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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy Warrn More dote on Page 41 90thyeah no. 271 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 182-171 football scores Duke. 27 Virginia. 7 Maryland 24 Uno. 12 n. State. Syracuse. 22 a a a a a a a a a atm Elon. Of is a a a a a a a a Guilford. 0 Clemson. 21 Georgia tech. 17 Purdue. 31 notre Dame. 20 High Point n. C., sunday morning september 29, 1974 102 pages classified ads ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25� americans exhorted to join inflation Battle economic team is formed Washington a president Ford consolidated government economic policy making and formed a Blue ribbon labor management committee on saturday then exhorted americans to join in a citizens crusade to whip inflation Ford came from the bedside of his w Ife who had just undergone surgery for breast cancer to address the conclusion of his two Day economic Summit conference. A Betty would want me to be he said to the applause of the 1,800 delegates and spectators after reporting that doctors said she came through the operation All Ford was clearly shaken by what he called a a difficult 36 his voice quavered with emotion As he mentioned his wife s surgery. Sen Hubert Humphrey. A min said after the speech that a tears were streaming from his but the presidents voice was Strong and his tone firm As he delivered his prepared in Advance address concluding a two Day a town Hall forum which aired scores of conflicting suggestions from economists business and labor leaders congressional and government officials. Ford said to would outline for Congress and the Public within to Days his recommendations for a coherent and consistent Quot inflation fighting program and indicated it would Call for major tax Reform. He also disclosed a three Steps i have just the president said he has a consolidated by executive order the government s Domestic and foreign Economy efforts under an economic policy Board to be headed by Treasury Secretary William Simon a established by executive order a White House la Bor management committee to advise him a Man to Man and face to face on major economic policy. Its eight labor members include Al Cio president George Meany while the eight management members include some of the biggest names in business and Industry a appointed Princeton economist Albert Rees to head the Council on wage and Price stability recently authorized by Congress at Ford s request after making the three announcements. Ford added a nobody knows better than i do that councils and committees cannot win this War a Quot the most important weapon in the fight against inflation is the spirit of the american people a he said. He urged All americans a to join me in a great Effort a and to before inflation fighters and Energy As a Start he asked that every family a make up a list of to ways you can save Energy and fight then Quot Exchange your family a list with your neighbors and Send me a copy Quot Ford said Sylvia Porter syndicated columnist on consumer economics had agreed to help launch the citizens crusade. As a Delegate to the Summit conference the columnist had urged Ford on Friday to seek to enlist Public support in the anti inflation efforts. The president recalled the Quot blood toil tears and sweat Quot rallying cry of Winston Churchill to his countrymen in world War ii vowing a i Trust we can avoid blood and tears but i do offer you plenty of toil and sweat. And i will Roll up my sleeves and work every bit As hard As you do starting this weekend until every american is enlisted As an inflation fighter and an Energy Saver and until this Job is Ford signalled his tax Reform plans when he said a government must concern itself with those hit hardest by inflation As examples he said a we must adjust our tax system to encourage savings stimulate productivity discourage excessive debt and to Correct inflation caused he also said a we must provide productive work for those without those two Points a tax Reform and Public service jobs a gained widespread support from conference delegates who voice widely differing viewpoints leading democrats at the Summit attacked the policies of Ford s Republican administration As misdirected or inadequate in an apparent reference to the criticism. Ford said a this is a critical hour in american history. It requires that americans once again Rise above Petty partisan or factional for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Does t matter q. I wondered if a policeman could give you a ticket if you hit a car in a High Point City school parking lot thank you a. There Are no exceptions in locations if you hit a car you can be cited depending on which applies either for driving while intoxicated for reckless driving for exceeding a Safe Speed or for hit and run or leaving the scene of an Accident. It does t matter whether it happens in a private driveway or a municipal school Industrial Church or other private parking lot. Don t ired on it q. Can a police officer give a ticket in a parking lot that is private if you Are an employee and the lot is posted a no trespassing after closing or. P. A. Without knowing what the ticket was for no one can give a positive answer he can be charged with trespassing unless he is on company business and if his Boss wants to enforce the no trespassing signs. About . Relations sen. Javits is optimistic Ford and Mansfield at close of Summit a wire photo Havana apr cautious optimism about the future and a lingering bitterness about the past characterized a meeting saturday on relations Between foreign minister Raul Roa and two american senators. A i have the feeling there Are no inhibitions to discussing the problems Between us a said sen. Jacob k. Javits. Here on four Day Mission by sen. Claiborne Pell a i am confident in my mind this is the opportune time to review our entire relations with Cuba and i have the feeling Cuba is reviewing its relations with us a javits said. Quot somehow some Way somewhere some normalization of relations will take place a he said. The upbeat tone of javits remarks to reporters was tempered somewhat when he noted that two of the sources of cuban american hostility were not ignored during the discussion. A they mentioned the Bay of pigs to us and we mentioned the cuban missile crisis to them in even stronger javits said. The meeting at Cuba s ornate foreign ministry building was the first detailed discussion of u a cuban relations since the two senators arrived Friday afternoon along with 29 representatives of he u s. News Media. The two members of the Senate foreign relations committee met later in the Day with vice prime minister Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and subsequently with cuban president mrs. Ford s surgery Success sorority girl q. I would like to know what the names of the different sororities Are Here in High Point and who you should see about joining one. I am 25 years old and would like very much to join one. Thank you. G. A. If you will Contact Shirley Preyer. 408 w. Parkway 882-6354, she will be Happy to give you information on the Epsilon Sigma Alpha chapters in High Point. They Are non collegiate service sororities More service a oriented particularly Aid to the handicapped than social and they have a Good time too. They Are looking for new members so give her a ring. Cigarette Potency q. Could you give me the address of where i can Send to get a list of cigarettes with tar and nicotine Content thank you. Or. A h. A. You can get a list from the Piedmont lung Assn. P o. Box 21364, Greensboro 27420, or from the National Clearinghouse for smoking and health Rockville my 20852 the list is also available from the superintendent of documents Washington d c 20402, for five cents each or i 50per too. Baby adoptions q. Where can you get adoption tor a child. I am 14 and am pregnant and will really like to know without having parents to sign up tor you. Please hurry with the answer. Thank you. X a. You can Call either the Guilford county dept of social services or the n a children s Home society in Greensboro 274-1538 or the family service Bureau in High Point 883-1709all of these agencies have Counselor to help unmarried pregnant girls. Speedometer checker a is there a place in High Point where i can have the speedometer on my car checked1 i have called several places and no one does this service to my knowledge except a place in Greensboro. The Speed and not the distance it what i want checked. A. A our inquiries Only led to Greensboro too Dixie sales on Battleground of there is someone in High Point who can Check the calibration please sing out. Sound off referring to inquiries about another defensive driving class the a Arp is sponsoring a defensive driving course which will be held at the High Point chamber of Commerce beginning tuesday oct. I i to 3 porn and on the following three tuesdays at the same hour. The instructor will be Carl k. Sutton of the state motor vehicle dept and this is free to everyone wishing to improve their driving ability. J. La. Hoover chairman of committee. Washington a Betty Ford underwent a 2�?~a-hour operation saturday for removal of a cancerous right breast. President Ford said the first lady Quot came through the operation All rights and doctors said they were optimistic she will fully recover. The surgery was described As a Radical Mastectomy involving removal of the breast underlying Chest Muscles and part of the Lymph system that extends under the armpit. Navy capt. William pouty who headed the three Man surgical team said the Outlook for mrs. Ford is favourable. A fall of the Gross tumor was confined to the breast a he said. When asked whether mrs. Ford who is 56, will be Able to live out her Normal life pouty replied a i would Hope that she mrs. Ford went into the operating room at Bethesda naval medical Center in nearby Maryland at 8 05 a in Edt surgeons first removed a nodule from the breast to determine whether it was malignant. It was. And they proceeded with removal of the breast. The operation ended at 11 15 a in. Ford who went to the Hospital by helicopter in a driving rain. Saw mrs. Ford As she was wheeled from the operating room. An hour later he was addressing delegates at the Windup session of his Summit conference on the Economy. Telling them a Betty would expect me to be Here. A i just returned from the Hospital where i saw Betty As she came from the operating room Quot Ford said. Quot or William Lukash has assured me that she came through the operation All at that the delegates applauded. A it s been a difficult 36 hours a the president said. Inside Reading Cates on pork chops Page 2a school columns Page ionic rape problem 2d 3-18d 4a women s news. Section b sports Section c i so 16, 17, 18, 198 obituaries Page 4d a your Faith will sustain at a briefing for reporters the doctors said they found no evidence that the cancer had spread beyond the breast. A More authoritative judgment should be possible in three or four Days after analysis of the removed tissue they said. A Hospital bulletin issued at 6 30 p m. Described mrs. Fords condition As it said. A she is experiencing some Post operative discomfort which is quite Normal for the operation she has undergone mrs. Ford is Alert and spent a few minutes with the president and her family. She will remain on intravenous fluids and under close observation throughout the the Hospital report also said that mrs Ford s condition stabilized nicely in the recovery Ward and she was returned to the presidential suite at 3 p m her blood pressure pulse and respiration Are the next report on mrs Ford s condition was scheduled to he issued at la a in. Sunday. Haldeman Ehrlichman Mitchell Osvaldo porticos in Washington meanwhile sen. Barry Gold water. R-ariz., issued a statement saying that if the trip a is under the Blessing of president Ford and Secretary of state Henry Kissinger the country should be told a Quot i suspect the Senate foreign relations committee has gone further towards a detente with communist Cuba than we have been Coldwater said. A was a senator i resent any inference that they i the senators May be negotiating with Cuba leading to a re recon motion of that country. As Long As it is under communist control we should ignore her a Coldwater said. The program Laid out by the cubans for the two visitors thus far has clearly emphasized the two aspects of the revolution of which the government is most proud health care and education. Shortly after their Friday arrival javits and Pell were Given a lengthy account of the advances in the Public health Field by health minister Jose Gutierrez Muniz. Their saturday morning schedule included a visit to a vocational school outside Havana where they were Given a tour by education minister Jose Fernandez. Fernandez told the two senators and the u s. Press delegation that 99 8 per cent of All children of secondary level school age now attend school compared with 56 per cent 15 years ago. But he aroused some scepticism among his listeners when he asserted that More than 180.-000 cuban workers have signed up voluntarily to take bus Sian language correspondence courses Pell and javits visited a vocational school after a nights sleep of Only five hours. They dropped in on several Block parties Friday night in residential areas where cubans were celebrating the 14th anniversary of the founding of the committees for the defense of the revolution. Israeli patrol arabs clash at Golan Heights tel Aviv. Israel a an israeli patrol clashed with a group of Arab guerrillas in the Golan Heights saturday the israeli military command said. An israeli officer and an Arab gunman were killed. A command communique said the arabs had crossed into Israel from Lebanon it said that a two or three a terrorists escaped after the skirmish the clash was reported near liar Dov a prominent Hill on the Western Side of it. Hermon overlooking an area of Southern Lebanon known As Quot Fatah land because of the concentration of palestinian bases there. Earlier saturday israeli troops captured two Arab guerrillas who had crossed into Southern Israel from Jordan on a sabotage Mission. The military command said the infiltrators were caught after they fired several shots at a car driving along the Arava Road toward Eilat South of the dead sea. None of the car s occupants was hit. A spokesman said the arabs carried weapons sabotage material and leaflets demanding the release of 20 Arab guerrillas held in israeli jails. Sources in Beirut Lebanon reported meanwhile that israeli gunners shelled the South lebanese Village of to Chaab on saturday killing two tobacco Farmers. The tel Aviv High com Mand declined to comment on the reports but the state radio quoting military correspondents said israeli gunners fired a a preventive artillery barrage Quot on Southern lebanese territory. Watergate coverup trial to open Washington api in a Haldeman John i. Ehrlichman and John n Mitchell men who once helped manage the affairs of the nation go on trial tuesday charged with criminal conspiracy in the watergate cover up with three other defendants. They stand accused of trying to hide responsibility for the scandal that felled a president the trial promises to flesh out an epic political Story with information never provided elsewhere coming mainly from the secret tape Hoard of Richard m Nixon s while House. Barring Lith hour Legal mane vering u s District judge John j. Sirica will begin selecting a jury on tuesday to try men who once were Nixon s High command the former president is not a defendant in the Case and Fie has been pardoned for any Federal crime during his presidency thai the trial May expose. But he will have a major role nonetheless a As a witness if his health permits or through his lamed taped conversations if it Doest. The six defendants Are charged with being partners in crime of using a deceit Craft trickery and dishonest Means Quot to prevent investigators from learning about White House involvement in the break in and bugging of democratic party Headquarters in the watergate office Complex to accomplish that the grand jury charged the conspirators altered and destroyed documents lied promised executive clemency and paid hush Money never before have so Many important former government officials gone on trial at fhe same time. They Are Mitchell 61, the pipe smoking former attorney general a leading Law and order spokesman for the Nixon administration former Nixon Law partner and manager of two Nixon presidential campaigns. Charged with conspiring to obstruct Justice obstructing Justice and Lour counts it lying Haldeman 48, Nixon s former right hand Man As Chiel of Statt and a Long time associate who spoke with presidential authority. He w As conceded to be the most powerful aide in the White House. Charged w Ith conspiring to obstruct Justice obstructing Justice and three counts of lying Robert c. Mardian 51, former assistant attorney general in charge it the Justice departments internal Security division until he joined the Nixon re election committee to work tor Mitchell his old Boss. Charged with conspiring to obstruct Justice Kenneth w. Parkinson 47, a lawyer for the committee for the re election of the president member of a prestigious Washington Law firm charged with conspiring to obstruct Justice and obstruction of Justice Gordon c Strachan 31, the Boyish look my longhaired Deputy to Haldeman. Barged with conspiring to obstruct Justice obstructing Justice and one count of per jury each charge carries a maximum penalty of Tive years Iii prison a possible a. Wath Gate on a

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