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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Art Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry. President co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round business exec found a Way to fight press 4a saturday october 26, 1974 from the Henderson dispatch legislators responsible a committee or commission by whatever name has been holding meetings to work out a schedule for reducing expenditures by the state government. And at least one witness who met with the group dared to Call a Spade a Spade and name the Quot culprit who is More responsible than any other he told the legislators that they were the ones who have to authorize appropriations and hence open the flood Gates to those who come clamouring for Money for their purposes at every session. He was so right. But How much impression he made is to wonder every legislature in recent years has voted for More spending than the advisory budget committee recommended this latter body meets Well in Advance of the session and from the Lynchburg news then presents its schedule to the lawmakers when they descend on Raleigh. Then hearings Are held and in the end additional Money is voted. The budget is balanced to be sure As is required by state Law. Usually the surpluses. Whether Large or Small a and oftener than otherwise Large a Are doled out for this and that project. Some have Merit most could be done without taxpayers All Over the state have a right to expect the coming session to apply the Economy axe. They Are always eager for Relief but Seldom or never get it. They vote for the men and women who go to the legislature and who Promise Economy Only to forget or ignore their promises once they get to Raleigh by All Means this sessions should be the exception by Jack Anderson matted feature Syndicate Washington rep e. Ii. Buds Shuster. Rat the enthusiastic president of the House of representatives freshman Republican class tried to stifle a newspaper s disclosure of his Stock Fina gling by buying out the newspaper. Before coming to capital Hill the Young congressman was a High powered business executive he parlayed a Small data equipment firm into a valuable property then got out of it with a reported profit of some la 8 million. Along with the Money Shuster got a pack of Legal troubles including a multimillion Dollar suit alleging he helped perpetrate a Stock fraud a a charge he denies feeling the congressman s constituents Nad a right to know about his financial dealings the highly regarded and conservative Bedford a Gazette carried an exhaustive series. Written by editor Ned Frear the articles gave ample space to Shuster s Side of the court dispute to the credit of co publisher John Biddie a Shuster Campaign supporter and personal Friend. Krear was not hampered in his Pursuit of the facts but Biddie s understanding of the Constitution s free speech guarantees was apparently not shared by hts Friend Shuster. The congressman took Biddle aside one Day and for 20 minutes chatted about his interest in keeping his business skills Sharp. Then he came to the Point. He wanted to buy out Biddie s half of the Bedford Gazette an almost certain Way of ending editor Frear s hard digging stories about shutter. Biddle listened to Shuster but made no commitment to the congressman. Meanwhile the Gazette is still doing its Job of informing Shuster s constituents about his financial Hij inks. When we reached Shuster he first claimed he was astounded at our report paying for rights it seems Likely now that before another year has passed the u. S. Supreme court will be confronted with a Case posing this Clear question. Shall a person wishing to exercise his first amendment right to free speech or free press be required to join a Union to do so a or. If not required to join a Union then required to pay dues to the Union which Means being required to pay for the a Fri fear of exercising their constitutional rights two cases involving this Issue Are headed to the court. The first was filed by columnist William f. Buckley or. And newspaper editor m Stanton Evans the second by commentator Fulton Lewis in. Both were filed against the american federation of television and radio artists. The newsmen were upheld in lower courts but the second circuit court of appeals reversed the rulings and held for the unions. The second circuit could t bring itself to go so far As to say that the newsmen could be forced to join the Union against their will. But it held that they could be forced to pay dues it would not have been surprising had the second circuit ruled that newsmen must belong to unions to work at their Trade. Thirty one states require exactly that. The other in have Laws stating that a Man has a right to join or not to join a Union the second circuit ruling in a Way was a minor Victory for those who insist that a Man has a right to work without being forced to join a Union or pay for the privilege in effect the second circuit held that a Man cannot be required to join a Union to work at this Trade in the Case of newsmen being required to belong to a Union poses a grave threat to their right to free speech and press the Union has the Power to them if they go against Union policy which Means it can punish them if they question or attack or criticize that policy or programs it Cetera. The Union then can punish them for exercising their constitutional right How did we allow this to happen the Congress which gives so much lip service to press Freedom did it to us. And it is still doing it. At a time when the Congress is seeking to enact a Law to enable newsmen to with id their sources of information it continues to uphold its Law taking away their right to speak and write without paying for it or being forced to join an organization which can punish e they say or write something it does not like Quot from the Goldsboro news Argus need More judges like him North Carolina needs a couple of Hundred judges like judge Fentress Homer judge Homer from Elizabeth City is serving As a substitute Here this week and a number of defendants will be a Long time forgetting it. Judge Homer believes in stiff lines and Active jail sentences for people who have a penchant for staying in trouble after his first Day s session there was a i reported mad scramble around the courthouse by people wanting their cases postponed they a rather take their chances with another judge the problem of course is that those receiving stiff sentences in the District court will Appeal to the Superior court this Isnit done on the basis of any flaw in conduct of the trial. It simply gives the defendant a second Chance to beat the rap a Good number of the appeals to Superior court could be eliminated if at that level Loo. We had More judges like Fentress Homer from the Winston Salem Sentinel write to rules Congress is taking a recess this week and will not return until after the nov 5 elections that leaves Little time for the House to act on the new River study Bill As the congressmen head Home to hit the Campaign Trail the Bill is snagged in the House rules committee. Unless that group acts promptly after the election recess and sends the Bill on to the full House the chances for staving off the Blue Ridge Power project Are dim. The License granted by the Federal Power commission takes effect on Jan i 1975 Legal action being brought by the state of North Carolina May delay that and Force the Fpo to hold new hearings put the Best Hope remains with the Bill to have the new studied for its Scenic Beauty and its benefits As an unspoiled Stream unfortunately the Bill is being caught up in National issues irrelevant to its merits. Some of the construction unions apparently see Many potential jobs in the dam project. But they do not speak for All of labor because the North Carolina state Al Cio gave the study Bill a solid endorsement at its recent meeting in Winston Salem. Others see the Bill framed in terms of Energy versus environment. There is much More to this Issue than that Congress must consider not Only the Beauty of the land that is threatened but also the Impact on a thou Sand farms and families who would be driven off by the darn s backwaters. At a time when farm production is More important than Ever we would lose an estimated 133 million Worth of farm land and More than 113 million in annual sales of crops and livestock. That would be for a Power project that would consume More Energy than it would turn out for consumer use and whose value would dwindle within a few decades by the Power company is own admission. This is a time when the Peoples voices May have a great bearing on legislative action. Those concerned Over the Fate of the new River could write members of the rules committee urging them to bring the new River Bill to the House floor before the session adjourns the chairman of the rules committee is rep. Hay j. Madden. Next to him the two senior Democrat on the committee Are rep. James j. Delaney and rep. Richard Bolling the two senior republicans a rep Dave Martin and rep. John b. Anderson ail their mailing addresses Are . House of representatives Washington. D c. 20515. We have Faith that the House will join the Senate in approving the new River Bill provided the rules committee acts. The key now is to get the rules committee to approve it letters from the people of North Carolina could make the difference from the Jackson miss daily news dead letter threat postmaster general e. T Krassen says that beginning soon All unpaid mail will be returned to the sender if a return address is available mail without a return address will be sent to the dead letter office where letters Are opened and there destroyed if there in t anything inside to identify the sender. So be sure to put Stamps on your letters. Otherwise that House payment insurance a of a must be for you a a this is yours this is for you Good afternoon that he had attempted to buy off his gadfly. Then he con firmed that he had Quot preliminary conversations with Riddle for purchasing an interest in the paper. It was he told us. To think his inquiries had anything to do with the Gazette s series. The Case itself Shuster said has now been settled and a not a Penny Quot of his own Money would be paid out or the settlement. Footnote Shuster has established an enviable record in Congress for almost never missing a Roll Call apparently he demands the same kind of attendance from his staffers because he summarily fired a top aide Kay Smith when she had to serve on the watergate grand jury Shuster insists it was merely a staff Quot restructuring a discrimination for years we have been writing about discrimination against Blacks Here is a reverse Story about discrimination against Whites it happened in the general services administration whose civil rights director is an articulate Black sex army officer named Edward Mitchell. He has unceremoniously dumped his White Deputy John Brosnahan. Shoved Down to a lesser Job was Brosnahan s White assistant. Dolores Symons. Mitchell charged Brosnahan with ins Bordina Hon and failure to obey orders. In response. Brosnahan and Symons alleged that their Black Boss repeatedly promoted less qualified Blacks Over Whites yet Brosnahan had a 15-year record of commendations Many in defense of Blacks a general accounting office report meanwhile charged that the Gas had one of the government s least effective civil rights programs. Gas s vital civil rights watch dogging on government contract work has been further hampered by the firing of Brosnahan footnote Mitchell told my associate Les Whitten that he had tried to promote Brosnahan and had met with Gross insubordination a a reduction in Force not reprisal caused him to give is Symons a new Job he said As for the criticism of his office Mitchell said with military Pride that it was unfair. Quot All charges have been answered he said firmly. Washington whirl sprightly old sen. Strom Thurmond. lunched a few weeks ago with a veterans Leader who mentioned that some universities would open before new tuition benefits became effective on september i. Thurmond ordered an aide to find out when South Carolina s institutions opened and Learned that Clemson would begin classes on August 21. Thurmond immediately put up a clamor to Advance the Date of the tuition benefits to August i. Of the House had gone along. Thurmond s. Man Euver to help Clemson student veterans would have Cost the taxpayers $40 million a spokesman for the senator said Thurmond Wax looking out for the Quot interest of All veterans. Sen. Marlow Cook r-ky., has been howling about our recent reports on his High living. He was quoted in Kentucky As complaining Quot Jack Anderson has got to be the most malicious Man that Ever walked this Earth during a previous encounter with my former associate. Brit Hume according to Hume s Book. A inside Cook told him Quot this country needs someone like Jack Anderson around. He does a lot to keep people honest chairman Lester Wolff. D-n.y., one of the House International Nar comics subcommittee members has turned up evidence that . Pharmaceutical firms Are licensing dubious Loreign companies to make Pep pills Arni other drugs. Wolff has found some of the drugs that find their Way to smugglers who Hustle them into the uj5. Hearings Are planned this fall. Cost cutting productivity key needs Premium Utility Bill will be directed by the postal service to the dead letter office of that happens you May find yourself without Ileal Light water and facing some irate Bill collectors from the department store sorry about that but you can lick the problem. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus the Cost of newsprint on which this newspaper is printed has shot up 60 per cent and Ink too per cent Over the past two years causing virtually every printed publication to become even More actively concerned with inflationary pressures assailing virtually every Home and line of business. Some newspapers a and magazines a have been Able to trim margins and reduce costs a bit in varied fashion just As every family and institution is faced these Days with the problems of mounting prices reducing on every hand purchasing Power of the Dollar this nation s leaders recognize inflation As the number one problem of our times. Just about every politician is assailing it and promising to Correct it if voters will just elevate them to position to do so. People who have travelled in other countries return reporting that inflation is even worse in others parts of the world. Which is cold Comfort. Newspapers have no special ability to Deal with inflation beyond practising their own Economy while urging people everywhere to avoid waste and share willingly when shortages develop because of strains within our own and the world Economy. Of everyone will recognize that inflation is a personal problem and do what he can to help Supply catch up with demand we will be Well on the Road to finding the key to what ails this world s Economy in these parlous times. Monday will be observed nationally As veterans Day across the United states it is a shift from the traditional november la Observance of armistice Day something that fully half the states reportedly Are seeking to restore As the commemorative Date for the ending of world War i in 1918. A veterans of the armed services have been honoured on this variation since 1954 when the broader Observance was changed to veterans Day. With re surging patriotism amid the current political campaigns there will be Peechin akm and flags waving from Homes and Public buildings. And citizens will pay special tribute to All members of the nation s armed forces a past and present Pride in serving our country in time of need comes from deep understanding of the True greatness of this nation. In the Light of this understanding Many have made the supreme sacrifice to help win and hold the blessings of personal Freedom Opportunity and responsibility which americans now enjoy. As we Honor veterans of our armed forces on october 28, we will be reaffirming our support for the tradition of sacrifice and dedication to duty that alone will keep alive the Power and will of this country to make a better world americans Are remarkably satisfied with their own lives and optimistic about the future despite the crises of the past couple years. They have not lost Confidence in themselves As a people or in the american system As a whole but their Confidence in certain key institutions in our society a the Federal government in dealing with major Domestic issues for example and the executive Branch in Washington a has been badly broken americans Are facing the nations problems with More critical realism and maturity than Ever before. These Are some of the findings of a special nationwide opinion poll for the latest Potomac associates Book. A a state of the nation 1974.&Quot by William Watts and Lloyd a free to be published nov. 27. Attitudes were probed on an unusually Broad Range of policy issues As Well As on their Hopes and fears for themselves As individuals and the nation As a whole. The Survey also tested Levels of Trust and Confidence in certain elements and institutions of american life the Public s sense of Progress in dealing with various key National problems and willingness to spend Federal tax dollars in an attempt to solve them. Even in a period of National trauma self criticism. And doubt the american people maintained a High degree of Sel Confidence. With 83 per cent of the individuals polled giving our citizenry As a whole a positive rating when it comes to making judgments under our democratic system about the issues facing our country similarly 81 per cent of those polled held optimistic views of Trust and Confidence in our american system Overall when it comes to handling the political economic and social problems facing the .&Quot this sense of Confidence and stability Watts and free suggest underlies the Calm Assurance with which the nation absorbed the unsettling events of the past summer and indicates that America is coming More fully of age. Eighty eight per cent of those polled Felt the nation has lost ground in combating rising prices and the Cost of living 5 per cent Felt we had held the line or stood still and Only 6 per cent Felt we had made some Progress. Letters to the editor another s recall of events in the sixties to the editor i should like to corroborate your editorial of october 23, a we remember it differently a by saying emphatically that it was different. I feel that for someone to stale that there was no police planning for the civil rights demonstrations of 1962-63. Was a blow below the Belt for the police chief of that time who was a real professional and a Man of Honor and integrity in spite of the fact that he did not hold himself out As a negro Lover. I was one of the Small group that planned the first mass civil rights March in High Point and invited James Farmer National director of the Congress of racial Equality to come to High Point and Lead it for us. After notifying the police of the route that we would take we had a successful March of seven or eight Hundred persons through downtown High Point. In the briefing at the Church after the March James Farmer stated to the group that it was the Best police Protection that he had seen in any of his previous demonstrations. We had a total of five marches in this series. After the fifth March mayor Mehan acting in Good Faith set up a by Racia commission composed of Black and White citizens representing different segments of the population. At this Point we stopped marching because our purpose had partially been accomplished which was to dramatize our grievances and to get the Power Structure to negotiate with us. We were not marching just for the exercise or to stir up trouble. Much Progress was being made toward making High Point the first of ten City in the South keep in mind that at this time we had a Strong Republican trend in Guilford county. The mayor and Council in High Point the sheriff the county commission and even All of the justices of the peace in High Point were Republican including one Black one. Up to this Point none of the self styled Black leaders had had anything to do with the demonstrations because it was a new thing and they did not know How we were going to come out. But they did take note of the fact that we had a mass of people follow ing us and we were getting a lot of National publicity and that if we were Able to accomplish our purpose they would be left out. Further i have always had the feeling that the political party out of Power did not want the town to be integrated under the republicans for fear that the Black vote might then Start voting Republican locally so the self styled leaders while we were negotiating started marching again with very Small groups at first but by putting out false information and provoking incidents finally got Large marching started again but this time with anyone that they could get regardless of whether they had been instructed in non violence or not. Marches were held without any notice to the police sometimes two and three in one night. It was apparent that every Effort was being made to provoke an incident by the police but nothing happened except arrest. There was no brutality and it was impossible for the police to offer Protection for a Anarch that they did not know was going to happen the whole movement was so frustrated until nothing was accomplished until the passage of the civil rights act. After the assassination of or. Martin Luther King jr., it. Cooke testified that chief Pritchett conferred with the Black leaders and that it would be agreeable with them for the chief to order his men to shoot the legs from any Blacks that they saw looting i Don t know that anyone was shot but he certainly violated the civil rights of numbers of Blacks including myself. My car was stopped two blocks from my Home and four officers with shotguns opened the door to my car and looked All in it. People coming from work who did not know that or King was dead were picked up and taken to jail. Somehow or another the National office of the Nanct Learned about it and wired me to Check into any constitutional violations. I did and All of the cases were dismissed exc ept those who had been urged to plead guilty by a certain lieutenant it is unfortunate that these matters were even mentioned because they have no relevancy. But the truth of the matter is As above stated. John w. Langford 735 e Washington or

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