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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 252 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882 1719 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon september to 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c Ford authorizes revelation Blanket watergate Pardon considered Washington api president Ford today authorized a spokesman to announce that the question of pardons for All those connected with the watergate scandals a is now under study.1�?T acting press Secretary John w. Hushen startled reporters with the unexpected disclosure and said a i can give you no further Hushen made it Clear possible pardons were being considered for those already convicted of watergate related crimes As Well As those who mat face trial in the future. White House counsel Philip Buchen had told reporters sunday no thought had been Given to such a question. Hushen said he did not Kumf whether the study was launched before Ford s sunday announcement of unconditional Pardon for former president Richard m. Nixon Hushen was asked by a reporter if he understood the Likely consequences of his announcement and its Impact Nixon to resign from bar group Sacramento Calif. Apr Richard m. Nixon s lawyer says the former president is ready to write an end to 35 years As an attorney. Nixon s lawyer. Dean Butler of los Angeles told newsmen on monday that Nixon would resign soon from the California bar. Which is gathering evidence on Nixon s role in watergate for possible disciplinary action Nixon is also a member of the new York bar and Butler said Nixon also plans to resign from that organization. Nixon s decision probably Means the California bar will for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. By climates q. Will by climates be put Back on the Market i read this a while Back but have not seen anything about it recently. Mrs. H. T. A. Charles Blough the compliance officer with the food and drug administration in Atlanta sent a copy of the feb. 8 Federal Register a bulletin of announcements notices of petitions referendums etc., involving Federal agencies. In this Issue was notice of a petition filed by Abbott laboratories proposing that food additive regulations be amended to allow the Safe use of Cycle Mic acid Calcium by climate and sodium by climate As sweetening agents in food and for technological purposes in food other than calorie reduction. As of july i no official action had been taken on the petition. Blough also sent a reprint of an Foa paper first published in 1969 reviewing the investigation of the effects of the by climates the report concluded a although Many questions about the safety of artificial sweeteners have been raised few have been resolved. Largely left out of the Public controversy has been the Issue of their effectiveness in weight reduction none of the few controlled studies reported to Date have established a useful role for no nutritive sweeteners As weight reducing aids except under the most carefully controlled Weed growth q. At 521 Flayer or. There is a House that was burned in november about thanksgiving. I have talked to the City and the owner about it and nobody has done a thing about it. The weeds Are higher than the Fence around the House and it is just a Hazard for snakes and All kinds of insects. It is a disgrace to the neighbourhood to see this standing Here and All the rest Are to it ing to keep their property looking Nice and this House is one mess. I would like something done about this As i have done All i can do. Thank you. Mrs. S. A. Chief building inspector Freeman Hill says this property was finally sold at Public auction and the new owner has secured a permit to make the repairs As required. He is sure this will be completed in the very near future. The family Way g. What Are the main functions of the family life Council and whom does one Contact to join interested. A. The purpose of the Council is to strengthen the family by Means of exchanging ideas and concerns taking part in research assisting in developing and carrying out needed services to families promoting in the Community the effective use of agencies serving families and educational opportunities relating to family living any individual or group interested in joining May Contact Lyles Kearns 1315 Lon Creek drive High Poult. The dues Are $2 for individuals is for it a units and churches whose membership is less than 500, and 810 for clubs organizations and churches with More than 500 members an annual conference is held each fall by the . Family life Council with a theme focusing on the needs of the contemporary family. This year it will be held at Boone sept. 27-28 police investigator q could you Tell me How to get in touch with Luke Wright the investigator for the High Point police dept ? mrs. J. I Trinity. A the Telephone number is 883 9914. His office is located in the lower level of the social Security office building at 518 n. Hamilton St not pursue its investigation of the former president. Bar president Seth Hufstedler said the bar Seldom recommends that the state supreme court reject a resignation. Butler s announcement came two hours before the fornia bar s House of delegates overwhelmingly condemned president Ford s Pardon of Nixon for crimes he May have committed in the White House. Butler denied that Nixon s pending action is designed to avoid disbarment or suspension from the practice of Law in California. It is a decision he made some time ago a that he would not engage in the practice of Law a Butler told newsmen. Butler did not say when the resignations would be submitted but Hufstedler said Nixon was preparing a resignation from the California bar and a it would be submitted delegates to the California bars annual convention approved 347 to 169, a Resolution condemning the Pardon announced by Ford on sunday. Dean Butler it said in part a this action violates the principle that All persons stand equal before the Law and presents a sub Stantial threat that the Confidence of our citizens in the american system of Justice will be undermined a the bars Board of governors refused to allow delegates to vote on a portion of the Resolution which urged that the investigation of Nixon continue. Nixon spent monday at the Palm Springs estate of Walter ii. Annenberg . Ambassador to Britain. The former president s Valet said Nixon was in Good sprits and was working on his papers. Nixon rejected full confession new York a the new York times says that during negotiations Over president Nixon a Pardon White House lawyers unsuccessfully tried to persuade Nixon to make a full statement on his role in watergate. Quoting what it described As a reliable source the newspaper said today in a dispatch from san Clemente Calif., that a emr. Nixon was asked by president Ford s lawyers to make what the former president regarded As a Public confession of criminal he angrily refused and subsequent negotiations Between the two Camps caused a delay in reaching an agreement on the eventual Pardon a however the newspaper reported that John Hushen Deputy Vav bite House press Secretary said in Washington monday night that the White House did not seek a statement from Nixon in conjunction with his Pardon a there was no quid pro quo regarding the Pardon a Hushen was quoted in the times. A there were no requests or demands that he Issue a statement. There was no negotiation and no the times said the negotiations began last thursday at Nixon a residence in san Clemente participating were Fords representative Benton l Becker Nixon s lawyer Herbert j Miller jr., and Ronald l. Ziegler a Nixon adviser and sex White House press Secretary the newspaper said the White House wanted a full statement from Nixon to satisfy Congress and allow Ford to Grant the Pardon without major criticism Nixon reportedly joined the talks and refused but the times said a com Promise was reached last saturday night after a series of Telephone Calls Between Washington and California. Nixon was allowed to acknowledge he was wrong without admitting to any criminal acts the newspaper said. Ervin cancels trip with Ford Washington Ian sen. Sam Ervin jr., has cancelled plans to Fly with president Gerald Ford to Pinehurst ., for wednesdays dedication of the world Golf Hall of Fame Ervin s office said today the North Carolina Democrat who headed the Senate watergate committee would not make the trip but gave no reason a spokesman said Ervin s acceptance earlier was tentative on the american people. A i think those factors have been taken into account a he replied adding that the initiation of a study did not mean pardons would be granted. Asked if he Felt the scheduled sept. 30 trial of six key watergate defendants could go Forward in the Wake of the White House announcement Hushen said a i believe it in first disclosing the study Hushen gave no indication of who had authorized the statement. Later in response to a question he said a the president authorized me to make there was no immediate reaction from the office of watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Washington a Pardon for former president Richard m. Nixon has brought president Ford mounting criticism and has sidetracked a Vietnam amnesty plan he was to have announced today. Ford missed his own deadline for announcing terms of conditional amnesty for Vietnam Era deserters and draft evaders because he was focusing attention on Nixon s Pardon aides said. Now no time is set for Ford s amnesty decision affecting some 50.000 men. The president wants More time to consider the Complex questions said Deputy press Secretary John w. Hushen. Several advocates of amnesty Felt Fords postponing his decision after the Nixon Pardon might Lead to a broader less conditional program for the Vietnam group. But Hushen emphasized that Ford has not changed his View that unlike the a full free and absolute Pardon he gave Nixon Vietnam offenders must be judged Case by ease category by category. Public reaction meanwhile was mounting in the first 48 hours after Fords Surprise Pardon announcement on sunday. The president got a chorus of Boos amid applause from a crowd of about 500 outside a Pittsburgh hotel where he made a speech monday morning there were chants of a no More cover up a and a prosecute Nixon a and demonstrators protesting the Nixon Pardon held signs with such comments As a the honeymoon is Over a a Justice and a Why not Pardon All a what s inside amusements. 12b Bridge. Classified ads. .7-11b comics. 6b crossword. 8 a editorials. Financial. Obituaries. 2b sports. .3-7b television. So women a news. Weather. Telegrams and mail Grams on table in White House monday Cap War photo trial is possibility precedent indicates Washington a the leading supreme court Case on presidential pardons suggests that Richard m. Nixon although pardoned by president Ford could still be tried and even convicted in the watergate Case but could never be punished. Moth the Constitution and the court decisions on the subject acknowledge a presidents Broad Powers of Pardon in All cases except impeachment but treat the punishment and not the trial and conviction. An 1867 supreme court decision written by Justice Stephen j. Field is the guiding Law on the scope and effect of a presidential Pardon and recognizes a presidents right to Grant one either before or after conviction. The Case was titled sex Parte Garland. In discussing a Pardon before conviction and the situation which would arise after conviction Field clearly raised the possibility of trying someone who could not be punished. Field wrote. A if granted before conviction it prevents any of the penalties and disabilities consequent upon conviction from attaching thereto a the decision spoke Only of the penalties and not the storm losses May up Price of sugar Washington apr sugar Cane losses inflicted by Hurricane Carmen May further increase record High consumer sugar prices government experts say. The department of agriculture has launched a special Survey of crop damage in Louisiana which bore the Brunt of the storm. Initial loss estimates ranged up to 75 per cent of the crop Don Paarlberg the department s director of economics said the storm losses could produce a substantial further Impact on sugar prices depending on the extent of the damage. Sugar prices already have soared this year because production has not kept Pace with world demand a five Pound bag of sugar that Cost american shoppers 85 cents last january costs around 52 today. Although the Louisiana and Florida Cane growing area had been expected to produce less than 1.8 million tons of the 12.5 million tons of raw sugar needed by . Refineries this year an expected decline in sugar production from beet sources magnifies the importance of the Cane growing Region hit by the Hurricane. Last month the department estimated sugar Cane production for the year would increase four per cent while at the same time beet production was expected to drop eight per cent. Thus the Louisiana losses would reduce the expected Rise in Cane production causing prices to Rise further and providing the opponents of sugar import quotas with further arguments to suspend the restrictions. The possibility of quota suspension was raised several weeks ago by agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz and the Louisiana storm May Speed a decision on whether to open the u a door to More foreign sugar. Ervin sees trouble for Ford Washington of -. Sen Sam j Ervin in c., told the Senate monday that president Ford s Pardon to former president Richard Nixon could return to haunt the president if he seeks reelection in 1976. Ervin told the Senate monday that if Ford runs for a full term in 1976. The Pardon will cause watergate to be injected into the Campaign a by Thane who believe that granting of the ill timed Pardon indicated president Ford s Lack of capacity to exercise wisely the awesome Power vested in the president by the Constitution a Ervin said in a five Page statement read to the Senate that the Nixon Pardon a continues the watergate coverup operation a he also said the Pardon will deny the Public a the full nature and extent of or. Nixon s personal involvement in these unhappy tragedies a the Pardon he said. A was inexpedient incompatible with Good government and sets a bad precedent tor the future a Ervin who was chairman of the Senate committee that investigated the watergate and related scandals said Ford a obviously issued the Pardon in the Hope that such action would relegate the watergate affair to the past. Believe me this is a false Hope. A instead of relegating the watergate affair to the past the Pardon makes certain the watergate affair and presidents Fords Effort to exempt or. Nixon from Legal responsibility for it will be injected into the next presidential Campaign looking on from the Senate presidents seat As Ervin spoke was his Republican tar Heel colleague sen. Jesse Helms who was presiding in the absence of a vice president. A Helms aide said he would have no comment on the Pardon granted Nixon a i do question most seriously the Wisdom of president Ford thwarting the due processes of Law by Grants Irvin on 2a sen. Sam a Ervin trial and nothing in this or other court rulings appears to bar the judicial process leading up to the Point of punishment. There Are no known cases however of a person having been pardoned and then tried anyway. Prosecution traditionally has been dismissed at that Point As moot. Also the principle that a Pardon spares Only the punishment and not the Side effects of the judicial process is found in a 1914 supreme court decision upholding the conviction of a new York Man As a second offender. Although a presidential Pardon had prevented any punishment for the first offence the court said the conviction and its Legal implications were not wiped out by the Pardon. A penalty free trial would appear to be one of the last avenues for publicly resolving the question of whether Nixon had committed any illegal actions. Impeachment also remains a legitimate route to that end even now but past congresses had been averse to using it once the official involved has left office. And House judiciary committee chairman Peter w. Rodeo jr., 1>n has said he will not reopen the Nixon impeachment Case. Ski agent is injured in car blast Salisbury n. Apr a state Bureau of investigation agent was injured seriously today when a bomb made of High explosives shattered i car. Agent Albert Stout jr., 33, of Salisbury was reported still in surgery three hours after the 8 15 . Blast Al his apartment. Authorities said Stout had internal injuries and that his leg had been severed at the knee. The blast peeled the top of stouts car a Duke you do a sardine Chin a a police spokesman said. The Drivers door was ripped from its hinges by the blast Salisbury police roped off the area near Stout s apartment and made a door to door search roadblocks also were set up on the adjacent streets. Stout a former Rowan county sheriffs Deputy joined the ski in june 1971. Atty. Gen James ii. Carson who was called out of a political meeting in Hickory to be informed of the explosion said Stout had been involved in an investigation of narcotics traffic. Ski director Charles Dunn and other top officials of the state Agency arrived in hours after the explosion to help in the investigation

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