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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon 4a tuesday september to 1974 a presidential Pardon if president Gerald Ford hoped that his Pardon of Richard Nixon would be judged As humanitarian rather than political the instant response shows his error in judgment. Republicans for the most part approved and democrats for the most part condemned setting off what will probably be reverberations for weeks to come from his sunday Bombshell. At this stage at least the honeymoon is dire jeopardy. The sincerity of his approach and his emphasis on the Quality of mercy were in full keeping with All of the rest of his Short experience As the nations chief executive. That they did not draw greater Public approbation is indicative of the deep feeling that most americans have about their deposed Leader on the one hand and about their Fellings on equal treatment under the Laws on the other. No one can deny that except for the Nixon resignation itself the act of granting a full Pardon does More than anything else to do what so Many have wanted so Long a to get watergate behind us. But at what Price expediency the special prosecutor and the courts must still wrestle with the matter of the other inductees and Nixon s tenuous hold on his tapes will undoubtedly produce More headlines in weeks to come but these Are a a downhill matters now that the principal Crest has been put behind. The political and Legal experts will continue to debate the immense problem of precedent and the Public will debate the Issue of dual standards under the Law a and the Republican party will have to live with the results. As one registered Democrat who frequently picks and chooses among candidates said a Well that a it. Ill never vote for a Republican it is necessary to keep in mind that it is an accepted Rule of Law that a Pardon is of an individual not of an offence. Chief Justice John Marshall said in 1833 a a Pardon is an act of Grace proceeding from the Power entrusted executor of the Laws which exempts the the punishment the Law inflicts for a crime he has in Richard Nixon Scase it is not Likely Ever to be entirely Clear just what the crime was. The Pardon came before the indictment to say nothing of conviction and sentencing. He stands convicted Only by what he has been willing thus far to admit. Under analysis that is precious Little. In his sunday statement he pleaded guilty Only to a few sins of omission none of commission. His a mistakes a for which he claims great Depths of regret and pain were Only that a i was wrong in not acting More decisively and More forthrightly in dealing with this says that he did nothing wrong other than fail to blow the whistle Over the wrongs of others. That a fair minded people might believe what he has done is illegal he passes off tacitly As a misunderstanding on their part pleading that misunderstanding to be his heaviest Burden. If the people misunderstand his actions because of the successful stonewalling which he masterminded for two Long years there is no misunderstanding that his a a burdens appear to be Light indeed for one who disgraced his office and his nation and became the first president in 200 years to have to flee the White House ahead of a Federal marshal. He takes with him $78,000 a year in pensions free office space plus allowances of $96,000 a year for staff and expenses free government transportation and secret service Protection for life and a Lump sum of $600,000 to ease his transition Back into private life along with an additional $250,000 requested of Congress but in considerable doubt in the current atmosphere. He is reported asking $2 million for publication of his memoirs. As the Homespun philosophers say Money can to buy happiness but it can surely ease the miseries. Some Are More equal in these Days of concern Over equal treatment under the Law see editorial above the South May be excused a degree of bitterness Over Federal pronouncements about desegregation in Northern state schools. Health education amp welfare Secretary Caspar Weinberger declares that it would be unwise now to use a a stringent tactics to erase the problem of racial segregation in Northern cities because the people would react poorly. During the years when the South was under the gun there was no Federal concern with counter productivity. If schools in Southern districts did not do As they were told they were faced with cutoffs of Federal funds and hauled into courts to face certain defeat. Universally the court decision amounted to a draw up and execute a plan of action commensurate with the Federal guidelines or the projecting the news court will draw up one for to its credit the South bit the Bullet and got on with the task. It has absorbed expensive and personally agonizing use of buses to haul children from their neighbourhoods to faraway schools it has knuckled under to guidelines that insisted upon ratios without concern for individual interests or even Best educational Benefit. We believe that in years to come the rightness of elimination of racial Bias will prove itself to have been a right course but there is no denying that the South a educational system still bears wounds that will be a time in Healing. They were inflicted with the same Blunderbuss that Secretary Weinberger has decided he does no to want to use in Northern states. Equal treatment under the Laws when Oil fuel for inflation Hie organization of Petroleum exporting countries is scheduled to meet in Vienna thursday at which time it May impose a new Oil Price increase. President Ford and every other Western Leader searching for ways to combat inflation must come to grips sooner or later with the Oil import problem. Although fuel prices Are markedly higher now than a year ago lifting of the Arab Oil embargo led Many people to believe that the Energy crisis was Over. Instead it May Only be beginning. The Basic problem has to do with the sudden flow of foreign Money into the coffers of Oil producing countries after their fourfold increase of the Price of Oil in 1973. A the size and suddenness of the event. Left the world and the Arab world in particular facing a massive Gap in the institutional framework necessary to handle the sums of Money involved a observed Philip Bowring business editor of far Eastern economic review. Early on it was thought that the Impact of this Money Haemorrhage would be eased by a reverse flow of Arab Oil Revenue in search of sound overseas investments. But such a development might Well deepen the financial troubles of the importing nations. Walter j. Levy an Oil consultant of International repute has warned a to the extent that Oil imports Are financed by a continued recycling of surplus Oil revenues via investments or Loans on commercial terms Oil importing countries will face pyramiding interest or individual charges on top of mounting direct Oil import a relatively Small percentage of the Oil producing countries new Bonanza will be used to Purchase Industrial and agricultural products from abroad. If they used All their Oil revenues for this purpose Lawrence a. Mayer wrote in Fortune a something like 20 to 30 per cent of the Industrial countries exports would go to the Oil producing countries during the next few years versus 4 per cent 100-Page Book presages upcoming Market by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus something new presaging the upcoming fall furniture Market which opens Here and All along the furniture Highway to Lenoir oct. 18 is making its colourful appearance As the Southern Market preview a shopping planner. It is a 100-Page Book published by the Southern Market Center As a business forecast and Advance report on new introductions in eluding a directory of Southern Market exhibitors and maps of Southern Market shopping areas. It features an architects rendering of the new Commerce Street addition which when it swings into service at the october Market will Complete the largest Home furnishings Complex in the world. Editor Jim Casey has designed it for Advance planning by visitors they said it of their Southern Market itinerary. It suggests pointedly that preregistration will save checking time. The october show will find 115 new exhibitors showing in the newest Wing of the Market Complex which houses a total of 465 in depth lines in one air conditioned link of inter connected buildings covering portions of two downtown City blocks. One Page maps where parking spaces Are for 2,000 cars within a blocks walk of the furniture Center while another Page pinpoints supplemental parking at a dozen places conveniently close including the City a new parking deck. There Are maps too of the furniture Highway a special Page on furniture building and factory showrooms in the High Point Thomasville area As Well As in the Hickory Lenoir and Lexington areas. Nearly a score of new hotels and motels including some expansions and the new Howard Johnson sat Brentwood Street and 1-85, should ease materially housing Over the Market area although a wealth of private Home accommodations continues available through the chamber of Commerce. Her such a tribute on the occasion of her retirement after 42 years As one of this Community a most beloved kindergarten teachers a piling $3,000 into their collective gift to her. Hurricane Carmen spent itself after hitting the Gulf coast. What a weekend it was Here. It suggests one very obvious fact a when Man tampers with the natural balance More often than not he sets up an endless Chain of detrimental effects he cannot control. The weekend that was it began when the los Angeles dodgers grabbed a 5-0 Lead Over the Cincinati reds who rallied to win a 7-5 Victory. Then Tennessee a vaunted vols grabbed a 10-0 Lead Over Urcla at Knoxville and held off those determined Bruins to gain a 17-17 tie. Sunday morning brought president Fords stunning Pardon of exp resident Nixon to the Delight of most republicans and disgust of most democrats. Evel Knival came out of Snake River $6 million Richer. Liz Voorhees Many friends gave in 1972. In fact the purchases will be much smaller because the Arab Oil countries in particular a including the one with the most Oil saudi Arabia a done to have the populations or technology to absorb that Many still another problem is that the Oil inflation crisis is circular. Higher Oil prices have contributed greatly to the higher prices of food Industrial goods and transportation. The Oil producers in turn Are reluctant to invest their massive new revenues in countries whose currencies Are steadily losing value. For this reason they May press for even steeper Oil prices. Several have decided to Cut Back on production in an Effort to forestall any downward pressure on the present Price Structure. The plight of the industrialized nations looks positively Rosy however when compared to that of the underdeveloped world. Countries such As India were hard pressed to meet their Oil import Bills even before last years massive Price increases. Now they must look for More foreign Aid at a time when traditional donor countries Are running Large balance of payments deficits. Former Treasury Secretary George f. Shultz has suggested setting up a sort of internationally sponsored Mutual fund to take in Arab Money and invest it in various parts of the world. Another possibility is for the Oil producers to assume a Large part of the foreign Aid Burden themselves. So far though they show Little inclination to share their new found wealth with less fortunate nations. A the experience of the past 30 years shows that with the appointment of every new America president the user tries to test and Challenge a israeli prime Minuter Yitzhak Hub in in president Ford a appointment. Boating enthusiast Henry a. Foscue and his Val Are Back from a delightful trip aboard the . France on what is generally conceded will be the final run of that distinguished flagship of the French bid for Primacy in North Atlantic passenger service. They flew to London for a few Days visit before boarding the liner which was loaded with passengers intent on making history As part of the Frances retirement Wake. There Are other sailings scheduled but the evident dismay among the ship s staff a they seemed to feel As if they were being driven out of their Home a indicates she will be dismantled and Cut up in Salvage once she returns to be Havre. Mrs. Foscue was impressed with the varied programs especially the concert by Liu Kraus the internationally famous pianist who maintains a Home on a Mountainside near Burnsville and proudly considers herself a North carolinian. So Many people have commented in Friendly feeling on Good afternoon s nostalgic piece on rail depots Here last thursday that we would direct attention to a similar supplementing treatment entitled a defending the depots in Newsweek a current architectural Section. It deals however with the saving of St. Louis a masterpiece depot Duluth a preservation of what is counted the finest example of French Norman style architecture in this country and the new London conn., station designed by Henry Hobson Richardson americans first important architect among others including some to which we had referred. It commends the Way defenders Are rallying All Over this country to save depots after destruction of the Union station at Portland Maine which symbolized the status of classic Railroad terminals and the glorious Pennsylvania station in new York City both of which were razed instead of being reclaimed for better uses. Mirage a for All the shrewdness of Man a says the Northern virginian daily a the natural Laws of science usually manage to have the last say. Now comes a report that rain water in Europe and the Eastern United states is too to 1000 times More acid than it used to be a in some cases practically As acid As pure Lemon juice. Such a mixture say the ecologists May stunt the growth of forests and crops. The cause of the acid water comes from a totally unexpected source a Many a own ineffective efforts to Correct his own abuses. The principal cause say the experts is a the proliferation of ant pollution devices on smokestacks which filter out the visible matter but permit the escape of invisible acidic seems the dirty looking matter used to neutralize the gases but ant pollution devices changed All that. There s a lesson an observant and concerned Friend cites a growing problem at Oakwood cemetery where nocturnal miscreants Are doing things that blight the last resting place of so Many of this City a dead entitled to More respectful treatment. He suggests a pair of columns at the Steele Street Entrance with a solid Gate to keep cars from entering after closing hours would help materially and he suggests someone just might be willing to contribute that also he adds some fencing on the East Side of the cemetery is a must to keep people from mis using the cemetery As a thoroughfare by night and Day. Its something Worth considering and if the City which owns the cemetery wont protect it perhaps relatives Ami friends of loved ones buried there will step up and help provide those needed safeguards. Washington merry go round Aid threat voiced Over turkish opium by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington president Ford has secretly instructed . Ambassador William Macomber to warn the turkish government that the United states May withhold economic Aid if Turkey refuses to cooperate on opium controls. The revival of the turkish opium Trade could be a serious blow to . Efforts to curtail heroin smuggling which has helped aggravate the crime wave in american cities. For most of the heroin sold on the streets by drug pushers used to come from turkish opium. Under a 1972 agreement the United. States paid Turkey $35.7 million to ban opium production. This has reduced the availability of heroin in the United states but last june the turks announced they would resume opium production. Former president Nixon ignored repeated requests from Congress that he pressure the turks to uphold the opium ban. Not Long after president Ford moved into the White House however he sent the first Blunt signal to Ankara. On August 30, he fired off a secret Cable to Macomber directing him to Tell the turks that the United states would help them Monitor their opium crop but might shut off economic Aid if they did no to cooperate in controlling the heroin traffic. Three Days later Macomber sent Back a pessimistic report on the Progress of a United nations narcotics team in Turkey. His a discussions with team a he cabled a reveal gloomy picture a turkish officials say they intend concentrate acreage As far As possible to facilitate control but plans they have in mind do not appear consistent such approach Quot Macomber reported tersely. His confidential Cable noted a that head of narcotics police is developing arrangements for patrolling Fields during critical period and that these proposed arrangements seem encouraging on but the Cable questioned a How these measures will work out in International narcotics control Board chairman sir Harry Greenfield who met with . Officials in Turkey last week a is not optimistic that turks can be persuaded reduce acreage. A turks claim they have already sold 30 tons of opium from first Harvest a added Macomber a and have to Date received inquiries from other prospective buyers for up to too Greenfield has sought a meeting meanwhile with turkeys president Bulent Ece Vit. A but foreign ministry officials have made Clear a according to the Cable a this request unlikely to be it looks As if the turks intend to Call president Fords Bluff. If he backs Down the flow of heroin into the United states surely will Rise and bring with it a new surge of crime. But if the United states cuts off economic Aid to Turkey the turks May follow the greek example and pull out of nato leaving the Western Alliance dangerously exposed in the Mediterranean. Footnote in fairness to the turks they have tried in vain to persuade the United states to sign a . Agreement controlling the distribution of Pep pills goof balls and hallucinogens. Drug enforce ment officials estimate that half of the 16 billion drug pills that the United states produces each year wind up in the underworld. The United states cannot sign the . Agreement without enabling legislation which the drug Industry has opposed. Washington whirl Spiro agnews Good Friend Singer Frank Sinatra has apparently adopted George Wallace As the new object of his political affection. Letters to the editor unconditional amnesty defended by Veteran to the editor from experiencing overt suppression and Covert threats from the military establishments while trying to obtain a release under conscientious objected status when i was an Active duty member of the . Army for ten years it was an enlightening experience to hear what president Ford had to say about the turbulent subject of amnesty. It was enlightening As far As it went but it might not have gone far enough. I Hope those people who work solely for the cause of . S press on in their fight to gain unconditional amnesty. Those .�?Ts who Are in prison or Are in other countries Are contemporary prophets who study the ways in which our society is heading. These Young men and women do not impulsively plunge headlong into discourse about the faults of the establishment but Pray and meditate about their actions and then without any Shadow of doubt reasonably they pronounce their findings. It ii disheartening to learn of the terms used by society to describe these Young prophets after they take the onus of the world upon themselves. It makes one want to fight even harder for their rights. A Man or woman whose beliefs run so deep in the vein that what they Are doing is right and no amount of coercion or cajoling can make them Compromise those beliefs is his own Man and must be admired respected and loved for those beliefs. This person who refused to contribute to the further stagnation of the military establishment is the person most frequently found in prison. My heart goes out to this person. There is a general feeling among the people helping the .�?Ts who Are in prison or in other countries that the Public must be re educated and encouraged to accept the views of these men and women ii and when they Are released from prison and if and whenever they return to United states soil to stay. A one to one relationship can be established on a basis of Friendship and Trust. The biggest stumbling Block to the . S return is of course the . Government who will not Grant unconditional amnesty to returning .�?Ts. The establishment feels that the .�?Ts Are not subject to rehabilitation. Bosh the ones who really need to be rehabilitated and re educated Are the ones who Are pointing their fat fingers at the .�?Ts. If personal feelings enter into this it is More or less intentional because i have seen first hand what is and is not being done and am aware of the establishments procedures it is sickening. And last for those who Are wondering i did receive an honorable discharge on july 20, 1973. Richard d. Garis &30 Wallingford or he favors open police hearings to the editor if the City Council gives in to the wishes of two attorneys and others for the second time the citizens of High Point will have paid a Large fee for nothing. The two so called investigations of the police dept have resulted in a lot of rumours and until we get a City Council that has enough guts to give taxpayers the kind of government they deserve All we will Ever hear is rumours a never the truth. Of the . Senate can hold open televised bearings Why can to the High Point City Council open the doors to facts a not fancies of any policemen Are guilty of any wrongdoing then let it come to Light. If they Are not guilty Why does or. Byerly want closed hearings the civil service commission has already shown that it can t or wont do anything about the internal affairs of the Ppd. There Are to be sure Many police officers who have done and Are doing Good jobs but their morale cannot be expected to be very High As Long As a Cloud of suspicion hangs Over the head of every person in the department. We As citizens and taxpayers have a perfect right to know for what our Money has been spent on two separate a investigations a Why continue this farce if nothing is to be made Public the people should speak out now Charles Gillespie 1119 Mon lieu ave. $

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