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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Municipal stadium is dedicated Tony Simeon Ltd athletic director for High Point City schools expresses gratitude during a ceremony Friday night in which the City a new stadium was dedicated in his name. The dedication which formally named the stadium the . Simeon stadium was held during halftime in a football game Between c ventral and Andrews High schools. Members of Simeon a family Are in the background. A. M Fey i projects to improve City Power service construction under Way i on transmission Loop two major projects Are under Way. Both aimed at improving the efficiency of the City of High Point electrical distribution system. One contractor is engaged in second phase construction of a new higher voltage a Power transmission Loop. This project will carry the Loop from the alter hand Baker roads area around the Burton Street electrical substation off English Road another phase is scheduled which will extend the Loop from the Burton Street substation to the Hammer Street station off n. Main Street. Letting of the contract for the latter phase will have to await the widening of the Westchester drive. A the installation of this segment of the Loop which involves setting taller poles must be coordinated with the Westchester said l l. Williams Public utilities director. One other phase is planned filling in the remaining Gap Between Hammer Street station and the new deep River substation. It May be some Art Buchwald Good month for the poor w Ashington a a october a my Friend Sedgewicke told me As we sat on a Street curb a is absolutely the Best month for poor people a a How s that Quot i asked him. A it s just before election time and Alt the politicians need us. Everyone promises that if he is elected he s going to do something for the poor of course they Don to but it gives you a real warm feeling to Bear everyone talking about you. Do you know that i be shaken hands with three congressional candidates had my picture taken with an incumbent mayor been interviewed on television with a Guy running for governor and they told me if i sit Here today i might wind up in a to commercial for a senator up for re election a does no to it get you angry that the use you just for election purposes i should say not a Sedgewicke replied a i done to have anything to do and til be honest with you i like the excitement of a political Campaign. A lot of poor people resent politicians coming into the neighbourhood just before election time with their Campaign managers and busloads of press. But i done to feel that Way. I figure we re a very important part of the democratic process. If it weren to for us politicians would have a Tough time getting on to. Have you Ever seen a candidate talking to a Rich person on television a a i must say Sedgewicke you have a Good attitude of i were poor i would be very bitter about the politicians in this a what is there to be bitter about a Sedgewicke said. A if it weren to for poor people the rest of the country know How Well off they were. No matter How bad things get the politicians can always Point to us and say that a majority of the people in this country really have never had it so Good. Would you like a piece of my stale Roll a a no thank you Sedgewicke a a the Only thing that disturbs me a he said Quot is that there Are a lot More poor people now and we re not As much a Novelty As we were in previous elections they also have us broken Down in categories before if you were poor a you were just poor. Now you re competing with people who Are a economically disadvantaged culturally deprived a senior citizens and oppressed minorities a just yesterday a Guy running for police chief came in the neighbourhood and i was about to shake hands with him for a to station when his press representative pushed me aside and said they wanted the candidate to be filmed shaking hands with a Black now i have nothing against Blacks but i Don t think they should get priority when it comes to having their pictures taken with a Guy running for chief of police that s what you Call poverty As we were talking we heard a Loudspeaker on a car a there comes the senator Sedgewicke said As he got up and brushed himself off. A Well i be got to go to a How do you know hell Stop Here a i asked a a it a in front of a supermarket. All the candidates Are dog supermarkets this sure enough the car stopped right in front of us and the candidate got out. A a rent to you going to shake hands with him a i whispered a not until the to Guys Are set up a Sedgewicke replied. A most poor people done to have enough sense to wait until the press get out of their bus. Okay they re ready now. Senator what Are you going to do about us poor people a Sedgewicke shouted. The senator put his around Sedgewicke and looked into the cameras a i m glad you asked me that As you know i have always been concerned about the cruel poverty in this great country of ours and. ,. A i started to walk away and Sedgewicke grinning yelled after me a a done to forget to watch the 6 o clock copyright 1974 los Angeles times child 6, is struck by Auto Annie Laurie Hughe. 6, of new Street was listed in satisfactory condition today in High Point memorial where she was taken Friday after being hit by a car. Police said witnesses told them the girl darted into the path of a ear driven by Luther Ray Jones 18, of Camden Avenue. The Accident happened at 6 on Brentwood Street near Gavin drive. Aim Amaria Ferree Jones of Sinclair Street and her passengers. Marie fee of Glenmore Circle and an unidentified six year old girl were slightly injured in a wreck at 8 44 . On Lindsay Street at Quaker Lane. Hus other Driver was Paul Elwood Grant or23, of Woodrow Avenue is Jones was charged with failing to yield at a Stop sign Elaine St Rick Lan Cole of Radford Street was injured when her car and one driven by Abraham Parson 50, of w. Willis Avenue collided at 9 49 . Friday on w Green drive near Ward Avenue. Steve Mitchell Gordon 22 of Richland Street escaped injury Friday at 8 04 when his car failed to make a turn on e. Green drive near new Street the car ran off the right Side of the Roadway and overturned Gordon was charged with exceeding a Safe Speed. Damage to the 1974 Model car was estimated at $2,000 High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon october 26, 1974 Page 2a Wallet taken resident claims he was robbed Napoleon Walt of e. Russell Avenue reported to police Friday that he was robbed of his Wallet which contained $150 in Cash. Wall said he Wes held and his Wallet removed by a Man and two women while he was on Vernon Street around la p in. Harry a. Knight of Blain court said that a Box of tools an electric screwdriver and an Impact wrench valued at $775 were stolen1 from a Utility room at his Home Knight said the burglars came through a window James Martin of e. Commerce Avenue said burglars broke a sliding Glass door at his Home causing $150 damage. He said they then removed two television sets valued at $608 workers to get showroom tour the buyers and the salesmen Are gone but one showroom in the Southern furniture Market Center in High Point will be crowded with people again sunday. About 350 persons travelling on eight buses Are com ing from Hickory to View the showroom of trend line. One of the member companies of the Morasco corp the trend line showroom is a part of Mohass o display area on the third floor of the new Commerce Street Wing would promote free Competition time away however since financing has not yet been arranged. The work now under Progress and the link f Between Burton Street Ami Hammer Street stations will be financed from Bond funds. Voters okayed the issuance of $2 million in electrical improvement Bonds in a recent Bond referendum Bonds funds also Are being used for the second project expansion of the Burton Street substation now under Way according to Williams. The new 100,000-vote Loop is supposed to greatly improve the municipalities Power transmission system allowing for expected growth in demand for Power. Before the sections of the High voltage system were added the City was served exclusively by a 60,000-Volt Loop. It will be used As a standby when the new Loop is completed. Burglars also entered the Kayo service station on English Road and then went into a storage room where they removed 30 Cartons of cigarettes valued at $90 a tape player and motor parts valued at $110 were removed from a car parked on the lot at j amp b used cars on Sherman Road. Police took a 15-year-old boy into custody and charged him with forgery. Margaret Gayle Mccollum 17, of Centennial Street was arrested Friday on multiple drug charges she is accused of Misdemeanour Possession of marijuana conspiracy to violate state drug Laws Sale of drugs and delivery of drugs. Howard c. Robbins 19, of Bethel drive was charged with Misdemeanour Possession of marijuana and Public drunkenness larceny charges were lodged against Billy Elliott 37, of Spring Valley apartments James Mitchell Dowda 17, of n. Hamilton see resident on 3a haunted House to open at 7 the High Point youth councils annual haunted House will open tonight at 7 o clock. The House located at 108 w Ray st., was a a horrified by members of clubs from area High schools. It will be open tonight and sunday 7-11 . Monday through wednesday 7-10 . And thursday halloween night. 7-11 . Admission will be 50 cents clubs participating in the event Are the Allen Jay future teachers of America fat and future business leaders of America the Andrews fat and distributive education clubs and the High Point Central futurists club key club and sub juniors the haunted House project is sponsored by the High Point youth Council in cooperation with the City Parks and recreation department. Pony killed in collision Thomasville a Pony was killed this morning when it ran into a car about one mile South of Thomasville the no. Highway patrol reported patrolman Bill Malcolm said the Pony owned by Woodrow Hunt of Fisher ferry Road ran into the Side of the vehicle at about 6 45 . As the car travelled North along Kennedy Road. The Pony ran from the left Side of the Road the patrolman said into the door of the 1974 station Wagon. The car driven by Sandra Nealy Clodfelter of Kennedy Road received estimated damages of $256 the animal apparently had broken Loose from an enclosure on the Hunt property located about one tenth of a mile from the scene of the Accident Malcolm said. New poles taller Square stat it a Fey met a in in drug cases Active sentences Given by judge Superior court judge Walter e. Crissman of High i him handed Down Active terms and Long probationary sentences Tius week during a criminal session of court. Gene Mcray Varner 27, and Gregory James Palmer 26, Drew three years Active on charges of Possession of drugs. Robert Sullivan 29, got not less than three nor More than five years on a charge of Possession of a controlled substance Sullivan also got 3-5 Yean suspended on a charge of Possession and Sale it drugs Ray Lewis Long 33, received in years Active on a charge of common Law robbery. Danny Angelo Adams 26, Scott William Grubb and Arite Zelon Luck 18, received three years suspended and were placed on probation of charges of Possession of drugs Samuel Adams Moore Drew two years suspended on a charge of Possession of drugs with intent to deliver. Robert j. Cranford was Given three years suspended and placed on probation on a charge of conspiracy to deliver and Possession of a controlled substance. Henry Amos Ingram 32. Got 3-5 Yean suspended and was placed on probation on a charge of Possession of drugs Leroy Wright was Given 57 years suspended on a charge of embezzlement and Kenneth Douglas Gurley 20, got two years suspended and was placed on probation on two counts of attempted forgery. Carson cites consumer views by Robert Marks Enterprise associate editor atty Gen. James Carson told the High Point kiwanis club Friday he Felt consumer Protection programs should ta1 aimed toward encouraging free Competition. He described consumer Protection concerns a growing responsibility of the of a e of the attorney general the attorney general a office is involved in handling c complaints from individuals and in the a broader Range of consumer Protection in Utility rate hearings and in c ases of alleged Price fixing. Arson said. He pointed to the civil suit for $12 million filed against Rune major milk processors for alleged Price fixing on milk contracts with the Public schools Campaign 74 As for intervention by the attorney general a office in rate hearings before the state utilities commission Carson said a we Are fortunate in North Carolina to have health utilities and it is. Incumbent upon us to keep it that in answers to questions after his talk Carson repeated his support of Competition rather than restrictions As the Best Way of protecting the consumer. He said court decisions have largely removed fair Trade Laws from effective enforcement declaring he is personally opposed to fair Trade Laws Carson repeated a what we want is More Competition a a even minor fees set by professional organizations for such groups As doctors and lawyers Are not binding Carson said. A tile trend Here is toward Competition not restriction a he said. Appointed to the office of attorney general two months ago by gov. James Holshouser Carson is a candidate for election to the office pm nov. 5. He is opposed by Rufus Edmisten the democratic candidate for tile unexpired term of Robert Morgan who resigned As attorney general to Campaign As the democratic candidate for the . Senate. Carson spoke at the kiwanis club luncheon Dur ing a Day of campaigning and personal appearances in the Piedmont area. Saying he did not a want to give a political speech today Carson reviewed the role and responsibilities of the attorney general a office in North Carolina describing it As an a yes Tremley important position in North Carolina a Carson said the attorney general is the attorney for the state government Quot makes Law in a sense of interpreting Laws made by the general Assembly a and is the chief Law enforcement officer for Hie state a your main purpose is to assist Beal Law enforcement units Quot Carson said. He noted that earlier Friday he had announced plans to create a a White Collar crime investigation unit in the attorney general a office he Hopes to finance the unit with a Federal Grant of $157,666, he said. The unit would work in such areas As fraud embezzlement bribery and planned bankruptcy Carson said White Collar crime is increasing in North Carolina. A smart person with a Pencil can steal More Money than a thug with a Carson estimated that half of the crime committed in North Carolina is related to drug use and traffic As for organized crime he said a we do have organized crime. It is imperative to keep it out of North Carolina. It will make recommendations to the general Assembly for Laws to Deal a a Carson on 3a Tommy Harrison Owens 18. Got three years suspended and was placed on probation on a charge of larceny Frank Timberlake was Given 30-48 months suspended and placed on probation on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon Gunter Mcdaniel was Given 18 months suspended and was placed on probation on a charge of breaking and entering damages Light in bakery fire City firefighters and members of Tike Jamestown fire dept were called to tip top bakery on High Point Road Friday at 11 10 members of the Jamestown department said that insulation around one of the ovens caught fire but did not cause serious damage. The City department was called As a precautionary measure before the extent of the fire was known. The bakery is outside the High Point City limits. A Small club House behind the 1400 Block of Chatham Avenue was damaged by fire at about 7 26 . The cause of the fire in the Small outbuilding located in a wooded area was not known. Firefighters were called to a Leaf fire in the 1400 Block of e Green drive at 3 la p a Friday and to a wreck at 8 65 in the 2560 Block of e. Green. A a malicious false alarm was sounded at la . From English Road at Whittier drive the High Point Enterprise i tto bathed iss pub shed very Al Itingen and sunday morning an Independent Felt West att Publ hed by the High Point Enterprise inc. 210 Church Avenue High Post . 27261 of sift of the associated priss sahs it mail to Yobi in adv once or. 6 to. 3 a. I to. Daily end sunday $36 0 $1120 $9.10 $3.0$ sunday Only si3 of 16 $0 $3 25 $1.1$ Fey co it a wkly $ 70 monthly $3 0$ it. $36 40 mad a Btu tilts i . Tab i it to 4% Tai turn the Aho. Toted Preti entitled to the us a tar reproducer of All local new Pic dad in the no to pop re a a of a a dispatch. Entered in i cd Dun matter at the pail office paint . Under act of March 3, 1879. Second Clou Pottage Pard at High Point n Call Unwin. Beaten and duty butori me Independent contractor and the High porn interpose inc a net for and Ranee turn Ripton payment made to them or their re pro to a Tofu Vei Par Home delivery rate c Antal i your Loc Al Carrier. Ward Griffith company National adverting a a pro it in Totis a

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