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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear and cooler More data on Page 3a 90th yeah a no. 272 the High Point Enterprise Cali us circulation 8821719 High Point n. monday afternoon september 30. 1974 26 pages classified ads 8852177 other depts ,., 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Castro talks with american senators Pell l and javits sunday in Havana senators report cordial meeting with Castro Havana Cuba it a j a prime minister Fidel Castro met with two american senators who said afterwards they got the a impression that Cuba is interested in working toward a normalization a of relations with the United states. A the ice has been broken a sen. Jacob. Davits r-n.y., told reporters after he and sen. Claiborne Pell , spent three hours with Castro for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Voter sign up q. A Here could one go to Register to vote please thank you. Anonymous woman. A. The High Point Board of elections office is located in the City county building on s. Hamilton. October 7 is the last Day to Register. Removing mildew q. How can mildew be removed from Cotton shirt thank you. Mrs. . A. A popular cure is to soak it in Buttermilk Sweet or skim milk overnight. Rinse it Well the next morning then Wash in hot soapy water. I spy w. About the mall Security they Are so Busy watching shoplifting they Are not interested in watching the cars. . Q. Why Arentt there enough jobs for boys and girls 13 and 14? i done to want to wait until i am 16 and just Lay around the House. I have called a Bunch of places and nobody wants to hire you when you Are 14, and what can i do about this disgusted boy. A. These two messages gave us an idea Why not form a Cadet Security patrol comprised of teen agers to spot not Stop shoplifters and car burglars. There could be a training session under the auspices of the police detective division and store managements on the Laws who to report the theft observed to what not to do like a flying tackle. The Mere thought that the boy or girl in Blue jeans casually standing by a counter or a car in the parking lot might be a private Eye of the store should give a prospective thief pause. The youngsters could also study the pictures of shoplifters and bad Check passers whose photos Frame some Cash registers and if they show up they could advise the manager applicants could be selected on the basis of maintaining a Good average in school and references by teachers principals or their ministers As to their character and alertness. Think of the training for future Kojak and Columbos a or have we been watching too Many detective shows. . Disgusted How about delivering newspapers if a route is open a poisonous plants q would you please publish a list of House plants that Are poisonous and publish an address where i might write for a pamphlet containing this list mrs b. Y. A. House plants which have toxic parts include caladium Dieffe Bachia or Dum Boane. Elephants ear and Castor bean the entire Plant is poisonous in each of these cases. The berries of Lantana and Mistletoe Are toxic in Poinsettia plants. The toxic parts Are the juice of leaves Stem and Flowers whether Green or dry Rosary peas or prec Atory Beans have shiny red and Black seeds which Are toxic bulletins on poisonous plants can be obtained from the agricultural Extension service at n c state University. A botany professor at state James w Hardin and a professor of paediatrics at Duke. Jay m Arena collaborated on a Book called a human poisoning from native and cultivated plants a published by the Duke University press. It includes All plan known or suspected to have poisoned humans in the United states and Canada it includes descriptions of the plants with Many illustrations or photographs the geographical area where they Are found describes typical symptoms of poisoning and has notes to the physician on treatment As Well As first Aid treatment late sunday night. The two senators were to end their three Day visit today. Pell said the meeting with Castro was a Frank warm and Friendly a but neither senator would say Why he believed an improved climate Between the two countries May be in the offing. Javits said among the issues raised during the meeting were cuban attempts to Export revolution the status of nine american political prisoners on the Island and american health insurance drawn up Washington a Senate finance committee members have virtually reached agreement on a health insurance Bill they would like to see passed in the closing months of the 93rd Congress. But chances for such legislation still Are highly Uncertain even though it has been Given a top priority by House and Senate democratic leaders. Sen Russell b. Long d-la., the finance chairman and chief sponsor of the Bill his panel is expected to approve says one of the key i actors is How much Effort president Ford is willing to put behind the legislation Ford has asked this Congress to act on a Broad health care Bill. But Long comments that if the president a really wants a health Bill a he is going to have to rally some Republican support for it. Another hurdle for the legislation May be erected by Senate and House members who want a much broader measure than the one under consideration in the finance committee chief features of the Bill Are a plan to protect families from the huge expenses of a catastrophic illness and an improved health care program for the poor. Its annual Emit would be about $9 billion far less than other National health insurance proposals Long argues that it will Lay the foundation for a broader program later the catastrophic illness Section would finance most health care costs after a family had incurred expenses of $2,000 in a year or after an individual had been hospitalized 60 Days. The program for poor families would replace the present medicaid benefits and set National standards it benefits and eligibility the catastrophic illness benefits would be financed by a three tenths of i per cent increase in the social Security tax the coat would be 63.6 billion a year Ute 68,3 by Ilion program for Low come families would be paid for oui of general revenues if the Senate passes the measure it will go Back to the House manuscripts ruling expected Strachan cover up trial is separated property taken Over by the Castro government. Twenty hours earlier Castro attacked president Ford in a speech for his defense of Cia operations against the Allende regime in Chile. He also charged that the United states rather than the Oil exporting countries is responsible for the world economic crisis. Asked How a normalization of relations could be in Prospect in View of these statements Pell replied a there is a difference Between words and the senators likened Cuba s attitude to that of the soviet Union and China both of which have improved relations with the United states while maintaining a Tough anti american posture in official declarations. Javits said their visit was a in no Way shape or form approval of any of the policies of this government a he said he told Castro he took Strong exception to the prime minister s speech. The new yorker said saturday after meeting with foreign minister haul Roa that it was his Clear impression that the cuban government was prepared to discuss a More Normal relationship with the United states Castro earlier expressed Hope that president Ford s accession to the White House might Lead to an improved climate Between Cuba and the United states and the visit by the two senators and 29 american newsmen who accompanied them was a step in that direction. The senators the first members of Congress to visit Cuba since before the United states broke diplomatic relations in 1961. Were not in Havana a revolution Plaza when Castro spoke saturday to hundreds of thousands of cubans the prime minister attacked president Ford s recent defense of Cia operations in Chile during the regime of be senators on 2a Washington a . District judge John j. Sirica today ordered a separate watergate cover up trial for former White House aide Gordon Strachan the order leaves Tive defendants to face charges in the main cover up trial scheduled to begin tuesday. Strachan a lawyer. John a Bray told reporters As he left the . District courthouse today a a we be been severed from the coverup Case a the action had been requested by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Sirica also was expected to Rule today on whether he will allow typed transcripts to be used along with some 33 presidential tapes the prosecution wants As evidence at the trial. A separate request from Strachan that the conspiracy obstruction of Justice and perjury charges against him be dismissed was denied without prejudice by Sirica. The fact that the motion was denied without prejudice Means Strachan can raise the Issue again later the separate trial tor Strachan is bused upon a special Legal problem. The one time personal assistant to White House chief of staff la. R Ila Ideman claims the evidence used to indict him is tainted. Strachan s attorney has said Strachan was promised immunity from prosecution in Exchange for testimony before a watergate grand jury. In a series of appeals Bray also said his clients testimony before the Senate watergate committee was improperly used to obtain the indictment. Two . Court of appeals judges while refusing to dismiss the charges against Strachan acknowledged that his Legal argument has Merit. The others scheduled to be tried Are. Former atty. Gen John n Mitchell former chief of staff h r. Ii a Ideman former Nixon Domestic Counselor John i. Ehrlichman and two men who worked for Nixon a reelection committee former assistant atty. Gen. Robert u. Mardian and committee lawyer Kenneth w Parkinson. All Are charged with conspiracy to obstruct Justice by attempting to keep investigators from learning who was responsible for the june 1972 watergate break in and who knew about it. The grand jury that indicted the men last March i also voted to name then president Nixon As a co conspirator. Nixon has been subpoenaed a is both a prosecution and de free witness but his health has put his appearance at the trial in doubt. The trial one of the most widely publicized in Legal history. Has attracted newsmen trom All Over the world court officials said that 135 organizations have applied tor the 65 Media seats available. To is will be the second watergate related trial for both Mitchell and Ehrlichman. Mitchell was acquitted earlier this year of charges Gordon Strachan he did political favors in return for a 6200,000 Campaign contribution from fugitive financier Robert Vesco. Khz Tollman was convicted of conspiring to violate the rights of Daniel Elisberg a psychiatrist and two counts of perjury. He is appealing ins sentence of 20 months to five years. Pathology report awaited extent of mrs. Ford s Ece Vit resigns in Turkey cancer is under study Ankara. Turkey apr Premier Bulent Ece Vit resigned today for the second time in two weeks after failing to form a new coalition government. President Fahri kor Turk accepted the resignation and was to make a statement later in the Day on the government crisis Ece Vit resigned two weeks ago because of a irreconcilable differences a Between his own Republican Peoples party and their partners in government the moslem National salvation party. The two parties had been at Odds Over Cyprus policy and c cultural educational and economic matters. Washington Apas first lady Betty Ford s doctors awaited a crucial pathology report to determine the extent of her cancer they reported today she had spent a a much More restful night and that her condition is Good a medical bulletin prepared by doctors at the Bethesda md., naval Hospital said mrs. Ford has had some mild temperature Elevation typical of a postoperative course a they said a fall Laboratory data and vital signs Are within Normal limits a and said mrs. Ford a has been sitting in a chair and walking for Short intervals and is taking fluids this morning a examination of tissues removed in saturday s operation will show How far the cancer spread in the breast and whether any other tissues Are involved on the basis of these tests the doctors will determine future treatment and estimate mrs Ford s chances tor Lull recovery from the cancer that caused removal of her right breast. Navy Apt is Illiam pouty who operated on mrs. Ford. Said he probably would receive the report monday and other Hospital sources reported it should be ready by noon it was not known when the doctors would Complete their evaluation of the pathology under leftist pressure Spinola resigns in Portugal Lisbon Portugal a Gen. Antonio de Spinola resigned a president of for i what s inside amusement. 7b Bridge. My classified ads 8-mb comics6b crossword. I editorials4a financial. 2a obituaries .2b sports. 3 5b television .8b women s news. .6-8a weather. 3a franc Isco Costa comes Tugal today claiming he was powerless to prevent the c country s slide into chaos and anarchy the Junta of National salvation comprising the military rulers who overthrew the heirs of the Salazar dictatorship last april que Kly appointed Spinola s sult Cessor n h Franeisco Costa it Ionics Long considered he presidents top assistant in the Junta Spinola resigned after Lei fist forced his rightist up porters to cancel a weekend rally in the general Honor but the underlying Cau get it of Spinola it departure w Ere Basic disagreements w Ith the left Over the Pace with who is reforms were being introduced in Post revolutionary portuguese society his departure removed the last prominent conservative Horn file six months old government a i cannot and will not take part a in a a betrayal of the spirit of the movement a that brought the military to Power the 64y �r-i1 general declared in a National telecast la Aid part of that spirit was a commitment to a to a r Iii o n v a in o n g a 11 political belief s and added i his bar Inonu w ill never to possible when on one hand the declared chiefs of some political parties make appeals to i Haj sense and on la other hand respective Active groups choose the path Iii psychological warfare through the big news Media ind even through violence in flagrant negation of will Ford run in 76? Washington a Betty Ford s bout with cancer has cast a question Mark Over president Ford x immediate and Long rang political plans soon after the first lady underwent surgery for breast Lancer saturday the president told aides to curtail Bis Public schedule for the next week Ford also enlisted vice Nelson a Rockefeller to substitute fur him on a planned speech making trip to i Tab and California tuesday through thursday. Mrs Ford a expected to be hospitalized for at least id Days and White House aides say it is questionable whether the president will make any out of town speeches during that period also placed in question by his wife s illness is Ford s plans to make 25 or More speeches in behalf of Republican candidates in the two weeks prior to next month s elections. A he entered Bethesda naval medical Center sunday night to visit with mrs Ford Ute president was asked about his Campaign Plain a we Haven i looked beyond next week a he replied then he was asked about a i Aport that his wife a illness has caused him to reconsider his tentative plans to run for a full term As president in i 76 the response was near in identical a we Haven thought beyond next week White House aide say the presidents political schedule will hinge on the pare of mrs Fords recovery but they a knowledge that even before Lier hospitalization mrs Ford was Cool to the idea of Lier husband spending Many More years in Public life report and inform the Ford family or when it would be made Public. But assistant Whit House press Secretary William Roberts said there would be an announcement and a Public report from the Dor tors on the results. Mrs. Ford was progressing satisfactorily although the doctors reported some fatigue and the usual discomfort that follows major surgery the first lady sat up and walked a few Steps sunday and doctors said she could begin eating today drug raids Are staged in state Raleigh a state Bureau of investigation director Charles Dunn announcing the Start of another crackdown on drug traffickers said today there Are la mafia groups now engaged in criminal activities in North Carolina Dunn said coordinated raids across the state today by state Federal and local officers had resulted in at least 50 arrests by late morning. There was no immediate elaboration on Dunn com rents about the mafia he Gav the report at an organizational meeting of the North Carolina organized crime prevention Council another spokesman for the ski said those being sought in today a raids included a some of the major Dis inhalers in North Roma s drug operation Lawrence alien assistant director it i the ski said the raids Lam after three months of undercover investigative work. Allen said the arrests were expected to exceed the 146 charges filed in a similar raid in jut. The majority arrested to Day will be charged with Possession and Sale it Introit a substances the pickups a expected Loe Ltd Tine on through the week a Allen said alien said most of the new charges involved marijuana but heroin cocain Hall Eino Gens Ami stimulants. I me of the first places Wert arrests were re ported was in fave Teljii whore Timberland county sheriff Ottis Jones said about 21 person would be picked up

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