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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health High Point Enterprise monday september 20, 1976 7b Belles palsy symptoms usually pass by George Thosteson m. D. Dear or. Thosteson i find that i have Belles palsy and would like to know More about it the cause treatment and effects. A . It is As you know a paralysis of one Side of the face caused by interference with the facial nerve. The Corner of the Mouth droops on the affected Side and it is impossible to close the eyelid completely. There is also a loss of the sense of taste on the affected Side of the Tongue. The cause is unknown although a significant number of victims also have diabetes. It strikes suddenly and although any age group can be affected it is most common after 30. Happily about 85 per cent recover completely with first improvement evident after two to four weeks of its Onset. With Belles palsy it is very 800 n. Main j High Point Quot it t t i important that certain tests be Given to determine whether this recovery is to be expected spontaneously that is without special therapy. Electrical stimulation tests will determine any increase in muscle response on the affected Side. If this remains sluggish or absent then the Outlook is poor 885-8454 Western sizzling specials for this week lunch la . To 4 . Dinner 4 . To closing monday a in join cts 12 re a. .69 .1.49 chopped sirloin #12 . a Lyzun or #21 3 #9 ? 49 sirloin Steak #5 , tuesday chopped sirloin # 12 . 1.69 .1.49 chopped sirloin # 12 . sirloin Steak # i sirloin Steak # i . sizzling or. #21.1.49 wednesday chopped sirloin #12 . 1.69 .1.49 sirloin tips # 3 . 2.09 .189 sirloin tips #3 . sizzling or. #21.1.49 thursday chopped sirloin # 12 . 1.69 .1.49 sirloin Steak i . sirloin Steak i . 2 49 .2.19 sirloin tips #3 . sizzling or. #21,.1.49 rib Eye #18 . 3 99 .3.29 Friday chopped sirloin #12 . 1.69 .1.49 . Strip #4 . . Strip #4 . sizzling or. #21.1.49 saturday chopped sirloin #12 1.69 .1.49 sirloin Steak #9 sirloin Steak #9 sizzling or. #21.1.49 sunday managers Choice managers Choice a the Best Doest have to Cost the most Quot r it i to Quot in it no rms no a banquet facilities Western sizzling Steak House Coupon value take out service of you like fish amp chips. You la love Cedric a buy one get one free fish amp chips consists of 2 pieces of fish served with chips. 2 big Days tues., sept. 21, 1976 wed., sept. 22, 1976 bring this Coupon dories authentic coolish with this Coupon buy one fish a. Chips at regular Price $1.69 and get one free offer Good at both locations 2103 Kirkwood or. 116 Greensboro re. Seafood is our specially Coupon value Coupon value try our new delicious homemade Buttermilk biscuits country Ham sausage or butter and Jelly biscuits buy one get one free with Coupon Good tuos., wed., thurs., sept. 21, 22, 23, 1976 Coupon value the patient can help himself by massaging the face Muscles attempting to exercise them and by applying heat. A word of caution. Care of the Eye during the paralysis is important a shield should be worn night and Day and artificial tears should be applied to the affected Eye during the Day until lid use returns. Recovery can be aided by Early use of pred Isone a steroid if recovery is not apparent within three months an operation to relieve the nerve can be done. Dear or. Thosteson i m 51 and have had five children i have never had any problems and no bad veins in my legs. I had a varicose vein operation. My veins were not bad but i just wanted to have this done. I would like to know what causes the numbness in my Ankles up to just below the knee this happens after i sleep. I am 5 feet. 2 inches and weigh 125. I feel Good. A mrs . I m confused. You say you had no vein problems but just had surgery to Correct varicose veins. I assume it was a cosmetic problem for you. But whether for cosmetic or other reasons a varicose vein implies a Basic problem your morning numbness is undoubtedly related to the circulation problem represented by the varicose cities. In such operations the blood Supply to the limbs finds another route around the removed vein. This can take some time to be established and you Are probably going through that period. There Are leg exercises that will help Speed this up and you should ask your doctor about them you should have a Post operative examination within a few months of such surgery anyway from your letter i d say you Are a bit confused about this varicose vein business which is treated in depth in my Booklet on the subject if you a like to have a copy Send 25 cents to me in care of this newspaper and enclose a Long stamped self addressed envelope for return mailing. Or. Thosteson welcomes Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. 109 pints blood donated Friday the Bloodmobile collected 109 pints of blood. There were 27 donors giving w for the first time. Donating their first gallon were Emily Bland and Julia Price. Rave Cash and Jimmy Craven gave their second gallon Edwin Nash reached the High level of eleven Gallons. Poets answer to previous Puzzle barrel raw Rara across 1 roman poet 7 English poet 11 conceive 12 pumas Argentina 11 Small Lead shot 15 episcopal insignia 16 american humorist 17 House feature 18 break Oft 21 Constellation 24 provide with weapons 27 Soh element 28 capital sin 30 German poet 32 area of responsibility 33 Western shows 34 different people 35 for tokens 36 american poet 37 observe 38 Angelo Texas 39 ancient City in Jordan 41 belgian River 43 signal of distress 46 City in ancient Gaul 49 greek poetess 52 explosive noise 53 joined together >4 Metal currency 55 convert into Plain language Down 1 big we a i 2 Garden of Delight 3 depend 4 Strong winds 5 Follower suffix 6 permit 7 italian poet 8 single i equal status to sigmoid curve 12 roman god 0< love 13 River up 17 i air 19 distinguishing character 20 competes 22 ceremonies 23 worship 24 Field comb Tor in i 25 cubicles 26 Sorc Eress it greek legend 28 Man s name 29 gaelic 31 Alfred i Ord 32 pollution agent 36 by Means of 39 Irish fuel 40 Jelly of meat puce 42 polite title 44 Eye comb for in i 45 outbuilding 46 Joan of 47 Constellation lion 48 finial ornament 49 South for 50 chemical suffix 51 poetic form i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 la 12 13 14 is 16 17 i i i 19 a 21 22 2i 24 25 26 a i 28 29 30 31 a 32 33 ,4 35 a 36 a 37 i 38 40 4, 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 20 i w St \ i a a or r nth ii i m i in is in service Navy aviation electrician s mate airman apprentice Stephen c. Mcleod 19, son of or and mrs Bob v. Mcleod of 2603 Woodruff ave., has completed Basic aviation electrician studies at the naval air technical training Center. Millington Tenn a 1975 graduate of Andrews High school he joined the Navy in november. 1975 completing air Force Basic training the airman is a 1976 graduate of t. Wingate Andrews High school. Airman Steven b. Wood Mansee. Son of army Cpl. And mrs Roy i Woodmansee of route 3 has been selected for technical training at Chanute fab. Ill in the air Force survival equipment Field army pvt. Alnetta Archie daughter of or. And mrs Robert Archie of 309-a Henley st., has completed Basic training at fort Mcclellan. Ala and is now stationed at the Quarter master school. Fort Lee a course Asheboro Randolph technical Institute will offer a course in genealogy beginning on thursday. The course will last for eight weeks and will meet every thursday from 7 to 9 . Instructor for the class will be e. D. Busby. Harp Nita the Harp Nita will meet on wednesday at to at the Astor dowdy towers a Coffee hour will precede the meeting beginning at 9 30 a in. Sen Mcneil Smith will be the guest speaker. Inc meet the High Point International management Council will meet at the top of the Mart on tuesday at 6 15 guest speaker for the meeting will be judge l Roy Hughes. Airman Bruce r. Winters whose parents Are or and mrs. Robert l. Corbett of it. 5, Thomasville has graduated from the air Steven Force vehicle repairman Woodmansee course at Chanute fab 111 Tel pcs my Bruce Winters he is being assigned to Pope fab. For duty with a unit of the military Airlift command Winters is a 1975 graduate of Thomasville senior High school. Airman Rickey r. Maynard Nephew of or. And mrs. Williamson Hill of 519 Ashburn st., has been assigned to Chanute fab 111., after a 1976 graduate of Southern Guilford High school. Woodmansee recently completed Basic training at Lackland fab Texas. Alnetta Archie a 1976 graduate of Andrews High school she joined the army in april 1976. Ambition is the thing that boosts a Man up the ladder some waste time just waiting for words of encouragement. V. Jacoby on Bridge play doubtful bid to make by Oswald a James Jacoby Oswald a when you find yourself in a doubtful con Al the Fried Chicken you can eat for $1.99 its our All you can eat monday through thursday special. Bring your gang by for the Best tasting country Fried Chicken dinner you can buy including French Fries Cole Slaw and Cornbread Sticks. And Well serve All the Chicken you can eat for Only $1.99 per person. The offers Good in our dining room Only. Everyone at table must order the special. No Doggie bags please. Parker s Barbecue College Village shopping Center High Point a 887-2124 tract your Best line of play is to place the defenders important cards where you will be Able to make your contract and not to just play Safe and get set gracefully Quot Jim a East took his Ace of clubs and returned the Jack. A Duck at trick one would have insured defeat of the contract but East thought his partner had led a Singleton not a Oswald a South was in with the King he studied the hand for some time and saw that he just was t going to make his contract if East held the Ace of diamonds. Therefore in accordance with the principle mentioned above South Lei a Diamond. West ducked South won with Dummy s Queen led a heart and stuck in the Jack Quot Jim a West won the King and led a Trump South won and played a second Diamond West won and led a second Trump South won in Dummy to discard his Low club on a Diamond cashed his Ace of hearts ruffed the Deuce of hearts with the Ace of Trumps overtook Dummy s Queen with his King played his last Trump and was Home with the Bacon a North a k 6 3 of a 8 a aq72 a k 64 3 20 West a 10 2 of q 7 3 2 a 8 5 a j 10 9 8 2 East a j 98 4 of 96 5 a j to 4 3 a q 7 South i a a q 7 5 of k j to 4 a k 96 a a 5 both vulnerable went North East South i n t pass 4 n t pass 6 n t pass pass pass opening Lead a j a

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