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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of rain More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 268 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. thursday afternoon september 26, 1974 among Ford s options 52 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25ctax Cut fuel Stamps considered for Low-1 come by Randolph Schmid associated press writer Washington apr tax cuts for Low income persons reportedly Are being considered by president Ford while a fuel stamp program has been suggested to help them keep warm this Winter. Economic adviser l. William Seidman said tax reductions aimed at easing the Burden on people in Low income brackets definitely Are among the options to be considered in Dewing with the Economy. Among the possibilities Seidman said would be a reduced rate of social Security withholding for Low income persons meanwhile Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Shapp proposed a fuel stamp program to help Low income families pay their Home heating Bills. And there were reports that Ford plans to name Treasury Secretary William e. Simon As his no. I economic spokesman in the future. The reports said the Simon announcement May come in Fords speech at the economic Summit conference to be held in Washington on Friday and saturday. Shapp said witnesses before the Senate committee on aging have testified that Many elderly americans May have to choose Between food and heat for their Homes because of escalating costs of Home heating. John c. Sawhill. Head of the f e d e r a i Energy administration said his Agency is studying the possibility of an Energy stamp program but declined to endorse any form of government subsidy to the fixed incomes of the elderly. Shapp also recommended that Federal payments to the poor and elderly be increased under existing social Security and supplemental Security income programs. Economic policies will be considered at Ford s economic Summit meeting this weekend in Washington and White House aides said changes in the tax Laws Are being considered As part of the comprehensive Ford program on the Economy i Here were indications that tax proposals being considered by the administration would include tax cuts for Low income and possibly Middle income persons with compensating tax hikes elsewhere. By Revenue commissioner Edmisten s tax Case under study Ford s Oil exp resident rests quietly specialists feel Nixon Price Call rejected Raleigh a Wake county dist. Atty. Burley Mitchell said today an investigation is being made to determine whether any income tax Laws were violated by Rufus Edmisten democratic nominee for attorney general. Mitchell said in a Telephone interview he had conferred with Revenue commissioner j. Howard Coble who was making the investigation. He said he will study the report of the probe a and if there appears to be any violation of the tax Laws we will Edmisten said during a debate in Chapel Hill tuesday he Hadnot filed North Carolina income taxes while working in Washington for retiring sen. Sam Ervin . Edmisten said he Hadnot filed because he paid state income tax in Virginia where for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Ashes Are of q. I wonder if ashes from a Wood fire would be Good or bad for your Garden. I have heard it both ways. J j. A. Wood ashes Are alkaline and contain 1.5 per cent phosphorus and 7 per cent or More Potash. It can be mixed with other fertilizing materials and used As a mulch or Side dressing around plants. Avoid Contact Between freshly spread ashes and germinating seeds or new plants spreading them a few inches away from plants. If Wood ashes Are allowed to stand in the rain the Potash will Leach away. The Cost of living q. As everyone knows the Cost of living keeps going up. I would like to know if it is within the Law to Cut an employees wages from $3.40 Down to $2 per hour also is it Legal to fire a person because of age if All of this is Legal can you give the employees of a solution to How to survive under these conditions or. Z. A. As Long As there is no Union contract to the contrary an employer can Cut wages to the minimum wage but no lower. Persons in the 40 to 60 age bracket Are protected by the age discrimination clause in the labor Laws and cannot be fired solely on the basis of age. There is no easy solution to adapting to a reduced income with costs rising. Just try to give top priority to maintaining health and plan to grow As much food As you can on your lot or a Community Garden plot next Spring. Also consider any possible service you could perform off your regular work hours to supplement your income such As painting or carpentry or Auto or other repair work. Maybe a night course at git or do cd to acquire or hone up on some skill or Trade would be Worth your investment in time. You can ask them to Send you a list of their courses to see what interests you or holds some Prospect of supplementing your income. To the attorney general 4. I would like the address of the attorney general of North Carolina. Anon. Woman. A. The office of attorney general James Carson is located in the dept of Justice . Box 629, Raleigh , 27602. State officials or offices would get mail simply addressed to Raleigh but any time you need an address of Public officials or notable persons in other Fields the Public Library will be glad to furnish it. He lived during the decade he worked for Ervin. A supporter for atty. Gen. James Carson Republican opponent of Edmisten had asked Edmisten at the debate if it was True that he had t filed North Carolina income taxes. Meanwhile. James Sugg state democratic chairman wednesday called for an investigation by the legislature or the state Bureau of investigation into whether the confidentiality of state tax records had been violated. Mitchell said even his office does not have Access to the tax records unless it is specific Case in which there appears to be violations. He said Revenue department employees who work with tax records have Access to them but they Are not supposed to divulge them to the Public. Following Edmisten a statement during the debate Carson said that made eds. Edmisten s on 2 a Tennessee pot plane is seized Chattanooga Penn. Apr an air plane loaded with about 3v tons of marijuana Worth an estimated $2li million was seized by police Early today at Lovell Field. The Pilot and Copilot were arrested and held at the City jail for Possession of marijuana for resale. Police identified them As Jeffrey l. Searles 32, Zephyr Hill Fla., and James f. Thrasher 37, Clearwater Fla. Bail for the two men was set at $25,000 each. They said the world War ii Vintage dc3 twin engine air plane was apparently privately registered in Florida. The Pilot landed shortly be lore Midnight wednesday looking for fuel. Airport Security officers became suspicious after it appeared the Pilot had Given the control Tower a false Call sign in a radio message police said. When Security officers went to the plane they noticed a Strong odor. Police said when the Crew rented a car and drove from the Airport officers obtained a search warrant and found too bags aboard the plane. The too bags according to authorities each weighed 71 pounds and had colombian markings. Airport officials said the destination of the plane was not known by the associated press the Shah of Iran rejected today president Fords Call for reduced Oil prices. He called on the Industrial nations to Cut the prices of their exports first. The Shah one of the leaders in the drive to increase Oil revenues for the producing countries told newsmen in Canberra Australia a no one can dictate to us. No one can wave a Finger at us because we will wave a Finger Back. The Shah said the Middle East Oil countries Are prepared to fix a world Price for Oil if it could be related to an Index of 20 to 30 commodity prices. A if world prices go Down we will go Down with Oil prices a he said. A but if they go up Why should we pay the Bill a he said. He claimed that severe inflationary problems began before Oil prices Rose last year and that Oil prices still contribute Only i to 1.5 per cent to world inflation. The Only real solution is for people to realize a they must just work a Little harder a he said. In Vienna Abderrahman Khene of Algeria Secretary general of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries said Oil prices May Rise again next year at the same rate As inflation. Khene said his organizations financial experts will meet on oct. 23 to review the Price situation. If they decide the world rate of inflation is Likely to be 12 per cent it is a a conceivable they would recommend raising prices next year by i per cent a month. Khene denied a Beirut newspaper report that the Oil nations were planning a 12 per cent hike on Jan. I. Venezuela mines minister Valentin Hernandez said the organization of Petroleum exporting countries might hold a special meeting soon to discuss Ford s speech. The French government announced it will Cut Back Frances 1975 Oil imports by to per cent. A government spokesman said Petroleum imports would be limited to $10.1 billion the same amount that is being spent this year. But at current prices France will get to per cent less for its Money than it has been getting. Can be treated for clot by Richard Saltus associated press writer Long Beach Calif. Apr Richard m. Nixon rested quietly in a Hospital today and the former presidents doctor says he thinks the dime sized blood clot in his right lung can be successfully treated. A Hospital spokesman revealed the clot had passed through Nixon a heart before lodging in the lung. If it had blocked a heart artery it could have been fatal Nixon a physician or. John c. Lungren said on wednesday that the clot was i a potentially dangerous situation but not critical at this time. There is a very Good Chance of recovery but it will take some time a Nixon is expected to be hospitalized through next week missing the tuesday Start of the watergate coverup trial in Washington for which he has been subpoenaed technician beside nuclear camera that found blood clot map wire photo Kennedy s children guarded after threat what s inside amusements. Bridge. Classified ads comics. 8c crossword. 3d editorials. 4a financial a. <�?�>�?���?��?��?��?�2a obituaries. Sports. Television. Women a news. weather. 3a Washington it apr secret service agents guarded the children of sen. Edward m. Kennedy for More than a week because of a Kidnap threat a Treasury department official said today. The threat was so serious that White House counsel Philip Kuchen gave his personal approval for the Protection and was kept per Sonai by advised of developments the official said. A source close to the investigation in Boston said the threats were made against a fall children of Kennedy Treasury undersecretary Edward c. Schuits said a child of Kennedy a Law actor Peter la Loid was also afforded Protection Lur a Short time schuits said the Kidnap threat was first received sept. 13. Secret service and police Protection was provided mainly to Kennedy children in the Boston area then phased out Over the next week schuits said he said he could not provide details of the exact nature of the threat whether it was received in the mail or by phone an Fhi spokesman in Washington would say Only a we have received an unspecified threat on a member of the Kennedy family. We Are investigating a a source in Boston told the associated press that these Cret service and Fri May be close to cracking the Case the source said several persons May be involved and said news of the threats was withheld from the Public to give agents a better Chance to protect the children. Sen Kennedy has three children Kara Anne 14, Edward m. Kennedy jr., who is 13 today and Patrick Joseph 7 the Only Kennedy child normally receiving secret service Protection is John f. Kennedy jr., son of the late president his sister Caroline is no longer protected by the secret service because she is Over 16. Finding their father am trying to locate my father who i believe is living in Washington ilc., but what part i done to know. I have enter seen my father As my Mother said he left when i was six months old and i done to have the Money to locate him bul Hope someone will help me or give me something to go on to locate my father. I truly want to know and see him before i die and want him to see my child. We All believe that he is living and have his social Security number on a Job when he worked Here in High Point and have the Date of his birth. Friends also believe be is living some place in Washington. Ill. A. A police officer suggests you get All the available information and Send it to the police department in that area who will then attempt to locate the Man. You should Send birthrate general description Type of work last known and any other clues that relatives and friends May provide social Security numbers cannot be used to Trace missing persons. The salvation army has a missing persons Bureau so you might Check with the local office to tee if they can help. Deaths of innocents not unusual judge by Kathryn Johnson associated press writer Columbus a. Apr War is hell said . District court judge j. Robert Elliott in a sardonic postscript to his decision reversing William la Calley a military conviction in an orbiter voicing his opinion at the end of the official ruling Elliott said a War is War and it is not unusual at ally for innocent civilians such As the my Lai victims to be killed. A it has been so throughout recorded history a he said. A it was so when Joshua took Jericho in ancient biblical times a now Joshua did not have charges brought against him for the Slaughter of the civilian population of Jericho said the judge a but then the a lord was with Joshua we Are when russian troops occupied the polish Border City of Polotsky in 1565, Ivan the terrible ordered the ensure jewish civilian population drowned said Elliott. In world War la he said a Churchill ordered the Rae nighttime saturation bombing of German cities and Eisenhower had his bomber Armada carry on the Slaughter by half a million germans were killed Elliott said a yet Churchill was acclaimed As the great Man of the 20th Century and Eisenhower was twice elected president. A then Truman bombed Hiroshima leaving 80,000 dead most of whom were women and children but he was later elected president Gen. William to Sherman said a a a War is hell a said Elliott adding a was he marched through Georgia to Union same Fummie he proved it Sherman waged War with a admitted calculated cruelty a said Elliott a and he did so with the grate us blessings of his commander in Chiel who did not suggest that he he court Martiale a but sent him the message a god bless you and the army under your instead of being condemned from the podium and pulpit Tho judge said Sherman a was glorified idolized beatified and sanctified. In 1884, he barely escaped being nominated for president a is hell a Elliott added a and when we take a Young Man into the army and train him to kill and train him to take orders and Send him into a strange foreign land to follow the Flag and he then in the wild confusion of combat commits an act which Long alter the event is made Tho basis of a capital criminal charge simple Justice demands that a be treated fairly by the press by his government and by the Branch of the service in which he served instead Elliott said a a a deaths on 2a As a witness. Lungren said Nixon took news of the Gelatin like clot a was he normally takes anything else a its another but the doctor added a the has a hell of a will to live. Such a clot a called an embolus a kills lung tissue around it the size of the dead lung area in Nixon Scase was not disclosed. Several specialists not attending Nocon were asked their opinion on the severity of the clot. A it s not life threatening. Or. Richard Lescoe past president of the los Angeles lung association said of Nixon a clot. A knowledgeable Washington. D.c., doctor warned however that a even though this clot does no to seem to be severe it does t mean it get worse. Ii a chunk of another clot broke off and got to the lungs. That might be the clot is being treated with anticoagulants in Hope of dissolving it and preventing new clots from forming. The clot reached Nixon s lung Quot after breaking off a larger clot in his leg where it had been created by persistent phlebitis an inflammation of the vein Lungren said. He said the greatest danger is that another clot might break off and move to a lung. The mortality rate from pulmonary embolism varies greatly according to medical sources. Depending on the primary cause it can Fie anywhere from i per cent to 80 per cent fatal they said Lungren said stress and fatigue suffered by Nixon since he resigned the presidency a May be a factors a in Nixon s physical problems. But he suggested other causes Are possible a simple inactivity or of the blood it a Strong tendency to clot or even malignancy including leukaemia. He said tests were being performed. Mary Prentice a Hospital spokeswoman said the clot was Small enough to easily pass through one of the two main pulmonary arteries a a specialists on 2a Crane Falls on roof two killed Greenville s. Cap two persons were killed in downtown Greenville today when a Crane True fell from the roof of a building in downtown Greenville Ami crashed through the roof of an adjacent bonding six boors below. Two other persons wen1 rushed to a Hospital with undetermined injuries the Side Boom Crane truck weighing 3g tons was on the roof of the South Carolina National Bank building on Greenville a main Street the operator was lifting pre c ast siding from an adjoining budding which is under construction the weight was apparently too much for the Boom the truck fell Over on its Side and plunged six floors. It crashed through the roof of the smaller building and came to rest on the second floor the operator it the Crane truck jumped Clear on to the roof of the Bank budding

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