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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a i it e r fair and colder today monday slightly warmer. Tite High Point Enterprise elicit tile Tenter of diversified a ii u tact u ring enterprises Al. 55 no. 302 member associated press High Point n. C., sunday Mohning. October 29, 1939 Complete Kei Sei vice Price five can Funt headed for nazi port a a it a a a a a a a a a a a a four reported dead after nazi czech clash police break up nationalist demonstration several arrested numbers injured in heated Prague Street Battle Prague oct. 28.�? apr an undetermined number of czechs and germans were reported wounded tonight in violent clashes resulting from demonstrations in Observance of the Twenty first anniversary of the czechoslovak Republic. Reports persisted but without confirmation that four a persons had been killed. Shots were heard in various parts of Prague. The demonstrations increased in violence until Midnight when the crowds began to disperse gradually. Police relax Helen wills Moody weds Polo Star famous Tennis Star w eels Aida ii Roark in l As \ Egas Nev. Near the dusk of Kadi Rancke at 3 of clock this afternoon Clyde Schlieper and Wes Carroll West coast endurance fliers will land their Light seaplane after a month in the air. They have already smashed All plane endurance j nazi ban on Public Observance of records. Above they arc shown in the act of refuelling just j the National Holiday prior to passing the old Mark of 653 hours 33 minutes. Once the disorders subsided police began to relax some of the a curly measures to enforce the streets blocked off earlier in the Day were reopened but heavily armed police continued to patrol the main thoroughfares. A cordon of police was thrown around the Center of the City isolating that Section. Although German police and storm troops had clashed with patriotic czechs during the Day first reports of shooting came tonight. The wounded were said to a have been taken to two hospitals. J numbers Brester Washington oct. 28.�? apr Seldom used Parlia i authoritative future were tertiary strategy was put in readiness tonight to slide the ministration s neutrality Bill through the House without reports said the Bange next week but militant foes of arms embargo repeal total ran into the thousands served notice that they would not serve As a a rubber i wih the heart of Prague Seal germans claim huge Success in sea wars terrific loss incurred on allies at Cost of three submarines by Melvin k. White Leat her Berlin oct. 28�? apr Germany tonight claimed signal Success at Small Cost in the War on the seas asserting that her submarine and bomber attacks on merchant shipping had struck telling i ouse members primed or neutrality fight administration leaders confident of Victory in face of stiff opposition f the War with the exception of the United states Senate action in voting to lift the Anna embargo. Germans expect the House of representatives to vote the same Way. Authorized sources said that in addition to merchant shipping 7 8,000 tons of warships have been land Aldan Roark wealthy Polo i Quot Quot i i&Quot"1 a Lam a,1<l i tons damaged. There wan no in blows at Britain a food sup i ply by sinking 115 ships total for the eth time Ling 475,321 tons. Ready for her fifth and last \7 1.1 i i no a hem achieved. Said j maybe husband Mary Ingull Sis f 661 the High command much married at the Cost of Only three Summa inns. Loss of Whit h Quot Moat Bi-1 of a Star will soon add the counted on in View of their Long j name of Joseph Reilly Chica i a j go businessman to a list that Britain lit King includes Prince Serge of the nazis said that Britain had lost fruit merge i every round of the Al fat Loving weeks official reports say repairs made nazis Man vessel conflicting statements have status of captured american freighter in doubt destination of ship unknown Moscow get. 28.�? apr Tass soviet official new Agency reported the american freighter City of Flint Bac sailed tonight from Murmansk after repairing her engines the Brief Tass report failed to say whether thu freighter was in command of the German prize Crew Whir brought her into the North russian port last monday of whether the american View still was aboard. I Leavy i esses in sea Ai l Are Helen wills Moody Iso \ by Las vegas Nev. Oct. 28.�? Ltd Helen wills Moody former world biggies Tennis Champion. So consider term Guh to is wifely through Largin of Voct it ates. Howey that they had the Leer the measure ome placing the y As High As 6< representable fish Rny leading the fight or retention of the embargo hot a contested such claims. He a alerted there was a Good Chance o reverse the verdict of the senile which a bed the Bill con awning the Repealer last night. A a Loor i Ltd it Sei \ whatever the outcome a floor Iglus of major proportions a Lears assured when the House leadership tries to Start its manfully geared machinery to prevent toy amendment of the Senate Hill speaker Bankhead announced hat the leadership would move 0 Send the Bill to a joint Senate Louse conference committee to impose the wide differences be Ween the measure approved b he Senate and that which passel he House last summer. The Chiel inference is that the House Bill provide for a modified embargo t would prohibit the shipment to belligerents of arms and Munt Lons but not such a implements 1 a r us a i r i a to him by in a m e under the procedure outlined in Bankhead if appeared the Only Hance the House would have to Bange the Senate Bill would be through the device of instructing truck rider unidentified charred victim of transport tragedy believed to be hitch hiker ions out Asheboro spread Effort identify the the second t 500-gallon which wreck Onvan Unity snuffing out de by the police Demon j shifted tonight to the in i lying squares and streets. German authorities and czech state police including Many mounted officers cooperated in i i an attempt to control the crowds. I the majority of the Demontra i tors wore National colors and the j earlier clashes took place on main and Side streets Lea Ding to j Wenceslas Square in the heart of the City. Lash on Square three clashes occurred at Wen i Cestas Square which was an est pedal Mecca for the czechs from Early morning because a statue j of the City a Patron Saint Wen Ceslas is located there. It had Balfour j been roped off Early in the morn today jog As part of the ban on Public the lives of two i Denion stations. Player were married Here today the ceremony was performed by Rev. Albert c. Melton of the Immanuel Community Church. It is the second marriage for both. Mrs. Roark was divorced from Frederick h. Moody jr., a broker in Carson City in 1937, after eight years of married life. Roark s first wife was Esther j Rupf p. Moore. They were divorced Here j 0n last year and had been married three years. The Bride and bridegroom gave their Ages As 33 and 34, respectively. The Boltin newlyweds will live in a dictation of How Many of the 115 merchantmen reported sunk belonged to Neutral nations. In London the admiralty gave the total British merchant shipping losses to noon october 28 a is ships totalling 210,021 tons my Neutral losses As 29 ship Tontai Ltd it 72,000 tons. These Fig not include the 22.500-raft Carrier courageous and the 29.150-ton battleship Royal Oak loss of which in submarine attacks the British off admit. British leaders say int shipping losses Are be Britain Downs German plane two nazi airmen killed one captured on unsuccessful scouting flight London oct. 28. A up a a d it of t of the can i urday it the City o in John a. Moroso. Ill associated press staff writer he struggle being waged by hips planes and Lien Tor control Trade routes hits every nation in a Survey at the close Ith week of the europ showed yesterday Bat-1 that i i in org ii to the to tabular s bund reds two it a Bali a in by i for i act ill hoi United states whose s. S. A Flint aroused the chief commotion during the past week has not yet had a ship destroyed but the War. Nevertheless has left its imprint on its shipping neutrality effect further effects will come later. Hider the revised neutrality passed by the Senate and in hill., near to. Weto. A a a it a a losses idly it Ort. 28 a Vav idyll by authorities to it Hai red remains of a ecu Pant of the 3,-gasoline transport re in the near he Poi son were to no Avail at the j group of youths wearing so Midnight hour tonight. J called Masaryk Caps named aft he meantime neighbors of j or Thom is q. Masaryk. To found a 1 Iez u a Der of the Republic to indicate Yard the huge Anker crashed their i Rev. R. E. U. S. Protests soviet action issues new charges of Lark of cooperation in in City of Flint Case Washington. Oct. 28�? it the state department issued fresh charges of soviet non cooperation in the dispute Over the City of Flint tonight while conflicting report of the captured american i be nazis a score or my British Conte nazi prop Tarine j any t an Al by is Trine re lost As the i and Sui which filled tonight it Clear that Germany is giving Britain a Tai a hunger blockade a a a nazis use for Bra of Germany is ii u r r o u Arling a Ber deeds press made believes she e of w hat r the term that in s blockade my two capture German plane was i East of Dalkeith a one half Miles South Burgh. Headed for Rase the invading plan was headed for t Firth of Forth and Cly Atric the r it lire nazi to in announcing j air ministry planes Carrie a on Naissance Al n areas in son t night and Allie air Battle. Ii said British jut successful its Over a Ucer a in Germany a turned. Before the House. A 18 will he barred from belly it Waters a a Rule which Iera say will Force the tie up any vessels which have of Duffor years in the Rich Enin Trade. Gland admitted that in the month of the War her extrude had dropped 4 2 per she embarked a Campaign production of Small in an attempt to to of mass freighters i Trieve the loss Germany a ships were practically wiped Oil the seas by lie sir rior British Navy. England of trial indicated they Bra ish fight Nee sni Painte rept f a decl Sion on the posed the b German Arpia be. As h in Ort s of the e lifting of the dress of scots watch id fro til the Sta i Filiti k i i. Cis embargo if ground the planes Zic tagged be follow Senate action across the sky with the in Vader j plan staupp rat Cly to ring to Shak e off j As som b belief that a its i trailers. Id carry plan for arms two found dead setting fire to and completely destroying the parsonage of Tho Balfour Baptist Church told a harrowing Story of the Lional and narrow escape of the pastor and his wife As flames enveloped the Home of the sleeping couple. The Accident resulting in the death of Jacob Ray Robbins Thomasville Man and Driver of the gasoline Tanker occurred As the truck headed North from sympathies attempted to enter the blocked off Square at about noon but were driven Back. As the incident developed. S7 ,h7 i communists began shouting a Long live but their shouts soon were drowned out by cries of a Long live the in mid afternoon crowds again broke through the Pollee cordon. D d then Cash and carry plan for might not work out so Well for the allies especially with Cor am the a Chance South am med Terr severe Blo United state to take of Lolloan Trad an Trad when i Bot h a w her Rich offered a Natty be attacking ships As they in i or left the Straits of i ill a whereabouts were Fin Man submarines arum surface raid struck finally the German Dow n on a Hills shed by word that she had plane e and even sailed from Murmansk. A Brief dispatch from Tass official soviet news a Euey said the vessel left Tho russian Arctic port saturday night Moscow time presumably for Germany after repairing her engines. Whether the German prize Crew which brought before hotel Sroubek located on i her there still held command and Wenceslas Square German a whether the american Crew was men brow shirt attempted to aboard was not stated. House conferees a to what i Wilmington crashed Over a Ballet up off patriotic insignia worn by news to. It. S. Should be written into the final my into Tim Yard and a com j demote stators \ state department Offit draft. However the speaker made Petely destroyed by tire. Czeto los i-1 a 111 Back i the tas report was new tin the leadership wms conf-1 Fri n Tia \ la Itz i Kiiker j Phe czechs fought Back Andje rite dispatch was viewed or roaming the seas. British then the naval spokesmen admit that two up Quot one German a pocket battleships a the j two o let deutschland and Admiral Scheer Are at Large in some government Quarter continued on Page two Turner sentenced on murder charge the t up t it could prevent such action Quot he unidentified body is a Louglin he asserted he would let patently that of a hitch hiker ii opposition no it. A a a a i fail to Dis Kish told reporter he would role a second Driver or Helper Uke that attempt but declared j or. A vehicle. In ii adot to r t Iii k s in his ban ii of id try first. Departmental nazis held in plot to slay rumanian Bucharest oct. 29.�? Sun Lay a rumanian authorities ear today a it iou aced the arrest of j 4 i of no i no Milt i not it in i nazi lion guard on a charge of letting to assassinate general Abri i Marine ecu minister of Public order. The arrests were made at a toes in the heart of the Burn in Lait Oil Fields Marlu escue has been accused by members of the outlawed Iron Laird with responsibility for the execution of several Hundred members e the or Armand Calinescu sept. 21. Continued on pay two the German police were re inform i Pha sizing de by czech state police. One j Merit czech policeman was among those arrested. A third fight developed late in the afternoon and More arrests were made by German authorities assisted by policing patrols of the i made available to him. Robbins of i National Arjan front and by i in statement reviewing the one three i mounted police. Capture of the vessel by a German Square at suburban i Raider and Lier subsequent entry czechs called out into the russian port of Mur i n Ltd f in continued on rage two Robbins is survived by his wife. Mrs Mae Robbins and a daughter Kathleen parents. Or. And mrs. Herbert Thomasville route Brothers Clarence Robbins of in the Trinity route one Ray and Al Wel Bergen i said Here. I pm i Concord Ort. 28. A up a state Elmer Turner was found guilty hied earlier charging that i tonight of second degree murder Moscow had a withheld adequate i in connection with the fatal shoot a ambassador Lau Ling of Floyd Holshouser in Kun reduce a. Steinhardt had complain j Napolis last March. Judge Allen cd that information on the vessel Gwyn sentenced him one Wall and Pilot would not give i fitness said the germans in the plane w Ere found dead another was wounded and taken prisoner i with the uninjured Pilot. Alarm sirens were sounded in the Firth of Forth followed by an All Clear signal in half an hour an air raid warning also was sounded in the Orkney islands which surround the Scapa flow naval Anchorage but the invade i i till Jill lug plane w As reported to hav Bandin i in lose the scandinavian countries Lave lost 20 ships to German a boats and mines. Scores have icon seized by the British ships i be routed. Germans and russians known loss of All nations 8 ships with a Gross inn of More than 399,319. The e on several unidentified a not known the death toil Rose to at least 1.845 with the reported finding of 5 5 German bodies in a boat wrecks off England and France and the reported loss of 15 lives n i d e n t i f i e d British Reighter. Britain has suffered 53 known Berlin. Oct. 2 i pm Yeti Man authorities reiterated to night that the seized America t i lit City of Flint w Asen route to a some German port from Murmansk although the United states embassy said i had been informed earlier the vessel still was at Anchor in the russian Harbor. United states charge d of ail ale and r kit k said i was advised informally by the German government this morn tug that th1 freighter was a Murmansk where she was car i a to a it it i Man i t r a Early this week. Information lacking Kirk said. However he hat been Given no further details a be and that he had re Civ cd no later since then. A rho state department ii Washington received a Leper from Kirk that he had been advised by the German foreign of Sec that t ii it Aii i p was in a hot soviet port and that the Amer a an it i w i ill wan aboard Aid also that he was told Tbs if after completion of repair the ship wore taken to another port the Crow pit us ably won i to kept to operate her German officials told fore correspondents Tat this fab noon As they did at two conf eaves yesterday that the g Man prize it Rew which carried the City of Flint to Murman was bringing her to German to r in a ii Perm ism on had been granted for her to Lea Kush r info mat Ion was Des dined. France to Cut service corps order released Iii face of threatened German offensive Iii West ii in Taylor Henry Paris oct. 2 8 a i pm de spit indications of Man off ensly front the French i itched an order to expected to re Leas from War service. The order provi older men Aud the who have four or turn to the to n imminent g on the West government p today which j ase 100,000 it ital Tut it. I losses including two naval Vee Navy acts to build Atlantic. Is a cd a a a a to coast Power with ships men i a 7&Quot was 8. Sweden 7, was it sed to tags a before Helm Transk the state department contended it was the soviet government s a Clear duty to turn the Craft Over to her american Crew. The department which maintains the entry was illegal said the germans apparently had changed their Story As to Why it was necessary to take the Craft to Murmansk. First the statement said it was alleged that the German prize Crew lacked needed 111 Kobert ii Parker or. Vya Cheloff Zolotoff was expected i a a Harts. Budapest oct. 28.�? pm As to clarify russians objectives in i a later this ground seems to soviet Bear throws huge Shadow Ort shaky Balkans to serve from 21 to the years. After the sentence was imposed Turner asked the judge a your Honor could you change that to the Gas chamber a a the court has already passed judgment a was the reply. The Turner trial started wednesday and the state asked for a la forty Ai St degree conviction contend pm last in lug that Turner intended to Rob j Roosevelt pro Holshouser. I National or Aero Washington oct. 28.�? up the Navy acted today to strengthen the Atlantic coast neutrality patrol with More ships and men. Officers were assigned to 12 Long Idle world War destroyers Netherlands 3. Or Mark i Russia i Rumania i. Lows Finland 4, be 3, Den Belgium i Weed prices Dange Raleigh oct. 28.�? up nine at Philadelphia and three at Bacco prices pushed slightly High san Diego alif., which officials or this week on Eastern North said May put to sea to reinforce Carolina markets and remained ordered decommission virtually unchanged in the mid on the when president j die Belt the state and Federal denied a limited j apartments of agriculture reported by. Today. Body of flying Illinois officers instructor found hold barnstormer the Shadow of soviet Russia deep Southeastern Europe ened Over the capitals of South j Premier Constantine arg Etoian Eastern Europe King Carol of i of Rumania and Premier Dragisha of the organization Rumania met in secret conference chef Koch a of Yugoslavia Confer assassination of prom t0<�y with h>8 foreign minister red for four hours in the tiny and his envoys to Turkey bul Village of Versac on the yugoslav Garia Greece and Yugoslavia. Rumanian Border. Pear. Hat Russia May be Hack-1 diplomats in regrade said that s Campaign to texan Yugoslavia had a a Reed to warn no Ruja from Rumania Wert said Bulgaria thai flirtation with Rosin author Gutive Quarter to have a might result lit disastrous prompted Carol to Call his min yesterdays top Grid scores have been abandoned and a new j a ground for theory relating to de Indianapolis of. 28. Up i fact Ivy machinery was set a Indiana state police superin-1 can decide tend tit Don f. Stiver announced j the statement caustically de-1 tonight Ernest Pletch barn a dared that Quot each person can de by Jln Indiana aviator hat How much Light a a on a cd and Quot a 1 Atolia 30 Penn. Duke to Wake Forest 0, Furman by Dav Hon la. Cornell a Ohio state it. Notre Dame 7 Carnegie tech 1. Of. Y. U. It Georgia 18. For i ii a ii i 27 Pill 18. Clemson 15 Navy 7. Inters Back to Bucharest for urgent talks. Ill Bried Parley there was intensive diplomatic activity throughout the Balkans. Diplomats saw hurried conferences As last minute moves before the special session of the supreme soviet called for next tuesday consequences for the whole Balkan area. Min inters Confer at Sofia the italian minister was closeted for several hours with the bulgarian Premier Geo. Kiosse Ivanoff. He was reported to have expressed the fascist government s advice against Southern Calif. To Alif 0. When Premier foreign commissar allowing Faith an continued on Page two tide for himself Nwe Maui ,. Is shed on the incident Quot by the a a Quot Adan held Radioni of the soviet government Quot Raplp a a Quot was pitting a yellow i it. Withholding adequate Cooper. L,.piano, silvered which had lion with the american govern be Ltd my a a no from Missouri ment with respect to assembling gute Monroe county and and disclosing to the american j police took the j tonner Frankfort ind., flier into custody on a technical charge Stiver said to hold him for Missouri authorities. He said Pletch. Fre under $500 Bond pending trial on an j air plane theft charge at Frank a continued on rage two a embassy in Moscow the essential facts pertaining to the Landing there whereabouts Aud welfare of the american the new charges steered close to open accusations of soviet bad Laid the groundwork for continued on Page two Macon mo., i. 2h.�? it a the Bod of Carl riven. Brookfield mo., Hying instructor a found in a Thicket near Cherry Box to. 25 mile ii of Here tonight. Riven had Ichii tin ing wince late yesterday when lie took a passenger identified a Larry Pletch Bowling Green. Ind., up for a Hight. Clutch a arrested at Bloomington iud., about the same time Bivins body a found it Apt. William Ramsey of tile state patrol said so Tariff Elmer Threlkeld of Shelby t minty telephoned him a body had been found. To Trelkeld told Ramsey he thought it might be that of Bivens. Ramsey and acquaintance of Bivens went to Cherry Box and identified the body. The body was found near where Rural electrification administration workers erecting a Power Lins mild a yellow monoplane landed yesterday afternoon. The worker said there was Only one Man Iii tile plane then. Tin Pilot sent one of tin worker to t Berry Box for a gasoline truck. When the truck came lie tilled up id tank Aud took Oil. I ii body was Iii Sileli a j Sci position i a not possible w in to Tell immediately How i j con yens lad been killed. To t i that of Ai Ore of Homes. Ii i unofficial report that the French had sunk a German submarine apparently in the North sea although the location was not specified. Tile report was Given some support by a a official announcement that for vessels and seaplanes Hail Cai out a several direct attacks x and it appears one of those at i has been find bodies military sources said the re was strengthened further by Tbs finding of six bodies off the coast establishing proof they said of destruction of the Summa rom which a apparently had been liter ally torn apart by the explosion of the depth Boink to a the bodies were those of five German sailors and an officer. Four of the bodies were picked up off Dunke que Well by a fishing vessel. The other two were washed ashore. They appeared to have been in water Only a Short time. Military commentators said the French destroyed an enemy submarine thursday. A a German High command communique indicated the loss of three submarines since the Start or the War but the British claim the allies have sunk or damaged one third of the nazis Fleet of about tin submarines the United states Senate a repeal of the arms embargo was declared unofficially Here to be a step toward correcting what was called an International wrong caused by soviet russians economic Aid to Germany. Semi official circles maintained that if one Neutral country could act As provisioner for Germany it Only a Justice thai another i agree to sell needed supplier e allies

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