Coke company Gas Bill for High school for August Aud Lepi Ember. 8 co Wiliiam Llen Chen rent of school building in eighth Ward. The report we coach Rcd in. The following Rule was Quot so amp la be duty of All teachers to 8e& Taftt i opt a Sci Are allowed to step on any of Ibet i airs settees or window caviar a 01- a al tools Wilhoi first placing something of or cml no. That will Etc Ira of Gaist All danger of being president elder reports that commit tee in Clarino of tight schools had contracted to e.7.3 placed in old fourth Ward for Colo Rcd schools and in six rooms of new sixth Ward schoo Bouso tor night school purposes. Or. Vonnegut who bad signed report of committee on German instruction in Der a misapprehension submitted a supplemental report which was received and spread a Pon minutes. Superintendent Shortridge explained some of diff Eulliea in Way of introducing study of German. He thought spirit of Law was complied with if German was taught in one place in City. In was announced hat advertiser Nat for Sale of stable in Ray property had been withdrawn. Or. Elliott Mots that for Sale of nil Diouf on tio High school and lor plans for a High school building be withdrawal. Agreed to. Tue Baard then adjourned till next regular meeting night saturday october 31 Plymouth . Rcv. J. L. Be Anett pastor. The subject of Woros by Dis Couras suggested by Ca Jia Ritj. Ai Chicago Quot what of them to Binjo Dot Hanqi a or by a Etc Ciao a i Ctm Yong Popi. . Matt Lobb cock Roan a. Any of Nail tar of East afro Rizir s re ii. Of so a Rte a fat ,. R. Baptist Gnu an a Comer h Terlec and �01. A Irania streets. Preaching by pastor to Morrow morn ii g and ctn log usual Bour in vestry. A Orch Baptist Church a Corner of Cherry treat Ani Broadway. The pastor Rev. E k. Chandler preach to Norrow inborn and eve Onfry dual Tours. Seats free. South raft Baptist Curiton a preaching usual hours to Morrow morning and , by or. L. Waylaid of Franklin College. Elder W. To bar will de incr a Eulogy before before poll osnian of Northwestern Christian uni Venity on Lili 01 a. B. Coi Neil now deceased on monday evening cd tuber 1 5, f pa. Eeren o clock a University Chapel. A Are tilted. First Church a to services tomorrow. Sabbath a Choc 2 p. M. Second services tomorrow morning or Evi Aing. Saba school r u Ual hour. Third Freeby Zebiak of pastor Rev. B. Sloss in att by Anoe upon a he Synod Evansville there will to no scr Vicea in this Church to Jio irow. Sabbath school Cal Bible Cly a ses As , 2 p. a. For Btu i Presnor Tetia of Caius Chi Corner Market and Dat aware Streits. Services usual hours by thei pastor eve. J h. Moran. Seats fice. I Fri , Between Vermont and a Ighisan streets. Preaching half past ten a. U., by ber. J. M. Crawford. Sabbath school two p. Services half past seven p. H., end meted by Young men s Christian association. Save Kwh chit Tchi pm Street preaching by Tea pastor ber. Ii. Guymond morning and evening. Cd Bibian chaps la Comer Delaware and Ohio streets. Elder w. F. Blaek will preach to Merrow morning half ten o clock. Subject a Sanctification Quot also in evening half past Evan. Pro. Ii. W. A Robt will lecture before students of North eater Christian University to Morrow afternoon Balf Pasi three. Okolish la amp Ait club our Corner new York and Alabama streets. Iter. W. Of. Crikey pastor. Services morning and evening usual cobra. Sab Bath school two r. Tub Yobbo Man s Chi Straw meetings will be held to Morrow by this association As follows via county jail nine o clock a. In. station Honse nine o clock a. News boys Saladay school Quartz Paat to Aee o Ocop. M. Pcs prices orphan Asylum Boxt e sleek p. M. surgical Institute four o clock p. poor farm four o clock p. M. City Hospital four o Sioeli. P. M. In fifth presbyterian Church Hilf pm seen o clock p. K. In he incl Boia cd Orch Hal past seven p. Also open Bike tings Comer of Noble streets half past Lour o Elco P. M. In Gree Alawa cemetery half Paat four o clock p. M. All Are cordially invited to come and a Mist or enjoy theae meetings. Also tie four Wing meetings will be held a or Sig Cobain a week namely daily prayer meeting in booms a very morning from eight to three a arts a pact a ight o clock. Regular monthly meeting of Assoc Atim in tuesday half past Sevea o clock . Women s Christiab Adaoo Patlon meeting in Booma in Weine Aday two o clock p. M. Byba Prayor booting a a to Rosaia on Friday Vighi a clock f. M. Services Sargi eal inst Tato of Friday al half past Aeron p. V. Orla towing school a rooms of saturday firem Hal Paat Odo to half psst four p. to idiot of mctic.�?3 a cryni2ht was pcs Grey Faure Etc Tiu no. Runn iat Mach Over $100. Cd Nell Cirg benevolent in pulse Aetna ting to 8 Maur Cement receipts gains to Chi a a re a Andi Ferico was pie Poe crop ii Elim in Point of numb Cra. Robion and Trouso in to parents and Gaard tans Quot Cari Iule Quot end Quot very Odd Quot made inn alive Climax was reached in Pirp oozing and ludicrous situation of Jones this afternoon and night receipts will Iven As above. Some new things will be produced worthy of witnessing. To Morrow night grand sacred concert for same Relief fund comes off. Messes Leake k Dickson have tendered Academy free. The music will be by Profe or Vogt a Well known orchestra. The Druid Ivaner Chor and such Home favourites Asmi a jc3sle Tassart miss Hester Cox h. J. Kenyon professor sub Nacier ors. , h. S. Steadman and i of Tsor Maieller will Asol ctr latter As a Rector. Reserved ce.-. so could he enee As Ai cedi j will a very Lar.? c. Ii i. Tic a car competitor for vocal Honor. Iron i and pop Nair m is Nellio a Chilco Soni Are heard. Fred Sitov arid g a n gaily Conti a to bran Cut to plug plot sat ibid e. 1. Mij. A. The Tom h&&<5 come to. in ctr h i Linn labors for Winter. To Wrork a urian o of tort Mast a Psi. Tho Conn Itice of meetings do there for.ill upon ladies and Gea Kmen who in tny Aid them in their work to meet them Hall of y. M. A. This saturday Erin is half seven o clock for in Roposo of organizing cur work for Trio Winter. Come prepared to give a portion of your time to cause of Christ and humanity. Krov w. Baanan Edwaed a. Cock a we. S. Wooton committee of Meetin last Issana of Lebanon Furlot contains following Quot notes on com trial Quot state examined a Infita five witness a. The operator Tele Srab Culice Daric examination of witnesses was kept quite Busy in receiving and Trani ill tide Tele Raiana for attorneys in Thia Case. The twelve men compose a jury Wei in 1,920 pounds an average of 160 pounds each. The speech of Hon. John Hanna for defence occupied abi5>�t five hours. Fiery meter upon to court Root by our Reading room is Well supplied with Papon. Eie.,Aad every Day and even Hig. All Are i if a feel that they have Apen act right to 8e of. Anything to Hare in our rooms. To Hof that citizens and strangers will come in As of inn As Poa db1o, and spend much time Here a Thev Lizay have their disposal. Our Izeora a hound not forget that Hada by prayer Mee Piug th.? . A. Room ii open Aad him to All. Come in. A y 6 our comm ii to to a county i from mayor s courts in default of by he a Cliffe of grand a larceny a Anderson democratic Sijo our claims Toat Quot Large quantities of material used by Ladi Anapolis Glass works in of bottles is procured near pendulum in this county. A from Gree Sbar Quot sunward i3 unkind not to say severe Quot have a Chap in Boston with n cranial do incr duty tor brains. Pray keep him there yank should come Indianapolis Mirror a child gobble him up for a contributors sure Quot a Louis l no having acc i Ulia billiard rooms 20 South Meridian a treat will give a Prand to opening this evenln.?, when an exhibition tame will be played to Garatt Champion of Indiana Aad p. J. Pierce chf.mpion of Mississippi. Tom Carr wag a Early hour yesterday morning by his Carrisima Sposa with startling information that burglars were attempting an Entrance into their Domicil. Tom parted curtains gazed from window and from what be saw was convinced of truth of wife s information. Grasping his revolver he fired twice object that disturbed his vision and then Sank Back to ii Toul rest but with a feeling that he had done a duty to his family and to Large. When Dawn App ared he tremulously entered Bis Back Yard to find that he had perforated his Best sunday coat which he bad carelessly left hanging on Cistern pump evening be before. Tom consoles himself by self congratulation on his marksmanship and will accept ten Dollar wafers to shoot any Man in county doubtful of his / from Cincinnati enquire Oslo elect Ian result in state. In considering result in state these fact Ehold be borne in mind. First that with a Sinele exception of 186-2 republicans have carried Ohio every year Sines 1853 on popular vote by majorities Sunlly ranging up in tens of thousands two years so majority against or. Pendleton lor gov nor Wes in of 8,000. Last year when some 15,000 negro votes were added to poll e majority w.13 about 17,000. A i of a in cf.nviw3 this year we were unrest Natly crippled by pick Nernof cur Cai did Ite for govt a who was unable to fulfil his appoint Mcenti and give personal attention to them which is expected from Hitro. The administration made most extraordinary exertion in a Jer to secure re election of senator Shemanu. put its Saud Ribco Hal Der t9 work. made its Peasand upon National Banks and manufacturing corporation for subsidies All of which were liberally answered. Its Cabinet officers patrolled state and every Effort which a thorough organization Long victorious could make was resorted to for Success. The democracy a amp a none of appliances so important in securing general attendance polls in their Fator. They were without patronage and to a Tery consider Abl extent their Organis amp tion was defective. That we should Hare failed to redeem state can hardly be a Surprise but to most sanguine. is True that we had advantage on issues of principle and policy but such is blindness of party Folly and infatuation that id this As in Many former instances was ineffectual. The enormities of administration its con a Oro Flizack and a crimes Tare not yes been appreciated by people a they def Erve and Awakening in Yetto we. No True demo Chat will be least do enraged by Thia untoward re eur but will Montilus to labor in Good cause conf Lent that sober second thought will Only to More emphatic by its being delayed

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