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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer More data on Page a 90th year no. 267 the Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 classified ads 8852177 other depts. 8852161 High Point n. A wednesday afternoon september 25, 1974 92 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c Nixon s blood clot moves to right lung Long Beach Calif. Apr former president Richard m. Nixon has a blood clot in his right lung a which is a potentially dangerous situation Quot his doctor said today. Or. John c. Lundgren told a news conference that the clot which moved through blood vessels from Nixon a leg was found through tests conducted by a specialist in nuclear Medicine. Quot following consultation yesterday afternoon and late last night with or. Earl Kenneth Dore director of the radioisotope lab at the Long Beach Hospital we find or. Nixon now has an embolus in the right mid lung Field of the lateral surface which is a potentially dangerous situation but not critical at this time Quot Lundgren said. Lundgren had said earlier that it was feared that one of the two blood clots formed by phlebitis in Nixon s left leg might break Losse and move to his lungs or heart where a clot could cause death. Lundgren disclosed that he put Nixon on anti inflammation drugs on sept. La after he found Quot some tenderness Quot in Nixon a left thigh. Two Days later it was discovered that a second clot had formed and that it and the original clot were in the thigh. Lundgren said he recommended hospitalization at that time but Nixon refused. Rockefeller s tax report is awaited Washington apr Nelson a. Rockefeller said today it will be almost impossible to control the nations inflation and balance of payments problems if Arab Oil prices go any higher. A with Arab Oil prices so High and threatening to go higher it almost seems impossible to look Down the Road and see How this inflation and this balance of payments problem can be controlled Quot Rockefeller said. Rockefeller also declared on his third and probably final Day of testimony at the Senate rules and administration committee for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Stinging caterpillars q. Can you identify these things i found eating my Persimmon leaves or. I. J. L., Trinity. A. With this question or. Put a Glass Jar on our desk and withdrew a Leaf to which was clinging a hairy Little creature. About an Inch Long with a curved Back As High the Caterpillar had soft looking Reddish Brown hairs with Orange colouring along the Ridge of its Back. A tiny Tail was the Only clue to which end was fore and which was aft. From the description entomology professor Harry Moore at Nusu said he believes it is megalo Page oper Claris with a common name of puss Caterpillar. He says they Are or Tica Ting or stinging caterpillars. The Short hollow spines under the Long hair have glands attached which secrete a very irritating fluid. If one of them is confined against a person s skin As then they fall Down inside a Collar or when a child picks one up. A severe stinging sensation is Felt and a temporary rash appears. As if there weren to enough problems in this world now we gotta watch out for them Urt Cating caterpillars cleaning it out u. I am old and Gray and would like to know if i could get the what s inside City to Cut the brushes off of sales Street on the end of Triangle i City to Cut the brushes off of sales Street on the end of Triangle Lake Road. You can to see either Way approaching the Road. I keep the holes in the Road covered up myself and would like to know if i could t get them to clean the Bushes As i hate to go up there. Thank you. Or. A. The owner of this property has agreed to have both sides of the Road cleaned to meet the requirements according to Jim Settlemyre of the Public works dept. The first Long hair q. About this lady that lets her hair Down tor the Prince i have forgotten the end of the Story and i need it and please Tell me. Child. A. Imprisoned High in a Tower by the Witch Rapunzel had let Down her Long Golden hair for the Prince to climb up to her window As he had observed the Witch doing after getting her Promise to wed him he planned to bring skeins of silk on each visit so she could twist it into a ladder and escape with him. Rapunzel blew it by asking the Witch one Day Why she w As so much heavier than the Young Prince who would come shortly to take her away. Furious to think Rapunzel had deceived her or was she incensed at being called heavier than the Prince she seized Rapunzel s hair. Sheared off the Long plaits and took her to a wilderness to live in misery when the Prince came to get her and called. A Rapunzel Rapunzel let Down your hair Quot the w itch lowered the Long braids the Prince climbed up and the Witch cackled that he would never see his True love again. In his despair and grief the Prince sprang out of the window and in the fall his eyes were scratched out among thorns. He wandered Blind in the Woods for years lamenting his loss. Eventually he came to the wilderness where Rapunzel had been banished. She recognized him and fell upon him weeping. Two tears touched his eyes and his sight was restored. They a joyfully returned to his kingdom where they lived Long and he a it sound off at present time the Nat Greene boys Home has seven delinquent Bon two it the boys Are interested in the school band but Are unable to Purchase or rent a musical instrument. La Ancone is interested in contributing a trombone or Drums pleas Contact Aubrey Strother juvenile four 8822591, Extension 54. We also need a piano tools for the workshop and a Good used color television. Thank you. Aubrey Strother court counsels amusements. Bridge. Classified ads comics. Release ordered judge reverses of. Colley Case by Kathryn Johnson associated press writer Columbus a. A a Federal judge today overturned the controversial my Lai murder conviction of former army of. William l. Galley jr., ruling Galley Quot was not accorded due process of Law Quot and ordered hearings on his nomination to be vice president that he thinks a it would be difficult Quot for the Federal Reserve to relax its tight Money policy unless other action is taken a to increase the flow of funds into the capital the chairman of the committee said meanwhile that the panel won t act on Rockefeller a nomination until it gets a report from another congressional committee on Rockefeller a taxes. However sen. Howard w. Cannon. D-nev., said he has asked the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation to expedite their report. He said he hoped it would be ready sometime next week. A we certainly won t report it the nomination out until we get that Back Quot Cannon told reporters. The joint committee is looking at Rockefeller a tax returns with special attention to 1970, when he paid no Federal personal income tax due to changes in investments held by trusts from which he receives most of his income. However Rockefeller paid More than $814,000 in Federal state and local taxes that year. Receipt of the Rockefeller tax report next week would enable the committee to meet its goal of approving the Rockefeller nomination so the Senate can act on it before an election recess scheduled to Start about oct. La. Earlier Rockefeller refused to answer questions about whether he thought the White House decision to give former president Richard m. Nixon his tapes would hamper a full disclosure of the watergate scandals. In posing the questions sen. Robert c. Byrd Dis see Rockefeller on 2 a r. S run f Ioc 6c 10-15c6e crossword.6c editorials4a financial a obituaries 2-3b sports. I so television .3b w omens new s.6-11a judge j. Robert Elliott israelis raid South Lebanon tel Aviv. Israel apr Israel s air Force bombed and strafed targets in Southern Lebanon today less than seven hours before the Start of the fast of Yoni kippur the holiest Day in the jewish year and the anniversary of the 1973 Arab israeli War. The israeli military command said the pilots attacked Arab guerrilla concentrations for half an hour and All the planes returned safely. The purpose of the raids and of similar strikes tuesday in the same area was to break up any attack the palestinian guerrillas might be mounting for the jewish Day of atonement commencing at Sundown today and ending at dusk on thursday. Twelve months ago thursday by the jewish lunar Calendar yom kippur was in its 20th hour when Egypt and Syria launched the fourth Arab israeli War in 25 years War with bombing raids along the Golan Heights and the Suez canal. The attack caught the israeli government and its armed forces off guard resulting in heavy casualties. This year the troops and airmen along the frontiers were on a Sharp Alert the chief military chaplain instructed the forces they could break the fast if War came again but they should eat and drink Quot Only to preserve their ability to him freed immediately. In the lengthy historic ruling . District court judge j Robert Elliott based his decision on three key constitutional contentions a that Galley was denied a fair and impartial trial because of massive Adverse pretrial publicity. A that he was denied his right of confrontation with witnesses and was denied compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor. A that he was denied due process by being convicted on charges and specifications which were improperly drawn and illegally used by the prosecution. Army lawyers could seek an immediate stay of galleys release by filing a Brief with Elliott or by filing directly to the 5th . Circuit court of appeals in new Orleans. Galley 31, has been confined to the disciplinary Barracks at it. Leavenworth kan., since Elliott took his Appeal under advisement june 25 the heart of galleys plea was that he was a victim of a unequal Justice Quot when convicted by military tribunal in March 1971 for the slaying of 22 vietnamese civilians the first 86 pages of the judges ruling Deal with the Issue of pretrial publicity. The ruling states that Quot Galley was originally painted As a mass murderer involved in the unlawful killing of some 567 orientals which number included men women and children a Elliott said that Calley was described As Quot everything from a mass murderer to a he said that by the time Calley went on trial for the March 1968 my Lai slayings that a the american Public including All prospective jurors and. Indeed the entire world had. Been so impregnated with the thought of galleys guilt that it could Well have been assumed that All that would be necessary would be tor the court martial to Convene and the judge to announce a a bring the guilty Rascal in and we will give him a Lair trial Quot he concludes his Section on pretrial publicity by saying a ill there has Ever been a Case in which a conviction should be set aside because of prejudicial publicity this is it Elliott said that there is no right under the Constitution More fundamental to the concept of a fair trial than the right of the accused to confront witnesses. In an Effort to prove command influence Elliott said the defense requested that then Sec. Of defense Melvin it Laird and then Sec. Of the army Stanley r. Resor and former army chief of staff William Westmoreland be subpoenaed. He said Calley was denied the right to confront these witnesses during his court martial. Elliott said also that during the trial. Calley petitioned the House armed services subcommittee for its investigation of the my Lai incident. La William l. Calley or. Despite three attempts by the military judge former col. Reid Kennedy to obtain the House report it was denied on the basis of a separation of a the question Here presented is whether the privilege claimed by the House of representatives. Is an absolute privilege or is limited by application of the Bill of rights. A the answer to this question is made obvious and easy by the recent definitive decision of the supreme court in the Case of the United states is president Nixon declined to produce tapes and documents relating to watergate claiming executive privilege. Arson l and Edmisten in debate at inc last night a wire photo fifth largest Bank cuts prime rate new York a the nation s filth largest commercial Bank. Morgan guaranty Trust co. Of new York Cut its prime lending rate by a Point to i la per cent today. Morgan guaranty thus became the first of the nation s largest lending institutions to lower its prune below the prevailing 12 per cent level on monday first National Hank of Chicago kept its prime at 12 per cent and last Friday Citibank of new York did the same tax action hinted against Edmisten Raleigh apr Revenue commissioner j. Howard Coble raised the possibility today his department May take action against democratic candidate for attorney general Rufus Edmisten Lor tailing to file state income tax returns Coble did this As he refused to comment further in the ease in which Edmisten acknowledged at Chapel Hill tuesday that he had not tiled a North Carolina return while he was working in Washington As an aide to sen. Sam j. Ervin or. Edmisten. Who said he maintained his Legal residence in Watauga county and voted there said he paid state income taxes to Virginia when Coble was asked about Edmiston s admission kidnapped girl found Safe parolee held Allison Mechem comes to door of Home to see some of her neighbourhood friends a War Pho a Cincinnati Ohio apr an unemployed parolee has been charged with the abduction of the daughter of broadcasting executive Charles s. Meeham or the girl was found sate a your Little girl is Back and she a Happy Quot Meeham said Aller 4-year-old Allison was Lound crying but unharmed in a locked Motel room live Miles from her Home on tuesday. She had spent 24 hours in the hands it her Abductor. Authorities said no Ransom was collected police said tuesday night they had charged Frank Joseph Wiechman 26, Cincinnati with kidnapping. He was scheduled for arraign ment in Hamilton county municipal court today on the state charge. Police said Wiechman was unemployed and was on parole from an armed robbery conviction in Florida a second Man arrested with Wiechman at a Chili parlor about 15 Miles from the Meeham Home in suburban mount Lookout was released alter questioning police said he was not identified. Wiechman surrendered to arresting officers without a struggle police said juicers said they arrested Wiechman alter receiving a lip that a Man Matching the description of the kidnapper provided by witnesses to the abduction was driving a White Van police spotted the vehicle parked outside the Chili parlor in Colerain township. Police said Allison arum a playmate were Riding their tricycles in front of the Meeham Home on monday when a car pulled up and a male occupant asked about Allison s 16-year-old sister. Melissa officers said that alter the children identified Allison As Melissa s sister the Man pulled her into the car and sped away. The Cai later was found abandoned a Blue jacket and one of Allison s shoes were in the car the family received two Anonymous Telephone Calls and two Money drops were made by Meeham to meet Ransom demands police said. They said the Money w a s not pick cd up tuesday night he said a my gut reaction is that it s irregular however when contacted today. Coble said he could not comment further because of tile possibility Kim i stun might become a defendant in a tax Case and a i would not want to make any comment at this time that would adversely ailed any litigation that might follow meanwhile. Edmisten said the claim by atty. Gen James Carson that Edmisten was criminally and civilly liable Lor Lailure to Hie state income tax returns constituted harassment Quot and was evidence of his opponent s a flow Road Campaign in a news release tuesday night Edmisten said 4 it is evident that someone has bullied Access to my tax records and made use of them it an attempt to Embanks me he it Aid the records were used a recklessly irresponsibly urn without checking the facts it is an attempt to imply a serious violation of North Ardilla Law in Hopes that the True facts will never catch up with the Coble said he regarded Edmiston s statement As an implication that he or someone else in the department of Revenue had illegally made Edmisten s tax records i tax on 2 a

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