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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy warm More data on a with year a no. 298 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-171$ High Point n. C., saturday afternoon october 26, 1974 Ltd pages classified Ada 885 2177 other of pts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 2sc . Banks rocked by four explosions new Vork api a four thunderous bomb explosions directed at major Banks hit mid Manhattan Early today a militant puerto hic an group claimed responsibility for the blasts. The bombs were triggered within a half hour of each other in a four bloc k area the first at 2 55 a in jagged Glass flew for hundreds of feet but no injuries were reported police said. Police confirmed that All the explosions were caused by bombs placed on outside window ledges it was a bomb definitely a bomb a said police of Edward Cash at the scene of the first blast at the Banco de Ponce at Temh Street and Rockefeller Plaza of lice there was no Advance warning. The three other explosions hit a chemical Bank Branch humor closes cover up trial for weekend Washington a another Long wearying week is Over and the principals in the watergate cover up trial Are spending tile weekend in differing ways a Long bus ride for the jurors work for lawyers and defendants a return to prison for John w. I m an us Quot get off this stand As fast As you can and get out of the courtroom before some other lawyer thinks of some other questions to ask you a . District judge John j. Sirica told Dean in jest Friday As he wound up eight grueling Days of testimony it brought a rare smile to Dean s face lie looked Haggard after answering thousands of questions tone Lessly and without emotion. Marshals waited to return him to the detention facility at it. Holabird md., where he is serving a one to four year sentence for obstruction of Justice to the jury the judge said have a Good weekend relax have a Good bus ride a the jurors who Are being sequestered in a Motel during the trial will be taken for an excursion and perhaps a picnic this weekend. Unlike most others in Washington the jurors will have to work monday which is veterans Day and a Legal Holiday. But Stinca had few Good words or the lawyers still quarrelsome with each other and with the judge a even after repeated admonitions to Cut it out. Stinca grew testy during Deans lengthy Cross examination by David Bress Robert c. Martians lawyer and sought to hurry him along. Quot is this just to make him out another liar on a piece of evidence is that the Sirica asked. And addressing economist says office in the Exxon building at 49th Street and Avenue of the americas the Union Carbide building at 48th Street and Park Avenue and lever House at 53rd Street and Park Avenue a fifth bomb. Placed in a car in the Wall Street area destroyed the automobile and blew out plate Glass windows in five nearby Banks. No injuries were reported. Police would not definitely link this explosion to the other four but said that a connection was Likely. A woman who did not give her name told the associated press in a Telephone Call about 3 40 a in. That the explosions were the work of a puerto rican nationalist organization Quot we have just bombed imperialist Banks she said. A free All puerto rican political she directed the news Agency to a letter which had been placed in a Telephone Booth at 73rd Street and Broadway. The letter was signed the Quot Central command Quot of the a armed forces of puerto rican National it demanded the release of five puerto Picans who Are Federal prisoners Oscar Collazo Lolita Lebron Rafael cancel Miranda Andres Figueroa Cordero and Irving Flores Collazo was one of two puerto rican nationalists who attempted to assassinate president Harry s. Truman on nov. I 1950. The otly r four fired More than 20 pistol shots from a spectators gallery in the . House of representatives on March i 1954. While shouting Quot Freedom for puerto five congressmen were wounded. The letter from the militant group said in part a the corporations we bombed Are an integral part of yank monopoly capitalism. The puerto rican people Are organizing an army in order to form Peoples revolutionary army which will rid puerto Rico of yank colonialism we have opened two fronts one in puerto Rico and the other in the United states for middleman food Dollar share rises u leaving handcuffed James Earl Ray handcuffed and carrying a Manila folder leaves the Memphis Tenn Federal court building after testifying in support of his Contention of a coerced guilty plea. Ray who is serving 99 years for the slaying of or. Martin Luther King. Seeks a new trial. His testimony came on the fourth Day of the hearing. Ltd we a a i Kissinger says Mideast talk important John w. Dean All lawyers he said Quot i think you have done a pretty Good Job. All of you that he has admitted his participation in this alleged cover up Case. He told what he knows ifs up to the jury regardless of what he a admitted or anything they can still believe him or disbelieve him a but after a recess Sirica said Quot i do not want the jury to be influenced by the there was no Way of know ing How his testimony affected the jury but Dean seemed to be unshaken in his vivid and painstakingly detailed narrative a essential by the same Story of cover up that he told the televised Senate watergate committee hearings last year. He was caught in some discrepancies on Dales. For instance he told of a meeting attended by Jolin n. Mitchell on june 23-24. 1972, but it turned out Mitchell was not in Washington those Days. Dean said the meeting actually was on june 2hlh Rabat Morocco it apr Arab Kings sheiks and presidents gathered today in a Summit conference that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger has said May determine the course of peace in the Middle East. The three Day Summit opens amid continuing disagreement Between Many Arab leaders Over whether to have Egypt. Syria and Jordan negotiate separately with Israel or instead revive the Geneva peace talks and present a United Arab position. The Long lingering dispute Between Jordan s King Hussein and the Palestine liberation organization also has come to a head with Jordan insisting that it and not the Plo holds sovereignty Over the israeli occupied West Bank. Arab foreign ministers gave the jordanian claim a severe setback Friday by approving a recommendation declaring that any of the West Bank Given up by Israel will be returned to the palestinian people Quot under the leadership of the Palestine liberation organization a Sadat la welcomed by King Hassan ii of Morocco tile recommendation to be submitted to the Summit also gives the Plo the palestinian guerrilla umbrella group headed by Yasir Arafat the Quot right to establish an Independent National authority on the land that has been liberated Quot Jordan a foreign minister was the Only Delegate to vote against the recommendation w ii i c h a palestinian spokesman said passed 19-1. Hussein is expected to continue his fight against the recommendation during the Summit where approval must be unanimous during his recent Middle East tour. Kissinger reportedly told moderate Arab leaders that an Arab endorsement of the Plo s claim of sovereignty in the West Bank would kill any books change distorts Gnu new York api an Pate. Assistant Secretary of economist with one of new Commerce tor economic Ai York s major Banks says fairs called Kellner a bookkeeping changes by . Approach Quot astute analysts companies to help offset and logical and said he had inflation May have distorted been thinking along similar the Gross National product lines Gnu. To show declines t e Salu the department is where slight increases or at urging a Survey of changes least stability should have in account no methods to been recorded. Determine what if any dry Irwin l. Kellner vice revisions in both corporate president and economist with hts report to am the up the Manuta tuers Hanover were necessary. Trust Bank says that if such distortions prove to be True As inflation mounted they could have prompted throughout the year an business and consumer increasing number of com decisions which aggravated panics changed the Way they the nation s economic account for their inventories problems. Which affect both corporate in Washington James l profits and the cup. A i technically they changed i from first in first out what % inside i Fifo accounting to the amusements., last in Host out life bridge16a method. Classified ads i2-15a. The difference is that in comics Iga figuring the Cost of invent crossword. 16a tories under Fifo the lower editorials. La prices at the beginning of the obituaries. 3a year Art. Us the for the whole sports 8-9a, a period. Under life the television. Sec. A higher prices paid at the end weather 5a Art Uge it Washington a the middlemen who process and sell food after it leaves the farm took a record bite from consumer grocery spending last month the agriculture department says. In september according to us a figures released Friday the retail Cost of a year s Supply of farm produced food items jumped $23 to a record annual rate of $1,776 for a typical household the Ford administration plans a meeting next week to see if something can be done to trim middleman costs for food Between the Farmer and consumer. President Ford has said food prices Are his top priority in combating inflation. The figures by us a showed that All of the 14 per cent increase during september was due to a larger share going to middlemen. Of the total Marke Basket Cost Farmers received $723 As their share on an annual basis while middlemen received a record rate of $1,033. The farm share was Down $8 from August while the middleman portion was up $33 during the month according to department officials. The meeting next week was announced Friday by agriculture Secretary Earl. L. Butz. It was described As an Quot inquiry into margins and barriers involved in the nation s food Supply. Meanwhile president Ford received from All Federal departments and agencies a list of marginal programs that Are candidates for elimination or paring the president who is trying to hold this years Federal spending below $300 billion. Will ask Congress to share in the hard decisions on budget cuts. Press Secretary Ron Nyssen said. In other economic developments a general motors corp reported that third Quarter profits dropped 94 per cent from last year due to increasing Cost pressures and sagging sales a several Oil producers including Mobil Oil co. And Getty Oil co., reported higher earnings and sales for the third Quarter. The companies said higher crude Oil and natural Gas prices and better profit margins for petrochemical and chemical sales were responsible for the Gams a the nations Trade balance suffered a $233 million deficit in september the Commerce department reported. This was the smallest deficit in five months. A several Large commercial Banks lowered their prime lending rates to top business borrowers with first National City Bank of new York posting an Industry Low rate of la per cent. A upper Midwest cattlemen hoping to Call attention to their economic plight began shipping some 1,000 calves to Dubuque. Iowa. To be slaughtered and sent to Hurricane victims in Honduras. Ford Brezhnev plan arms talk for november a Chance of the Region being returned to the arabs. Kissinger also warned Arab leaders that hard line decisions at the Summit could Block the Road to a settlement with Israel. Israel for example considers Hussein the Only valid negotiator on the West Bank Issue and has rejected any talks with Plo Leader Arafat. Up and Down round and round people examine Alexander Caldera Wall sculpture and Mobile Quot universe in the West lobby of the Sears Tower in Chicago Friday shortly after it was set in motion by Calder. The parts of the sculpture either rotate or move up and Down. A wire photo Moscow a president Ford and soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev will meet in the soviet far Eastern City of Vladivostok around thanksgiving time a soviet spokesman said today. The Basic idea is to get them together so they can come loan agreement on nuclear arms limitation by the time Brezhnev visits Washington Early next summer a top u a official said. Word of the Brezhnev Ford meeting came at a luncheon Given by . Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger for soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko. In Washington the White House press office said it was not Able to confirm the soviet announcement but was checking further in a luncheon Toast Kissinger assured the soviets that Quot through the changes of administration there has been one constant recognition that the peace of the world depends on the degree to which the United states and the soviet Union can agree to common objectives a the soviets Are eager to size up Ford first hand to see whether he intends to follow the policies of the Nixon administration regarding detente Kissinger acknowledged earlier he was involved in Tough bargaining with Brezhnev but said he was a a optimistic they would reach some understanding on nuclear arms limitation Kissinger and Brezhnev met for More than live hours in two sessions Friday Anil were to begin a final round of talks today but the meeting was delayed for unexplained reasons after fridays negotiations the two sides issued a joint statement in which they said the Quot detailed consideration Given to offensive nuclear weapons was Quot useful and could possibly Lead to further measures limiting them. Kissinger who flies to new Delhi sunday is trying to break the negotiating logjam on a new treaty putting further curbs on each country s offensive nuclear Arsenal. . Sources described the atmosphere As Quot very Friendly and very the Kissinger Brezhnev talks were the first time that limitation of strategic arms has been discussed at such a High level since the Summit conference Between Brezhnev and former president Rtchard m. Nixon last june in Moscow at that time the two leaders failed to reach agreement on substantive offensive nuclear weapons curbs and opted to try to seek an Extension until 1965 of the current treaty scheduled to expire in 1977 . Officials have suggested privately that Brezhnev and his politburo colleagues were reluctant to reach agreement with Nixon because they were Uncertain of the then presidents future in office with a new administration in Washington and the Kremlin eager to size up president Ford first hand. Kissinger Hopes now however to achieve the a conceptual breakthrough a that escaped him last March in Moscow and eluded Nixon at the summer Summit. If Kissinger and Brezhnev agree on the guidelines they might be ratified by Ford and Brezhnev around thanksgiving when the two leaders Hope to meet in Vladivostok. Arms negotiators in Geneva would then be instructed to produce a treaty limiting missiles. Launchers warheads and bombers by the end of 1975 a top . Official meanwhile dismissed reports that Brezhnev s grip on the country s administration May be slipping because of his commitment to a detente policy that has run into several snags including a delay in Trade benefits. The official who declined to be identified told newsmen Brezhnev is secure atop the soviet Hierarchy

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