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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Clinically dead dogs Are restored Capitol letter tar Heel candidates polishing their images Atlanta a a an Emory University researcher says clinically dead dogs have been restored to life without suffering brain damage in experiments which eventually could help surgeons who perform delicate operations on humans. Or. Vojin Popovice a professor of physiology at Emory said he has kept dogs and hamsters clinically dead for two hours and then restored them to life. Fie said it is the longest time Span that Large War blooded no hibernating animals have been a dead and then revived without suffering damage to vital organs. A a of we can do this with dogs it can also be done with Man a he said. Quot it would be a Boon for surgeons to have several hours in which to Complete a delicate operation instead of minutes and not have to worry about the patient s blood circulation or the possibility of brain dam my some doctors in the United states perform limited surgery in which they lower the patient s body temperature to decrease blood flow in the i xxi. At Normal temperatures the brain can go for about five minutes without oxygen before serious damage begins to occur according to in Popovic. Hut Cooling the body slows Down the body a metabolism and almost All physiological functions in his expense its with dogs Popovice cools the animals body temperature to 40 degrees fahrenheit 58 degrees below Normal at that Point says Popovice the animals Are Quot clinically there is no measurable electrical activity in the heart or brain. No blood circulation or blood pressure after two hours in that state the blood pressure and circulation Are gradually restored each dog returns to its Normal temperature and the heart and brain resume their Normal activities. By Robert Cullen associated press writer Raleigh a with less than six weeks left until election Day the statewide candidates in North Carolina Are indulging in a Little last minute image polishing image polishing can take Many forms often it seems trivial. Ifs a Little bit like the Way your Mother used to straighten your tie or comb Down your hair on sunday mornings before Church to make a better impression on the neighbors it did t change the Way you were but maybe it changed Peoples perception of you that matters to mothers and to Campaign strategists. Take Rufus Edmisten the i democratic candidate for attorney general. At one time you never saw Rufus without his pipe the pipe became almost As Well known during the televised watergate hearings As Sam Ervin s Cherokee Gavel hut Rufus no longer smokes the pipe now at least not in Public Many people including some of Robert Morgan s advisors told him not to. Quot Rufus is a dynamic Young Man a explained Charlie Smith his Campaign manager a a lot of people told him the pipe made him look old and sedate a other democrats say the pipe made Edmisten look a trifle too sophisticated and intellectual to voters in Rural areas. Whatever the reason Edmisten agreed to keep it out of sight. For Edmisten s opponent. James Carson the problem was his voice Carson is a big Burly Man. A person meeting him for the first time expects him to have a deep voice. But Carson s Normal tone is pitched High enough to be incongruous with his appearance he a a Little bit like the old matinee idols of silent films whose careers ended when talkies came in because their voices dido t fit their image in recent weeks Carson s voice has been dropping to a lower Register. Campaign aides Don t like to talk about it. But they done to deny it s the Robert Cullen result of conscious Effort. William Stevens the Republican Senate candidate has been trying to counteract a wooden image. He feels people think he s uncomfortable in Public. As a result. Stevens has become something of a raconteur in recent weeks special inn in Down Home jokes. One of his favourites took place he says at a Bluegrass festival in Harnett county. Harnett incidentally is the in me of his opponent. Stevens was walking through the crowd when he came upon an old Man and a dog. Quot does your dog bite Quot Stevens asked a a nope a the old Man replied. Whereupon Stevens reached Down to pet the dog the animal snapped at his hand a i thought you said your dog did no to bite Quot he told the Man Quot it aint my dog a the old Man answered with Robert Morgan image polishing is a bit More Subtle. Morgan feels he is ahead and he is running a very conservative Campaign trying to avoid mistakes and preserve his Lead. You May not know it but campaigns like College football teams have colors. Morgans until recently were Blue and Gold. Everything from buttons and bumper stickers to the candidate s tie was Blue and Gold. Morgan Hasni to bothered to get a new tie but everything else has been changed to red. While and Blue there s been a change in his billboards As Well during the primary a grinning Youthful looking Robert Morgan stared Down from a Blue and Gold sign now the sign is red White and Blue and the picture shows Robert Morgan in a sober contemplative pose his neck is etched with Lann Lesque wrinkles. So marching into Campaign combat they go. Their pipes one of the earliest and most famous rulers who invaded Britain was King Canute who ruled in London 1017-1035 a d. Have been left behind their voices Are deep and their Miens sober. But they can still relax and joke. Their mothers undoubtedly would be proud of them. / Only a Well designed Well built mattress can give you a Good nights rest. The perfect Sleeper supreme by Serta features the exclusive Back up support system for the firm yet comfortable support you need night after night year after year. Sert Aliner construction twin Edge design provides extra surface support right out to the edges. Expands the Comfort area to give you 20% More usable sleeping space. Synchro flex coils the showplace of a Dixie ii i i c meats featuring u s 0 a prime beef six turn tempered steel hour Glass Coil Springs give gently at first then become firmer As pressure increases for proper support. 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