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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor washing i in Mekky go Ruul who will write a new rallying cry 4a wednesday. September la 1974 thoughts for today your men shall fall by the sword and your mighty men in Battle. And her Gates shall lament and mourn ravaged she shall sit upon the ground. A Isaiah 3 25,26. Quot there Are no warlike people a Jet warlike a Helph j. Tun the former cos. Dele Pate to the i Niter Salton. Crime prevention Council gov. James Holshouser has reestablished the North Carolina organized crime prevention Council. First formed under the administration of gov. Robert Scott the Council was recreated by gov. Holshouser in an executive order before he left Early this week for the Southern governors conference in Texas. The seven members of the Council will be appointed next week by gov. Holshouser after his return from the conference. Heading the Council is atty. Gen. James Carson. According to Carson the Council will concentrate on the problems caused by organized crime in North Carolina in such activities As cigarette smuggling theft Sale of dangerous drugs land fraud and gambling. As a result of its studies the Council presumably will make recommendations As to How the state and its local communities can respond to criminal activities especially in programs to prevent a crime from taking place. One thing the Council might do As its first order of business is define the scope of organized criminal activity in North Carolina. For several years former attorney general Robert Morgan and Charles Dunn the director of the state Bureau of investigation have said there is growing organized criminal activity in the state. Cigarette smuggling and illegal drug traffic have been pointed to in particular As two Fields of activity where organized crime is operating in North Carolina. Generally however the warnings have lacked substantive documentation. Cigarette smuggling and drug trafficking does occur in North Carolina but just How extensive these operations Are and whether they Are in the hands of organized crime remain unclear. ,. As for the prevention of crime which is another mandate of the Council a Well trained and efficiently directed police Force remains the Best deterrent. It should not take an organized crime prevention Council to come to that conclusion. Such a Council May in this instance have another purpose. Carson has been attorney general for Only two weeks he is a candidate for election in november. His role As head of the crime prevention unit is another Opportunity for exposure of himself As someone who is attempting to do something about crime. Perhaps the Council can get Down to its appointed task after the election on nov 5. Meanwhile North Carolina will have to and should continue to rely on its police forces whatever the degree of their Quality to prevent crime. A nationalities problem the United states grew from the expansion Westward of the 13 original colonies under the motivation of a Manifest the Union of soviet socialist republics grew from the expansion of russian slavs eastward from the Plains of Central Europe. As the Westward expansion remains an influence shaping America and its role in the world so is the eastward expansion of Russia a significant Factor in its concerns today. Russia is in fact a nation of Many nationalities of Many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Their relationships Are not always easy a circumstance that surely is of concern to the rulers in the Kremlin. One aspect of the problem is brought into focus by Richard Meier in an article on population growth in the soviet Union. The growth by some 3.5 million persons annually is greatest among the Asiatic and turkic people in Eastern Russia Meier writes. From 1959 to 1970, the population of russian nationality concentrated mainly in the projecting the news Chile s unhappy anniversary the marxist government of chilean president Salvador Allende was overthrown in a military coup one year ago a on sept. La 1973. One year after the military coup in Chile Many of the circumstances surrounding the Allende governments downfall Are still hotly disputed. The most widely accepted explanation holds that Salvador Allende was toppled because of economic mismanagement on a colossal scale. In this View it was Allende and Allende alone who was responsible for the runaway inflation strikes and drastically reduced agricultural and Industrial output that brought chilean Economy to the verge of collapse. But there is a an alternative explanation which fits the facts much better Quot according to two american graduate students who spent nearly three years in Chile. The coup was caused by the Success of the government not by its failures a Pat Garrett and Adam Schesch wrote in the progressive. A Allende s opposition was running scared and could not wait for the presidential elections of 1976. The left was growing in numbers and in organizational strength. Furthermore there were dear indications that Chile s major economic problems were on their Way to the extent of violence and repression during and after the coup also is a subject of controversy. Last november and december the editorial Page of the Wall Street journal was enlivened by a series of articles and letters that both attacked and defended Newsweek s coverage of the coup and its aftermath the journal had started the debate by suggesting that Newsweek a grossly exaggerated the Post coup carnage by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington in times past. Americans have been Able to distil the cause of the hour into a phrase a rallying cry. A stirring slogan. To recite them is to review our history. Give me Liberty or give me death. United we stand divided we fall. Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute. Remember the Alamo. Government of the people by the people and for the people we must make the world Safe for democracy. The Only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. I have a dream. Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. At this time As we emerge from the watergate Nightmare into the Dawn s Early Light As we near 200 years under a common Flag As a free and progressing people Are there the right words to reaffirm our Faith in America the Bicentennial has need of a slogan which will Caps ulate the past 200 years and ring Down through the next 200 years. Amid All the Hopes and conflicts that distract and Divide us today is there a unifying phrase a grand motto for our Bicentennial Western half of the country increased by 13 per cent. The increase among the Asiatic turkic people was 50 per cent. A if this trend continues the russians who now constitute 53 per cent of the user s total population May lose their absolute majority status in the foreseeable future a Meier observes. The concern this population trend must cause the ruling communist Thiearchy is obvious. Among the party a bureaucracy from the Kremlin on Down the russians Are in control. The Asiatic and turkic Peoples Are greatly underrepresented. A the question of whether this unequal distribution of authority can be maintained without friction Over the Long haul could evolve into a major Issue in the internal development of the soviet Empire a Meier comments. It could also become a major Factor in the conduct and goals of Russia s foreign policy. Prone to meddle on the Side of a a maligned a nationalities in other countries Russia is sitting uneasily on a a a nationalities problem of its own. Year the words ought not to be the forced Effort a political ghost writer but the spontaneous eruption of some grateful citizen some struggle in the Field. We. Therefore invite the citizens of America a the school children labourers housewives veterans a to express their feelings about America in a slogan. We have an anniversary to celebrate. If you have a motto for it a phrase that can catch the spirit and the cause of America 1976. By All Means Send it to Jack Ander son 1401 16th St new Washington . 20036 such patriotic and civic organizations As the american legion and the Jaycees will help us screen the slogans. The Best will be selected As the slogan for the Bicentennial. The spirit of 1976 cannot be imposed upon the country by the government but must come from the people. Putting into words our feelings about America May help us to shake off the dirt of watergate and think constructively about our country. For a time it appeared that watergate would rain on our Bicentennial Parade. How could we celebrate the Good old words the hallowed guarantees if each Day was to disclose a new mockery of them but we always thought and sometimes wrote that watergate would end in a reaffirmation of the american system. So it has. The Republic stands stronger More tested than before it stands amidst the ashes of numberless attempts at democratic government in other lands. For our people who had begun to doubt for the world at Large w hich has usually Given Short shrift to free governments the american Bicentennial has a potential Impact that ought not be lost. Something we have a a division of Powers an idea that won t die a Faith deep in our souls a has brought Freedom with order change with stability dissent with Unity the hazards of the free Market yet for most a decent Home and a full table. We have survived 200 years ruled mostly by Laws we collectively agreed to. Rather than by the truncheons of unaccountable men two centuries of comparative unfettered Ness that enabled us to unleash the greatest explosion of human Energy and inventiveness in All history we have developed an endemic statecraft on Prairie Mountain and Valley that sprang up because peo pie were allowed to practice it. A statecraft that democratized the Energy explosion and largely civilized d. There has grown a covering Trust grounded in the belief that we have had our say whether it prevailed or not. And will have it again a Trust that has legitimized Power Here and permitted its peaceable Transfer by the Book. Of. There is much we have Tun caught up with a swindling in our counting houses crime drugs and litter in our streets a two Small share in our ghettos. But there arc no tanks no armoured trucks hauling critics off to concentration Camps. And in the main. Americans have a Fainer share a Freer Field a belter Chance than was Ever offered anywhere. So let us rest from contemplating the betrayals of the dream the exploitations of the people the chances lost. Let us. Rather reflect reflect on that Long torturous ascent toward the unlikely goals set up by the founding fathers Liberty Equality order a not for one City or one Breed but upon a continent Whereon would dwell All the cantankerous races of Man we see a Progress fitful faltering a backsliding but Ever resilient at length discernible and in the end Majestic. A word edgewise democratic charter disastrous goal turning from the past to the future Chile a military rulers have let it be known that they intend to remain in Power for an indefinite period the original four Man Junta has Given Way to a government headed by one Man. Gen Auguste Pinochet who bears the title of a supreme chief of the Congress remains closed and All overt political activity proscribed. The country a voter registration records have been destroyed on the ground that they were a notoriously in addition Richard Pierson reported in ramparts Magazine. A education is being a restructured a so As to eliminate a subversive disciplines such As sociology and a dangerous subjects such As the French revolution. The aim is thought control candidly described by the military As Itron Pieta tie eur Beans a which Best translates As brainwashing. A the Long term survival of Chile a military government will depend in Large part on How Well it comes to grip with the country a economic problems. Some observers believe that the generals Hope to create a Braz Ihan style economic Boom through massive transfusions of foreign capital. But it is a difficult to see How Chile can emulate brazils performance a Alan Angell of Oxford University wrote in current history. A Chile is not that attractive to foreign capital and she has nothing like the natural advantages or Market size of Brazil a it May take More than an economic Miracle to bring lasting peace to Chile. A in the Long run the injustice in this country will keep us on Edge a a chilean lawyer told Robert f. Kennedyjr. A the military can bring order but will they bring Justice without Justice none of us will really sleep by John p. Roche King f futures Syndicate there has been a lot of comment about the Paradox of the democrats seeming to have tremendous strength in state and congressional elections but being a bad bet to win the White House in 1976. This was highlighted by Ben Wittenberg s comment that watergate left the democratic party a shambles what has not been sufficiently emphasized is that precisely the factors that give the democrats their grass and Asphalt roots clout Are those that Are missing from the presidential sweepstakes. To put it differently the reason the democrats Are so Strong in Congress and the states is that there is no such thing As a National democratic party. True there is a democratic National committee which in recent years has seemed to be suffering from a death wish it s been busily working to establish a National democratic party Complete with a charter to which presumably All legitimate democratic candidates must take a loyalty oath. Thus ironically just As the Long revered British party system is going Down the tubes american ideologues Are engaged in trying to set it. Up Here. For a Quarter of a Century i have been fighting this concept and some Good friends such As James Macgregor Burns on the ground a set Forth in a the dynamics of democratic government 1952 a that if we had the parliamentary system in the United states the result would be fragmentation. In the 1952 context f suggested we would get France not Britain perhaps it is a form of arrogance if so i apologize in Advance but i can t see How otherwise intelligent men and women can think that this huge diverse Semi anarchist nation can be run by rigid political institutions. Who in the world for example has the right to Tell senator Mike Mansfield How he must vote on gun control under the first amendment of course anybody has the right to give Mansfield advice but he is not elected by a common cause mail ballot a the Good citizens of Montana handle that assignment. If Mansfield or his Idaho neighbor Frank Church went Home to run and pinned on gun control said a Well i did no to want to vote for it but you understand it s in the democratic party charter a they would be laughed out of office. The Odd thing about the characters who Are the most fervid advocates of a charter is their implicit Assumption that they Are going to write it. When at the preliminaries for an upcoming democratic Bloodbath known As the mini convention the labor and centrist forces in the session managed quite legally to get control the dedicated ideologues walked out. In die National whirligig event however that these ideologues yet gain control a As they did at the democratic nominating convention in 1972 a there will be no higher virtue than party loyalty. I was amused. For example to hear characters who in 1966 announced to the heavens that there was no difference Between Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon suddenly sounding like Jim Farley. Divisive but to return to the main argument the democratic party needs a charter like Florida needs a hard Frost. Putting aside my theoretical disdain for the notion the hard fact is that the whole charter exercise is a divisive waste of time. Even if it gets written and no matter who wins the right to be scribe it will be a horse dead at the Post. Nobody in democratic politics is going to pay Tho slightest attention to it. Candidates Are going to follow the practice initiated in 1788 of running on platforms tailored to their constituencies. If any charter interferes with this sensible approach so much the worse for the charter thus liberals will come Back from Liberal districts conservatives from conservative areas and Middle of the readers from the great bulk of constituencies that fall Between the two polos. However at the National level a where once every four years the diverse democratic tribes gather to nominate a presidential ticket a the barter is real bad news. Again the ideological thrust is irrelevant a charter written by George Meany would be As troublesome As one prepared by Bella getting elected president is not equivalent to entering religious orders a you need a lot of room for Man Euver. Starting out with a charter a formal statement of democratic truth nailed to your Mast is an Ideal prologue to disaster. Not because politics is immoral but because political morality cannot be enshrined on a tibetan prayer wheel. As father Drinane a support for the military Industrial Complex a Middle East division a indicates flexibility is essential. Senate event has potential for mischief by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington just about the most valuable result that the counterintelligence of any major Power can effect ii to uncover the table of organization and Mode of operation of its adversary Power. Since it is a most delicate Mission often involving the penetration of the adversary a system at the highest level and at highest personal risk especially to the informer As a Rule Only the most knowledgeable and experienced of the senior in telling ence officers Are assigned to this difficult task. The Kremlin a excellent intelligence department however has a mighty if totally innocent assistant in the . Senate. Hearing in that body As in the Case of Gen Macarthur compelled the joint chiefs of staff to state publicly the Basic War strategy of the United states. Again scandalously and in spite of the warning of the Pentagon that it would multiply american casualties during the Vietnam War Hanoi was supplied with exact combat information while the fighting was in Progress by Senate hearings and debate. Troops equipment objectives and time of occupation were specifically set Forth. This was invaluable combat information for Hanoi this is called a Bird the . Navy a Bird dogged Quot for the British Navy before the . Entered world War la. American warships would scour the seas for German ships then signal Washington directly the name Speed and direction of that ship by prearrangement the British were listening in and Carne in for the kill As the a a Neutral americans continued bulletins on the German ships positions. The Senate quite innocently and with the Best of intentions has been performing the same Type of services for the world to listen in on. Since the patriotism in the Senate is beyond question it follows the damage done is through a More or less Majestic ignorance of the bitter and harsh world of International intelligence. A under the Aegis of Sens Edward Brooke k-mass., and Philip Hart d Micha congressional hearing room has been made available to a proponent of the a fund for peace Quot sponsored by the Center for National Security studies this meeting is variously described by the a fund for peace As a a debate Between prominent writers in a the pressing issues posed by american involvement in Covert actions at Home and additionally a the conference will provide a forum for informal analysis of Covert activities the participants include persons with a wide of Range of backgrounds and no other major Power would permit much less allow such revelations affecting its National Security under its Capitol dome. Can one imagine for example the russian government allowing a on Ferenee in the Kremlin exposing the Workings of russian intelligence consider the service rendered the Kremlin by a full discussion of the Cia As outlined on a few subjects in the program a a former staff officer of the officer of director of the Cia and a former state department official who served As staff assistant to the director of state s Bureau of int Exigence and research. Will review the scope and Structure of the entire intelligence Community including a Survey of Tivi ties performed by agencies and a disc the budget of each and what it is Devot another paper will a the Legal and inst foundations of operations and ther the types of f operations the age sponsored Over the i the idea that int it services must opera by outside of this cd laughable indeed recognized Interi practice that they d another paper Wil on the Agency act Laos discussing plications of the t Covert War a no nit made of the Lucern warring russian u there. A professor o National Law will c Over operations in to International Star conduct which this a pledged to follow a this of course ii the monumental to standing of the Reb professional fashion International Sta allies not Only spy adversaries but c Oiler like mad. All and accept it

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