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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday september 17, 1974 la decide after using six Point test dear Ann i am still somewhat Shell shocked from what has happened to our former president sixteen of his associates and our former vice president. It seems the end is not yet in sight. Several High officials Are still to be tried. My children Are asking me if this is a the new they want to know what to think and i done to know what to Tell them. The youngest a boy la seemed completely bewildered last night after he had listened to a news commentator. His question was a How can a person Tell for beloved pastor of the Peoples Church of Chicago or. Preston Bradley. He discussed this very subject and quoted or. Harry Emerson Landers Fosdick a six Point test for deciding what is right and what is wrong. I asked or. Bradley of he would Send me his distilled version and be did so at once. Here it is Ann say sure if what he wants is right or wrong a frankly i done to know the answer. Do you a concerned Mother who loves her country. Dear Mother a few years ago i heard a Sermon by the one does the course of action you plan to follow seem sensible and honorable to you never mind what anyone else has to say. Of it does it is probably right. Two does it pass the test of sportsmanship in other words if everyone followed this same course of action London tourists have use of referral service by Chris Conkling Beauty Queen smother Helen Morgan 21, is seen Here with her Boyfriend Chris Clode after winning the title of miss United kingdom. British newspapers disclosed sunday that Helen although unmarried is the Mother of a 15-month-old son. The Beauty contest rules out married women contestants but there Are no clauses Banning motherhood. She will keep the title. A wire photo doctors discuss dilemma of the american male by Sandra Gittens new York a drs. Anne Steinmann and David j. Fox Are in total agreement a the male in today a society is in a dilemma. In a major social study drs. Fox and Steinmann. Have written from their accumulation of research Over the past 20 years a the male dilemma a How to survive the sexual or. Fox says the last seven or eight years he and or. Steinmann concentrated on male concepts and male roles. A that plus the feelings which naturally emerged As we got More and More data that everyone in the last five years or maybe the last decade in society was Overly concerned with the adjustment problems of women but nobody was paying any attention to what seemed to us the obvious Impact of these same situations on men. That a what oriented a the Book towards men. We could have written the same Book on women in terms of the a or. Steinmann says the research goes Back to the time when she was doing her dissertation. A in 1951, As a matter of fact even before that i started to investigate the concept of roles for women. Of what they Felt about themselves in terms of what was happening. The traditional role is. The so called Liberal role. The Home oriented role As against the new career what she found was Many More questions than answers. Taking College girls their fathers and mothers she found tremendous discrepancy in what women Felt they really were As people and what they thought men wanted in a woman. That a when drs. Fox and Steinmann found each other. Having the same interest they started questioning More and More people a doctors lawyers All types of professional people a in America and abroad. A a whenever we gave a research paper we found the same discrepancies a she says. A women Felt a Man wanted a Home oriented woman a one to sit Home and take care of the family. But women also Felt they were entitled to a lift of their that led to the questioning of men. What did they think what was their Ideal woman like a and we found that the Ideal woman for the men was exactly the same As the woman s. So you see we had this problem that either somebody was lying or somebody was mis projecting a feeling that he or she had or did no to have about the other a or. Steinmann said. The problem she says the men faced was that they wanted to be aggressive a the traditional aspect of the male role. The Many a Ideal of himself was even More outgoing and More achieving but he Felt that a woman wanted a Home oriented Man. A a Man who would be Home with the kids and help around the House. A supermarket Man a she says. The women she adds Felt their Ideal Man was aggressive maybe to some extent Home oriented a but actually women said they wanted a Man like the Many a Ideal a More aggressive. A the problem is one of communication i think a said or. Fox a a that a what we re really talking about these people were not effectively communicating to each other what they would say to us. And there is discrepancy Between what they think or express on the one hand and How they behave and the behavioural cues they give to each other. This is the major problem to which we address ourselves in the last chapter of the or. Steinmann however feels the Gap stems from the fact that women have been promised through their education the same opportunities As men. A they have been out robbed in their Homes they done to have to do the weaving the actual creative work in the Home. Their jobs As homemakers have been taken away by technology a she explains. A when the Middle class woman started becoming educated she was promised the fruits of achieving roles yet nothing was. or. Fox Points out that the generation they studied were Between the Ages of 35 and 55. They were children during a period when society in general had a different set of expectations. A but a he says a in the last 15 years As adults these people have accepted intellectually a very different set of expectations. When you speak to them on a verbal level they will Tell you these aggressive expectations yet their internal feeling response is still very different according to specific situations. A take for example a wife who is going out to a meeting and the husband is staying Home to mind the children a he says. New York a Lila Burkeman is one of a select group of persons who know where to get bagels in London on sunday. In Many careers she has had during her 30-Odd years mrs. Burkeman has been everything from fashion Model to literary agent. Last january she combined her varied experiences to create a everything you be always wanted to know about London and did no to know who to ask a a referral service for the american in London for business or pleasure. For a yearly subscription fee she and her one assistant will answer questions about London that would Likely stump the Queen what to do with your Mother where your dog can get a Whirlpool Bath where to get a Landau in a hurry How to rent a screening room who is Michael Caine a agent and practically everything Rise you May think to ask. Mrs. Burkeman will also plan any Type of party move you into a House escort you around the City personally and she promises a save you non subscribers can be helped for a special fee. A so far in be not been stumped a reports the vivacious Brunette who looks much like barbra Streisand though she admits she herself cannot sing. There a Good reason for her being an aficionado of London life. Her life began there and she has lived it All there through a marriage which ended in divorce two kids and a slew of Odd jobs including a year As assistant to Broadway and Hollywood producers and directors working in London. The referral company evolved out of boredom mrs. Burkeman explained in an interview Here. A it started seven months ago a she said. A i had been a literary agent for three years and i hated it. It offered so Little creativity. A also i knew Many people Williams Flowers Quality flow tits Poohs Stomal soviet 301 Inrush to. Cali 1124101 in different businesses who came Over from new York and wanted me to help them set up work in London. I got to thinking there must be some Way i could formulate a service to help people who Are not native londoners to get around the City. Second Home. I know what a Good and bad about both places whereas other people May not. That a my advantage. I be seen new York deteriorate while London changes for the would the results be beneficial for All three where will your plan of action Lead How will it affect others what will it do to you four will you think Well of yourself when you look Back at what you have done five try to separate yourself from the problem. Pretend for a moment that it is the problem of the person you most Admire. Ask yourself a How would that person handle it a six hold up the final decision to the glaring Light of publicity. Would you want your family and friends to know what you have done the decisions we make in the Hope that no one will find out Are usually wrong. Or. Fosdick so six Point plan As described by or. Preston Bradley is in my opinion As Fine a guide for decision making As i have Ever heard. I Hope your children will find the answers they Are seeking. They re All right there. Dear Ann May i add one word to the letter signed a Plain get i i Usu uie Cuy. P. F pm a mrs. Burkeman set up shop s h doth cd p t h p Al cd i in her Home on Abbey Road. A a 1 1 a Uyco i i c i i i i i c o must be very serious a before i knew it a she remembers a the London times heard about it and the times a Biary which everyone reads did a piece on me. Then i did a bbl television show a few radio shows and some Magazine interviews. With All this publicity plus the word of Mouth of my subscribers a i be got a lot of big mouthed subscribers thank god a the service was a going this woman who knows everything about London displays a natural enthusiasm for England a capital City. A a in a not Flag waving at All a she maintains. A i love London. In a a big fan of hers and it s not a phony thing. A a there san old saying a Paris is like a Young girl London is an old Well there a a lot of excitement in old women. In London everyone is not As uptight As people in new York. Londoners Are More concerned with doing their own thing a not just talking about it but doing she visits new York frequently and says it s the Only other City in the world where she would want to live. She sees her Affinity for both metropolises As an advantage in her work. A i know i love new York almost As Well As London a she claims. A new Yorkus my a a a a a a a a confused a worried i upset speaking the word is it s High time someone commented on male promiscuity. For too Many years we have been hearing some pretty harsh criticism of women who Steep around. They were called tramps Trollope Pushover round heels hippies a Etc. On the other hand men who did the same thing were labelled a a Lothario Romeos a nothing to suggest that there was anything wrong with it. Now women Are insisting on and getting equal rights i believe they Are justified in demanding the same standards from men that men have been demanding of them. Granted some males Arentt fussy about whether or not a woman has had previous sexual experience. But those who Are should be Able to come to the marriage bed with the same clean slate they demand of their brides. If they can to they should keep their Mouths shut. I m not suggesting that both sexes should be allowed to cat around with impunity. What in a saying is that men who want a Virgin should be virgins also or All bets and name calling Are off. A sauce for the Goose dear sauce now its my turn to say thanks for writing. By Dorothy Marks women a news service Washington was mint director Mary Brooks does no to want americans to forget there is still a serious shortage of pennies in circulation. She is even concerned about coins left in wishing Wells and Charity collection boxes Over a Long period of time. At the Kennedy Center for the performing arts recently mrs. Brooks stopped Short at the Fountain Pool on the outside Terrace overlooking the Potomac River. A a in be got to Call Roger Stevens right away about keeping this Pool cleaned out of All the pennies and coins tourists drop in Here a she . Brooks already has sent out some 50,000 special citations of recognition signed by herself and Treasury Secretary William Simon to persons turning in 35 or More in pennies to their local Banks. She is launching a Campaign this fall to persuade businesses to let Loose of their pennies too. Ann Landers discusses teen age drinking a its myths its realities. Learn the facts by Reading a booze and you a for teen agers Only a by Ann Landers. Send 35 cents in Coin and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers p. O. Box 3346, Chicago Iii. 60654. Water weight problem uss Elim a Cen water in the body can be uncomfortable. Elim will help you lose excess water weight. We at Mann drug stores recommend it. 0 Only $2.00 Mann drug stores Contact Toone us 882-8121 Philco 25" solid state Sale color consoles Sale exclusive with Philco 2 or. 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