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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool More data on Page a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2181 90th year a no. 266 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon september 24, 1974 32 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c for democratic nomination Jackson Mandala Lead Early contenders by Many to be the leading contender for the nomination said monday he would not be a candidate for president or vice president in 1976 because of family responsibilities. The a tried to Contact All the democratic state chairman to ask who they thought the front runner was and who they personally Felt had the Best Chance of defeating president f Ord two years from now. Thirty two of the chairmen said there was no Clear Choice six named Jackson As the front runner. Three named Mondale one named Bentsen and one named sen. Edmund s. Muskie who like Jackson unsuccessfully sought the nomination in 1972. Eight of the chairman were not available for comment. The total is 51 because the two factions of the Mississippi party a the regulars and the predominantly Black loyalist group a were counted separately. A i Don t think there is one front runner now a said Paul Lamboley of Nevada. A i think ifs really a toss up. We re going to see a real. Scramble the contenders themselves expressed a similar View. Jackson said in Washington that the race is a a wide open Mondale said Kennedy a action makes him a strongly inclined to run. Jackson was the most often named by All the chairmen a those who definitely thought he was the front runner and those who said there was no Clear Choice so far. The Washington senator was mentioned As a possible candidate by 19 state chairmen. Mondale came in second named As a potential top contender by 18 of the state chiefs and Bentsen was third with 13 mentions. Others suggested As possible democratic presidential candidates in 1976 were goes. Jimmy Carter of Georgia George c. Wallace of Alabama Reubin Askew of Florida. John j. Gilligan of Ohio Dale bumpers of Arkansas Wendell r. Anderson of Minnesota and f2dwin a Edwards of Louisiana. Also mentioned were Sens. Russell b. Long of Louisiana Birch Bayh of Indiana Robert c. Byrd of West Virginia and Frank Church of Idaho . Reps. Morris k. Udall of Arizona and John c. Culver of Iowa former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford and Boston mayor Kevin White. Kennedy said monday his decision not to run was a firm final and reaction to his announcement included president Ford Shook his head said nothing and grinned broadly when asked by a reporter for his reaction. Sen. Barry m. Coldwater Ariz said Kennedy a just realized he win and not Only that that he even get the Chicago mayor Richard j. Sen. Walter Mondale Daley with tears in his eyes. Said he regretted the decision because Kennedy would have been a a great candidate and a great Rockefeller says family could influence Economy Washington apr Nelson a. Rockefeller conceded under questioning today that his family one of the nations wealthiest has great potential influence on the nations Economy. A i think if abused there is potential influence a a if we break the Law a Rockefeller said. On monday at the opening of hearings before the Senate rules and administration committee on his nomination to be vice president. Rockefeller said the widespread belief that his family can control the Economy through interlocking personal institutional and corporate fortunes is for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Practising nurse q. What Are the requirements on becoming a practical nurse and where could i obtain some information on this l. H. Sophia. A. Guilford technical Institute Davidson Community College and other technical schools in the area provide training. An applicant must be a High school graduate or have an equivalent education As indicated by passing the general education development test. English and math placement tests Are Given. If the results Are satisfactory the applicant May be admitted to the course otherwise guidance studies Are required to raise the achievement level. At it the course a for practical nurses runs from september through the latter part of August the following year. The final hurdle is passing the state Board examinations to get your License. The admissions offices of any of the schools can give you More information. What doves eat q. How do mourning doves feed their babies thank you. J.g., age 9, Lexington. A. When first hatched Young pigeons doves and pigeons Are members of the same family Are fed on a substance called a a Pigeon a milk which is regurgitated from the crop of both male and female Birds. It is an easily digestible creamy fluid formed by fatty degeneration of the Walls of the crop. The crop is a Pouch like enlargement of the Gullet of Many Birds in which food is held and May undergo some preparation for digestion. The Gullet is the oesophagus or Throat. The crop is sometimes called the Craw of you Ever hear the expression a it Sticks in my Craw a the person is referring to something that is irritating or intolerable mourning doves feed primarily on seeds. Their nests Are fragile structures of twigs usually in a Shrub or tree but often on the ground where Trees Are few. The doves upper parts Are Olive greyish Brown their sides and Back of neck iridescent their breast has a pinkish tinge the belly is Buff and the outer tailfeathers Are tipped with White. They Are cousins of the extinct passenger Pigeon but much smaller. Needs a doctor myth. As the second Day of hearings began Rockefeller was asked repeatedly by sen. Robert Byrd d-w.va., if he would be Able As vice president or president to separate the interests of big Washington a vice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller said today that former president Richard m. Nixon a acceptance of a presidential Pardon was in his View a tantamount to admitting business from those of the nation. A yes sir. No problem a the former new York governor replied. As the hearing began committee chairman Howard w. Executive s daughter kidnapped Cincinnati Ohio apr Charles s. Mechem jr., whose 4-year-old daughter was abducted late monday issued a plea today to her kidnappers to return the Little girl. A was a family we Are heartbroken by the tragedy that has occurred to us. We have Only one concern and that is the Safe return of Allison a he said from his front porch. A nothing else is important to us. We Are willing and anxious to cooperate in any Way possible a Mechem said. He is Board chairman of Taft broadcasting corp., which has broadcast amusement and film properties nationwide. Allison was taken from her Home in the mount Lookout Section monday afternoon while she was Riding her tricycle with a Friend. A family spokesman said Mechem received two Telephone Calls from the girls Abductor. Police said the girl was being held for 12,000 Ransom. Mechem issued a Short statement and refused to answer questions before he disappeared Back into the Home. Fri agents have joined police in the search for the Cannon d-nev., chastised the nation s three television networks for not carrying the hearings live. Cannon said the networks were doing the Public a disservice by not giving the hearings More attention and broader coverage. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott voiced a similar criticism on monday. Byrd turned the questioning to last Winter s Energy crisis and Rockefeller said he does not believe the nation s Oil companies wilfully created a Petroleum shortage last year As part of a conspiracy to raise their prices. A in my opinion if the United states last year had not had six or 12 major Oil companies producing or distributing Oil around the world this country would have faced a major disaster a Rockefeller said. Rockefeller presented a Short statement clarifying the financial situation of Rockefeller Center in new York City. He said the centers net Worth As of dec. 31,1973, was $123 million most of which is accounted for by its ownership of buildings. He said the at Cost value of securities held by the Center amounts to about $13.9 million. Rockefeller underwent questioning on monday about matters ranging from his personal and family finances to his approval of new York s controversial abortion Reform Law. The Days questioning lacked the drama and tension of prior events in the vast Senate caucus room such so Rockefeller on 2 a to a asks Power use cutback Knoxville Tenn. Apr the Tennessee Valley authority confronted with a critical Power shortage called today for a voluntary 20 per cent cutback in the use of electricity. The authority serves Tennessee and parts of six other Southern states. A we need the immediate voluntary help of every electric consumer in the to a Power service area to Cut Back 20 per cent in the use of electricity in order to stretch our scarce Coal Supply to meet the Region s Energy needs this tva chairman Aubrey j. Wagner said he said if voluntary efforts do not provide enough savings a the Only Aiter naive will be More stringent measures which could include some Type of rationing or mandatory allocation of Power a tva has been warning for weeks that Coal stockpiles at its 12 steam generating plants Are dangerously Low. The current system wide Coal Supply is Down to 47 Days. Tva said. It considers a 90-Day stockpile Normal. Hurricane damage this area View of the Guan Valley in Honduras shows a House which was washed onto a Bridge by Hurricane fifi last week. Thousands of persons were filed by the storm and Many More were left homeless. See flood Story on 2a world pressure sought a wire photo Oil offensive launched United nations n y. Apr the Ford administrations coordinated attack on High Oil prices Marks the beginning of a new offensive to turn world sentiment against the producing nations and to unite w Estern Europe with the United states in Energy cooperation. President Ford Treasury Secretary William e. Simon and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger All came Down hard monday on the continued High prices set by the other Oil countries. They warned that no nation including the Oil states could escape the consequences if Early Frost hits crops May mean higher prices is executives on 7a Boone Iowa a an Early killing Frost has dealt weather stricken Midwest com and soybean producers another blow and May mean higher consumer prices on meat milk and eggs. Officials say freezing temperatures which settled across the upper Midwest on saturday and sunday nights May have caused the loss of another 200 million bushels of Corn and the figure on soybean loss could be twice As great. One result May be Consumers paying a still higher prices for meat milk and eggs a says Walter Goeppinger chief administrative officer of the National Corn growers association in Boone. A american Farmers would probably have raised a record 6,1 billion Bushel Corn crop this year a he said on monday. A after the Spring storms and summer drought it was looking like a crop of 5 billion bushels. A but the Frost damage has covered such a wide area that 4 8 billion bushels is the maximum that can be exile Early on 3a the world is pushed into a depression. In speeches by Ford and Simon in Detroit and by Kissinger at the United nation general Assembly the United states All but demanded an end to rising Oil costs. Ford said the year Long spiral risked a a breakdown of world order and safety. The next strategic move will be a meeting of the foreign and finance ministers of major no communist Industrial nations at Camp David this weekend to discuss their common Energy problems caused by Price rises by the arabs Iran Venezuela and other producers. When Kissinger pleaded for Western cooperation and interdependence earlier this year the european allies gave him a generally sour reception. Led by France they chose to make their own approach to the Arab states. Knowledgeable . Of a there is somebody in this area having a baby and she wants to know the baby doctors. Thank you. Girl. A. Yiu Hospital or medical clinics will always provide names of doctors who specialize in certain things or you can Call one listed under a physicians and surgeons a gynaecology and obstetrics a in the yellow classified Section of the Telephone directory. Blue Light blinking a when a policeman pulls somebody Over for a traffic violation or whatever Why do they have to keep the Blue lights blinking if they keep them there three or four or ten minutes recently it has been a regular thing pulling them Over on our Street with the Blue lights blinking and it disturbs us late at night. Maybe we Are asleep and hear the Siren and see the Blue Light blinking and they sit there and it bothers us. Why can to they put just the blinkers on and Why does the Blue Light have logo around thank you Anonymous woman. A the Blue lights Are left on for the safety of the officer and and safety of the violator. When a passing Motorist observes the Blue lights he automatically slows Down. A spokesman for the department also says the Siren is used late at night Only ii a violator refuses to Stop for the Blue lights. Pale Nixon begins treatment Long Beach. Calif. Apr former president Richard m. Nixon reportedly feeling depressed and fatigued will be hospitalized at least a week for a extensive tests and treatment of phlebitis his face described As Pale Nixon checked into memorial Hospital medical enter of Long Beach through a rear Entrance on monday. The former presidents physician. Or. John c. Lung ten said Nixon would be there for at least seven Days. Lungren ret used however to provide specifics on the treatment Nixon will receive for the painful ailment which has afflicted his left leg. General plans Call for Nixon to receive anticoagulant drugs in an Effort to dissolve two blood clots now resting in the area of his left thigh. Such treatment also is designed to prevent the clots from breaking Loose and moving through the blood Stream to the lungs or heart where they could cause did set Down tight ground rules for Public information on Nixon s hospitalization. Written reports will be issued at noon each Day and every word will be cleared in Advance by the former president Lungren told newsmen after Nixon his wife Pat and his youngest daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower slipped into the Hospital that he he had examined the former president and found a evidence of physical Lungren an expert in heart trouble and internal Medicine who has Long been Nixon s personal doctor offered no prognosis. The doctor said he had ordered a exhaustive studies to find the causative agent of the illness a a further nonmedical report on Nixon came from Ronald a Ziegler who served As Nixon s press Secretary at the White House and is now the sex president s chief aide. A the phlebitis and the events of the last 45 Days have caused him to not be in Good spirits to at times be Low in his Frame of mind a Ziegler told newsmen. A this mind though is very acute a Ziegler responded with a Flat a a not when asked if Nixon would undergo psychiatric care. A the feels As anyone would feel after experiencing a great and severe loss Ziegler said when pressed about Nixon a mental health. A this discussions with me have sometimes been reflective and sometimes directed toward the future a Ziegler also denied Nixon had entered into the Hospital As a Means of avoiding both defense and prosecution subpoenas to testify at the watergate coverup trial of six former administration and re election Campaign aides. The trial is scheduled to open in in Washington on tuesday. Ziegler said a report by or. Walter Tkach Nixon former White House physician that Nixon feared that if he were hospitalized he would a never come out alive came during a a period during which the former president was in a Lull a facials say that this time the administration has higher Hopes that the Campaign will succeed. It is not entirely Clear what actions can be taken to carry out the Blunt words by Ford Kissinger and Simon. Among the possibilities Are said to be joint conservation Steps and a pooling of Energy for disaster situations. The use of Force in the event of an Oil squeeze like last Winters is considered very much out of the question. Ford signalled the Campaign with his own . Speech last wednesday in which he cautioned the Oil producing nations that manipulation of Energy prices could Lead to counter action using food As a political and economic weapon. Then in his speech to the world Energy conference in Detroit the president said a it is difficult to discuss the Energy problem without laps ing into doomsday he added a the danger is Clear. It is severe i am nevertheless optimistic. The advantages of cooperation Are As visible As the dangers of conf run tation a a Simon before the same forum said the Oil exporting nations were jeopardizing their own economies by keeping prices at High Levels. What s inside amusements. A Bridge. So classified ads7-12b comics a crossword 3r editorial. 4a financial 2a obituaries 7h sports lib television a women s news 8-7a weather. 5a by Louise Cook associated press writer state democratic chairmen say it s too Early to Tell who is the front runner for the 1976 presidential nomination in the Wake of sen. Edward m. Kennedy a withdrawal. An associated press Survey showed that Sens. Henry m. Jackson of Washington and Walter f. Mondale of Minn e s o t a were the most frequently mentioned contenders with sen. Lloyd Bentsen of Texas a close third. Sen. Henry Jackson Kennedy considered

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