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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor White House tightening secrecy system 4a Friday october 25, 1974 Price fixing on milk the Borden co. Of High Point Coble Dairy products of Lexington and United dairies inc. Of Greensboro Are among nine Dairy processors in North Carolina named As defendants in a $12 million damage suit for alleged Price fixing. They Are accused specifically of conspiring to fix the Price of milk sold to the Public schools. The nine firms Supply about 75 per cent of the milk used in the schools in North Carolina. According to atty. Gen. James Carson jr., who announced the filing of the suit in Wake county Superior court 47 per cent of the states school systems received identical bids for milk from As Many As five of the dairies the last time bids on milk were sought. Carson cited the example of Wake county schools which had he said received bids of 10.2 cents per half pint from Borden. Coble dairymen inc. Pine state and Seal test in new Hanover county the schools got identical bids of 10.6 cents per half pint from Coble Maola and Pine state dairies. Only in the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools Carson said was there a pattern of competitive bidding for the milk contract. The bids were 9.0 cents from sea test 9.62 cents from pet 9.85 cents from Biltmore and 9.96 cents from Coble. With one exception the dairymen have remained silent on the filing of the suit. Benw Kilgore president of Pine state Creamery co. Of Raleigh defended the similar milk prices because he said a a most wholesale prices Are the same the Cost of transporting the milk is not great enough to cause any significant difference in the Price and most school systems receive a 15 per cent discount Kilgore said. If there indeed is. Or has been Price fixing among the dairies for the milk they sell to the schools then it should be ferreted out and the guilty firms held accountable for it. Such practice is in violation of the Law As Well As costly to the taxpayers. Carson estimated that the apparent bidding practices of the dairies Over the past four years have Cost the schools and thus the taxpayers an additional one million dollars per year. Yet there Are some questionable aspects to this civil suit against the dairies. Carson Speaks of collusion among the milk processors. His office is seeking an injunction to prohibit the dairies from a conspiring to fix the Price of milk sold to the collusion and conspiracy Are criminal acts yet no criminal charges Are being brought against the firms and their directors. Why not if there is evidence to indicate a criminal violation of the Law the milk Price suit is the second major action recently by the administration of gov. James Holshouser concerning milk processing and the Sale of milk in North Carolina. Holshouser a four appointees on the state milk commission constituting a majority of the commission Are advocating the use of milk As a a loss Leader in food stores. This would be popular with Consumers for it supposedly would result in lower prices for milk but it is opposed by Dairy Farmers who claim they will be the ones to suffer from any fluctuations in the retail Price for milk. The attorney general a office has been investigating alleged Price fixing on milk bids to the schools for the past three years. The office then under Robert Morgan As the attorney general began the investigation after complaints from mrs. Lillian woo who was the president of the North Carolina Consumers Council. Mrs. Woo is now a special assistant to Carson for consumer affairs. Carson himself who was appointed attorney general two months ago by Holshouser when Morgan resigned to Campaign for the . Senate on the democratic ticket is a candidate for election to fill out the term As attorney general. It is not presumptuous to see the push of politics a As much As concern for the Consumers and the taxpayers a in this sudden brisk Ness of official action toward the Price of milk for the schools and in the stores. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington less than three months after president Ford promised he would run an open White House he vetoed a Freedom of information Bill which would have Given the Public More Access to government documents. The veto was accompanied by a move inside the White House to tighten Security clearances. A memo intended for the eyes Only of staff chief Donald Rumsfeld called for establishing procedures a to ensure that Only cleared personnel Deal with National Security the memo proposed a a system a which would a continually verify the tight Security. It was necessary stressed the memo a to be certain that no one who has Access to National Security matters is not properly both the veto and the Security crackdown Are intended to protect diplomatic and military secrets a White House spokesman explained. Of course we done to wish to jeopardize the nation s Security. But in the past our leaders used Security regulations to censor the news and protect themselves. They have swept their blunders and embarrassments their inefficiency and corruption under the secrecy stamp. There Are surprisingly few documents that must be kept secret in the interest of National Security. The num ter does t even begin to approach the 20 million documents and papers that the government hides from the people. President Ford who started his presidency with such openness has been listening lately to Henry Kissinger. The Secretary of state gets highly excitable Over news leaks which he fears could hamper his personal diplomacy. How cold the Winter signs Are abounding with cold Refutable warning. The Bear grease is settling into unusual patterns in new Mexico the Perch in Lake Michigan Are heading for Aie per water. Canadian geese Snow geese and whistling swans Are moving earlier than usual Down the migratory flight routes from Canada. The country is in for a Long hard and cold Winter. The Bear grease the movement of the Perch and the flight of the geese Are All Lime honoured folklore guides for foretelling what the weather is going to be like during the approaching Winter. For example the Bear grease method was developed and used by indians centuries ago according to Gordon Wimsatt of new Mexico. After it sits awhile the grease forms patterns according to whether the weather is going to be hot wet dry Windy Calm or cold Wimsatt said. Hight now the Bear grease i projecting the news forecasting a wet Winter East of new Mexico a warm Winter to the West and weather just about Normal to the North. We do not know what the signs Are in Piedmont North Carolina about the Winter. We have not heard anyone talking yet about the woolly Caterpillar nor have we observed any Squirrel busily putting away Large amounts of nuts for the Winter. The new copy of the Farmers almanac is in the office somewhere midst the litter on the desk but we Haven t gotten around to Reading it and the National weather services Long Range forecast wont be out until the end of november. So we can to say with any authority what the Winter May be like. We have started worrying about fuel Supply and costs however and that is enough to make us Hope the Bear grease the Perch and All those geese Are dead wrong. The pc threat the rubber manufacturers association will bold an environmental conference and workshop next week in Miami Beach fla., fir representatives of the rubber and plastic industries. The alphabet soup of Industrial and agricultural chemicals which gave us Dot and pcs has served up two More potentially hazardous substances. They Are pc Vinyl Chloride and pc polyvinyl Chlor Deboth widely used in plastics. Like most of the approximately 500 new chemical compounds which Are produced every year in this country pc and pc were never thoroughly tested to determine their effects on human beings. But last year a link was discovered Between Vinyl Chloride exposure and Angi Sarcoma a rare but almost invariably fatal liver cancer. A at least 25 u. S. And european workers who suffered prolonged exposure to pc Are known to have died from the disease. Other Angi Sarcoma victims did not work in the manufacturing plants but lived nearby and breathed smokestack Vapours. Pc is generally considered less dangerous but scientists admit they done to know if it is completely Safe. Today an International Effort is under Way to learn As much As possible about the two chemicals and to impose strict safety standards. The Campaign is controversial because plastics manufacture is such big business a study by the Arthur d. Little consulting firm found that some 2 2 million jobs and $90 billion in annual sales depend on pc. Invented in 1937 by the b. F. Goodrich co., pc is a cheap colourless Gas derived from chlorine and petrochemicals. It is the primary ingredient in pc a granular resin which is used in about half of All plastic products including food wrappings phonograph records credit cards his bowls about leaks helped to stimulate the wiretaps and other excesses of the Nixon administration. Now he is again in an uproar Over leaks. He is particularly upset Over our stories quoting from secret documents on the Cyprus crisis and african policy. On october 7, he slashed Cable distribution to the various bureaus. The european affairs Bureau for example was Cut from 30 to six copies of incoming cables. This was accompanied by a strict warning not to circumvent the limitation by Xerox ing secret cables. Top aides have also been making the rounds to discuss the leaks and to impress on the underlings How much Kissinger detests them. A a it a the old Nixon paranoia a one state department official told us. A the Secretary believes we re ail out to get him he runs foreign affairs like a mid-19th Century German footnote it should be added of course that Kissinger s diplomatic style continues to produce amazing results. Pentagon blues the most dreaded word in the bureaucratic language a Trif a is now being whispered in the Backrooms of the Pentagon. If Means reduction in Force. Pentagon planners believe it will take a drastic if to keep the defense budget within acceptable limits. The Stark fact is that the inflationary squeeze has sent weapons costs skyrocketing. Inflation has already robbed this year s defense budget of a staggering 6 billion in purchasing Power. In modern warfare the Pentagon chiefs believe machines Are More important than men. A by bomber for example will Cost $76 million instead of the $46 million that was originally forecast. To maintain our Arsenal therefore they must make drastic savings elsewhere. A Gigantic if they fear is inevitable. They Are quietly preparing contingency plans that could reduce captains majors and lieutenant colonels to noncommissioned officers. A it will be expletive deleted bloody Quot one general told us. Watch on waste the armed forces Are Short of doctors to take care of legitimate military patients. Yet in our military hospitals surgeons perform hundreds of face lifts each year to beautify military wives and the taxpayers pick up the doctor Bills. Air Force surgeons alone performed 141 face lifts last year. The number of Beauty operations was even higher in the other armed services. A Pentagon spokesman explained that the face lifts Are permitted Only when a space and time each plastic surgeon is required a to maintain a degree of competency in this area a a spokesman said. Brass ring a brass ring Good for a free ride on the Washington merry go round goes to Missouri a attorney general John Danforth. In behalf of the state he recently filed suit against Ralston Purina for alleged Price fixing. Danforth a Grandfather founded Ralston Purina. His father was chairman of the Board and two Brothers now serve on the Board Danforth s own assets consist primarily of Ralston Purina Stock which he placed in a Blind Trust when he entered Public service although it could Hurt his own financial interest Danforth said he would follow the recommendations of the chief prosecutor on the Case a word edgewise Rockefeller probes have Fertile Field automobile upholstery plumbing pipes floor coverings and thousands of other common items. Pc was also used As a propellant in some brands of Spray paint protective coatings and hair Spray but the consumer product safety commission banned these products from the Market and a in an unprecedented action a required manufacturers to buy them Back from the previous purchasers the environmental Protection Agency is drawing up air pollution control standards for the 52 pc and pc plants which Are responsible for More than 95 per cent of All airborne emissions. An Epa task Force found that some 200 million pounds of pc and 50 million pounds of pc escape into the atmosphere each year. The most vehement opposition has Arisen to the occupational safety and health administrations recently imposed limits on exposure of workers to pc Osha ruled that effective Jan. 1,1975, workers May not be exposed to More than one part per million of pc in the air aver ver eight hours compared to the existing 50 . Limiter to More than five . For longer than 15 minutes the society of the plastics Industry promptly sued the Agency on the ground that the new standards were however the Dow chemical co. Has successfully reduced exposure Levels to under 5 , or. Irving j. Selikoff director of the environmental science Laboratory at new Yorkus i. Sinai school of Medicine Calls the Osha limits a logical realistic and scientific a while warning that a the effects of toxic exposures Are Only beginning to appear a As chemicals proliferate in the environment workplace Home and diet other lethal letter combinations seem certain to Brand the nations conscience in the future. By John p. Roche King features Syndicate now that the top has been Cut off the Anthill Nelson Rockefeller a political operations Are going to be More and More interesting to Trace. The first slice brought out the a a gifts a put in quotes for reasons to be discussed later. The second brought to Light the quadruple Handoff in which Laurance Rockefeller gave $60,000 to the family s top attorney j. Richardson Dilworth who in turn through an intermediary Law firm passed it on to a Dummy outfit a literary productions a which finally contracted with Arlington House to publish a Nasty Campaign biography of Arthur Goldberg. Try playing that one on your Piccolo apparently 100,000 copies of this volume were passed out in 1970, but covering the Campaign closely i never saw a copy. 1970 was the year Rockefeller papered new York with Money if memory serves he spent $6 million. As i noted Here at the time it was Good for the Gross National product but political Overtu. When i heard Goldberg at a Coney Island democratic rally announce a and when i am appointed governor my emphasis i climbed Back on the rat subway and figured the ballgame was Over. But Back to Victor Lasky and his Campaign anti biography. Who paid him he was not on Rockefeller a Campaign staff. The Senate rules committee might explore this question. I am not accusing anybody of anything but the thought has occurred that or. Dilworth might have found Lasky a position As a consultant Quot in one of the numerous Rockefeller enterprises elite a appear at last year i suggested that if you Shook some foundations Kennedy political operatives tumbled Down like Ripe apples. There should be similar treatment for the Rockefeller Anthill. In the late 1950s, when he was a live candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Nelson Rockefeller had a series of distinguished panels investigating key aspects of our National and International policy he virtually set up a parallel government a with or. Henry Kissinger As Secretary of state. This exercise was funded by the Rockefeller Brothers fund As a Public service. It was a Public service a several of its studies were excellent a but it had the additional Merit of providing Rockefeller with a nationwide elite network an a Kappa rate As they say in Moscow. Most of what i am discussing is not even remotely illegal. If you Are going to run a big research project you have to hire Good writers. Over a period of several years you discover who can put an idea into institutional form who Are Good administrators who knows the location of Abu Dahabi Etc. But what this amounts to when you add it All up is an embryonic political organization. When the whistle blows the writers turn from esoteric explorations of National goals to 26-minute political speeches the administrators become and Vance men and so on. The Senate rules committee should take a hard look at the activities of the various Rockefeller foundations. Inflated gifts and then a to return a there is that incredible list of already there seems to be some confusion which should make the internal Revenue service perk up its ears. Emmet John Hughes for example received $150,000. According to press reports when queried on the subject he said it was in effect a Bonus for his years of devoted service. Now a Bonus my word not his does not fall into the a a gift category it is supplemental income and eminently taxable. The gift to or. William Ronan which seems to inflate every time you open the paper a it was last clocked at $550,000 certainly needs investigation. But the one that really turns on my political radar is that to l. Judson morhouse former new York state Republican chairman. Letters to the editor questions about the Pritchett disability to the editor i heard that Laurie Pritchett was going to apply for disability retirement As of the end of his 96-Day sick leave. Presumably his disability is hypertension High blood pressure it a the purported cause of his present sick leave. Experts estimate that 23 million americans have High blood pressure that High blood pressure is simply and effectively controlled by medication and that this illness is not disabling except in rare cases there seems to be a definite parallel Between Nixon and Pritchett a when the evidence becomes overwhelming then they both retire and stay on the Public payroll the rest of their lives needless to say As a taxpayer i am opposed to supporting a partially or totally a anybody for the rest of his life unless he is clearly entitled to it under the Law. I would like to see you make Public 1 the entire text of the Law under which Pritchett proposes to retire 2 the amount of Money Pritchett would receive monthly after having been employed by the City of High Point for just Over eight years if he is allowed to be pensioned off. 3 what other retirement funds or systems Pritchett is covered by other than social Security 4 what medical information if any Pritchett has to furnish to the retirement Board at the time of his application and if he is Given disability retirement How often thereafter can the retirement Board require medical proof that Pritchett is still totally disabled. Perhaps we should All remember that the chief of police is an administrative Job which does not require the physical efforts frequently exerted by a patrolman or other policeman who is frequently called upon to Deal with people who Are drunk mentally disturbed or those others whom he must arrest and or subdue when they Are violent armed and very dangerous. Perhaps we should also consider the precedent to be set if we pension off or out Laurie Pritchett. I know of several policemen who have High blood pressure and several More who have suffered heart attacks. How Many employees in the other departments of the City suffer from heart conditions High blood pressure or other physical ailments and work every Day earning the pay they get from the City Are we going to use different standards for Laurie Pritchett than we Are for the other thousands or so City employees it not How Many other City employees will to entitled to a lifetime pen Sion when an employ becomes an undesirable employee in the future is the City going to buy its peace pension him off and not fir him the dangers and inn plications of treating Lauri Pritchett As a special Cas should be immediately a Parent to All concerned and i should not be done. Lastly thank you for the thorough objective an Complete coverage you hav Given to the evidence presented at the police investigation. C. Richard tat 710 Gatewood a finding How loud Money can talk to the editor it is truly amazing what Money can buy several months ago the Senate of the United states passed a Bill which advocated placing the new River into a study status for two years thus protecting it from the appalachian Power company s proposed Blue Ridge pump storage project dam at the time the House of representatives was also considering a Bill for this same situation. The Federal Power commission however was undaunted by the apparent desires of the Congress of the United states and bowed to the pressures of the Power lobby by granting a permit to build the proposed dam. Apparently outraged by this flaunting of Congress wishes by the fac the House started working on the new River study Bill in Earnest. But Money talks and it appears that even our elected officials have their Price it perhaps considering All else that is taking place these Days that really Isnit so terribly surprising at any rate it appears that the vast sum of lobbying Money which has been spent by the Power lobby promoting this Issue has overcome the common sense and will of the people which originally led our congressmen. With Congress due to be in recess until after the november elections and then sitting in a lame Duck session until the new year it has become apparent that the new River study Bill is stuck in the rules committee and not even on the Agenda for action by the full House. I guess Money must ape. Louder than the people to year. But it is votes n dollars that elect or re ele members of the House representatives. And i c speak for Many fellow cd Servat Lonist when i say the the votes Are going to parcelled out very careful this year. I Only Hope the others can come to real when their representative Are being swayed by the u by Isis instead of their Cut statue its and can let doll signs close their eyes to us atrocities As the rape of t second oldest River in t world and the inundation 40,000 acres of product and Scenic North Caroli Mountain land. Christine Sierra cd 408 Mont leu a

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