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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy Haiti More data on Page 7a 90th yearn. 270 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 ii a ii Point n. C., saturday afternoon september 28, 1974 26 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c portuguese left pressure nixes demonstrations Lisbon Portugal a president Antonio de Spinola buckled under Strong leftist pressure and called off a mass demonstration by his supporters today. It was the first test of Force Between left and right since the april 25 coup and the left appeared to have carried the Day. Spinola said the demonstration aimed at a leftist would a not be convenient because of a disturbances in Public order earlier the left with the communists in the forefront had issued a Cal to their followers a to take to the streets to prevent the fascist thousands of portuguese from Rural areas and suburbs of Lisbon poured into the capital despite militant leftist attempts to isolate the capital with roadblocks. Tanks and armoured units ringed the presidential Palace where the demonstration was scheduled to be held. The was reported to have arrested scores of persons. Including some identified As extreme rightists apparently trying to carry to the rally. Commandos from the Capi Tal s defense Force joined the self declared a anti fascist Young vigilantes at the roadblocks searching cars and their passengers before permitting them to pass. A member of Spinola s military Junta. Gen. Diego Neto told the associated press there was no disunity within the armed forces. Spinola reportedly has been engaged for weeks in a Power struggle with Premier Vasco con caves leftist coalition of communists. Socialists and centrist popular democrats. Goncalves also Heads the powerful armed forces movement a group of some 300 officers who organized the april 25 coup that nuclear decision said due Washington map the atomic Energy commission is about to precipitate a National crisis with a decision to allow the nuclear Power Industry to use plutonium As fuel say two senators and a group of scientists. A this is perhaps the most dangerous single product known to Man a sen. Walter f. Mondale a Minn said Friday at a joint news conference with sen. Philip s. Hart a Mich. They said the commercial use of plutonium could dramatically increase the dangers of cancer and terrorist activities. J. Gustave Speth a scientist with the natural resources defense Council said an atomic bomb could be fashioned from a Grapefruit sized Lump of plutonium with comparatively Little technical difficulty. Plutonium is a Man made element produced from uranium As a by product of nuclear reaction. It is capable of being processed and recycled for use As fuel in reactors. Uranium the fuel now used in nuclear reactors is not extremely toxic and is not sufficiently Rich in uranium-235 to be fashioned into nuclear weapons according to the Council. Hart Mondale and the Council scientists asked that a decision to permit the use of plutonium As a fuel in commercial nuclear reactor plants be delayed for several years so further studies can be made. An dec spokesman said the Agency s regulatory staff concluded in a tentative environmental Impact statement a that there Are no safeguard related issues which should delay the decision to permit the use of plutonium a overthrew the heirs of the rightist Salazar regime and installed Spinola As president. Newspapers did not publish by order of the information ministry and Only the government controlled National radio network was on the air broadcasting appeals to leftists to remove the barricades on roads leading to the capital. The government announced it would ensure that the pro spi Tiola demonstration denounced in Advance by the left As a fascist plot to launch an ultralight movement went off As scheduled. But the self declared leftist vigilantes pressed for a confrontation urging a everybody into the streets to prevent the fascist demonstration a there were reports that Spinola had assumed special Powers and May have seized control of the government. First lady undergoes malignancy s surgery mrs. Ford before hospitalization a Wir photo Many express views at Ford economic meet Washington a president Fords economic Summit nears its wrap up with Ford having heard As much criticism As Praise and More special pleading than disinterested advice. At fridays opening session Ford heard Blunt advice that he come up with new policies and a fresh economic team. Easing some of the sting of criticism from democrats labor Young people women the poor and consumer representatives were occasional expressions of thanks that the president had taken the trouble to hold the Summit and participate personally. By and Large. Ford sat through presentations by representatives of special interest groups who tended to View the nation s grave economic problems in terms of the plight of their own constituencies. Hep. Sam Deviner Ohio observed at one Point a everyone wants to exercise Economy in every program except his Carol Foreman feisty executive director of the consult or federation of America told the president she went to a pre Summit conference on natural resources thinking the objective was to find ways to lower prices but discovering As she saw it that fellow conferees wanted to raise prices for natural Gas Oil or whatever interest they happened to represent. Ford who displayed Marathon endurance As More than half the crowd straggled away during Friday s Daylong session declared a this is a Welcome breath of fresh air to have this frankness and one target of particular criticism from some conference participants Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur Burns insisted the easy Money policies he heard recommended would fuel inflation and Lead to even higher interest rates. At the same time Burns declared a i can assure you All that there will be no credit crunch in our while no Clear consensus emerged there was wide agreement on the need for tax cuts in the lower income brackets and a Federal Job program for the unemployed. Sitting a few chairs away from the president sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., was among those urging tax Breaks for the poor telling Ford that a economics without Justice is false Solomon Harge a Black representative of Consumers said a the working poor have suffered enough. It is time for somebody else to bite the while Many Industry representatives voiced agreement with Aid to the poor and the jobless most of them urged policies that would boost their profits by giving them Relief from Federal taxes or regulations. Washington a doctors proceeded to remove the right breast of first lady Betty Ford today after finding it cancerous. The president informed at the White House after a surgical Biopsy on his wife prepared to leave for Bethesda naval Hospital and her bedside. He had been scheduled to attend the final Day of the economic Summit conference and deliver a summing up speech. What effect his wife a operation would have on the plans was not Clear. A White House spokesman announced the physicians Vodka and offends russians London a the russians Are seeing red Over an advertisement for British Vodka. Valery zem Skov press attache at the soviet embassy Here walked out of a private showing Friday disgusted at the British firm s latest advertising Campaign film. The offending film clip purported to show soviet leaders atop Lenin a Tomb in Moscow reviewing the May Day Parade and drinking Vlad Vodka which is made in Warrington England. Zem Skov stalked out saying he was making a the strongest possible protest at what he called the taste of the commercials. Another soviet embassy official walked out with him. A we do not like your sense of humor a zem Skov said. A you Are mocking the russian a the Lenin mausoleum is particularly sacred to us and you depict someone drinking a Glass of Vodka publicity men responsible for the advertising Campaign affected a note of concern despite the wide press coverage the incident won for their client in British newspapers saturday. A a they May be laughing themselves silly up there in Warrington but it was a very embarrassing incident a said Don of Sullivan one of the men responsible for the ads. A i spent the rest of the Day looking Over my shoulder for men in leather jackets and big Black cars and i m going away for the findings. A the results of the Biopsy performed on mrs. Ford were unfavourable. An operation to remove her right breast is now under Way Quot said spokesman William Roberts at 9 Roberts said that by saving the results were unfavourable he meant that there was a malignancy. The surgery began shortly after 8 a m. Navy capt w Illiam Fouty chief of surgery at Bethesda medical Center headed the operating team. The schedule called for removal of a Small nodule in the breast to determine whether or not it was cancerous. An examination of a Section of tissue was made immediately. Shortly alter 9 a.m., Roberts an assistant White House press Secretary issued his Brief statement to reporters. A we have great Faith. That everything is Okay a the president said after visiting his 56-year-old wife in the vip suite at Bethesda my. Naval Hospital on Friday night. Mrs. Ford entered the Hospital Friday evening and the White House press Secretary told newsmen the surgery a is to determine through a Biopsy whether the nodule in her right breast is benign or malignant. Should it prove to be malignant surgery would be performed to remove the right the operation began at 8 05 a in. Edt. A White House spokesman said. May augur change . Senators touring Cuba Havana Cuba a two members of the . Senate have begun a four Day tour of Cuba in what could be an historic step toward easing tensions Between the United states and this communist led Caribbean Island. A we Are Here to look. Listen and bring Back to our colleagues whatever information we can a a sen. Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., said Friday after he and sen. Claiborne Pell , stepped from a twin engine seaplane that had flown them from Homestead air Force base. Fla. Javits and Pell members of the Senate foreign relations committee received a Low key reception at Jose Marti Airport As they were met by cuban protocol officers. They planned to meet this weekend with pre Miere Fidel Castro and other top officials a chartered plane carrying 29 . News Media representatives had arrived a Short time earlier. Javits and Pell toured a Havana department store and met with officials of the cuban Public health ministry. Havana radio first mentioned the visit just before Midnight Friday. The broadcast monitored in Miami said the senators stated a wish to visit Cuba to know the real situation there. The senators Are the first members of Congress to visit Cuba since diplomatic relations were severed with the Island nation in 1961. The javits Pell visit marked some other firsts As Well. Their plane and the press flight were the Sirsi . Aircraft to land in Cuba since 1961, aside from refugee flights and the More than 80 commercial airliners hijacked to Here. And it was the first time since then that american newsmen have been admitted to Cuba As a group. American officials have compared the javits Pell visit with the a Ping Pong diplomacy of 1971 in which a visit to the Peoples Republic of China by an american table Tennis team presaged a new Era of .-Chma relations. But these officials cautioned that the thaw with Cuba May be a protracted affair. The javits Pell visit comes on an important weekend for the Castro regime. It is the 14th anniversary of the founding of the committees for the defense of the revolution and Castro plans to deliver a major address tonight Ford economic planning includes housing facet Washington apr Summit conference Friday wants. Be stations that such a president Ford s economic he favored a mortgage sub it was Learned elsewhere program or any other plan will include a new Sidy program of $10 billion that Lynn has asked the emergency support for program of subsidies to with $5 billion for new hous Senate sponsors to delay a housing would turn the in reduce the Cost of Home my and $5 billion for old non on their Bill until the and Dusty around from its remortgages administration housing. He said it would ministration version is pressed state this year sources say. Support 350,000 Homes. Ready. A the die is cast for the rest the effect will be to make the program being consid Lynn told newsmen that he of this year no matter what. It possible for people to of t red by the administration should have the authority Ina we do now a he said. The a Jug Tam Home mortgages at a would be known As a tandem tandem program to make the Long Lead time required in lower interest rate than they program. Subsidies available if interest planning and building Homes otherwise would have to pay. A Home buyer would obtain rates stayed High and to sus Means that it would take can inn pct i it can u Vii of to Cut tit in housing and Urban affairs a mortgage at an interest Pend them if they began fall months for the Impact of a senator Pell Center with hand outstretched Secretary James t. Lynn rate below the going rate. My. Program to be Felt he sex with senator javits in Havana said he could support a the Federal government then but he warned against explained. In program of up to $8 billion in would buy the mortgage mortgage subsidies with $3 from the issuer such As a pm a a a Pat in in ba.,0 Bantin us fir a Ajdlon Eia Uon. Allot St maces 1110011119 product Loii Lynn indicated to newsmen Lynn noted that a similar a a at the economic Summit program for $3 billion was Detroit apr strikes of Anderson ind., entered its third Day joiners Union local 2993 at Arvin in Detroit Lynch Road Ana Windsor conference Friday he put into operation earlier this feeling All four major . Auto today. Dustrich has created a shortage of int plants and Lay off 9,300 workers favored such a program but year and the Money was makers Are crippling production and Union officials reported Progress catalytic converters for pollution for at least a week starting monday. Stopped Short of predicting it used up in two in prompting layoffs of thousands of in substantially reducing the number control and exhaust systems for Ford the firm said it would be forced to would be recommended by a Bill has been introduced. To 7. J the administration. In the Senate or the same a Quot a in the. Local contract and Chrysler. Shul murther Plant and an termed source kind of program but Lynn motors laces a parts Short issues were not revealed tentative by Oil by. Al workers on on 7the however confirmed such a it lacks the flexibility Ake stemming from a local contract i he Plant is Tims sole supplier of 1 Arvin strike continues program was in the works to that the administration dispute and american motors generators ignition systems and a. Ill Finif a a. A a production lines at american Aid the depressed housing in car production is shutdown by variety of ,. Nus kids re motors plants in Milwaukee and Dusty and to encourage of tii. A a National strike. Ford has already company spokesmen said a lengthy an 1 n w 1 r 1 Gnu to 0,1 1 u Kenosha wis and Brampton ont., Home buying Holt s inside i shut Down plants and Chrysler plans strike could Force a gradual closing p1 Opo Sain Aufu remained shut for the second straight the housing Industry has to because of a walkout at a key parts of Jmes 117 plants beginning Early Ford said it will Lay Oil 6,350 week Friday in a National strike by been hard hit by the record amusements a supplier. Next week. The Auto maker employs workers monday when it shuts its 15 000 Caw workers High interest rates in the Bridge .16a potentially the most serious is a 400,000 hourly workers. Ruck plants in Wayne Mich., and talks in Milwaukee on a new Ira said hot h Home by Ildi nit mar. Luik stake at a key parts making Complex meanwhile Ford motor co and Oakville ont., and car plants in National pact Between am and the and Hoin buying housing 1 Ros sword .16a a Indiana which threatens to cause a Chrysler corp. Said they will have a Louisville ky., and Mahwah. N j Union broke off wednesday starts in August were Only editorial4a shut Down of All pm Assembly total of nine plants shut Down and Ford sent 9,800 workers Home Friday am has Laid Oft 3.600 workers not slightly More than half the obituaries i. 3a facilities within a week nearly 25,000 workers Laid off after closing plants in Dearborn covered by the National agreement total of a year earlier. Sports. 8-9a, a t16 strike by 14,000 members of because of a strike at a key parts Mich., Norfolk va., and san Jose it its Toledo Ohio jeep Plant sen. Edward Brooke h television. Sec. B United Auto workers Union local 662 supplier in Franklin ind. Calif. Because of a parts shortage resulting Mas told the economic weather. 7a at pm 14 Delco Remy plants in the strike by the carpenters and Chrysler said la would shut its from the strike i a

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