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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and mild today and monday 90th year a no. 257 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., sunday morning september 15, 1974 too pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores state. 35 Duke. 21 a amp a. 17 Wake Forest. 6 unc. 42 Ohio. 7 Guilford. 15 Hampton. 7 Texas a amp a. 74 Clemson. O Alabama. 21 Maryland. 16 s�2�p beware Golden fleece Washington i api the Federal Trade commission is studying what it can do to prevent unwary Consumers from becoming victims of a Golden fleece when the government finally permits private ownership of the precious Metal. Under a new Law private citizens will be Able to own Gold beginning dec. 31 a for the first time in 41 years. President Ford has the option of authorizing ownership before then. J Thomas Bosch director of the commission s Bureau it consumer Protection said in an interview he ordered his staff about two weeks ago to study what problems prospective buyers might face and what the Etc can do. The commission has the Broad authority to police any unfair or deceptive act involving interstate Commerce. And Law enforcement officials feel that Gold is an area Ripe tor deception. A i feel sorry for people going into the Gold Market for the first said Treasury department attorney Michael of Connell. Terrorists keep nine hostages despite Accord no. I million Patti Albers 9, left poses with president Gerald Ford and her sister. Kelly 7, outside the White House saturday after she was told she is the one Millionth visitor to the White House in 1974. Patti and her sister Are from Phoenix md., a Baltimore suburb. Up wire photo for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every of doors q. Is there another Way of getting the smell of Mothballs out of sweaters without sending them to the laundry or anon. A our first thought would be to hang them outdoors on a sunshiny Breezy How about using a Wick or Spray odor removing air freshener in the room and flapping the sweaters briskly since an open Box of baking soda in a refrigerator is Good for removing doors you could try one in your Bureau drawer or else stick some cloves in a Green Apple and put it in the drawer if you prefer a Spicey aural if you keep the sweaters in a closet you can put a Container of charcoal on the floor or a pan of water with household ammonia heft overnight. Both Are supposed to get rid of knotty Pine problem q. M to can i Contact to clean my knotty Pine cabinets or w hat i could get to clean them. Above the stove there is grease or something on them and want to know who i can get to clean All of them thank you. B. A. Housecleaning services advertise in the paper of you want to do it yourself besides commercial products for Wood cleaning you can try one of these Home remedies acquired from household hints books or suggested by readers put one Teaspoon of Olive Oil and one Teaspoon of turpentine in a quart of warm water dip a cloth in it wring out the excess moisture and rub drying with another cloth. Varnished surfaces can be cleaned if rubbed with a cloth dipped in Cool Tea another idea for varnished Wood is to use one cup of vinegar mixed with one gallon of warm water. A half cup of kerosene in a gallon of warm water is said to be great for removing Greasy stuff. Use a piece of towering or an old to shirt to rub. Wipe with a dry cloth and it leaves a Shine. This was suggested for painted Woodwork or Metal cabinets so if you re game to try it on your knotty Pine better try a hidden spot first to see if it affects the it White q my husband and i were just married about two weeks ago and i want to save my wedding gown for my Little girl if i have one for her wedding. I done to know How to keep it from turning yellow. I have heard you could just put it in a Box and it would turn yellow and is there any special Way you can keep the original color. This one is White and if made of orlon. My Mother picked it out for me and it is very Beautiful. Anon. A. You can have it packed by a professional dry cleaner a More As an insurance against bugs than color change. One explained that any Type cloth will age Over Many years turning Yellowish or sometimes greyish because of bleach breakdown but she has seen some packed away for 12 or 14 years which had retained their whiteness. They put the gowns in a White Box use Blue tissue paper Between the folds Seal All the edges of the Box and then wrap it in Brown paper for a Little extra Protection. They advise not to store the Box in an attic which gets too hot and May have Silverfish nor in a basement where its too Damp. And they do not recommend hanging them in garment bags. The dresses Are too heavy would get out of shape and often get streaks of yellowing rather than Over All Security q. Why can to something be done out at Westchester mall for the Security of cars belonging to people who work out there a boys car was stolen and a lady had her Battery stolen and a few Days before that there was a tape player stolen. I think in a town the size of High Point and in a shopping Center the size of the mall something should be done for the Security of the ears and property of the employees. Or. J. I. A. The Westchester mall men Hants Assoc says they led the Security is equal to that in any other shopping area but with any such Large concentration of cars there a a greater risk of thievery. In Many cases guilty parties have been caught and prosecuted. They urge customers and employees alike to lock their cars and put any valuables in the trunk mall employees have been instructed to report any suspicious actions to the nearest store manager and the police will be called immediately. House speaker claims executive Branch Power on decline Washington apr the generations Long buildup of Power in the executive Branch has probably peaked and Congress will begin playing a bigger role in the next few years. House speaker Carl Albert says. A i believe we will see a general strengthening of the legislative base in the intermediate Albert said in an interview. He explained he is thinking of a period of about 5 to to years. But Albert the highest official in the legislative Branch added that the executive with its concentration of initiative and decision Power in one Man a the president a will always have some built in advantages. The tripartite system of . Government he said works be to when there is close co operation Between the White House and Capitol Hill a and this relationship has been lacking in recent years. A the Lack of co ordination Between the administration and Congress has been due primarily to the difficulties president Richard a Nixon had a Albert said. He was asked whether the watergate scandals highlighting the extent of presidential Power and the opportunities tor abusing it had spurred the flow of Power to Congress. Albert said watergate had contributed. But he contended the trend had set in Well before the scandals reached a Climax. A we passed the War Powers act before that a he Ford men find jobs frustrating Washington a Jerald f. Ter Liorest says aides of president Ford whom he served tor a month As press Secretary my it frustrating and even demeaning to have to work through Nixon administration machinery. Because of the sudden shift of presidential Power terhorst says decisions of ilk new administration could be translated into reality Only through the organization controlled by White House Chiel of stall Alexander m Laig or. A the Ford men naturally incl that frustrating and even demeaning a ter Liorest writes. A and it is especially no whenever Ford moved to change a Nixon Haig policy. He made the comments in a new column copyrighted by the Detroit news and i in Versal press Syndicate the Syndicate said ter Liorest will write three columns a week tor the news and that Mon than 40 newspapers subscribed to the column in the first 24 hours Atter it was offered ter Liorest resigned As Ford s pre is Secretary a week ago after the president granted a full Pardon to tonner president Richard a Nixon. In a separate interview with the Detroit news ter Liorest said he was disturbed because he had not been consulted by Ford prior to the Pardon decision saying he could have cautioned the president about the prob lems it would cause. He told the news also that presidential counsel Philip a Kuchen had misled him about the Pardon which led him earlier to give false information to newsmen. Without giving details he said he had been misled twice before on different topics by different stat i members. Said. This measure a reaction to the Southeast Asia War. Sharply limits the authority of the president to commit . Forces without concurrence of Congress. A More recent instance of Congress acting on its own Albert said was the development and passage of legislation designed to protect the rights of employees enrolled in company pension plans. Albert called this a a historic Bill. Completely a congressional Congress has taken no More important step toward reasserting its authority than passage of the budget control act last july Albert said. This measure now just beginning to be tested in operation undertakes to give the legislative Branch tools to grapple with the budget As a whole and to assert its views on priorities rather than merely reacting to the annual proposals from the White House. A Elf we have Only cheese paring authority in the budget process a Albert said. A we can hardly be Albert has served in the House since 1947 and has said his childhood ambition was to be speaker. Nevertheless. He repeatedly emphasized the need for the executive and Congress to reach accommodations. A i done to think we will have a veto proot Congress a he said. By Donald Forbes associated press writer the Hague. Netherlands apr a three members of the terrorist japanese red army maintained their hold on nine hostages inside the French embassy Here saturday despite France s agreement to turn Over an imprisoned Comrade As the guerrillas demanded. Dutch marines joined the Security Force at the scene. The prisoner was flown from a French prison to an Airport near Here meeting the original demand of the terrorists when they seized the French ambassador and eight other persons As hostages Friday. There was no immediate official explanation As to Why the red army group had not agreed to release the hostages in Exchange for the prisoner brought from France but the terrorists did accept a mediation offer from the egyptian ambassador in the Hague. The red army has ties with Arab guerrilla groups. There were reports which could not be officially confirmed that the prisoner at the Airport was refusing to be released to join the red army Trio. In Paris a spokesman for the French Interior ministry said the terrorists had presented a a dozen demands since last night All More or less fantastic and he Addend that the frenchly hospitalized i la die Nixon new York a air Force maj. Gen. Walter Tkach said saturday he decided against Hospital zing Richard m. Nixon after the former president told him. A it i go into the Hospital. To never come out he did not say Why Nixon feared he would die it hospitalized. Tkach. Nixon a Long time personal physician was interviewed by arc news at his Home at Andrews air Force base near Washington Atter he returned from a visit to his patient at san Clemente Caid government was remaining i inn on meeting Only the original demand. A we will Exchange our japanese who is our hostage against the nine persons held by the commando in the embassy a the Paris spokesman said. A we not will change our attitude. A it is the question of the lives of nine people. The dutch government has no intention of putting the lives of these hostages some of whom Are dutch in charges lodged in car bombing Salisbury. No. Apr the state Bureau of investigation announced saturday the arrests of two persons in the bombing of an ski agent s car. Warrants were issued for three others the Bureau said. Ski director Charles Dunn said Jeanette Martha Grier 32, and Otis James Blackman 24, were arrested late Friday at their Homes in Charlotte. The other three were not identified but a source said the investigation was entered in the Charlotte area. The two suspects were lodged in the Rowan county jail on charges of assault with the intent to kill and malicious damage to occupied property Dunn said. Last tuesday agent Albert Stout jr., 32, who had been investigating narcotics trial tie was critically injured when a bomb demolished his automobile. Police said the explosion occurred when Stout turned on the ignition As he prepared to leave his Home tor work. Changes sought inflation policies hit by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington apr with production Down and prices still going up some labor leaders members of Congress and outside economists Are pressuring the government to change its anti inflation policies. Top Ford administration economists have admitted that the government has lost the Battle against inflation this year and that prices will be rising at or near a to per cent rate by the end of 1974. They continue to advocate policies of tight Money and spending restraint As the ways to control inflation in the Long run. Inside Reading Cates n Ham 2a museum piece. Page id amnesty controversy Page 2d classified. Page 3-1 by editorial Page 4a women news Section b sport Section c television. Page 12c entertainment. Pages la 12,13c obituaries. Page 3d members of committee Ama aiding candidates Washington a the americas medical association has earmarked at least 25,our tor the re election campaigns of to members it the House ways and Means committee which writes health in Suranee legislation for several years the committee has been working on a variety of health Bills Many of them opposed by the a Ama. It recently put the Issue aside to work on other measures. Fit the to members singled out by the nations major medical organization six joined As sponsors of a health insurance plan supported by the Ama. Tile measure was one of several uttered in addition to the Bill proposed by ways Aud Means committee chairman Wilbur i Mills d Ark the la members aided by the Ama Are among 21 com Mittee members seeking reelection at least two rep. Richard Fulton a Tenn and rep. Omar Burleson d-tex., Are unopposed in he nov. 5 general election. The contributions were disclosed in records tiled with the clerk of the House. They showed that More than halt the Money has already been distributed to the candidates Fulton introduced the Bdl favored by the am a last Jan. 18. His a Fulton tor Congress committee received a $2.-500 contribution trom a Independent medicines political action committee a Tennessee a the Ama s state political chapter on july 22, the contribution was the largest single gift Fulton s committee has received according to it most recent Campaign funding report and represented More than to per cent of his Campaign expenses listed Asol sept to. The congressman won a landslide Victory Over a state legislator in the democratic primary. Burleson one of the cosponsors of Fulton s Bill received $4, from the Texas Branch of the am a a political action committee on april 2 his Campaign expenses have totalled $6,414.37 so i a this year according to his funding reports. Burleson was unopposed in the Texas democratic primary election. Rep. Joel to Broyhill a also a co sponsor of the Bdl received $5. irom the amass committee $3,000 trom the Virginia medical political action committee arid $2,500 trom the Oral surgery political action committee. He listed total Campaign contributions of $137,817.09. Hep Al i Liman the Oregon Democrat who has Otten directed the Power us committee in the absence of Mills received his largest contribution to Date from the Oregon medical political Ai tion committee which relayed $1,000 from the Ama. The congressman a Campaign War Chest totals $16,981.38, according to the sept. To report of the a Are elect Al Ullman committee Senate democrats have announced plans tor their own hearings to determine the causes of inflation an obvious slap at the series of inflation Summit meetings called by president Ford. The democrats meeting in a caucus thursday also asked Ford to include several items on his economic Summit Agenda including an eased monetary policy. Democrats have expressed growing concern that the tight credit and High interest rate policies of the Federal Reserve Board have had Little effect on inflation but Are hurting the housing Industry and could bring on a serious economic recession. Top labor leaders told Ford on wednesday that they favored an easing of credit Ami interest rates As did Many of the economists who met with him in another pre Summit meeting a week ship to be towed key West Fla. Apr plans were under Way saturday to Tow the scorched Cunard ambassador to Anchorage Oft key West where Lloyd s of London will determine How much damage the $27 million luxury cruise ship sult ered in a two Day fire. A coast guard spokesman said the liner its engines ice less since fire broke out Early thursday would be towed to a mooring about three Miles off key w est. Fire fighting Crews boarded the ship Early saturday to Hose Down hot spots remaining trom a tire which scarred seven decks of passenger compartments before being brought under control late Friday. A they done to want to Tow it until they re sure everything is cold a the coast guard spokesman said Ile said representatives of Lloyds of London the ships insurer would Board the ambassador sunday and determine the extent of damages. A then they Wilt decide where it will be taken tor repairs a he said. A i doubt it will be key West they done to have the facilities there it s going to be a big Job a about 50 crewmen stayed behind to fight the Blaze but were later relieved by coast guardsmen

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