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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Article is informative High Point Enterprise monday september 30, 1974 7astress ploys an important role i n a Landers says dear Ann the average citizen is being taken for a sucker because he can t help himself. I refer to being ripped off by automobile repair shops. The progressive Magazine lout of Madison. Is is printed a very Good article with suggestions on How or. And mrs. John Public can protect themselves i Hope you will think it is Worth reprinting. Here it is a Midwest Reader a at a rundown Gas station i a from a major interstate Highway a Greasy faced Mechanic Lowers the Hood on a hot 70 Malibu and grins. That will be $73, Soldier plus parts Quot with out of state plates on a downed car. You re at the mercy of the closest repair station but this does t mean you d get a better Deal nearer your own Home. Ifs All a part of a the great american automobile repair Ripoff a it Twenty five billion Crisp Dollar Bills were stacked in the Astrodome and the Money was withdrawn Only to pay for Auto repairs every Buck would be gone in a year a a lot of them wasted. A a the Hest defense is to learn your automobile and How it functions. Considering flow much Money people tie up in their automobiles a Basic course or two could certainly be considered an investment. In the meantime. Play defensively. Here Are some rules a head warranties and guarantees carefully. Look tor the loopholes that will Cost you later. Do they include labor a get an estimate before signing. A ask to see the Flat rate Book and ask what the shop s hourly rate is. Don t let a dealer show you a commercial Flat rate Book for repairs. Commercial books allow More time than factory books a get the work order filled out in full before signing. Cross out All Blank lines a Don i take verbal promises Iron anyone get it in writing a Don t let any shop take your transmission or engine apart until you re sure it needs it. Get another opinion from another shop. Quot avoid places that advertise heavily. The Odds Are against you. Good shops Don t need to buy ads Quot paint or scratch an identifying Mark on major parts to prevent being sold your own gear. A Don t be afraid to Back out if the Price sounds too High a if Hie work int done properly Tell the Hombre you intend to blow the whistle to the Etc the Days office your state s office of consumer affairs the better business Bureau and anybody else you can think of. Then do it. A Barney Halloran in Soldier s Magazine reprinted in the progressive dear Reader thanks for passing along Barney Lla Loran s informative and useful advice. Confidential to again please i need that Book and lost the address with pleasure. A living with everyday problems by Eugene Kennedy. Write to Thomas More press 108 n. Wabash ave., Chicago ii 60601. Send $2.30 which includes postage i Hope it will help you As it has helped thousands of others. Ifs easy Reading and marvellously uplifting planning a wedding what a right what a wrong Ann Landers s completely new a the Bride s guide Quot will relieve your anxiety. To receive a copy Send a Dollar Bill plus a Long self addressed. Stamped envelope 20 cents postage to Ann Landers p o. Box 1400, Elgin. Iii. 60120 social Calendar tuesday to a in. A the High Point Council of Garden clubs meets in the auditorium of the Astor dowdy towers. 7 30 p m a the Pilot club of High Point meets in the Sheraton hotel. The official Board meets at 7 p in. Prior to the main meeting 7 30 p in. A a the High Point Republican women meet at Republican Headquarters. Guest speakers Are senatorial candidates Coolidge Murrow Manley Lewis and Nick Robinson. Wednesday to a in a the Garden study club holds their annual Bazaar at the Home of mrs Julia Watkins on it. 2. Shadow Valier farm. 9 a in a the midweek Garden club hears senator Lynwood Smith at their meeting with mrs p. Y. Adams of 1003 country club or. Noon a the High Point woman s club meets at the Holiday inn downtown. 12 30 p m. A the midweek study club meets with mrs. W. E. Griffith of 810 Sunset or. Thursday 9 30 a m. A the Board of directors for the High Point Junior league meets in the league room at the Owca on Gatewood Avenue. To a in. A members of nature study Garden club meet with mrs. J. D. Martin on Edge Dale drive. By Laurence m Hursh m. I. La give each other As a doctor ifs probably the Best suggestion i can offer in today s world. For we May be literally killing ourselves. Through aggressiveness. Through fear. At the level both of nations and of individuals stress in our lives can be either constructive or destructive. If we push ourselves to achieve fairly and with our own Talent a not at the expense of the other Guy a i think that kind of stress is healthy. If we Are reacting solely to fear and doing this chronically then i think such stress is destructive Why do i qualify the foregoing with the word Quot chronically a let me explain at Massachusetts Institute of technology nutrition researcher or. Robert Lees has advanced a hypothesis regarding a Sticky it is his belief that Quot Sticky platelets Quot in the blood May promote heart disease that blood platelets have become a a Sticky Means they Are More ready to clot. It is often a clot in the coronary artery which is the cause of a heart attack. A Sticky platelets in the blood Are part of the body a response to threat. When we Are aroused by fear or pressure our adrenal glands produce More epinephrine or adrenalin and this increases the ability of our blood to clot in primitive Man this was part of the body a preparation for survival. If wounded the warriors blood would clot faster and he would hopefully survive an injury that otherwise might have caused him to bleed to death. This is a simple Point for us to understand. And today fear or any kind of stress has the same effect. The trouble is the Warrior reacted to stress both through body preparation and physical action. Presumably he weathered the ordeal As does today a athlete for example because the stress does not go on and on perhaps unreached to. But Many of our people Are subject to daily stress which charges them up and then they cannot ease their feelings through action. And if this is chronic they May Well be laying the Way for blood clotting that could Lead to a heart attack. So Don t scare yourself to death with pressures. Adopt the question suggested by some heart researchers a will it be important five years from now a vested suits Are an important look in menswear fashions this fall. Life seem a hopeless s give us a Call. In cloths storage. A Lau tout it a Chamas Lau Nacmias to Ftp of Ingino m m hoi 882-8121 a a a a a my Imi Iasmi n Stoms double Bonus offer Community stainless by Oneida Bonus #1 you save 10.05 when you Purchase this 50-pc. Service for 8 has a Complete selection of the Dollar store vib Intima i sch decoupage Reg. 100.00 Bonus #2 you receive 5 Matching serving pieces. No charge Waring can opener knife Sharpener 13�?� deluxe automatic. Quot clean opener Quot feature. Built in single wheel knife Sharpener for Fine Honing All Kitchen knives. White Avocado Harvest Gold. R it s in a i a i total savings 26.05 Choice of patterns left to right Coronation Paul Revere Louisiana Madrid. W i a Oneida in pm a a a less a a a a f re Mere of one to a m4. Waring portable hand mixer 13&Quot perfect for dorm Home or apartment use. 12 Speed solid state Light but powerful enough for ail mixing jobs. 12 speeds. For Back to school Gorelco shape n dry electric Styler dryer 21�?� for men or women. High heat and Low setting. 5 styling and grooming attachments. Brush drying styling teasing Combs. Will spot dry. Cornwall 4-cup automatic Perc 749 Ideal for one or two people. Shuts off automatically when Coffee is ready. Durable easy to clean polypropylene. Harvest color. Soni Mim to Okai Khz English re. At Westchester or. Next to . Clothing we Reserve the Hight to limit quantities open daily amp sat. To am to 9 pm Hoover steam and dry Iron Ion lightweight so easy to handle. Stainless steel sole plate with up front fabric dial. A a Soi 4 shop monday through saturday 10/9

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