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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher Good afternoon tax bite outcasts necessities of life David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joe Brown editor 4a saturday september 38, 1974 from the Raleigh news amp observer the compassionate Greenspan most americans Are familiar with president Ford s compassion for his predecessor. Well. Ford in t the Only soft hearted person in the executive Branch. There s also Alan Greenspan late of Wall Street who is the president s new chairman of the Council of economic advisers. Greenspan is not one of those Tough types who gets an important policy making Post and promptly forgets his friends or where he came from. No sir. He has feelings like anyone else and he s not afraid to show them which he did at a mini Summit conference in Washington on health education and welfare inflation. Greenspan unabashedly told the delegates that inflation hurts All across the spectrum of society and that Quot if you really want to examine who. Percentage Wise is really Hurt the most in these incomes it s Wall Street he gushed. Quot i mean their incomes have gone Down the from the Gastonia Gazette now. A broker can get Only $70,000 for his seat on the new York Market compared to the 1908 Price of $515,000 look at poor old Richard Jenrette for example head of Donaldson Lufkin amp Jenrette he a Riding the subway now from his Home on fashionable Sutton place instead of his usual taxi. Some of the Fellows have taken to driving taxis bar tending and Selling shoes after hours. Imagine that. Greenspan s outburst of compassion Drew jeers and sneers from the delegates Many of whom represent folks who drive taxis tend bars. And sell shoes full time for a living. The delegates Are an unfeeling Bunch obviously and do not have the capacity to empathize with Greenspan s concern for brokers or his opposition to antitrust Laws or his opposition to progressive income taxes or to consumer legislation. That s part of the trouble with America today. Not enough compassion in Low places. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus did you know that the people of this country paid More in taxes last year than we spent for the three main necessities of life a food shelter and clothing yes americans paid collectively $396 billion in Federal state and local taxes. Most of us can to even comprehend All those billions a but for food we paid $179 billion for housing $116 billion for clothing $81 billion for a total of $376 billion or $20 billion under what he handed Over to the tax collectors. In less than to years the tax take has More than doubled a that a inflation and the per capita tax grab has jumped $200 a year for the past three years so that this year every Man woman and child in this country will feel the tax bite on a $2, Khz average for past increases will look modest compared with inflation pressures governments face right now. The figures Are shocking As they reveal tax hikes Are eclipsing income gains to Rise More rapidly than wages and salaries than National income and than the Gross National product. Ifs positively frightening when taxes eat up More dollars than do the essentials of our living. Quot inflation is an ally of the tax grabber Quot says Walter j. Campbell consulting editor of Industry week who adds that Quot some Call it rape Quot too few americans have any precise idea of How much they really Are paying in taxes a direct and indirect a but what the figures now reveal ought to be shocking. Henry e. Price who was executive director for the redevelopment commission Here for five years was Back visiting recently. After surveying the redevelopment scene he said he sees a lot of confusion and distortion showing but he still feels that Quot the Diamond in the rough is beginning to Rise and show itself in spite of unnecessary and deplorable incidentally the mayor of Morehead City where he now lives while maintaining a Law office also at Washington has appointed him to the Morehead City downtown development committee a work he anticipates for what he terms Quot a marvelous the children a Carousel theatre will conduct its annual ticket Sale next week for its fifth season three productions by new York actors will bring live theatre to Don t hold your breath sen. Jesse Helms says that he plans to introduce another budget balancing Bill in Congress. He has introduced such a Bill five times in the past and he has Only been in Washington now going on his second year. The first time his Bill was Defeated soundly. The last time it almost squeaked through going under by a vote of 46-43. Each time. Helms called for a Roll Call vote and got his colleagues on record. Perhaps this is one reason the complexion of the vote is changing. When Helms introduces his next Bill. He plans to put a Little picker in it this time he proposes that if Congress fails to balance the budget then the salaries of All senators and congressmen shall be reduced by the exact percentage that Congress fails to balance the budget. Don t hold your breath. Senator on getting that Bill into Law. From the Christian science Monitor wounded knee and Justice governmental injustice in Pursuit of Justice has no place in the United states. With the dismissed Ellsberg Case still fresh in memory u s. District judge Fred Nichol has delivered the message again in dismissing charges against the two leaders of the Indian occupation of wounded knee. S.c., last year. It is time for governmental agencies to prove decisively that the kind of misconduct criticized by the judge belongs to the past a and that what he called Quot a bad year for Justice Quot does give Way to a a new chapter written by a new president a despite the doubts now Felt by the judge. After the illness of a juror government refusal to accept an 11-Man jury precipitated the dismissal of assault conspiracy and larceny charges against Russell Means and Dennis Banks. The two men controversial even within the Broad and urgent movement for Indian rights still face other prosecution As Well As the possible Appeal of the present decision. Meanwhile the country is left once More with an inconclusive Legal proceeding in a context judicially condemned prosecution tactics judge Nichol was particularly concerned about the Federal Bureau of investigation whose agents were found to have participated in illegal phone tapping untrue testimony withholding and altering documents and other dubious practices. When Clarence Kelley became head of the Fri last year he said there would be no illegal wiretapping or other tactics requiring agents to break the Law a to do their it is incumbent upon him the Justice department and the government in general to assure that the spirit and substance of his words Are maintained at All Levels. From the Asheboro courier Tribune knee deep in september a famed poet once wrote about being knee deep in Well it is now about knee deep in september which Means the first Day of autumn has passed and we Are on the Way to being knee deep in leaves to Rake. Poets Are Quick to write of the beauties of Spring and then forget we have to Rake and Pitchfork them into piles in the fall. A chore yes. But one that benefits us for we Are urged to get out in the blessed Cool weather and exercise a Little amid the colors of the autumnal Rainbow known As coloured Leaf show. Now that fall is officially upon the county we can revel in what the season does to the soul first there is that turnip Patch in the Back Yard. A the feel of Security to see them grow and provide for the Winters Larder. A turnip Patch is a Security Blanket to the old timer. For come what May there will be turnip greens and turnips to eat All Winter. From the Southern Pines Pilot fall brings the Delight of walking in the Woods and even the harried businessman is tempted by the beckoning path into the canopy of Bronze and Golden leaves overhead and often Parks his car and stretches his legs in search of goodies of the Forest nuts and autumn grapes the hiding place of the Squirrel and Rabbit in Case a Hunting trip ensues. And even a handful of Leafy bronzed branches and seed pods for my lady s table vase to bring a Little of autumn indoors. Autumn Means pumpkins on the porch and a festive look about the place the making of Apple cider and the wearing of sweaters the constant look at the thermometer and the urge to turn the heat on. And the last week of september bring us up Short that of Tober fests Are about to break out All Over the county. Autumn is a melancholy time when Birds begin to flock but there Are Many weeks left yet to enjoy the great outdoors with the i Wharrie mountains As a backdrop school records opened we think the new Law which makes school records open to parents and guardians is a Good one it s a Federal Law contained in the elementary and secondary education funding act recently approved by president Ford state officials say they expect local school authorities to establish policies consistent with the new Law. There s a provision in the Law that if a Parent or guardian finds information in the student s file which they believe to be wrong or misleading they can ask the school principal to initiate proceedings to remove or Correct the information. This is important and this right should be available to All citizens who have files on them floating around the country a and make out out damned spot Washington merry go round school children in this area for enjoyment of kindergarten and lower elementary Grade children. In order to satisfy needs of older children another series the Carousel adventure theatre will offer three productions. Cost of season tickets for both series is $3.50. Sales will be at All kindergartens and elementary schools from oct. I to oct. 8. No single admissions will be sold. The plays will again be at Ferndale Junior High school this season careful supervision by hostesses is promised for the children during the hour Long performances. All third Grade children in the Public schools will go free to the children s Carousel theatre performance during school time and will be transported to and from the performance on school buses. This free performance is made possible from donations from within the High Point business Community and private individuals. Performances for children s Carousel theatre Are scheduled for Quot Ginnochio Quot a nov. 4-5 Quot the sorcerer s apprentice Quot and Quot Peter and the Wolf Quot a Jan. 13-14 Quot Pippi Long stocking Quot a april 14-15. The performances for Carousel adventure theatre will be Quot the Midnight ride of Paul Revere Quot a oct. 23 Quot passing through Quot a Jan. 30. A Connecticut Yankee Quot a feb 24. Congratulations to High Point s own Charlie Harvel As he celebrates 25 years of sports broadcasting. He started out announcing i Toms games for $1 a game proceeded into radio and television and has directed sports for Channel eight Here from the time it went on the air. Or Ben r. Lacy is Back from Rocky mount where he preached for the 49th consecutive year a special commemorative Sermon at first presbyterian Church which named its educational building for that grf cat presbyterian mister educator ,. A note from mrs. Eccles Scott the former Ruby Hepler advises that expo 74 is doing will at Spokane. Wash not at Portland. Oregon As mis stated Here last week. She adds that Eccles is still enjoying the Hunting in that part of Hie country death of mrs. Margaret Mcadams Harbison at 104 takes one of the pioneering women office workers who served Industry in earlier Days Here a As Secretary to j. H. Adams. From the beginning of that a High Piont hosiery Mill shot did t get married until she was 55 years old and then bleed almost 50 years longer knitting numberless afghans for family and friends. Senator Edward Kennedy s decision to withdraw him Salt from any candidacy in 197$ is generally applauded for it clearly would have been a dangerous Campaign for him his party and the nation. He is a commanding political figure but he recognizes that his family responsibilities a and especially his wife s emotional Strain As Well As his son s loss of a leg a preclude his giving a Campaign the time and attention it would require too. There s a hangover from Chappaquiddick that would inescapably haunt Bim As would the fact that he s the last of the Lite Joe Kennedy s boys surviving the deadly wars of american politics it would have been difficult for him to win. And yet he would also have been difficult to beat had he chosen to run tor the presidency. His decision enables a More orderly approach to that democratic nomination now High pointers still at their summer Homes in blowing Rock write to say that plans for immediate rebuilding of the burned Down country club Are already under Way with the View to its restoration More modernized and air conditioned than Ever at the earliest possible moment. The architect is already working on plans to that reconstruction. Meanwhile hound ears country club officials have graciously invited members of the blowing Rock country club to utilize their club facilities close by pending restoration of their clubhouse. Meanwhile the splendid blowing Rock Golf course is in use inasmuch As the pro shop escaped damage from the tire that razed completely the clubhouse. Mafia talker lives a thousands deaths no mistake about it. There Are such files on just about everybody such secret dossiers Are tied in with social Security numbers As Well As military service papers and the american civil liberties Union is currently waging a Campaign to seek remedies which will restore the rights of privacy to american citizens More than Likely such files contain wrong information but at the present time there is nothing a person can do about it. It can however Rise up to destroy an individual at any time. Schools of All places should not be harbouring secret information. Students Are protected from the prying curious because Only parents or guardians will have Access to their files that is the Way it should be and in our opinion the new Federal Law is the right course by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington in a faraway City a reformed mafia lieutenant lives in quiet desperation under an assumed identity. He had been a big shot manicured soaped and pomade with a bankroll to Flash in his Cadillac Days. Now the Justice dept has thrown him on welfare he keeps doped up on Tranquili Zers around every Corner. In every Shadow he expects to be confronted by mafia avengers who have orders to kill him on sight for his testimony against them. He is afraid even to Tell his new wife about his past. Quot i Hope any Man in the mafia in his right mind does not go Over to the he wrote us bitterly. Quot i have died a thousand deaths Ever since i started testifying. I have kept my promises. But As i write this i live in fear with a knot in my stomach Quot is this what happens to witnesses who risk their lives to testify against powerful criminals the answer All Loo often is yes after their usefulness is at an end they Are often neglected by the government promises made by prosecutors Are forgotten by their successors. The Fate of informers has become common knowledge in the underworld. This discourages new defectors from stepping Forward and testifying against the crime lords. Thus the Battle against organized crime has been compromised by government indifference. Mobsters Haven t forgotten for example what happened to the late Joe a la cd i who in 1963 ripped the veil of secrecy from the mafia he tried to get a message out of prison that he was ready to talk instead the word got Back to his fellow inmates yet prison officials shoved the frightened Panicky Valachi Back into his four Man cell. If somebody tries to kill you they told him just let us know "1 11 Call you when i m dead Quot Valachi replied. Not until he battered an inmate to death with an Iron pipe mistaking him for a mafia enforcer was Valachi taken out of the prison and turned Over eventually to the Fri for 15 months he talked reluctantly at first then in a torrent. He told about the mafia godfathers a How they lived How they prospered How they died most of them violently he tried to explain that this criminal conspiracy operated above and beyond the Law. Too Rich. Too powerful too evil to be stopped. Quot you Don t understand Quot he would say. Quot it s just like a second after Valachi had been drained of information he was returned to solitary confinement for the rest of his Lite. It was too dangerous to let him associate with other prisoners. Sometimes he rapped with the guards. But most of the time he just brooded once he unsuccessfully tried to hang himself. Deserted by family and friends terribly alone in a Texas prison cell he died in 1971 Valachi was followed by other informers perhaps the most important was Eugene b. Ayotte Swarthy handsome flashy who was known in the Detroit mob As Quot Johnny a Quot he has now been All but abandoned by the prosecutors who persuaded him to take the witness stand against his former associates. From his hiding place where he now lives under a false identity he has told us his Story la is a tale of broken promises ruined health destroyed marriages and snarled bureaucratic tape he began to think about defecting in 1968 after 20 years in crime he faced a Long prison sentence and his children had turned against him he sent word from his jail cell that he wanted to talk to the Fri. A meeting was arranged in a guarded room at Detroit s Federal building this was followed by at least 30# trips to the Federal building he told the Fri what he knew about the mafia. He also began to testify Belore grand juries. Yet despite the secrecy a Kwoni was out in the underworld that i was talking Quot he said he wound up at Terre haute Federal Penitentiary where the word was spread that he was an Fri songbird a the inmates tried to pick a fight with me in the Yard. It got so i go outside. I ate in the dining room by myself. You have no idea of the scared feeling you carry around inside and the one night fearful prison officials came to his cell and notified him that a contract Quot was out on him a a death order from the mafia. Marshals hustled him of. He was. They said Quot a hot he was rushed by police car escort to a county jail where he was dumped unaccountably Quot in a drunk tank where they keep All the a winos and skid Row Johnny a who once had driven a White Cadillac sported expensive jewelry and squared Detroit s prettiest molls spent almost seven weeks in the drunk tank without a bed or sheets. A my nerves were on he said a from the bums screaming and having the still he continued to cooperate there was nothing else left tor him to do. A there i was going against the he said. Referring to the mafia. A i can t begin to explain the tightness in my he spent much of the next two years in motels. Often in the twin bed next to him was an agent. He passed from the custody of one Federal Agency to another. Quot i never witnessed so much confusion and jealousy among govern ment he marvelled at last. Ayotte was offered a new life wherever he wanted to relocate in a future column we will give his amazing account of his Hie in hiding letters to the editor comments on role of the press to Thi editor rec mily you carried a Large a d extolling the Virtues and w Wisdom of the constitutional provision for a free pass As you interpret that provision As usual nothing was said of the responsibility that of necessity should be the Gover Noring i actor of a truly free objective unbiased Means of informing and educating the Public. In actual practice there is. And has not been a truly free unbiased Means of Public information in this country and no group is More aware of this than the Media itself. It has become the one most powerful domineering and arrogant forces in our lives. In Many parts of the world the Media is carefully supervised or controlled from outside its ranks it could and May happen Here arid if it does the Media will be largely responsible due to its a fancied excesses let s Hope it never happens a suggestion or two if i met a be so bold break up these Large com Bines that control the vast majority of our news gathering and disseminating mechanism second take a Good hard look at the idea that the Media is above and beyond being called to account by the duly established institutions of the people and Are immune from the libel Laws by the simple expedient of retraction. In today s sunday s paper there appeared two articles which illustrates some of the Points mentioned above. In one your reporter really outdone himself in making a Davidson county candidate look ridiculous and self serving when All the poor Guy was doing was Normal for the occasion of there was any pettiness involved it appears your reporter let it hang out in ending his article by stating another picture was used even though a press deadline was nearly missed he put that Guy in his place did t he and then added a Little Salt for seasoning with today s article ainu to the Power of the press Heady stuff in the other article your reporter redefined the word pragmatic and made it appear there was something sinister about being practical or useful ignoring the lad that where there is no maintenance of order there can be no real Equality in the administration of Justice and further a society that fails to protect the majority and the minority from injustice has jailed to justify any claim to a free and Well ordered society his borrowed conclusions were Well stated and would be Wise if heeded his rationale however was illogical and slanted he ignores the time proven theory of cause and effect As Weil As the tact that Freedom of thought and action does not excuse one from the consequences of having made a wrong Choice Herr Adolph and Bonita found this out your writer does no to appear to know what he really believes hut flounders in the great Gray area of self ngh Tous humanism. William Tucker 318 playground re

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