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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather hazy and hot More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 nth yeah a no 253 High Point n. wednesday afternoon september la 1974 76 pages gaily 10c, sunday 25c j3 persons survive69 die in Jet crash at Charlotte flight from Charleston strikes wooded Hillside fireman fights flames of an Eastern airlines plane which crashed with 78 aboard at Charlotte a wire photo ruling May affect beef Price two survivors of the fiery crash of plane wait for medical attention a wire photo Blanket Pardon study is denied by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington a president Ford will weigh watergate Pardon requests on a Case by Case basis Republican congressional leaders said today. Their statement after a meeting with Ford altered drastically the position announced by a White House spokesman less than 24 hours earlier amid a wave of congressional protests Over possible pardons sen. Hugh Scott Kpa and rep John j. Rhodes r ariz., met with the president for an hour and 45 minutes after that ses Sion they issued a presidential statement then discussed Ford s position on possible pardons for watergate Case defendants and said no study of Blanket pardons is being conducted that ran counter to the position disclosed tuesday by acting White House press Secretary John w. Hushen who had said a the question of pardons is under study Hushen had said the study involved All individuals accused or convicted of watergate related crimes. While Hushen would not elaborate tuesday his announcement indicated that the White House was taking the initiative in considering pardons for watergate defendants and that a study involving All such cases was under Way. The Ford statement read by Scott emphasized that a study is conducted on any request made for the pardoning of any individual Ford also said in that statement that no inference should be drawn about the outcome of a study in any specific Case and that his pardoning of Richard m. Nixon is not related to any other Case a which is or May be under study Hushen insisted today that he had not misstated the presidents position in his tuesday announcement. A did you miss Peak yourself yesterday a reporter asked. A no Hushen replied. A did you misinterpret what i said Quot he would not discuss the matter further. A a you be got the president s statement Quot he said a that s All i m going to say right now Scott said Ford had asked Hun to read today s Pardon statement to reporters in it the president said a a the announcement yesterday by or. Hushen concerning a study of the entire matter of presidential clemency and pardons was prompted by inquiries to the White House press office concerning mrs. John Dean s reported statement in reference to pardoning of her husband and similar Public statements on behalf of others. A such a study is of course made for any request concerning Pardon of an individual however no inference should be drawn As to the outcome of such study in any Case. Nor is my Pardon of the former president under the unique circumstances stated by me in granting it related to any Case which is or May be under study Quot Hushen is John w Hushen the president s acting press Secretary. Hushen said tuesday at a White House news briefing the president was making a study of possible pardons for All watergate figures those already convicted and facing trial the announcement Drew a tidal wave of criticism. Later in discussing the possible pardons White House counsel Philip w. Buchen declined to set a timetable for a final decision by the president. What s inside amusements. 4d Bridge 12c classified ads 4-91 comics Ioc crossword 12c editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports 1-5c television 9b women s news Sec. B weather 3a Washington a american Consumers could have leaner beef at lower Cost under a regrading plan announced by the agriculture department. The department unveiled proposed new rules tuesday that would reduce the fat Content required for the higher grades of beef. The effect would be to increase by up to 20 per cent the amount of beef that would qualify As a Choice a the Grade most commonly sold at supermarkets. The primary of the new rules which Are subject to revision before taking effect in december is to ensure greater uniformity within the grading system the department said. A i done to think that even an experienced taste panel would be Able to pick up the difference after the change said us a livestock director John c. Pierce. Steak and hamburger May be a bit less Juicy but would probably be More nutritious because of less tat. The change Long sought by cattlemen would encourage growers to Market leaner beef thereby cutting production costs by reducing the time cattle would have to be fed expensive grains on ranches and at fattening up feedlots. By Richard Waters associated press writer Charlotte n c. Apr an Eastern air lines Jet carrying 78 passengers and a Crew of four crashed today As it approached fog shrouded Douglas municipal Airport Here. There appeared to be Only 13 survivors. Area hospitals reported treating 13 persons including stewardess Collette Watson and the jets first officer James m. Daniels or both based in Atlanta. A we Are pretty assured that is All the said William Rawlings the airline s sales manager for the Charlotte District. Rescue officials set up a morgue at the National guard armory near the Airport. Rawlings said Eastern ground personnel were in Contact with the Jet moments before it crashed. A your Eastern people had no idea anything was wrong. Everything appeared Normal. There was fog this morning but the exact cause we do not know a he said the plane a dc9-30, was Eastern flight 212, which had left Charleston s. A on schedule at 7 . It crashed at 7 33 . About two Miles from the Charlotte Airport shattered pieces of the planets fuselage and wings survivors Are listed Charlotte. N. Apr Charlotte memorial Hospital and Eastern airlines today released the following list of known survivors and their condition in the crash of Eastern flight 212 near Charlotte 1. Or. William Shelley Charlotte critical. 2. Scott Johnson Brandon vt., satisfactory. 3. Diane Tracy Columbus. Ohio. Critical 4. Collette Watson Atlanta stewardess treated and released. 5. Debora Sanders Sherman n. Y., critical. 6. Robert Branham Street address 1719 Western Avenue town unknown satisfactory. 7. John e. Toohey Charleston. S. C., satisfactory 8. Roy Hendrix Charleston s. C., satisfactory. 9. James Schultze Summerville. S. C., fair. 10. James e. Darnell Atlanta first officer satisfactory. 11. Frances Mihalek Charleston s. t satisfactory. 12. Charles Weaver Summerville s. C., satisfactory. 13 Richard Arnold Columbia s. C., fair. Were scattered Over a wide area. Rescue workers and spectators who reached the scene before police blocked All traffic in a two mile radius said the Jet appeared to have exploded after Landing billowing Clouds of smoke were seen Miles from the crash site. Mrs. Thomas Cox. Whose Home is less than a mile from the crash site said she heard the Jet As it passed her House. She said there were a three big booms when it went right Over our House. I never heard it a plane sound like that before a she said. A they brought one person Down and put him on my porch. He was pretty badly burned. He Lay there for a Long time Quot mrs. Cox said. John Mcdowell who lives near a Ravine where these flight on 2a Public jobs program is ordered by Janet Staihar associated press writer Washington a president Ford announced today he has ordered the spending of $415 million to finance 85.000 Public sector jobs in state and local governments Ford said he will ask Secretary of labor Peter j. Brennan to immediately disburse $65 million to those communities in which unemployment is highest. By tile end of the month Ford said another $350 million will be made available under the comprehensive employment and training act. Ford made the announcement to labor leaders and Senate and House members attending the second round of pre economic sum Mitry aimed at solving America s twin problems of inflation and recession. The session was part of a continuing series of meetings leading to the White House economic Summit conference sept 27-28. The president said the effect of today a actions will be to double the number of federally funded Public service jobs a to 170,000 by this coming Winter he said that in addition $1.3 billion will be available to state and local governments for manpower programs. Ford noted the unemployment rate in August was 5 4 per cent and said that a we certainly cannot be complacent about any american lacking work and a the present situation Calls for full use of available tools and his remarks were released in Advance of delivery. Ford emphasized there will be no controls imposed on wages and prices. A to leaders of our labor sex president deeply depressed in pain says family member by m j. Sniffen associated pres writer Washington a a member of Rtchard m Nixon s family says the former president is Quot in a deep depression which was not lifted by the full presidential Pardon he received. In addition. Nixon was said to be in physical pain from a phlebitis condition that had publicly been described As resolved last july. This family member said that mrs Nixon and other relatives Are worried about the condition of the sex president the family member sought out a Telephone interview on tuesday night saying that a this is something someone should talk about but asked not to be identified by name this person has seen and spoken with Nixon both before and since the president resigned aug 9 and talked with Nixon by Telephone As recently As monday night. This family member knew of no specific physical problem other than the phlebitis a blood clot which developed in Nixon s left leg just before his june trip to the Middle East. Quot from the Way reports Are coming Back from sen Clemente Califi just feel there is something More. It bothers me Quot this person said Quot it is enough to worry mrs. Nixon the worse it would be the less he would talk about it Quot in other words he s obviously in pain lie s obviously concerned about his health but be s not talking about it Quot this Amity member said. A emotionally he a still Way Down and that s what bothers me even More. A the is in a deep depression i would Hope the Pardon would eventually lift that but i just Haven t noticed that there was no sudden elation Nixon a mind however remains acute this person said since the resignation the tonner president has discussed his financial affairs with this member of the family. A i went Over some things and he kept right up with them Quot this family member said a the has a Strong mind and it was As Strong As Ever he grasped the specifics recalled them and even caught me up on a few things a asked Nixon s feelings about the events that led to his resignation under fire flus family member recalled that Nixon had said the resignation was a a abhorrent to every instinct in my a the is a fighter and he wanted to stay there but his mind overcame his emotions. His mind and reason his sense of values his concern for the country and his sense it realities won out in the end a the family member said Quot after he made his decision he had to live with that other feeling though that s a very Tough thing to do in talking with him his Consolation is in saying it was the right thing for the country. Quot he has said that on numerous occasions and when going Over it again he always comes Back to that. It s going to be a Long time before he finds peace for himself Quot unions and to the captains of Industry i make a sincere Appeal for restraint Quot said Ford. A and it must be self imposed a settlements at the bargaining table Are the responsibility of the participants As Long As they respect the Public Quot cold and impersonal numbers and percentages cannot describe the Impact on Peoples lives Quot Ford continued. A while everyone is hit by inflation some Are struck harder than others. I am thinking of families on Low and moderate incomes on older americans who Are struggling on modest pensions and on Young people whose experience with the employment scene May not generate real Confidence in our economic the president said that care must be exercised to a prevent our recently overheated Economy from Cooling off too fast. We must avoid a damaging Ford said he is watching the unemployment rate very closely. More funds sought for Nixon by Michael Putzel associated press writer Washington a sen Joseph m. Montoya d-n.mex., told a Ford administration spokesman today he apparently was a Given quite a Snow Job Quot by Richard m. Nixon s aides who helped prepare an $850, too budget for Nixon s return to a Nate life. Montoya chairman of a Senate appropriations subcommittee looking into the budget request made the remark during questioning of general services administrator Arthur f. Sampson who defended the proposal Bel Ore the panel government records show the request proposes to Combine the benefits of two separate Laws in order to provide Nixon More than twice the funds former president Lyndon b. Johnson received tor his period of transition to private life. Sampson told the Senate panel he did not know the full extent of services and supplies that Nixon will need. He said the requested funds would make the former president s Quot records and advice Quot available to the american people and the world Sampson then outlined what he described As a very sophisticated Security system the Gas plans to build and maintain tor Nixon s records under an agree ment he and the former president signed last week the agreement makes the see mom on 2a

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