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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2a High Point Enterprise Friday october to 1174 business and financial news Stock Market report for inflation woes Loy Hiburn s 45 ><4 i. I s tor Jio ii in in let Gumy i so 7 i we we by 5ao<tc�t he. Lif tonin it. 41f 4v% i 4 h jiotllr>d3 to tin la 15 i by a sow Heoji 40 i i iwo we Ion h son a it a we we h sow Foci m i la vhf when is Sofii visit Tam we we. Sperry h Hio pm pm ph4 h sow Ordito to is ish tit he n sow of m is i to Jiou a sub Ronda u to i us we in a so 4 110 14 la 23 0 York Apt a an Cocopoti to to in ton in . Conf Chiei to is so 05 fit Early Advance collapsed in co Omi a i a tiie Iete to Der the weight of investors Comino to 1 ii ? a 8v% a recess on worries today. Andje a a j a a a a stocks showed Little change Cordis j to to in in. Howg of atm f oviip>0di a1 c off adhi i is $ Umi in a Tim Dow Janes average in chg%2 if 21 it an to a 30 industrials up 8 Points in a a a Jar Jearly trading showed a Gat conc Sis a m a a n in you so 4 urn Iii irs Reed Quot 4 i log 94 in miso at Nunn i 14 we to jowl i la corp Titi in Imi i teb Pimpl. Is of Only .24 to Mode Ai noon. of s 17 a wig a n by Hong is j so unti to a the Lead advances he d on cont Towt w to ton tows Vic Imu a. Contro0tt i Ulf i declines narrowed to 3 to 2 on coot it of s i n 2 u the York Stock sex ,1,1? n9mt v t to Cois Dri bsh by. 10w to i Cee int i i i 7% jaw in locked Aire i a 49 4 4 h St Otto t gift i we Sill St Loo i i i i 44 Uhll la a Stop draw to Tutts Phi he h Lono Stindt 4 41 of t i in h Steven i to i to us Titi lotto so i to i 4 to 70 to a St Worta j la Jill i Multi 4 i h we to lev so Nohrr 4 Roll by he n 4 is to a a tto Ltd corp i St his iof a Tompot 4 a Iso we we to i Luc sir Joo Iso a i a Pastron join i it it it. To to i i. H Toto top St in i Imi.,. My tonnes i 40 s St Jow a a Jow. A. 4 j . Resorts 24 hoi is is is mock to a j i in in in int in us no n in ii of test to to i it in 14 j4n Imi Moded too it in a so t tit get i to she in is Vvs of Lvov is i j in Jih a to Niti is St Sissy St%4 Moro a i Quot 47 to Iron i to 5 time tit 14 a a. F 2 a i i Tim. 4 it in Tim to a it to s h is is is a t Britt do to s 4 so so so gel. To ii. A a sit so s 44 How of change. I a i vyv. Fat tag in a the Broad bated nose Croton i i �4� �4� t4t a More composite Index of All com j a a Quot of a Mon stocks listed on the sex Jujj Guif by 5&Quot a change advanced to to 37.15 Oto Tupua s it Titi ti1 a Nunn door 11o i >02 40w Jas it Meo Rwm Ai noon. A Ototmo to it it it it a mock trading on the York Ogaard a a a a j a pm u Khz Stock Exchange continued o�fcdtkt4s a a to Tow Tow h Momich s s tsp is in mrw for Atnel v a in 0msh i 40 i is i 14 is a microdot j s i out a a str tip onion i. La 40 Lull in a it duh is s Isi Lull la 0 inor int is Lull pm he h la 240 Soh is Sim d Vor kid in 4 110 to 1h i Mann Poltis i a i4h i4h i4h Orfo ppr to h la i in h mob.100,10 j Isi ish 14. J4h h 0o>oi a Moi Oil is Sih h Monkan so 4 0 4h 40�?T Soh. Quot Olton 4> ii to 44to44 Mon Puiai s j ish whish in Rory i a wifi w it Ftp ont of i Isi a tot. Mph h morn or m 0 i ii i he ii a. j la in. In. Jyh amex was moderate. In Huizi Sint is my. Me wow win unit a a 4 ssh so Ringuet was the big. M�Fu-i4o is to i ult a Tammi 40 1 to 4 a t4 a a moderately Active. On the american Stock Exchange the Market value Index was up fractional to two con to his so Stu a fall Neho i is he he ii he a a. Ump met 4 s to the of. J. A a a Sjo a41, 4i. H in Doc t ii a is to Imio a a Nodl w 4 141 sin Joh Jih h upon Cleoo to n Ash huh wish i h a a Catt airline .,43 ssh in most Active list by an Eiho in pts i is ii 1.000-share Block at 1j. Foj. Ith la h in Stool so 5 i he 32�?T he _ a a i i i not to i i j i h v or in a 4 is Ash a _ ish we ssh a Tom a to s St Ash Ash Ash h a mooch 40 to 4 # so she a general motors which an Ici in Icli ii Vitco Otto a 14 a. A a a a. Al n j Hal in i nttfnrt.4 4 4 Imi is to a 7 id a f t a to flounced big product ton cuts a s s in a h ? ii t4h tin i4h h in rim Kunto to 11 til net Alof not a 40 4 i o o i it h not omit to i is ii ish ish Wuhrl w s is Umi us to a h in response to suiting sales. A sets. In hash a a n, s Sish of shirt Iii pm his mgt a lost h to 32h. And Corning to wet so Sui is ish it so h a lakh j a us h map m4 huh us Quot a a s la ssh ssh h y.nalfu40t> 4 of in 14 1h northerns i a la Oil a Felt 11. To <117. F odos to is a s3 24 Iosh h Glass Ware fell i i to 34 a. Futro it co s j in in in Mcdonald Rose to 32t Firof s is us to us Gnu i ulna to Rose a in a a. F�?zch#fjj1. N a a. A. It. Among other Active stocks. Fit Imant to i huh so. Atlantic Richfield which re f hmm lift i to us is ish Pond higher earning. Thur a Fnu. Or a Joea a a w. Gig ,. A m a a 5 slav. Rose i to 864. And Adf a re 4 2 s 4 Jyh h nor Mio n us Ion Ion h Var re pc Ltd out i six sch in. _ or h to a sit is t Slih Kiha. a a own we. A a my �. A it. _ Al. A. J i to to ii Mil w in Bact 40 s w Ith which h won Mats 4 4 ish Vijh he h womon1 up 5 Gfa of she h no to i of so Sih to t my aet to Sill so the the Nostoc us i la huh h we for m a wish huh h North rpt 40 0 la huh is h us a Fry so s j 4 the of h a rat Airt 45 i to ii ish ish h of Vijh huh h Home stake mine rallied it is ?52 tits Ocop a a a a w a u to 5 to a the Price of Gold s re it a 5 s2o�.�?o i �?�2 in �?T5t i a a a a 2ku�?~n<f.i� i in it i Quot 11402 ii Soh Soh h Oil Cpl to i Iowa we we j tio corp is s at u Uhll h 4 i of of of h 2en, is s Siti Uhll s s we we my w co�yt.8mod��ytbao�i#tderokk Rose in Europe fret Ftfe to York a Exchange 4 it ii ii who a oaf cps i it the the the h Gas i to 4 4 to to log in to 44 is is us b u 4 4 ish ish Ishu h Garnett 0 to 2 ish by by h Gnu Odds 40 i is ish whish h cd Mill i Joti it to. Join h ,nm�4 of is24 by Jih us h of mar i to 0 i a. Sov we of Chat non h la h Jih Jih he h out Nellh to 5 to a. La up of c of r .9��dy to a of. Sat Art Runoff cwt urn Othar Whf twid. Rat it Del _. It. ,. Dan in the tor801 be a in we a Pacha Kim Oit a to to a j,�tk/fvacant10�vdontnlfoua tarty or jaw on Nuoi Doch Rotton a Portal or ecltal4� i i ish ish ish Gow Matt so j m we ton we h Peeper both we Ira h tro dividend Toiv Mon not do to o to. 11m to a. Id go a Itin. A it. Yipu. My we mwvk>mp1 a my Twamoi 41w.w. J a a no ii w i Quot Quot ,. E a Bop to acted noon pro pan Amair in 2h 1h the. A Pac so i 34 tin by to she h Ponce pm Sio ish by by. i i i i o tat h but map f a Ikata. Ida i Patnou t a if a Hon i to 4 i us Era us a icon at i to s j by ish b a pm Atlo Gap 44a f i in to in h z Grant by to Ich i 45 i to of ? gown fun 44 Sis ish .ir.-i,. A a a n t j grrnt04# 4 it we which h i a i i a he. He h of hmm 40 4 it ii ii us h mastiff Imja 52 52. A 8shss�?T a 4 a allo a to or f Giro annual f4�4 Pink k toe dts Idland a la a wid Tina do of Dan a of ear Dor la moot by i a Mac Arad or put Dahar a town d cd and or a fit up a Bachrad or paid int Roar. An accumulative to Kew ankh Dot cd Indk to arrear in a a Kikua p-pa>4 of by to Yaar div Dand omitted of Tare and or no action to at mkt dividend coating r Mac Arad or paid Snar a Adan a a. U month of we it oct div Dand up to. W ail 55 ,.aftimotad m a % s Tai Ltd Wolt it Quot a a div Dand or a did Ripe <0 0 104 4.42 Oil 1h oat it toys to Iowa we we h a Samok in i it a a4. Ii ii ? cd a old a a a told and a id it t pot to it is 4 it a 14% to a h Dand and Iowa in full a Dike dts Triton a a a a to Nyvall so s of by by by h i 5 Muj a Huu Kalwil Tiss in us Vijh h ? Cllon a t la it i ii in a haw4lpt.s j to by by ish h mss 11 d i2 2 a Quot a Quot a Ujj a a a Idab Opi of 7 j Vijh of us h a Das Bouc i s 2 when ish h meant i to 4 0 us to y us h 5 to ssh a wart ban so 44 latin t2hv. �?.,. C t a t Bra i 5 245 Ion we we h from Paol i Ai Sun a a Jai 2 Edwil alution would have on a skin i 2 to the cover up trial barton120 u u ish 4 4i in Washington Lungren said after Nixon s first Hospital stay that it would by at least month and possibly three a shitty 2 142 25 24h ish h months before he could a no. A a ?�_�� Vvs travel safely. Annet to Quot a a a a a a a i is St int la a in u a 2 a a a a a a Lait week Herbert Tsar. A a. I i. I j a a a iffa t m. S2 5 sit 2 Miner or. Nixon chief n. Ate Art. By it Ivy i am Tati 40 Uco 45% the ssh int b s so of of of h my a Tom 74 us by i ampa corp a Nocan Ila Apo Acup of Coon a Arcol so a2ssi2 a Al Iba us 1 a 4 so ish ish Toh Issei so i2 22 22 a it a a a a a a a a a i a sop to to tops u i a us ish is of i a Avon put 40 it in 24 n a to. W s�?Tio#t4?%�?T huh h a s 2 a 2 he a age i of s la ish is a is a a j Bou Kolbl so to 111 Jih to. A a h a a botfd4 o in in ish ish h Bocan so to 0 clip. It. I thu i a Oft mom is 4 4 huh us ban allo so Biti a it w j9�?Tv to sitar is a Jhu a a a in Rahi j to us is is it us v a a j., fifty Foj Long sub i i huh us an a ii St to z �4npt�.� i is us ish ish Etc Ltha 40 i of io15 we we h to 5 i 0 a. A a a 21 j counsel in Washington told spam i of i h us it Ith a the court that Nixon would a Patna 40 s it Uhll la Bottol Sukjo j is huh us. Car spree Bai Odd 40 is to a is u it a Aorta 2 40 s Mil a ii Jih be dolt is 4 40 we b a b Ala i so Ortag 44 it in us ish us a a 54v1i 400 to too 41h Sih Soh a snap Oit i a s w 41 Seh Seh a h shout i a i i us us us h Sborow Wal f 4 Joh Toto w h we a a Toa. J. Vhf Lvi w j win in. A Bor Dan i b i i ii huh h Kerr Mcgaul i of 40 a ssh St h a ,1? if ii la. .2 Kimo ii 44 s i by by by w Bow Tomisi la in Siu 40h 40% h Knop bin u i it huh us h by if a too t u so us Brunt Waji 4 �0 ssh she h of a Knop bin i i to whish Ishu h j 2 Vijh us 11 a Opprel 40 4 to 4040 4eh h a 1 a ? v Rii by. W frolic i St 0 is a in ii h Socey 4 a a ,7m a. Buc Virtol is b Jih juju us h Jill Msj a a Jim by. Bud Coso j i show of h acro Oor i a 4 i Uhll us h la Lear Shu a i is 4 3h 4 h Laval ind 4 a its 1sw-f w a he ohm a bunter a 40 i 4 4h 4h 4h Burlinda 40 4 4 ish we is ii Bur Inori to s is us by by i7 h loan vol. A. La Ca f mans Quot a the to to h a mph a so 24 Jio by in Jih Comal i w to j by by Tsu crop i so 4 b huh us cat act is s a the 1h jul ,. Car Trail 40 la s a. Ssh h cause 40b s to us Vijh us corp str 1.00 u 54 50 4�h so to Obsi is 41 j iou Jou Ottoa Kijoo 4 14 jobs by. Can come to j4 Iso 4a so 4h con sow in a 0 huh u h Vork apr noon Naar Yora i it i r a a i us York Stock Index author from Page Iai Sirinol too j i la a ish us h 11 Ura Tad Fin the pc i int is sin Orojio Sias us tin us h wanted on me witness Smit by i i a ii i Siu 40 u 40h u stand a a but Huie said he did t want him on the stand because the Book would have no value then head have no Book a Jerry Ray said. Jerry Ray said Huie then suggested that he Tell his brother Huie did not want him on the stand and would give him $12,000 Ray quoted american Exchange York a Amor icon Stock e a Bong to tatted noon proc of be it Mira Low Lott cd. Huie As saying he preferred a a Atli corp i Jivis its Bis. A Petrof 4 la my 31 c44n�airl s to u Uhll u cheap Lull 4soo huh Vijh cnu4� i is juju Sih Sih h bin Auto s 4 b it la Chat Croft i in of i a h cub furl 40 Ais to a we we Cit pm to i 41 iou a. It Citicorp so to sos Joh Joh by c Lief sri 40 a b Sih Sih 4iw h i or Lim 2 40 i i 23h b 23the High Point Enterprise 1884 pub liked every Aller noon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper pub shed by the High Point Enterprise inc. Jio Church Avenue High Point . 272e1 member of the associated press rates by mail payable in Advance i or 6 to 3 to t to doily and sunday $340 Sis 20 89 to s3 0s sunday Only St 3 of a so s3 23 by Corner wkly s to monthly $3 03 or. $3e 40 Moil tube Ciphon to . We Loci to 4% Valet Tai Market. Indol. Induk trial. Troniec Tolion. Utility. Finance. M _ Akam arajs i la a in to a a a scant 41% s h 11 11 0 65 broken i a he he he Sci of Bra Raar 40 4 is no to we h said he would have no trouble b to 0 03 Butte go i so ish Ishiah w Jas unch cd the Money go to some other member of the Hay family. Jerry said Huie would get the Money from Hanes and Dow Jones a averages stocks to industries to Tramper tenon. Isu tithe. 45 Stock. Bonds 40 Bond. To higher Grad rom to second Grade ratio to Public of inti. Toledo tonal. Am 500 14 i4s b-0 i. Is 00 is by Sito la As b -014 44 is Urich St is unch too 12 02 of . Stock a averages 0-0 Oynie nose i i Juth to a of a fed revue Lull 1w in i Frontier air 47 $ 3 s0-0 or tire Ole a Ivy Ivy girl y 40# lbs in us u a Tea import s i in the the h a h h a huk Hyo so 5 5 he ish he h Impola a Roll in by by h Ink Trumsky Sinh he Vinovi a i w i i Lull la a h a a k a k a Kai Krind to i is in Susu a a nabs so i is us whish Kin Ark or p s it Ivy h is we is to Loa a the t Ltd Corpel 24 2h in a a h the associated press is in fitted to the we for reproduction of All local j a a. Chair printed in this newspaper As Walloon Friday of Oil a news dispatch hot Pray. Day entered us second class Mailer of the Post office High Pom unti act of Morch 3, 1879 second class postage paid at High Point no All canters dealers and distributors or Independent contractors Ond the High Point Enterprise inc ii not responsible for Advance payments made to them or their representatives for Home Delta Ely rate Contact your local Corner Ward in Leith company National advertising Campi led by the associated pre 30 w is be ind Rad util Stock 3 .4 a 1300 Isi Bao is 3 Usi Isi 2 3 2 jilt is is. Joss its i he toi 4 500 1 i44 s Usi 3014 Smi us Hoo Joos Bis Iii i a la ims Smi Psi iss i 34av 405 125 5 1 Bio Bond averages. Compiled by the Arkoos Ledren to to to to to a site ind util. Fun l cd not change noon Fri is s is i prey Day 411 is i week ago is $ is 0 month ago 47 3 is 4 a a a lid in ass 154 month ago year ago ,. 174 High 114 Low i1j High 113 Low my Nat dam la i n proc 35 a la a in nor Noii i i in in 0-0 Phoenix is Ford blames democrats Chicago a president Ford has finally come right out and said it big spender Are responsible for the country a inflation woes and the a villains a Are the democrats in Congress in a string of Campaign appearances thursday on behalf of struggling Republican candidates the president accused democrats of ruining the Economy with four decades of reckless spending and of threatening foreign policy. A there Are Many villains a Ford told a $250 per plate fund raising dinner Here. A rut the biggest Burden of guilt lies on the shoulders of the biggest spenders a and the fact is that one political party has run the Congress a and held open the nation s purse strings for 38 of the last 42 years and for the past straight 20 years a a that party is the democratic party and we cannot allow it to drive the budget deeper into the red and the rate of inflation higher into the Blue Quot then Ford repeated his familiar Campaign slogan that the country needs an inflation proof Republican Congress and not a veto proof democratic one it was perhaps Ford s most direct assault on his former congressional colleagues but even then he tempered it and Libbing into his prepared speech in a cop luncheon in Des Moines Iowa that the democratic leadership was acting responsibly although their troops run wild Ford also renewed the foreign policy theme which stirred a juror tuesday in Oklahoma City and Cleveland when he said the election of the a wrong kind of Congress could endanger world peace the White House said wednesday that Ford Only meant to stress the importance of a bipartisan foreign policy. But Ford took another direct shot at the democrats thursday accusing them of a undermining our foreign relations with handcuff like restrictions on the policies of the president and the Secretary of state Quot the common theme of the Day s speeches however was that Congress not the president re wed the Money and is responsible for inflation. He said he should be Given time to work it out with the help of a More Friendly Congress Ford received generally warm welcomes wherever he went although there were a few hecklers and some negative placards among the crowds at the Iowa state Capitol for a noon rally at a ceremony in Melvin. Iii., honouring retiring gop rep Leslie Arends and As he arrived at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago. The president resumes his travels next tuesday to Rand rapids mich., where the gop is trying to recapture Ford s old House seat which Democrat Richard Vanderveen won in a special election earlier this year. Thursday Ford begins a three Day tour of five Western states. In y tar ago 52 0 174 High s3 j 174 Low ,. 41 i 173 High s3 173 Low Sisa of 0 7 44 i 44 fit is 7 47 3 is 70 4 i Jio 7 j 7 j is s3 s ski 5 2 4 3 74 7 80s so to i to a i i .2 a Koci sled Prsek 174 Pardon Hay to plead guilty in the Case and suggested that something might later be worked out Quot in the Way of a judge Sirica threatens crackdown on lawyers 3 i the the a i i in in in i syntax 40 i 202 in by ssh h a a Jet Terr so toe 5 20 Uyun in a 45 5 4n 4n h two Cocory u to a 2h thus tray j Jas in by Jyh h family to put pressure on a a it Kpor 24 5 i Jyh Jhin h it owls i n n a Wolst Katl 24 in in in wish to to i 24 ssh so a a a Washington a -. District judge John j Sirica today granted a request by Richard m Nixon s lawyers that the former president be supplied with transcripts of White House tape recordings so he can prepare to testify at the watergate cover up trial meanwhile former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii was on the witness stand today for his eighth and possibly last Day of testimony. Nixon s attorney Herbert Miller requested the transcripts recently pointing out that Nixon had no other records available to him and could not come to Washington prepare adequate in because of his illness Nixon has been suffering from phlebitis a blood clot condition since before he left the White House. He has been subpoenaed As a witness by both the prosecution and defense and Miller said recently he expected to be Able to report soon that Nixon was Well enough to come to Washington and testify however. Nixon was hospitalized in Long Beach. Calif wednesday night because blood clots in his leg were not responding to drug treatment and doctors said thursday the former president May have to undergo surgery there has been no word to the court on whether Miller s earlier prediction that Nixon would be Able to testify still stands in Light of his present condition. Tempers in the courtroom became so strained thursday that Sirica threatened to take action to prevent Quot a carnival atmosphere a i mean it Quot the 70-year-old Federal judge said exasperated and often angered by continual bickering and Back biting among lawyers. Quot if i done to get the cooperation i want. In a going to have to do something about administration still wants surcharge obtaining it because. To 40 41 0 30 Cam cd is 3 sign Shaw i in i a Poss and in a paying out Cin rim it is 2n 2 int n Quot of 1 c r�ot�p2 so a t Jimi ens h the Money. Jerry Ray said he later told his brother he should get another lawyer suggesting Percy Foreman of Houston tex., because Quot you Don t have an attorney representing you. He s rep resenting a Book James Earl Hay contends he was pressured into the guilty plea by Foreman he contends Haynes and Foreman had a conflict of ill Vej is interest because they had pm a 4 contracted with Huie for 4 j l in inn i royalties on his Book. The Mir ii ohs a sir royalties purportedly were to to -4 1 4 cover Ray s attorneys fees s5 n another of rays Brothers testified thursday James of Chi 3 r Jin us in a Earl Ray Felt he had no Ormond ind j a is a Choice but to plead guilty Siarka of 73h_ Jhin is because he was boxed in by Forman s 2 us in in h his lawyers and a judge who refused to delay the trial any longer. Ray brother John Larry Hay testified thursday that Houston tex., attorney Percy Foreman asked Hay s by Don Waters % associated press writer the Ford administration still considers a proposed 5 per cent surtax an essential part of its anti inflation program Treasury Secretary William e. Simon says but House speaker Carl Albert says the Levy will never be passed by Congress As submitted because it would work an undue hardship on Middle income taxpayers. Simon in a dinner speech thursday night in York City took note of congressional opposition to the proposed surtax on corporations and on individuals earning More than $7,500 and families with incomes of $15,000 or More a Many congressmen have already written off the surtax because they think it is unpopular but i submit that the surtax is a supreme test Ai our Stu to tight inflation Quot be contended. Speaking with reporters in Tulsa okla., earlier thursday Albert said a i can Tell you one thing a that Congress As it sits and it sits next year is not going to make the Man who makes $15,000 pay 5 per cent and the Man who makes $250,000 pay 5 per cent. That a minimal As far As any effect on him the Richer Man is meanwhile thursday the labor department released figures comparing the average first year wage increases in Union contracts to the 9.7 per cent inflation rate registered thus far in 1974. The government said wage boosts negotiated during the january september period averaged 9.6 per cent during the first year of the contract and 7 2 per cent annually Over the life of the contract. As us second witness the government planned to Call e. Howard Hunt jr., the former Cia agent and White House consultant who pleaded guilty to being one of the principals in the watergate break in but pointing out that Hunt cooperated with the investigation a Only grudgingly and. We believe the government asked that the court a rather than the prosecution a adopt Hunt As its witness. In such a Case neither the prosecution nor defense vouches for a witness credibility and both sides can ask leading questions. The trial of he. Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman John n. Mitchell Robert c. Mardian and Kenneth w. Parkinson. All charged with conspiracy to obstruct Justice was in its 19th Day today. Dean was the first witness called the arguments and objections had increased in frequency the last few Days involving at times the judge and one or another of the defense lawyers prosecution and defense and even defense attorney against defense attorney. A there is Finger pointing in this courtroom there probably will be More of it a Ehrlichmann attorney. William s. Prates said at one Point. It Wasny to Long before the statement was borne out. Prates attempted to ask Dean a question based on a tape recording of a meeting he had with former president Richard m. Nixon and Haldeman june 23. 1973. That was the conversation in which Nixon agreed with Haldeman that the Fri Oil firms Post hefty profit hike York a two More major Oil firms have posted hefty profit increases in the third Quarter and the first nine months of 1974. Tenn eco co says its earnings already exceed last year s net income. Tenn eco chairman . Freeman said in Houston thursday that a right we Are in our strongest financial position in comparisons of the recently ended third Quarter with the same period a year ago. Texaco inc. Reported an approximate profit increase of 23 per cent. Atlantic Richfield co said sales Rose 140 8 per cent. Analysts say this weeks reports from major Oil firms of increased earnings reflect higher crude Oil prices and Strong profit margins for petrochemical sales. Profits went up during the third Quarter for Conoho 122 per cent Ohio 107 per cent Phillips Petroleum 103 per cent Pennzoil. 80 per cent cities service co75 per cent and Exxon 25 per cent. Should be steered away from investigating the watergate break in which occurred six Days earlier Nixon made the tape Public three Days before he announced his resignation. The jury had not heard the tape and chief prosecutor James f Neal objected to the questions. He warned that if the questions were permitted he would play the tape. A we want that tape in Here right a Prates shouted banging his hands on the judges Bench. A we do too a said Neal hurriedly the judge sent the jury from the room. After arguments among the lawyers Sirica called a recess returning to the court with the jury still out he said he wanted to make a statement. He talked about the trial being a serious Case and said Quot i Don t want this Case to have what they Call a carnival atmosphere to it. We ought to try it like any other Case not just because it gets a lot of publicity All Over the world so to we firm to make amends Burlington. No. Apr Western electric co. Has notified 2,000 women in its plants in Burlington Greensboro and Winston Salem they will receive payments of from $200 to $500 As amends for sex discrimination. The notification came in letters from c w Debell general manager of Western electric s North Carolina works. Debell said Western electric recently signed an agreement with the employment Opportunity commission acknowledging that certain practices and policies that existed prior to Jan. I 1970 were discriminatory. The letter said the payments would be made As soon As the eligible employees Are identified. College annual held nudity is responsible Davidson . Apr officials of Davidson College Are blocking distribution of the 1974 yearbook because it contains two pictures of male streakers on Campus it also contains two words the officials consider objectionable. The officials say they would allow the 1,225 copies of a quips and Cranks to be distributed if the objectionable material were removed the students offered to substitute asterisks for the words and cover the genitals of the streakers but officials would not agree the students have appealed to the Board of trustees talks logjam target of Kissinger s offers Moscow a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger conveyed Concrete . Propositions on nuclear arms limitations to soviet Leader Leonid i Brezhnev today at the Kremlin hoping they could break the negotiating logjam on a treaty. The 2-hour and 20-minute discussion described by . Sources As being in a a very Friendly and very cordial atmosphere was aimed at agreement on guidelines that Brezhnev and president Ford could endorse around thanksgiving at a meeting probably in Vladivostok at their first meeting thursday Kissinger and Brezhnev surveyed Trade relations Between their two countries and their conflicting approaches to Lite Arab israeli dispute Kissinger said they made Quot a very Good beginning but gave no details. Foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko said both sides were encouraged and Brezhnev was pleased both Gromyko and Kissinger renewed their governments commitment to soviet american detente in luncheon toasts and Kissinger emphasized that this american policy was unchanged by the change in the presidency a further and big successes require efforts and vigorous efforts on both sides Quot said the russian. A we Are prepared to make those efforts a Kissinger replied that a it Bas been a firm and continuing principle of american policy that the . And the soviet Union have a very special responsibility Foi preserving the peace in Thi world and for contributing to the positive aspirations o Mankind. This positive peace responsibility will by fostered with great Energy by our a get acquainted meeting Between Brezhnev and presi Dent Ford late next month ii the far East appears in that offing it was Learned that i special communication network has been set a Between Moscow Ani Vladivostok tile most like site for the meeting

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