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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Iga High Point Enterprise thursday september 26, 1974 details of water system ironed out by Archdale City councilmen by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Archdale a pressure gauges water regulations special clean up Days renewal of garbage contract and the Cost figures of the new Archdale City Hall were All matters discussed by members of the Archdale City Council meeting in their regular september session tuesday night. Councilman t. C. Talbert told the councilmen the water system plans approved by the Council tuesday night should require each Tup on to have a pressure gauge. He said this would protect the property owner when the Cut Back on after being turned off. The pressure might damage floors and ceilings. Talbert noted the piping in a number of Archdale Homes might not be Strong enough to withstand the pressure of the new system since the Wells presently used do not require the Strong fitting the City s water system will. Councilmen instructed water chairman Bill Kinley to include such a requirement providing it will not cause any delays in the bid opening schedule already announced. The Council also examined a number of new water regulations including penalties for late payments. Water customers will be Given 15 Days to pay a delinquent Bill then a $5 fee will be added. November 12-14 has been set aside for special clean up Days for City residents. Special garbage pick ups will be made on those Days for residents who May want to dispose of items which ordinarily the garbage collectors would not pick up the Only items which will not be hauled away Are old tires and masonry products. W Ith criticism still ringing in their ears Over the construction of the new City Hall councilmen tuesday night received the actual Cost figures of the building on Balfour drive and asked that they be made Public. Mayor Henry York said the total Cost of the building including architectural tees. Engineering fees landscaping and Purchase of the land was $184,283.51. The land Cost $20,000. While the architect s tee was sii.572.43. The High pointers Are awarded Dana Grants two ugh Point students have teen awarded Charles a. Jana scholarships. The ugliest Honor the College Tilers for the academic year 974-75 at Guilford College. To be eligible for a Dana scholarship which May pay in to Lull tuition a student oust have completed a Lull ear at Guilford College maintained a High academic average and shown evidence it of character and leadership i Billy through College or Community service. Dana scholars from High it jul Are Paul e. Austin son a or. And mrs. Neal f. I Usta of 1109 Orlando place. My David l. Haworth son of i it re and mrs. Byron j Worth of 902 Fairway or. I Smith backs Aid for aged Harp is told state sen. Lynwood Smith told a meeting of senior citizens wednesday that he will introduce a Bill to help eliminate intangible taxes for the elderly into the 1975 . General Assembly. Smith also said he will reintroduce a Bill to raise the income tax exemption level to $2,000 for the elderly. He was addressing a meeting of the local chapter of the american Assn. Of retired persons at Astor i dowdy towers. Medical care Smith told the group can be maintained despite inflation by using surplus funds. Before Smiths speech i several upcoming events were announced. A Parks and recreation dept bus will transport senior citizens to the . State fair. Arrangements can be made through Tommy so oaf at Astor dowdy towers a representative of the dept of motor vehicles will teach a Drivers refresher course at the chamber of Commerce building for four tuesdays beginning next week i to 3 . Engineer s fee totalled $2,617. A breakdown of the other figures reveal the following costs heating and air conditioning. $12,030 construction. $96,673 electrical. $9,439 plumbing $6,200 Duke Power $95 paving $13,117 septic tank $1,100 and Bainbridge and dance $8,540. York repeated his earlier statement that the City Hall was not built with tax funds but with funds the City would not have received had it not incorporated the sources included Revenue sharing. $48,616 franchise taxes $78,107 intangible taxes $19,272.91 and the special Randolph county one cent sales tax $48,609.20. The mayor said taxes from state Federal and county sources totalled $194,605.11. He said the City currently has a surplus from these same tax monies of $12,221.60. A a number of people also have said they Don t understand the tax figures released to the press last week in that 75 people or families Are carrying Tho tax Load for the entire said York. He said Only four per cent of the taxpayers Are paying More than $100 or More to the City not including businesses. He pointed out that 1.287, or 69 per cent of the taxpayers Are paying from one cent to $50 in taxes and Only 505, or 27 per cent pay $50 to $100. Quot the greater portion of Archdale citizens Are not paying enough taxes to cover the Cost of providing the City with garbage pick up service Quot York said. Talbert reported to Council members that the proposed 201 sewer program which includes Archdale is progressing and that All Federal and state agencies involved have approved the plans. He said a Public meeting on the proposal will be held get. 16 at 2 . In the Jamestown City Hall. The plans will be explained prior to the request for Public comments Talbert said. Quot Are the yellow traffic markings on s. Main Street Legal anti binding on motorists Quot councilman j. J. Warren asked City at Tornes Don Miller tuesday Niit it. Warren said he had been told the lines were not Ensor Cable since they had not been approved by the state dept. Of transportation. Miller said lie could not give a definite opinion this time but he would Check into the matter. He said the lines which prohibit passing might not be Legal if they were Bot backed by necessary resolutions from Dot and the Council. Erection of two 20,000-Watt i lights for the City parking lot were approved at a Cost of.$5 per month. City manager i Dalton Fulcher noted the lights will add $144 to the City s monthly Light Bill. At the request of the residents of Erindale Forest the Council approved a Resolution reducing the Speed limit from its present 55 Miles per hour to 25 mph. I lie state must approve the reduction before it is put into effect. The Council also gave the City manager the go ahead to look into the Cost and availability of equipment needed to maintain the City water lines and to Cheek the costs of hiring someone to operate the equipment. Armed guards patrol Servic commercial. Industrial Leon m. Moffit. Or. La and a Quot a b8.dd owner amp operator High Point _ Sis n. Hamilton St. North state patrol Call m i 4 883-2273 Chevrolet for 197& cars that make sense for today. Mimed 22 ii so in. May i kill a i Monza 22 the Small car of tomorrow will probably be a Little More powerful Handy and comfortable than Ever. The 1975 Mon a 22, shown above offers this today. It has advances like rectangular headlights set in a soft front end fold Down rear seat and a new 4.3-litre v8 engine available. Nova i n the background above our new Nova in Sedan. A luxurious Nova with thick carpeting and wide Hack reclining front seats. For 1975, All Novas have been emphatically refined along the lines of elegant european sedans. 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