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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Stories spouts games Ofui boys and girls pack f crafts jokes puzzles girls Are now eagerly playing their own Brand of football most i it liable synopsis pot v. Xiv it it Doh 1.1 Onaida it Gay who in s j int from i i dad Elillia. Eaux any mein Ion r a pained a Intra Era Boh. The n i foot i in some boys a a l ing ground stud Boh remarkable punt. To Lier Broth of by. On the hush ton Teal the team b ulv in hut he say that to Orsha a air Cady to Aid about Gnu Ive fit a i willing a idly a Dilly a a i x to confirm Lier id Fine player sin go nine Jacky to ask n for a i gang some i ins from a window Trot sees by re Ham himself in a Way to his football Thorn Jacky Bob leave. Dot a Gobi foot a i from bobs pocket a Hows that it was by a pm flak it phia Plain in Issa now go on i d instalment Iii of razed at the Little told football with amazed eyes a the Best Scholastic player in Philadelphia a t year Quot she gasped. A Why a City that hic must to have do ens of High and preparatory school and he was the outstanding Atar of them All it she was silent while a or a in Jacky Fig Crew tem sex put an cousins an a Jacky Quot what i a must t in Atter the i night you Ball on the find it. Lit a football Lam at ions of Awe. Earnest hand on a goes the hell Rome Tor it Quot Jacky or and a Quot to lid. About a not a i walking of Hurst the just disco would a a Star last i football the disdain d school like liter that of a Folio natural to he just did no Twa i know abut furl hem look of a w hich had punt he brought u there a and it a boy did t award by s Quot but we pot said i him in o every Gam Why we Pion hip b so h Back Oney makers in of our readers $ squads and gourds Selling squads and gourds Are two unusual ways of making Money used by Margaret Grace Robinson la years Oid. Box 368, route 7, Phoenix Arizona. Quot with my Mother a widow and ill besides Quot Margaret Points out. Quot i have to try to earn my own spending Money. Here Are some of the ways i do it. Quot i have some pigeons and i sell the squads. I keep the House and nest Nice and clean so my squads find a ready Market. I cultivate a Flower Garden and sell Flowers anti plants. At present i am rooting ferns and oleanders for Sale and also collecting seeds for Market. Quot i also have some Gourd vines with quite a few gourds on them. I will use these Tor ornaments and Charm strings to soil. All of this keeps me very Busy but i enjoy it for gardening is my Hobby As Well As my chief source of income. Quot writing contests Are also a Way to Carn Money and i certainly Hope i win a Dollar Here Quot Well Margaret a Hope was not in vain for her letter wins a one Dollar prize for a Good Money making idea. The Check has already been sent to her. Of you have earned Money write and Tell the editor of the boys and girl Page about it. Perhaps you can win one of those dollars which Are being Given away for each letter used. Of pointers on pets by Horace Mitchell removal of bruising body Contact brings girls out on the Gridiron a amp 61rl4 football is Safe because. Tour Woluc it takes the place of tack.hk1 Ca. The More bruising bodily go tact is eliminated with More pass Kio Ano Honsl Dek ably less running the came is Defont Tilv not too strenuous. All players Are re eligible to receive w a pass vol said a a listen carefully to no to do. Bob Leonard that anybody found this have All left the lot to out and drop the foot Lund where he is sure to found to miss it when he is a Kukets tonight. In the morning to a dried eagerly his Eves wide. Not a Nav a wort i up and of the it Quot he a Olur Hee red. Cord Quot Dot a greed solemnly. Hack Homo Dot tried to amazing fait or Fred. Why under the Sun Bov who h ear Azo ate and i rein such v refuse to play s year Cou to play for ii it he that he a Small town doll nil lot could t to Kuhn Ion Rob Leonard i As that kind a. And any Way. It was t r a Bov to hide hrs glory. to human if he it hts new to it his achieve meat. Lore Dot remembered the in and my met Bing like terror crossed Bob s face when the had made t in before Royball vivid 1\ to his mind some deep mystery Here n t that Bob was Collow. A get a mo4 valuable player week potato is i Sod for printing d do for r with a khat Dot Ign in the the edict 1< t to ii prying into his find out Why i adj. K i can d t owed to her this is All Aln lie done Al Ell my if i a Ted her at the nerve the to question he Orvii d. By into had int if for to iss the s was would his in a try Lier Hel of i in be l i head him i City t could i. Flan e local from her id Friend be r ii he shut about it a Dan to would be tin Tho own in Herald Dan Rome irs to Lun cd ports Bernie she to the can would r furious a a in be football can lean some thir wonder it he c panic Sci never have about a s wished to the get an then do berms a sports a pc i. Lived Aero and Helen Benn she knew Dan could and keep it she did no to wait f Home from work. It a it to see him at i Oslo would t have to exp. Helen. She hurried Down the stairs that led to the department and found treated at his typewriter. Dan grinned As a the swore him to Crecy. Bul i eyes opened when began to speak. Quot i be just to Learned that Bob Leonard. A new boy Down at school was the most valuable Scholastic Placer in Philadelphia last year Quot she said tensely. Quot he Mon a Gold football Given by the Philadelphia times. But hell have nothing to do with football now and wont come out Tor our team. There s a mystery Here and i d like to solve it think what it would do for our team la he d Pla it Quot Dan nodded his eyes thoughtful. A i was Dot went on Quot if you could write to that Philadelphia paper and maybe find out what s behind Bob s attitude. They ought to know if there s some Good reason for Bis strange Dan slapped his knee with an emphatic hand. A you bet i can in fact a sports w Riter i used to know is working Tor the Philadelphia times. Ill drop him a note right now and Send it air mail. I ought to have an answer Back in three or four Days even if he has to dig a Little to get the information for me. I la let it of know the moment i hear anything. Quot of. Thanks. Dan Quot Dot cried. Quot i want so much to do something for the team. And this Bob Leonard Quot said Dan with a significant Grin Quot i get it i All right Dot. Well see what we can do for Rushton and you Quot that was on a thursday afternoon. On saturday Ruston journeyed to Canpon sport and lock a 136 beating. Wow Voo Caw make your linoleum prints from am Irish potato v draw design of potato with pen or Brush and Cut around with knife some Poss ele prints d 0 t o Lect i a it a in Harp k y Elma Waltner you be heard of and to w a of h is mud pm Iri and so Lod cuts. Rut i f making a i h easier and jul Tings. A you a potato a i be poster pain with a Sharp line of the d ground. Leal paint Over t Ami in Thi a us p Ich around it out sign in of the c thick on the t Down i off the w at it Ott i ibid i. By act it. Bike the piece of soil c pen draw your face of the pot. Is the reverse it one should look on of to we 11 i Cut wit int \ Ito a to i Cut to tin cd with sign on to. Be sure the Way t print d you h ave a a anted picture. Signs must necessarily be kept my no t be line possible. Re no Silhouette of vet can cd. Thi s Type of Prin Ting can to Deco rate St it Ioner it place of plate wrap a Ping Raper or re of the Ingv i i is Casy to do in effect. The Kitchenette by aunt Peggy the next time you want to change the daily menu without too much trouble try this different pie filling. Christine Tyndall of i. I Wade North Carolina sent it to us and received this week s one Dollar prize. Old fashioned vinegar pie Pinch of Salt 3 cups toasted baked pie Sucu beat eggs until with butter Vine combined sugar smoothly. Cook ring constantly in half cup of the pie Shell anti apr Over the surface most delicious i chopped nut meats very Light then add in hot water to the our Salt anti blend n double boiler stir til thick. Add one Uit meats turn into okie remaining nuts to make one of the is Vou Ever tarted 3 eggs 3 Tablespoons 3 Tablespoons a cups hot 4 cup sugar 4 cup flour butter vinegar water Send Yow of Cape to Ait in care of printed you sour very of. 18 to compete. Of a Etil will re the i of i Well tried Kitchenette Aper. It it is it of a Dollar for must he under its the care just the other Day i ran onto something that seems to hold the secret for Success with jets. You and i have talked this matter Over in previous columns somewhat along the same lines it Nee or before in just the Way Well a it today. It All comes from a conversation with Man who operates a very successful Ain and feed store. He carries feed r All sorts of livestock and pets and he does More business than All the other stores within a radius of 40 Miles. And he s a trained livestock nutrition Man too. He was talking with a Man the othe r Day who Raies dogs and whom Well Call Quot Al Quot the Grain store nun had asked Al How he liked a new kind of dog food he had been using for about two weeks. Quot Well Quot said Al Quot its Good stuff. The dogs like it and the analyses is right and it seems to do them Good. But. Really f can to see much difference Between it and half a dozen other Good Leeds i be feeding ranks third Grain store Man said a you Al that s just what i be always it in t so much the feed you Lur animals As it is two other i d put feed As third a Vry Low third in the list of things you must have to be successful with any Lind of Bird or Al was surprised a third Quot he ques med. Quot Why Don t you know How much trouble can be started if you teed had or moldy food id put feed ask Well let me see now As a High second. First id lid a Good Strain of blood As a necessity. Without Good. I rugged constitutions bred into your Stock or sour pets you la have trouble j with them no matter How Well you care for them. But next in importance would come feed the importance of Caro Quot no Quot said the Grain store Man pm Pha Lually. Quot next would come management or the care you give the creatures. The right kind of care with the Best Strain of blood can use almost any feed Success ully. Look at Girt m ins a prize of it h this Clever bit of Mattoli to by Frazier Thomm three cheers for the girl a or at least three cheers for one girl this Young lady is Frieda Schuman. 181 Jefferson Avenue Rochester new York. A Kay s Corner by Katherine Houlton the 1 i a j 4 up 5fry a a a / Ltd a. Said. Give thin Frieda is our contributor this week and she sends in a trick that will undoubtedly baffle some of the rest of you boys and girls. At any rate. I know that if i were confronted with i this problem and did t know the answer i would have to do some tall thinking before i arrived at the Solu i lion. I even Suice soul magician must be the possessor of Good reasoning Power. So reason this one out without looking i at the answer and you la be a top notch Reasoner. Effect arrange seventeen matches on a table As shown in the figure above in the illustration. Now ask the members of your audience to remove just five of Tho a matches so that they will have three equal squares remaining but remember Only five matches can be removed no More no less make a game of party refreshments Here a a game that will give your guests a Chance at that perfect party menu they be always planned on preparing a some write Well known food combinations such As leaches and Cream Ham and eggs liver and Bacon Etc. On cards. Then Cut them giving one half to a boy and the other to a girl to be matched for finding partners. Cut out advertising pictures of All the attractive foods you can find and mount them on separate cards. The larger the selection the better but be sure a the Quot essentials Quot of Well planned refreshments Are included Salt butter and bread As Well As the fancier dishes. Use words for anything you can to find in a picture. Place these cards in hard to find places around the room. Give each couple a Good died card and a Pencil and let them plan their menu according to the foods they find putting the cards Hack after they be copied the exact wording on their menu. Set a time limit then collect the cards pick out the Tat and most Complete ones to read aloud letting the guests decide the Winner. A Box of party recipes or a baking dish would make a Good prize. You can add interest to the game by making the menu for special occasions. Such As halloween Christmas thanksgiving or St. Patrick a Day using foods suitable to the Day or specializing in color is Hemes. Quot of. Camus arc milled to foil Metal shavers explanation the drawing in the illustration above shows which j of the matches Are removed and Alsot _ i shows the three squares remaining. As Good results from one Brand you say of feed As from another. One of the brands you be used is the cheapest on the Market the other is the highest in Price. Quot that proves that Good management a Good care comes ahead of feed by a Long Way. Take the proper care of anything in the livestock class goldfish. Turtles Mink horses dogs or anything else and it Doest matter what kind of feed they get so Long As the nce led Clements of nourishment Are which is something for this pet gang to remember. Get Good blood and give it the right kind of care and feed it what it ought to have. He could prove it first Init Quot Don t you know tatter than to sit on this Chimney you re getting All second Bird Quot Soots me All right a wit h till Puzzle editor if you w ill look at a Coin cart fully you will find that All Silver Money is Cut in regular vertical grooves around the edges. This is called Quot milling Quot because it is done in the government Money Mill or mint. No one knows just when the practice of Quot milling a coins started but All countries have done it for years. The reason is easy to explain. The milling of coins prevents anyone from shaving away thin layers of the Metal thus detracting from their value. It is easier to protect Gold and Silver Money in this Way than to weigh it constantly in order to detect a theft. Material for growing h now much did you weigh eight or ten years ago probably you done to know hut it was much less than you weigh now. And How much will you weigh ten or fifteen years from now when you Are a Man or woman probably half again As much or even twice As much As you now weigh. Where does All that additional blood and Bone and muscle come from there is Only one possible source and that is the food you eat. Aii your breakfasts and luncheons and dinners and All the things you eat Between meals Are doing their part in building up the tardy that is to be yours in the future. Moreover what sort of tardy that will he depends a Good Deal on what sort of material you take into it for building new muscle. That a w in people who have your welfare at heart Tell you to be careful about what you eat. They know that some things Are Good for building Strong bodies while other things Are valueless or even harmful. The boy or girl who wants a Strong healthy body in the future will he careful what he puts into it now. A the editor. By Emmett Maumee. Id like to play football but it its a game for boys and always will How Many times have you heard a disheartened Young girl commit herself in that manner the thrills and chills of the Gridiron the roaring of the crowd and bitterness of the struggle always Appeal to girls of teen age. True football is for boys and men. They stand the Gaff the rough Anil Bruit tag body Contact the sort of treatment that Xmas never meant for girl. Seemingly the girls place in the football Sun has been a Choice scat in the stadium there to cheer her heroes and Long for a bit of action As a football player herself. But at lat a Way has been found to allow the girls to participate anti its really a great Deal of fun. More and More teen age girls Are enjoying football a minus the rough play a thanks to enterprising Young Stephen Epler of new York former Nebraska schoolmaster. Invented six Man football Epler is the Man who devised six Man football for boys Back in 1934, and brought new Hope to the Small towns and Village. He enabled them to enjoy the Gridiron sport where it would have been impossible otherwise. After the Success of a Pony Quot football Epler derided to try to help the Young ladies too. He reasoned that a form of football could be devised for them which would leave out the More strenuous body Contact. With smaller schools club and Intra mural Competition in mind. Epler Drew up rules for the girls game with six players for each Side. No tackling is allowed and the bal Carrier is downed when she is touched by the opposition. The defensive team is not permitted to Cross the line of scrimmage. And the rules make it virtually impossible for a player to receive an injury of any kind. The rules drawn up by Epler specify that 20 Yards must be gained in four tries for a first Down and the Field is 80 by 40 Yard. This is the same size Gridiron used by boys for the six Man Short. But with considerably less running and More passing the game is definitely not too strenuous for girls. A healthful sport girls football with six players is hardly More tiring than basketball. And it has been proved that girls basketball is a health builder from every standpoint. So is football where bruising body Contact is eliminated entirely. Many playgrounds in the nation have tried out the sport and found it More than satisfactory. The girls enjoy it. For it is loads of fun those on the sidelines get a thrill out of it. For it is something of a spectacle to see a Young lady deftly hurling the pig Kin for a Long gain or dashing for a touchdown. In the game. The teams have three players in the line and three in the Backfield. Everyone is eligible for a Forward Pas and this enables the offensive Side to put on an excellent show. The big thrill of football apparently lies in parsing so the girls game offers a great attraction to both players and spectators. Not Only can the girls play outdoor but Abo in a gymnasium during bad weather. The Only equipment needed is regulation gym clothes and Tennis a shoes. In addition to a Ball. If a football is not available a volleyball or basketball May be substituted. Most any vacant lot will do for the girls game. So you can easily organize your own team without worrying about a Gridiron. Of Surprise the Steamer was Only a few feet from the Dock when there was a sudden commotion and a Man came running madly through the Gates shouting to the officials to wait a moment. Without pausing in his stride he Flung his bags on the boat took a desperate leap and landed on the deck with a crash. he gasped a i just did make it a few seconds later and i should have missed the a missed it Quot exclaimed one of the passengers. Quot Why this boat is just coming of it a Tir riddled to the Riddle min. In car of this a we i i it a hell print the beat ones with your name. We be turned the Puzzle Cor Ner Over to our readers to Day publishing puzzles sent in by them along with their names Wilma Luther of great Bene Kansas gives you a Maze Puzzle we Haven to had one of these in Long time and we Hope you enjoy working it. You Are to find the Correct Way out of the Puzzle with out crossing any lines. Good Luck begin i i Etc. End her a another a different Quot Puzzuo Lindley Cranford of Washington i. Would like Vou to name the nuts Cor tamed in these questions. Can you d it what nuts is made from Cream is the name of a girl ? comes from the seashore comes from the a Side of the mom comes from South America should be Given to bad children is the name of a vegetable hurts \ our foot ? is uncooked bread is a Bot drink Melvin Harrow of Denver Colorado sent in two word chains to test vol a kill change Onk one word at to time. Remember and always make Good word. Chinar rtv1r to i in fms moves. Change lose to find in Oil moves. A 4 a your crossword Puzzle for the we was sent in by Anita Newton of Pitt Field mass. Crossword Puzzle the definitions across Rod a beverage neuter pronoun steer Distant number terminated conjunction female Deer my Down to seize with the Teeth preposition behold to leave group of musicians affectionate Bamboo like gras fish boy s nil k name i. 3# 6. 8. 9. 11. 12. 14. 15. La. 1. 2. 4. 5. 7. 9. To. 12. 13. Done to july about it a can february March a a no but april riddles Doggy dramas the sweetheart of Sigma i Yin scene Mike Hankie Wims if 6ame for bottlers Takiko a pass after or bounces off the head of cocky bum Kavitch he cases fora touchdown i 0 out 6 to h Sal a. _ of Ina Era \ Alki t called Quot co Chi Quot for k10thikj6 t vow a a. us and so mutters a Lihsi and Mike As the hero will take Julie Belle to Sigma Al it s / Oake i won the game for the Loye of a Julie Belle / he it week a get a Croft the Oeurm you or has your name appeared w Ith a rid die yet ? would you like to have it on the boys and girls Page just Send in your favorite riddles to the Riddle Man. And if they re Good hell publish them. 1. What a the use of Reindeer a Alice Bast. 2. Why is a Miner like a Boatman a Donna Soots. 3. What is the difference Between a fast Driver and a dead Man a Reno Rogers. 4. When is Money Damp a Joyce l. Rowley. 5. When does Hay turn Over a Stella Fischer. Of he a Why did they hang that turf Quot she Quot perhaps they find the answers to riddles i. To make la Flower grow dear. 2. Because he handles the or oar. I. A fast Driver cover the ground the ground covers the dead Man. 4. When it in due Dew ill the morning and missed Mist Al night. 6. When it u shocked. Ansu i is to f St i i k s puzzles. I. Crossword Puzzle solution. Pc a fart Mast perk put of a fact a mask. Dark Park a Pear a far. T is cog cobra goblins grind a and s. I. Tile w re in the picture a Ltd i tar Are puss Utah Safe and so copyright 1339, associated editors i i

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