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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather c Hance of showers More data on Page 3a 90th yeah a no. 259 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon september 17, 1974 22 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c criticism of decision continues Pardon is admission of guilt by Nixon president Ford says by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a president Ford says Richard m. Nixon a acceptance of a Pardon could be construed As an admission of guilt but f Ord a unyielding defense of the clemency has failed to still criticism of his decision. Ford also said monday night there were no secret reasons for the Pardon and no secret deals with Nixon. And he disclosed he is moving to allay concern among watergate prosecutors about safeguarding Nixon tapes As potential evidence. He said White House aides Are negotiating with watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski a staff to remove concerns about preserving for possible courtroom use the tape recordings and presidential documents deemed to be Nixon a property. A responding to a barrage of Pardon related questions at his second broadcast news conference f Ord declared a i am absolutely convinced. I made the right decision in an Effort an honest conscientious Effort to end the watergate divisions and the turmoil in the United Ford maintained that the former president had been Quot shamed and disgraced by his resignation. The president also said he had no inside information on Nixon s health at the time of the Pardon and although he was aware of published reports Nixon was ailing Quot i was More anxious to heal the a number of congressional democrats said they were not satisfied by f Ord a defense of the Pardon. Quot tonight i thought there might be some Light a said rep. Jerome Waldie d-calif., a member of the House judiciary committee that recommended Nixon a impeachment Quot but there was chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., of the judiciary committee said it would have been better had Ford Quot pursued the judicial process to show that All Are treated equally under the but sen. George d. Alkin r-vt., said Ford s explanation was Quot pretty straightforward and will make an impression on a lot of people who did no to agree with the reviewing his decision to Pardon the former president f Ord went further than Ever before in suggesting Nixon was guilty of impeachable of tenses it not criminal misconduct. He said the unanimous judiciary committee vote for impeachment was Quot very persuasive evidence and at another Point declared in response to a question Quot the acceptance of a Pardon i think can be construed by Many if not All As an admission of if the Pardon question dominated the 30-minute news conference the topic of a intervention in the affairs of other countries seemed certain to stir International controversy. Asked about Cia action against the since overthrown marxist government of Chile Ford said the United states did act Quot to help and assist the preservation of opposition newspapers and electronic Media and to preserve opposition political he went on Quot i think this is in the Best interests of the people of Chile and certainly in our Best in any Case he said he was Quot informed reliably that communist nations spend vastly More Money than we do for the same kind of and he said Quot our govern see Pardon on 2a president Ford talks to newsmen at White House monday night no depression rising Economy pledged by Ford by r. Grf g0ry Nokes associated press writer Washington apr president Ford has assured americans the nations Economy is not headed for a depression despite Steep inflation and sagging Industrial production. He promised at his news conference monday night new measures Quot to make sure that our Economy improves in the months ahead a but he did not outline them. A let me say very strongly that the United states is not going to have a depression a Ford asserted. The Over All Economy is Strong and employment remains High he said. Quot we do have the problems of inflation. We do have related problems and we re going to come up with some answers that i Hope will solve these problems a Ford said. Quot we Are going to work to make sure that our Economy improves in the months ahead a he added. Statistics support the View that the United states is nowhere near a depression now. Economists regard a depression As a period of Low economic activity marked by mass unemployment deflation a decreasing use of resources and a Low level of investment. In 1933, the worst of the depression years there were 14 million americans out of work about 25 per cent of the labor Force. By contrast there were 4.9 million americans unable to find jobs last month representing 5.4 per cent of the labor Force. While Industrial production is off this year it still is Only 1.8 per cent below the Peak output in november of last year. And the Economy shows no hint of deflation a condition of falling prices. Nevertheless the nations top labor leaders warned Ford last week that the governments current ant inflation policies of tight credit and restrained Federal spending could plunge the country into a deep recession. But administration economic advisers have maintained these policies Are necessary to control inflation Over the Long run even if they produce Short term difficulties. A wire photo few takers for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Usually a degree q. What Are the qualifications to become an officer for juveniles anon. A. We re not sure if you mean As a Counselor or custodian or in some other capacity but probation work regulated under the state requires a minium of a bachelors degree from an accredited four year College. According to court Counselor Robert webs preference is Given to those who have some Type of Humanick degree or major but to Finis is not a formal requirement. It is his understanding that private agencies offering similar services such As the youth services Bureau have the same minimum requirement. As to the custodial aspect says Weiss there Are several agencies in this Field in the local area and each has a different set of requirements. It would be necessary to Contact the specific Agency in which you Are interested. Finicky eater u. I have a Little dog that refuses to eat anything except Ken a ration Biskit dog food. I have tried in Many grocery stores in this town to buy this food and find it is not available so i have to go to Virginia for this food. I would appreciate know ing if some store Here carries this kind of dog food. F. K. A. Considering the time that a elapsed since you called you be got one scrawny dog or none at All if he refused to eat in the meantime. We finally resorted to writing the manufacturer whose consumer services department relayed the information that s. E. Hauser co. At 517 s. Hamilton St. Is their local distributor. A lady at Hauser a confirmed the fact they have it in 50-Pound sacks. So feast Little Doggie your master will no longer have to carry it Back from old Virginne. Tony s the one q. Is Tony Solaita playing now for the Kansas City royals the same one that played with the in Toms a few years Back and How Long has he been in the major leagues and what is his batting average or. M. W. A. Yes the former i Torns slugger who led the Carolina league with 49 homers and 122 runs batted in during the 1968 season is now playing first base and serving As the designated hitter As a part time performer for the Kansas City club. Although appearing in Only 83 games and batting 211 times through aug. 28 this year the native of Samoa w As batting a creditable .270 with in Home runs. Believe it or not this is Tony a first year in the major leagues. After a Brief stint one a Bat with the new York Yankees late in 1968, he bounced from team to team in the Yankee and Pittsburgh pirates minor league organizations until drafted by his former i Toms manager Jack Mckeon for the royals this year. Re action i am calling with reference to an item about dish rag plants in action line sept. 5.1 raise these dish rag plants and would be Happy to show these or let somebody see them at their convenience if they will Call 431-1503. Thank you. Anonymous Man. The lady that wanted to know about the dish rag plants in action line today if she will come by 229 Mill ave., she can see some growing and also some that have already matured and get some seeds so she can Plant some nest year. B. Shivas. Amnesty plan creates storm few War violators sex senator gets Call expected to return by Ford by Richard e. Meyer National health safety or. Military pay. Those entering Washington apr associated press writer interest upon their return. The program would be re Charles e. Goodell who Toronto apr the White House said the quire to acknowledge tried As a senator to hasten deserters and draft dodgers work period would vary Case allegiance to the United the end of the Vietnam War in exile in Canada say few of by Case up to a maximum of states. Has been summoned from their number will accept 24 months depending on Quot we re asking those in sex political exile to help president f Ord a terms of military records and Quot other Ile and underground to Vietnam Era outcasts return clemency and return to the mitigating Boycott this however they to american society. United states. Organized pay would compare to see tit by remaining in exile a a i in pleased to be Back in groups Are urging a underground going a position of some inf Luence Quot there is a lot of pressure a pm up a Back and publicly Challenge Over matters i feel very from families and some have ing re entry by refusing to deeply about Goodell said some personal reasons for do service and perhaps some monday As he set to work As wanting to return so ifs pos a % things we Haven come up chairman of the clemency sible that some will a said f w. With yet a said Condon a review Board created under Gerry Condon 27, managing w / lanky deserter from the president Ford s conditional editor of amex Canada a Green berets who spent two amnesty program Magazine published Here by a s years in Sweden before com As an appointed senator Vietnam War draft resisters Job taif it Ivy ing Here in 1972. From new York Goodell was and deserters. T. Shiy Stimac a draft resister a leading Republican critic Quot but its a bitter Pill to from Detroit who runs a Lur of War policy during the first Swallow. I expect very few of Nace in a Toronto brass and two years of Richard m. Nix people will go i 9k Copper Plant said exile ones administration. I hat Condon and Charlie groups across Canada and in was one of the issues that led Stimac 25, a member of the Britain Sweden and f Ranee former vice president Spiro amex staff announced the had agreed to reject f Ord s t. Agnew to assail him Dur Boycott on monday a few plan a and to urge the my the 1970 Campaign As a Hovirs after Ford offered Boycott Stimac said Quot Rad Clib a a a term he clemency to All Vietnam Era representatives of these otherwise reserved tor libel deserters and Dratt dodgers groups would meet Here Over a1 democrats who agreed to work at Public the weekend to discuss the Goodell had been a con service jobs a a promoting / Gerry Condon plan and other ways to resist sedative congressmen from it. Western new York when he the . Government says succeeded the slain Robert Al a ? u my Vietnam Era deserters still of a. Kennedy. As a senator his Zilfi it u f i of i at Large number about 12,500. Ideological shift caused to numbers fugitive Dratt Agnew to deride him As a the evaders at 4,060 and says 3, Christine Jorgensen of the _ i a too it these Are in Canada. Republican it put sumac however puts the in 1970, Nixon endorsed w in u Mamm number of draft and military conservative party can Washington apr More and More often As exiles in Canada at 50,000. Dilate James l. Buckley the undercover agent knew Federal agents and informers interviews with several of who won. A Democrat took it was a Gamble to Wear the wire themselves for sound to them across Canada showed so sex senator on 2a tiny hidden microphone to a gather evidence in More than widespread rejection of crucial rendezvous with 1,000 cases a year Petersen f Ord a clemency proposal. I a i my i to i a criminals. Said. Of a half dozen draft dodgers a to in k f1 Tif Quot a pfc of o Lohof to of they found the device he Petersen disclosed Justice and deserters polled Here w i la Relvi i in in in my in m my my my in in my in could be dead by morning. It department statistics for so not one was planning to was a risk in was willing to called a consensual accept the terms a and not in a a a i a i to i take tor important evidence monitoring a in testimony one knew of anyone else who w uni in i in j my a in am a i in of Hhd fifa to bring them to trial. Belore the National wiretap intended to either. Pm a in in my in mat a in a mrm in i a w the agent sensed their commission a group of Quot it is too much to ask that suspicion As he entered the senators congressmen and we accept punishment for Centralia Iii. A room. A take off your private citizens directed by jus titled resistance to the ii next time you re about to clothes a he was told. No Congress to recommend Legal and immoral . War compare something Inex ventime for panic. Quot Why a he legislation controlling in Indochina which still Sive with Chicken teed bite retort i a you take it electronic surveillance. Rages with american dollars your Tongue yours the practice has been in violation of . And inter poultry teed prices have the Tough character facing overlooked previously As National Law a said Jack come Home to Roost and the him peeled off his shirt. The most hearings on govern Calhoun 29, a deserter. People who gather eggs for agent peeled off his. Neither ment surveillance have my mme mme Mem Man your refrigerator Are saw anything suspicious focused on wiretapping and i Iii a incur Law i squawking about it. About the other. The charade bugging requiring court what s 1115106 \ grower with a Hock of ended. The microphone warrants for Domestic amusements. 6b laying hens pays 59.50 tor a recording every criminal investigations and Bridgida lot Pound sack of feed which incriminating word was Safe the attorney general a classified ads7-i1b coat about half that two inside the agents trousers. Authorization for National comics.,.12b years ago. That Story came not from Security purposes. Crossword1ua while that May not sound the annals of television Petersen said a 1971 editorials4a like much consider thai detectives but from asst. At supreme court decision financial2a Chicken farms with 15,000 to to. Gen. Henry e. Petersen leaves no doubt that obituaries2b.7b 30,000 hens Are common and who related it to newsmen on investigators need no court sports3-5b one rancher Here is feeding monday. Ile did not identify authorization to record their television a a 55,000 chickens daily. The agent or the Case. Own conversations with women a news8-7a it takes about 4.5 pounds of such cases Are occurring a microphones on 2a weather.3a feed a Corn soybean wheat by w. Robert w Eller associated press writer president f Ord s limited amnesty plan has created a storm of controversy but apparently has drawn few inquiries from draft evaders or deserters and no Early confirmed reports of any takers. The Justice department said to persons identifying themselves As evaders or deserters called seeking information during the first 12 hours alter amnesty was announced. Spokeswoman Gloria c. Brown said some of the Calls came from persons in Canada who said they had no Money tor transportation to a . Attorneys office. She added five department employees will handle amnesty inquiries. Initial reaction to the proposal was predictable. War resisters said it did t go far enough and veterans groups said it went too far. Dratt evaders and deserters living in exile called the proposal unacceptable because it implied guilt on the part of those who had spurned involvement in what they viewed As an Unm Oral War. Veterans groups and some relatives of Vietnam casualties were just As vehement in their opposition Call ing it a betrayal of those who had fought and died in Southeast Asia. The plan probably received its warmest reception in Congress where several key leaders endorsed it. President f Ord on monday set in motion the government machinery to Grant conditional amnesty to Vietnam Era draft evaders and deserters if they reaffirm their allegiance to the United states by Jan. 31, 1975, and work up to 24 months in Low paving Public service jobs. He also indicated that per sons serving prison sentences for Dratt evasion or desertion would be released pending decisions on their cases by an amnesty clemency Board. In Canada the most popular Haven tor the 12,500 deserters and 4,060 fugitive Dratt evaders there apparently was Little interest in accepting the offer of amnesty. The reception in Sweden where about 400 draft evaders and deserters live. Also was Cool. George meals a deserter from Atlanta said Quot amnesty Means forgiving Lins in t really amnesty at All. In the spirit of the Law we did nothing wrong not in the context of that and Alfalfa meal fortified with vitamins a to produce a dozen eggs. A Hen will produce about 20 dozen eggs Over her 15 most productive months. At the same time she will consume nearly too pounds of $9.00 or so that the Farmer spent on teed for a single Hen is More than he paid for her in the first place. Late this summer a Pullet sold for about $2.25. Eighteen months ago a Pullet brought about $1.75. Hatcheries blame the increase on the Price of teed a dozen Large eggs sold in Southern Illinois markets this september at about 52 cents. That a a $10.40 return on an investment of $11.25 and you Haven to paid the help yet or repaired the coops. Medium eggs f Orty five cents. Feed producers say the problem is rising Grain prices. A spokesman for the Ralston Burma co. Of St. Louis mo., which Sells More teed than any other company Iii Hie United states says Quot the big thing this year is the increased Price of Corn. Corn now costs More than the protein ingredients a soybeans arid so Forth. The Price has just about doubled in two years two years ago a ton of laying rations was $87. This year ifs $168 wholesale. That s an in dust wide average figure Quot

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