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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor adding up costs of Nixon sex presidency 4a thursday september 26, 1974 Oil is the master key to Many people the Way to bring inflation under control is to balance the Federal budget. The problem is deciding How to balance the budget. Are taxes to be increased or is spending to be Cut a balanced budget is not Likely to resolve the current dilemma of the Economy single hand edly however. Prices Are rising amidst shortages of materials slackening demand and declining productivity. These contradictory economic conditions have their origins in the higher costs for crude Oil. The Impact is worldwide in Western Europe and Japan As Well As in the United states. Economies everywhere Are being wrenched by the increase in Oil prices in the past year. Until some solution is found to this problem not All the balanced budgets in the world will bring inflation to Heel and restore a measure of equilibrium to International Trade. The problem is obvious in the financial figures. The Oil producing countries Are realizing from two to three billion dollars every week from the importing nations principally in Western Europe. With the quadrupling of Oil prices in the past year the Oil producing countries could accumulate $650 billion in five years and up to $1.2 trillion by 1985. No country in the world not even the United states has the reserves to respond to this situation. The foreign Exchange and Gold owned by the United states for example is Only $14 billion. West Germany has reserves of $34 billion. But this could be wiped out overnight literally by the higher Oil prices. The pressures Are already obvious. International balance of payments accounts Are fluctuating widely even for the United states. Balance of payments deficits for such countries As great Britain for example Are increasing alarmingly. Italy is nearly insolvent India is on the verge of insolvency. Inflationary pressures which already were troubling the worlds economies Are being pushed to the bursting Point by High Oil prices. In the View of president Ford the High Oil prices have raised the risk of a a breakdown of world order and speaking to the world Energy conference in Detroit the president said a it is difficult to discuss the Energy problem without lapsing into doomsday language. The danger is Clear. It is Treasury Secretary William Simon and Secretary of state Henry Kissinger have also spoken out within the past week about the dangers posed by higher Oil prices. Their message was that no nation including the Oil producing countries could escape the consequences of a collapse in the worlds Economy. The administration is calling for closer cooperation Between Western Europe and the United states in the use of Energy. President Ford in his speech last week before the United nations indicated that the United states would use food As a weapon in the fight to control and lower Oil prices. Other possibilities Are joint conservation of Energy among countries and a pooling of Energy for disaster situations. Each country is also going to have to respond with its own efforts to conserve Domestic use of Energy and the development of new sources of Energy. Rationing of Energy supplies might have to be resorted to. The political and economic consequences of such actions will be severe. There will be no controlling of inflation however until a balance is restored in the demand and the Cost of Oil around the world. Bedtime stories the phenomenon of a a doublethink and of Parkinson a Law and the Peter principle both at work can be seen in the administration of gov. James Holshouser. A a doublethink was described by George Orwell in his novel �?o1984.�?� it is the language of a government in which words Are used exactly opposite of their meanings. Thus War becomes peace and peace is War. Gov. Holshouser spoke the language of doublethink when in a speech at China Grove he said the addition of 13,000 new jobs in state government would not effect efforts to Cut Down waste and improve efficiency in the management of the state bureaucracy. He cited the addition of 10,000 new jobs in education 1,200 jobs in mental hospitals 527 new jobs in the prison system and the addition of too men to the state Highway patrol. The new jobs were approved by the general Assembly in its budget authorizations but gov. Holshouser accepted the credit. A i make no apologies for providing better patient care in mental institutions better controls in our prison system or a More progressive education program that puts More teachers in the classroom a the governor said. The question remains however How the addition of 13,000 new jobs works to improve the efficiency and management of the government and Cut Down on waste at the same time. Were 13,000 jobs eliminated elsewhere in the state government or is an expanded bureaucracy with its expanded costs indeed the Way to achieve efficiency and Economy Parkinson a Law and the Peter Princi projecting the news pie work together. In Parkinson a Law a bureaucracy achieves greater importance in proportion to the amount of. Paper work it. Passes Back and Forth across its desk. The Peter principle describes How members of the bureaucracy Rise to the level of their own incompetence. The governors office appears to be afflicted with both the Law and the principle. The staff has been increased to 28 and the governor s office has been expanded Over the entire first floor of the general administration building As Well As a portion of the Capitol building. The Cost to the taxpayers is Well Over $100,000, even As several Hundred thousand dollars More Are being spent to renovate and refurbish the governors traditional offices in the Capitol building a the Capitol was Nice and All but it just did no to lend itself to the office a Jack Childs the governors press Secretary explained. The Capitol did not lend itself to the new plus Ness obviously. Even some clerical workers now have their private offices the assistant to the governors press Secretary has a private Secretary and each of the gubernatorial aides has his own private office with secretaries in adjoining rooms. One of the gubernatorial aides Phil Kirk has three secretaries two with Semi private offices. A we just Felt the offices should befit the position a Childs explained further. Both the explanation and the lushness Are out of tune with the image of Economy and spartan integrity projected by the Holshouser administration when it came into office. Black political Power the congressional Black caucus and the joint Center for political studies will cosponsor a workshop on Black legislative priorities for 1975 on Friday in Washington do. The Black vote in America has often been described As a bloc vote and with Good reason. From the end of the civil War to the m�d1930s, Black voters cast their ballots mostly fur republicans a the Standard bearers of the a party of emancipation a the new Deal programs of Franklin d. Roosevelt brought about a mass movement of Black voters into the democratic Camp. And there for the most part they have remained. Now president Ford appears intent on winning Back at least part of the Gopas Black support. In a Well publicized gesture he met at the w Hite House aug. 21 with the congressional Black caucus whose 16 members Are All democrats. Although 15 caucus members had voted against Ford s confirmation As vice president professed to have been pleased with meeting. More recently the president conferred with 30 Black republicans and assured them most theby Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington its going to Cost the taxpayers Well Over $1 million a year to keep Richard Nixon in his accustomed style. Rattling behind the scenes for this Bountiful budget Are two Nixon appointees general services administrator Art Sampson and budget director Roy Ash. The Day after Nixon gave up the presidency and retired to san Clemente in disgrace Sampson flew out to California to meet secretly with Nixon aides Ron Ziegler and Steve Bull. They talked about All the Money it would take to set up the former president As a private citizen. Then Sampson and Ash put their Heads together and decided to request the Royal sum of $850,000 for the transition. Routinely president Ford sent their request to Capitol Hill with his Blessing. There was an outcry from members of Congress who complained this was too much Money to lavish on a president who had resigned to avoid impeachment and conviction. Except for a timely Pardon they noted Nixon might have wound up in prison where his keep would have Cost the taxpayers considerably less. A subcommittee headed by rep. Tom Steed d-okla., has now recommended slashing the $850,000 transition Money Down to $393,000. This would include a $60,000 pension and a $96,000 staff which Nixon will continue to news tem Oil companies overcharge $ million Good afternoon draw for the rest of his life. The generous Sampson has also exempted Nixon from paying rent on the government office space he is using in California. Sampson tried to Tell us this merely avoids a double but it also provides Nixon with $100,000 Worth of free office space which wont have to come out of his budget. In addition to All this it will Cost the secret service at least $622,000 a year to protect the former president. This figure does no to include another $300,000, which is now spent to protect his estate at key Biscayne Fla. The bodyguards Are expected to be withdrawn from key Biscayne by the end of the year. Sampson also does no to like to talk about the entourage which is now serving Nixon at san Clemente. At least 32 persons Are working directly for Nixon but Are paid by assorted government agencies. Their salaries add up to a whopping $576,000. Because they Are a on detail a they can also collect $40 a Day for expenses. On loan from the White House at a salary of $42,500, for example is former press Secretary Ron Ziegler. He brought along his favorite press assistant pretty Dianne Sawyer who makes $21,000. Yet there is no press office at san Clemente. Nixon has gone into such Complete seclusion that Wise acres have dubbed san Clemente a Elba yet the no speaking Nixon is attended by speechwriter Ray Price at a $40,000 salary. A former Nixon attorney Mike Sterlacci is also on a temporary assignment at san Clemente drawing Down $28,263 from the taxpayers. The sex presidents Loyal Secretary Rose Mary Woods still collects her $36,-000 paycheck from the White House and Steve Bull receives $34,000 As Nixon a chief errand boy. Seven other White House employees Are a a detailed to Nixon. The defense department has loaned him another five men including three chauffeurs. Nixon a personal maid and Valet meanwhile have been placed quietly on the National Parks service payroll. And the Loyal Sampson has assigned la maintenance workers from the general services administration to keep the Nixon estates in tip top shape. Congress has had so much difficulty getting full information on the Nixon spending that sen. Joseph Montoya d-n.m., has fired off a private letter to the budget chief demanding a a comprehensive and Complete listing of All Federal personnel detailed to the former president. This information a Montoya added a must be delivered to the subcommittees offices by the close of business september 23.�?� footnote Sampson defended the Nixon budget As appropriate and necessary. He contended that the Lyndon Johnson transition had Cost $541,800, which did no to include the time spent cataloguing the Johnson papers while he was still in office. Washington whirl to combat inflation sen. Barry Coldwater r-ariz., has set a better example if he gave up the $7,800 annual air Force retirement which he collects on top of his $42,500-a-year Senate . James Abourezk d-s.d., will try to Cut off military pensions to retired officers who collect Federal salaries in excess of $36, recently counted 40 repressive governments a which receive . Aid. Sen. Alan Cranston d-calif., using a different definition tallied 57 authoritarian regimes on the Dole. All told the american taxpayers have shelled out an astounding $164 billion in foreign Aid since the end of world War troubled Young consumer advocate named Larry Finkelstein wrote us a note just before he leaped to his death. The note urged the press to fight the a inordinate influence of special interest frustrated White House Pijie complained to us a everyone wants to Stop inflation at someone else a Adams Pinch hits at life of Carolina that they a have a Friend in the White mrs. Ford kept the Bali rolling by addressing a luncheon meeting of the National Council of negro women. She pledged her support for a you women who will Lead the nation Down the path of Equality a not Only racial and sexual but for ail Equality a such efforts to gain favor among Black voters raised scarcely a murmur of protest. From the end of reconstruction until the Advent of the new Deal however any such move would have created an uproar. Theodore Roosevelt criticized for inviting Booker t. Washington to the White House said in a letter to novelist Owen Wister in 1906 a now As to the negroes i entirely agree with you that As a race and in the mass they Are altogether inferior to the thus Franklin Roosevelt a decision to Appeal openly for Black votes was an act whose audacity cannot be adequately appreciated today. Historian Arthur m. Schlesinger or. Wrote a nothing in the politics of the new Deal was More daring than the project of combining in the same party the descendants of the slaveholders and the descendants of the slaves a by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus retired banker j. Roscoe Adams who held already chairmanship of life Assurance company of Carolina is serving now As acting president of that locally based insurance outfit pending the locating and employment of a successor to the late Grover h. Cole whose untimely death occurred last week. Or. Coleus death from cancer came so quickly and unexpectedly that no one was training to be his successor for he was the picture of health until the sudden development that took his life. Fortunately Board members had a financially adept Man in or. Adams who agreed to Pinch hit there while directors seek a successor to or. Cole. That frightfully destructive storm which struck Honduras to claim thousands of lives causes anew shudders among a group of investors including several High pointers who lost a million Dollar investment in a thousand acres of bananas wiped out completely three years ago by the backlash of a similar honduran storm that swept across Honduras and then blasted Costa Rica on its Trail of destruction. The entire crop As Well As the Trees was a Complete loss but from it those americans Learned regretfully How destructive storms can be in that area a now it s Hon Duras that s hit again. It will be three or Lour weeks yet before the mountains of Western North Carolina reach their Peak of autumnal Beauty. We spent the weekend at blowing Rock and Boone where red Maples were taking on color presaging even prettier picture Book scenery to come around mid october. However an Avalanche of caterpillars is testing upon much of the foliage along the Parkway chewing ugly holes in the Sylvan scenery As they Lay their eggs that will Batch a new and larger crop of Cater pillars for next seasons destructiveness. Too Pine beetles Are laying waste vast amounts of Pine even As owners fight to Rescue As much of the damaged Trees As they can in an Effort to Block spread of that hideous visitation. The Hills were never lovelier that they Are now after a summer in which vegetation thrived from Bountiful Rains. They will put on their fall show when Jack Frost begins writing his name across those mountains on frosty mornings already appearing up there. We were struck too with the Way gasoline is cheaper generally in Northwest North capital viewpoint Carolina running from 3 to to cents lower than prices in this Piedmont area. There a something out of gear with this nation s gasoline Supply business that Calls for a Long hard look from Washington and elsewhere to find just what chicanery is holding gasoline prices up artificially and so be variously As to cry for drastic and positive action to bring those prices More reasonably into line. A you know i went the highest of anybody Ever at High Point College a proclaimed b. L. Southern a retired contractor who lives in Randolph county on Thomasville it. 3. We chanced to meet in a Barber shop where we Learned upon a bit of prodding that it was he and Earl Wise who built the Tower atop Roberts Hall in 1923 on a sub contract from the late r. K. Stewart. We told him that he must live done a very Good Job for it had served faithfully for Over half a Century and was now being replaced with a fibreglass covering we dare Hope will last As Long again. Paul Ingle Back in his seat on the Airport commission after a cardiac bout is overjoyed at the major service improvement Eastern air lines will effect beginning dec. 5 to provide one Day service to and from Atlanta As the single Stop on a Large Liou whisper liner 256-passenger plane that will carry passengers and a vast amount of freight to Sar Juan puerto Rico daily. He feels it will draw freight tray it Fie into and through the Greensboro High Point Winston Salem terminal at Friendship where the big Bird will be based to Fly out each morning and Back that evening. It is a major enhancement of freight and passenger service by an Eal enlarging its base locally. More disparity than Justice in the courts by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Assn. We use the term a delivery system when we talk about medical care. It is the Means and process by which people obtain the treatment they May need chiefly from the nations physicians and hospitals. The term has to do both with their availability and their competence. There is a a delivery system in the Field of Law too a the Means and process by which Justice is meted out to offenders As Well As to the innocent who Are offended against. In this a delivery system a the nation s judges Are the primary agents and to them we have Given immense Power and wide latitude. A men May be equal before the Law although some doubts have been raised about that of lat but the Law is not equally administered by those charged with the responsibility of administering it. In a recent Survey 50 Federal judges on the trial Bench of the second circuit in new York Connecticut and Vermont were presented with a number of a thetic cases in one ase. A cab Driver is hypo inc convicted of making a heroin Sale. One judge would have hit the Man with a 10-year sentence but another would have sentenced him to Only one year the minimum penalty for precisely the same offence. In another Case a businessman in convicted of tax evasion. One Federal judge would have sentenced him to three years and a $5,-000 Fine a the maximum. But another would have Given him three months and the Fine. The results of the Survey moved one commentator to describe the nations system of Justice As a Roulette in the the Survey dealt with hypothetical cases. A real life example of How Justice can be delivered a or mis delivered a and an illustration of the vast discretion enjoyed by our judges is found in an incident that took place in Cleveland the other Day. A Man described by police As the principal supplier of Ltd to pupils at a local High school had pleaded guilty to two narcotics charges. The first carried a mandatory prison sentence of not less than 20 years to life the second a mandatory sentence of not less than to years nor More than 25. Whatever a a mandatory Means under the Law it apparently does not mean mandatory. Common pleas judge Frank j. Gorman sentenced the Pusher to five years probation. There was an immediate outcry from Cleveland police who had spent seven months building the Case against the suspect. Judge Gorman defended his action by noting that the Man had already spent six months in the county jail awaiting sentence. A and that a like a year in the reformatory a he said. A if he did no to get his belly full of jail there he never will. On that basis we ought i empty the prisons and i everybody on probation. Judge Gorman later a netted to having comr fitted a a monumental goo and ordered the rearrest the Pusher but by that tin he was nowhere to be Faun no matter How fair of Laws no matter to dedicated and honest our la enforcement officials i matter How Many prisons v build and How enlighten our treatment of their i males if the system Justice Breaks Down at to courtroom level the nation in trouble. Quot would you kids mind talking to your Orlands it another line i be got to make a few cellar

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