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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 297 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation mar High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon october 25, 1974 24 pages classified ads is 2177 other dept. ,., ms-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25c special interest Money tainted in voters Eye congressional candidates return donations by Gersten Xang associated press writer Washington apr at least la congressional candidates have returned contributions from the american medical association s political organization because they believe voters Are sceptical of politicians who take Campaign Money from special interest groups Quot the special interest groups have turned so Many people off the election process following watergate Quot said Edward Mur Nane Campaign manager for rep Philip m Crane. R 111a it is a form of influence peddling the american people have indicated they will not tolerate Quot the returned contributions were disclosed in Campaign finance records filed with the House of representatives by the Amas political organizations Crane returned a $1,000 contribution nine of the candidates rejecting the funds Are incumbents better known than their challengers they Are generally in More secure financial and political positions and Are Freer to pick and choose among contributions the Money is distributed by the american medical political action committee one of the richest special interest groups supporting political campaigns. A spokesman said the group has contributed to at least 220 Senate and House candidates this year and will give Money to More campaigns before the nov. Selec tion analysing Campaign funding reports. Common cause said the Ama group id contributed $832,589 to various candidates As of sept. I. David Baldwin a spokesman for the Ama said the political action committee built up its Campaign War Chest with contributions averaging $25 to $30, the largest single offering was $125, he said. Milliren Fenwick the Republican candidate for the seat being vacated by rep. Surgery considered Nixon s pain relieved Long Beach. Calif apr Hospital sources say former president Richard m. Nixon is no longer in pain As doctors consider whether he will need surgery for his phlebitis a relatively simple and Safe operation could be performed if anticoagulant drugs Given by Mouth and by injection fail to prevent formation of clots in Nixon s swollen left leg his physician or. John c. Lung Ren said thursday. The former president was admitted to memorial Hospital medical Center Here wednesday night because Oral anti coagulation therapy at his san Clemente Home was not thinning his blood sufficiently Lungren said he said tests were being conducted to determine if Nixon is Quot in the Small group of paradoxical cases. I.e., people for whom anti coagulation cannot be maintained by drugs Quot Lungren did no say when a decision on surgery would be made for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Dumping problem q. We have a problem that needs immediate action. There is this old dump about one fourth of a mile from Pilot school in Thomasville and there Are old tires discarded furniture pots and household garbage and you can imagine that this has become an excellent Breeding area for rats mosquitoes and other things. Needless to say the odor is stifling and the scene is totally disgusting Anil the health officials should be notified again As we have notified them but to Date nothing has been done and More trash is constantly being thrown in there. Our seventh Grade class is very concerned and we have decided to take this to a Landfill As an ecology project. Any information you could give us we would appreciate and wish to thank you for publishing this letter and it might help make others aware of this nuisance. Kab a. When this mid september message was received action line asked Davidson county s planning director Jim Miller if he would pick up the Gauntlet and talk to the class staff writer Lee Mortimer followed up Miller s subsequent visit to the Pilot school and links the Chain of events in a Story appearing in this sunday s edition of the Enterprise we Hope everyone will read the account of miss Fowler s seventh graders and their adventure in Good citizenship baby food Date q. Does the Date on the top of the Gerber baby food Jar mean hat it expires on that Date or How Long is it Good after the Date mrs. . A John Whitlock an official of the Gerber products company in Freemont. Michigan says this is the packing Date a the Date it was put in the Jar As Long As the Jar is unopened and the vacuum Seal is intact and assuming Normal storage temperatures that is neither freezing nor too Hottie product remains wholesome and Safe to eat from 2 is to 3 years Light transmission Over a Long period May cause a very slight change in color or nutritional value he says but the product remains pure As Long As the Seal is secure he did suggest that meat products would come at the Low end of the holding scale and should be used within 30 months of the Date the Date also serves As a Stock rotation Aid for grocers and in the event a problem should arise they can Trace the Plant and machine that produced the product with greater Speed the right Root 0 where can i buy Orris Roo please. Mrs. B r a we have a feeling our Pursuit of the Root was in the wrong direction figuring you wanted to Plant some of the Iris species we have been looking through Flower Cata logs and talking to Iris growers probably the powder is what you were looking for. If you can to find it in the local natural food stores it is available at the Homec rafters Herb shop Stratford Hoad lit. 158 exit on in. 40, in Winston Salem turn right go about Ioco Yards and turn in by the a amp p Orris derived from the French word for Iris is obtained from three species of Iris a Florentza pallid and Ger Manica these Are mostly Blue or White Iris and Are the types used to hybridize bearded Iris. Powdered Orris Root is used As a scenting agent in perfumes and cosmetics. After the roots Are dug at the end of the third season they Are peeled and dried in the open air. The fragrance does t develop until dry roots have been stored a Long time during which they Are subject to attacks of insects if surgery is not necessary the doctor said Nixon might be Able to go Home late today or saturday. A Hospital spokesman said medical personnel who saw Nixon thursday said he was resting comfortably and was not in pain Quot if anticoagulant therapy cannot be adequately established and controlled then surgical intervention is a real Lungren said. In most cases of this sort the surgeon tin off the main blood vessel carrying blood from Lisp lower body to the heart this prevents clots from breaking Loose in the legs and travelling to the heart or lungs where they can cause death other veins take Over the function of the vein closed off by surgery it was the second hospitalization Here this month for Nixon who was discharged oct. 14 after 12 Days of tests and anticoagulant therapy. He was reported doing Well after hts return to san Clemente until Lungren found the Oral drugs were not doing the Job it was not immediately known what effect Nixon s so Nixon son 2 a author kept Ray off stand says brother Memphis i apr author William Bradford Huie did not want James Earl Ray to testify in the slaying of or. Martin Luther King because it would destroy the value of a Book Huie was writing one of rays Brothers testified today. The Book. Quot he slew the dreamer Quot tells of Ray and the King slaying Jerry Ray also told a Federal court hearing his brother did not want to plead guilty Quot to a crime i did t the testimony came in the fourth Day of a . District court hearing on James Earl Ray s efforts to withdraw his guilty plea in the 1968 King slaying so he can stand trial for murder in the Case Jerry Ray said he talked with Huie in december 1968 in Huntsville Al and the author reported that Hay s lawyer at the time. Arthur Hanes sr., Birmingham. Ala., was having trouble because James Earl Ray a a author on 2a. Yekaterina Furt Seva russian bureaucrat Dies at 63 Moscow a minister of culture Yekaterina Furt Seva. The highest ranking woman in the soviet government died suddenly this morning in Moscow a spokesman or her office announced mrs Furt Seva. 63, Rose higher in the soviet government and communist party than any woman Ever had. But her career suffered a setback last Spring when she was accused of using her position to buy materials at wholesale prices for construction of a $170,000 country House or Dacha. Although she retained her Post on the Council of ministers and her seat on the communist party Central committee she was dropped from the supreme soviet the soviet parliament in june she was also a member of the politburo the presidium of the Central committee and the most powerful body in the soviet Union from 1957 to 1961. The spokesman for the ministry of culture said mrs. Furt Seva died during the night of a heart attack one of her last Public appearances was on oct. 7 when she attended the opening in Moscow of Tennessee Ernie Ford s country music show she met Ford and his troupe backstage after the performance and appeared to be in Good health she was the second prominent soviet citizen to die this week. Violinist David Oistrakh died Early thursday in Amsterdam Peter a b. Frelinghuyse in j., rejected the $2,500 the Ama political Arm sent to her most of the candidates who rejected the Money from the largest professional medical organization had announced earlier in their campaigns that they would refuse Money from special interest groups or contributions Over a certain amount. But rep Hamilton fish or. R-n.y., returned the $1. Too sent to his Campaign fearing that voters in his upstate new York District Winston housing segregated new York a Winston Salem and Charlotte in North Carolina and Charleston and Columbia in South Carolina Are among the nation s most segregated cities according to a housing Survey by the non profit Council on municipal performance the Survey of housing in 109 of the nation s largest cities also showed that Charleston led in increased segregation from i960 to 1970 its increase was 7 per cent however of the six Carolina cities in the Survey Charleston was still the least segregated in 1970 Columbia was the next most integrated and showed the most improvement since 1960, the Council said Shreveport la., was the most segregated City. It said 97 per cent of the nonwhites would have to change their place of residence to make Shreveport a housing pattern random with respect to race. Winston Salem was ranked second in housing segregation and then in order came Augusta a. Montgomery Ala. Charlotte and Dallas Tex. In a breakdown on the state level the most segregated cities in North Carolina were Winston Salem first then Charlotte Greensboro and Durham the Survey said that in Winston Salem 94 per cent of the Blacks would have to move to achieve segregation and that 93 per cent of Charlottes 72,000 Blacks would have to move the Council s most general finding was that housing segregation is most pronounced in the South and least so in California and in University towns such As Cambridge mass., Home of Harvard might think the Ama influenced his position on pending National health insurance legislation the contribution was the largest fish received an aide said Hep Jack f Kemp. Rny refused a $1,000 contribution because he is not accepting any special interest group Money but his executive assistant Harry Clark conceded hat an incumbent is in a better position to be selective the other candidates who returned funds Are Hep Gilbert Guder my$1,000. Hep Bill Archer a Tex $4 too Hep William j Randall. Do. Amount unavailable rep. David c. Treen a la amount unavailable. Rep. To Ginn. A qty a amount unavailable Clifford a Taylor a Michigan Republican running for a vacated seat amount unavailable and rep Abraham Kazen. A Tex. Amount unavailable Randall Taylor. Treen and Ginn accepted a portion of the contributions rejecting the amount beyond limits they set on Campaign receipts the Ama group said Coal strike less Likely by Robert a. Dobkin a labor writer Washington a United mine workers president Arnold Miller says the Outlook for avoiding a nationwide Coal strike next month has improved with tentative agreement on some key contract issues Quot i think there s a possibility that we can wrap up the contract in time for ratification. A said Miller Quot it depends on How they the Coal operators want to bargain How much Good Faith they want to put into it Quot two weeks ago the talks were deadlocked Over five major noneconomic issues and Miller said a strike appeared Likely unless the Industry was willing to make concessions in an interview thursday. Miller said considerable Progress has been made in these areas with tentative agreement on some issues and indicated that the talks would shift to wages in a few Days. The Union s contract with the bituminous Coal operators association expires nov. 12 and Miller said a tentative settlement would have to be reached by nov 4 i what s inside i amusements 10-Lla Bridge. A reified ads. 12a .6-11b comics. Iss crossword 12a editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries. .2b sports. 3-5b television. 12a women a news 6-Ba weather. 3a fit Arnold Miller if it is to be ratified in time by the membership. He said however he is shooting for a nov. I settlement Date there is a much clearer understanding As i tee ii now on what the real problems he said a safety is our highest priority and its my opinion that we can have a Good safety program in Coal mining at no prohibitive Miller is negotiating his first contract As head of the 120,000-member Union a Daylight time to end sunday Washington apr clocks will be turned Back one hour sunday in nearly All of the United states As the nation goes on Standard time for the four Winter months the nation has been on to straight months of Daylight saving time in an Experiment designed to save fuel during the Energy shortage in a report accompanying time change legislation signed by president Ford oct. 5, the Senate Commerce committee said Energy savings Quot must be balanced against a majority of the Public a distaste for the Observance of Daylight saving time Quot during the Winter under the new Law. The nation will revert to Daylight time on sunday. Feb. 23. 1975 the change will not affect Eastern Indiana Arizona Hawaii puerto Rico the Virgin islands and american Samoa All of which remained on Standard time during the Experiment. In addition. 66 counties in Kentucky that had been switched from the Eastern time zone to the Central time zone will return to the Eastern zone on sunday clocks thus will not need to be changed in those counties files lawsuit former Miner disabled by Black lung disease he took office nearly two years ago after sweeping out the entrenched regime of w a Quot Tony Quot Boyle with a Campaign to turn the Union Back to the rank and file ump members get to vote on their contract for the first time and Industry officials have expressed concern that they will strike no matter How Rich the package in order to win Mort concessions. But Miller asserted Quot that s not the feeling i get from the membership Quot la we get a contract that addressed itself to the problems we have and it consistent with the views of the membership they la ratify the Union has insisted that five major noneconomic issues be disposed of before the negotiations move on to economic proposals Miller declined to speedy what ten Tali pc agreements had been reached hut said Progress has been made in safety manpower training and seniority although the ump has t spelled out its wage demands and Benefit demands Miller said he would seek a pay increase Large enough to catch up with inflation and an escalator clause to protect against future rises in the Cost of living the pay scale for miners now ranges from $43 to $50 a Day. In addition the Union is seeking sick pay which the miners currently do not receive and big improvements in pension benefits which now amount to $150 a month jobless pay doubles Over last year Raleigh Al the pm a Loument Security commission says the number of North Carolina workers receiving unemployment insurance payments in september exceeded 26.800 As compared with 11.906 in september of last year. The number of construction workers receiving unemployment payments in september totalled 2,700 and the number of textile workers totalled 6,925 judge 70, fights retirement judge Nathan Wernick a wire photo by Cindy Rose associated press writer Miami of a Quot when i turned 70 i did no to go out looking for a rocking chair Quot says judge Nathan wer Nick. And he says he wont let the government put one under him without a fight. Wernick who turned 70 on sept. 25, has tiled suit in . District court to keep his Job As a social Security administrative Law judge the outcome could have widespread effect because be s challenging the constitutionality of a Federal Law that requires mandatory retirement of almost All Federal employees at age 70 supreme court justices Are exempted Quot i want to get up in the morning and know i have a Job Quot said Wernick who balks at being called elderly Quot i want to live a Long time without getting old As Long As there a people older than i am in Myoung Quot he Bas obtained a temporary restraining order allowing him to stay on the Bench but no hearing Date on his suit has yet been set Wernick works eight hours a Day five Days a week presiding Over social Security hearings. Quot i done to see any slow Down in my productivity Quot he said Quot frankly i think pm far better now with All my experience i done to feel a Day older than i did 20 years ago. Wermick s immediate Superior judge Morris Jacobson described Wernick As Quot Alert judicious and a Man who makes Good decisions. Quot he is probably one of the b e 11 e r administrative Law judges in the country. I base that on the Quantity of his caseload and the Quality of his decisions Quot Wernick earned his Law degree in new York. He has been an administrative Law judge sinc e 1966 in puerto Rico Tampa and Miami Quot its a Good Job Quot he said. I enjoy Contact with people making decisions reasoning them out writing them Quot i think i m doing something worthwhile and i think i have a Chance to keep being a

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