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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent endpaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d a. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley or. Vice pres mrs. C h Lockwood. Vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Good afternoon blessings on Market s Unsung heroines Joe Brown editor 4a thursday october 24, 1974 we support Richardson Preyer in attempting to unseat l. Richardson Preyer Young Steve Ritchie has we suppose conducted about the Only kind of Campaign open to him he has ruffled through the thousands of votes that rep. Preyer has cast during his years in the . House of representatives and with the help of sume spurious selections found items Here and there on which he can make Points. The Ritchie Campaign has followed a simplistic line. It is based on the very widespread notion that Lack of congressional control on spending has brought the nation to its present economic peril. So Why not the reasoning goes run against Congress itself it is very big. Not very popular and an easy target when times Are difficult. And if by picking out a vote or two or three that can be made to look unpopular it then becomes possible to equate the incumbent with the body of Congress itself so much the better. Ritchie is Young attractive and reasonably articulate. As a decorated War Veteran he keeps the Flag of patriotism waving. In his television and radio spots currently blanketing the airwaves he need not be very deep. As the currently popular notion goes All the candidate has to do is sell himself the same Way the broadcast Media sell detergents and de tyrants. Quick pitch Snappy lines no depth. For Richardson Preyer that sort of Campaign does cause some difficulties. Knowledgeable in so Many areas broadly experienced and one of the Congress most respected members he finds guest editorial himself put on the defensive. His opponent has no record to he opened for inspection. And his generalities leave Little to be answered. In our opinion however Richardson Preyer does not need to be defensive. Despite what his opponent would have you believe he is not a the most Liberal or a the biggest any examination of his record beyond the one line unsubstantiated rating systems that Ritchie quotes Over and Over shows him to he a moderate a Clear thinker and one who represents the people Well. Other so called rating systems a and one can find a system to meet almost any purpose a show him to be far More than average in responsiveness to the Peoples needs and wants. As a Long time practising attorney a state judge a Federal judge and now As a Veteran member of Congress he has the background to provide him with the Eminence he has attained in Public service. Such a record stands in bold contrast against what Young or. Ritchie offers from a career in the military. Rating Sheet politics As practice by Ritchie is a poor Way indeed for citizens of the sixth congressional District to select their representative in Congress. At a time when economic problems Are no. I on every rating Sheet this District and this nation need the kind of Wisdom that is personified in a Man who has earned the respect and admiration of his constituents As Well As of his Peers in Washington. The Enterprise has not a moments hesitation in endorsing the re election of Richardson Prover. A Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Unsung heroines of this greatest of All furniture markets under Way Here now Are those ladies of the Hospital Guild the Thomasville woman s club the local chapter of the National Council of jewish women and various other pretty and hard working females who brighten the showrooms while making a Little Money for the worthy causes they represent. Women s us came easily and quite acceptably Yean ago at the furniture shows for without their helpfulness in a thousand different ways there could be no markets. It takes a lot of cooperation of every kind to service a Market and there a no prettier or better Way for it than with help of All those Lovely Gal children so let s tip our hats today to those Fine ladies who so selfishly add to the servicing the needs and the enjoyment of a Market that would be in distress without the manifold contributions they make to its ongoing. The Hospital Guild of High Point memorial Hospital got an Early Start some 30 years ago when the exposition building a now vastly expanded into the Southern furniture Market Center with some 2,250,000 Square feet of exhibit space a came Back into Market services following wartime conversion into a military government file Center. The cafeteria that had been set up to serve the governmental staff needing Manning so the Guild accepted that Challenge and has handled it with such eclat that general manager Bob Gruenberg is having them take Over also the still larger cafeteria that will be set up off the lobby of the new Commerce Street Wing. That s in addition to the original Dogwood room and the Sandwich stands they operate on the display floors Between the main and Wrenn portions of the Market Complex. The Money they manage to make goes Back to the Hospital to which the Guild has Given Well Over half a million dollars for everything from air conditioning the first Wing to providing surgical instruments a their immediate project is refurbishing rooms in the older Section of the Hospital. Mrs. John Farrington As chairman of the operation skilfully directs her Crew. Knowing All the while that she d show no profit if she had to pay even minimum wages to workers who represent the Cream of their Community s social and civic life. The Thomasville woman s club a Stalwart group that looks far younger and More vigorous than their age requirement for membership is known to be. Gives up its Bridge events and hot dog sales to become Security guards during markets. They Are paid staff More available for the work than menfolk and what they make goes to furnish transportation for senior citizens give Hospital parties for veterans and promote the arts in Thomasville High school. Mrs. Lank Harris says their work draws varied comments with some who have attended markets Here for years saying they never had trouble getting past the off duty policeman but they can to get by those ladies the Council of jewish women has been catering for years sandwiches and cold cuts in the National furniture Market. They gather nightly at the synagogue to roast beef bake chickens mix tuna salad and slice corned beef make it into sandwiches wrapped Label de and ready for delivery next Day. Until health regulations changed that work was done in Home kitchens. Word is that Ham sandwiches then were made in carports by women intent on keeping their kitchens Kosher there s no Ham now but there Are hundreds of elderly mentally and physically handicapped and victims of an outdated system of juvenile Justice who arc grateful to mrs. Norman Silver and other jewish women for what their efforts have accomplished. Without those willing and Ever helpful Gal children the furniture Market would be poor indeed but the Community is Richer and better for their ready and willing sacrifices in service of others. One of the brightest additions along the furniture Highway is the i 8 million expanded showroom which Thomasville furniture industries swung into service for the october Market the new facility enables 190.000 Square feet of space by joining the 40.000 Square foot showroom on the Corner of e. Main Street and fifth Avenue and the 50,000 Square feet of the original showroom knowing the Market it grows increasingly dangerous to walk the streets at night. Officials wring their hands and ask for More police patrol cars and communications equipment. But they a Quirt Stuffy tier criminal and As any businessman can Tell you a firm which does no to know its Market is in trouble. Bits and pieces of data now accumulated indicate the average criminal is at least superficially different from his neighbor. A census study of the 140 -000 men and women in local jails nationwide reveals that a fourth had no More than an eighth Grade education 40 per cent had not completed High school. Half had never married another Quarter had no spouse because of separation divorce or death. Also 40 per cent were unemployed when arrested 30 per cent had been unemployed for More than a year. Close to half had been earning less than $2,000 a year. Nearly three out of every four sentenced inmates had already served a term before. These men and women were losers and repeaters. It does no Good for self appointed moralists to beat their breasts and blame society or for hard liners to talk of a criminal class. Whatever the cause these men and women Are Here. Of we Are to Check the growth of crime we have got to put More Effort into finding Why so Many Are school dropouts Why so few apparently have lasting attachments to other people Only half have dependents of any Type and Why so Many Are unemployed and earn so Little when they do work. There Are glib answers to these questions but Little data. Until we understand these matters we can lock up lawbreakers when we catch them which is infrequent and they will serve mostly Short sentences through projecting the news plea bargaining and come out to steal extort or attack again. How Many Are sick either mentally or physically How Many Are alcoholics or a pc arc Nefferti am Wiy flaw Many or no unintelligent they Are unable to handle life a Ordinary problems and How Many have never had a Chance and could be transformed into honest citizens with sympathy and coaching we done to know. There have been a few successful experiments under which some first offenders have been freed without trial if they made Good in supervised work programs. About 42 per cent of the jails in the census study were experimenting with work release programs involving 8 per cent of those sentenced. Nearly half the jails were nibbling at weekend sentencing 900 inmates were involved nationwide. These experiments Are on the right track. They aim at finding out on a limited scale what will work and what won t. They Are handicapped however by what could be a catastrophic Lack of knowledge about the men and women they Are dealing with witness the crimes committed by some inmates while on leaves of absence. Important As these experiments May be they Are drops in a bucket. Conservative chief Justice Warren Burger for years has urged that we do More in our prisons to change the men we put behind bars before we turn them Loose. More recently a High administration official has been quoted As saying we must face the fact that numbers of these men cannot be changed. Neither statement has meaning unless we can find out which of these lawbreakers can be changed and which at our present state of knowledge. We can do nothing for newspaper Enterprise san i goodbye Frame when the passenger liner Queen Elizabeth 2 broke Down during a Caribbean cruise last Spring the event seemed to symbolize the condition of luxury Ocean travel. One by one Over the past several years the great Ocean liners have been retired from service because of rising costs and dwindling patronage. Most of those still plying the seas Are heavily subsidized by the countries they represent. The latest casualty is the France widely considered the most luxurious of modern liners which will be retired with reluctance tomorrow. Only 12 years old the France was launched with great fanfare by president and mrs. Charles de Gaulle. It was to be a floating Symbol of French National prestige and technological prowess. But now the French government has decided it cannot continue to underwrite the ship s enormous operating deficit fuel costs have risen drastically As journalist ted Morgan pointed out in an article about an around the world cruise on the France Early this year. A at 30 knots the France Burns a ton of fuel a nautical mile a a he wrote a when she left be Havre on Jan 4, fuel Oil was $20 a ton when she arrived Iii give him one More for the Road a at Morrison Avenue and e. Main Street. It is an impressive Structure that brings together All the firm s lines into a single showroom and office sector. The building has been two years in development and for the past couple of months decorators carpenters and other artisans have worked overtime to bring it to completion for Market time. Ifs quite a showplace. Rotarians and those to whom they Are Selling tickets for their annual Barbecue and auction nov. 9 in the Wrenn Street loading area of the Southern furniture Market Center chose wisely to allocate the greater part of their profits to the locally directed developmental Day care program for opening an Extension in the Southside Center that will enable service for "5 additional children beyond the 190 now served in that great program the usual to per cent will be directed to the club s scholarship fund. Mrs. Joanne Biggerstaff directs the program which was taken Over locally at lower costs than when it was a Federal Agency under Model cities after being launched As the Owca infant care project. It has a staff of 47 workers who help look after the children from broken Homes so that the Mother a or in some instances the father a May work. One is based at the Beddington Street methodist Mission another at Clara Cox and Daniel Brooks apartments is the newest while the other is at St. Paul s presbyterian Church. It is rather precariously financed through the United fund social service funds private donations and fees of parents scaled to income and ability to pay. There is a real need tor yet another unit which can be housed Well in the new Southside Center and it is expected the rotary Benefit will provide Start up funds to get that one on its feet productively and usefully in the civic service. You can get tickets from any rotarian and help a w Orthy civic cause while getting a plate of delicious Barbecue and some bargains at the auction. Washington merry go round Ford insisting on unquestionable ethics by Jack Anderson i United feature Syndicate Washington in the aftermath of watergate president Ford has ordered a quiet tightening of ethical standards to keep the White House free of scandal we have seen some of the secret paperwork on the Effort. The document stress a a break with the past the president advisors Are eager to a highlight the fact that this is now the Ford White House staff and that the new president has a a personal commitment to the highest Standard of yet at the same time they hesitate to advertise their new ethical Campaign. A some will see it a they fear. A was an event staged for letter to the editor Public consumption a a sort of honesty rally without balloons. However if done with serious intent and minimal press fanfare we think this danger can be minimized a under the direction of the presidents new staff chief Donald Rumsfeld these moves Are tentatively planned a there would be a a reviewing upgrading and refreshing of the a traditional procedures for preventing conflicts of this in t intended a to trap people but to create an ongoing sensitivity to these a everyone who works in the White House a from secretaries to Counselor whether on White House Rolls or detailed would be required to attend a staff con Ference Quot on ethical conduct. The president himself would open the conference a with a few Brief remarks along the line of being cleaner than Caeser s wife a the conference not Only would be repeated annually but would be videotaped for the indoctrination of every new employee. A statements outlining a the importance of proper conduct should be delivered to the a entire this would be accompanied by a Standard of conduct a financial statements from everyone on the White House staff would be updated and filed a All White House personnel both those now on the staff and those who Are hired would be cleared by the special prosecutor office the purpose according get on to weightier problems new York five Days later it was $35 a ton and later during the cruise in Rio de Janeiro it reached $120 a the total fuel Bill for the three month voyage came to approximately $4 million. The heyday of the passenger liner was the period Between the world wars. In those Days the Only Way one could travel Between Europe and America was by ship. Giant liners were built for the luxury Trade a enormous floating hotels with lavish appointments and Superb cuisine. The arrival of one of the More prestigious ships was a news event of some consequence for the passenger list was sure to include at least a handful of movie stars and foreign dignitaries. Even More newsworthy were disasters involving passenger liners. The greatest peacetime tragedy at sea was the sinking of the titanic which crashed into an iceberg on her Maiden voyage in 1912 three years later a German submarine torpedoed and Sank the Lusitania an outrage that Many historians credit with hastening american entry into world War i the sinking of the italian liner Andrea Dona in 1956 dominated front Page headlines for Days. To the editor Why is one Man More important than a nation of people Why must the Peoples representatives in Washington be reduced to the Depths of the Bloodthirsty spectators of Long ago who were not satisfied in seeing a Gladiator lose a fight but insisted on being Given the thrill of seeing him killed As Well it seems that there Are quite a few people who have indeed gone this far. To them it is not enough to depose Richard Nixon but in addition they want to torture him As Well. Their energies in this direction might Well go much farther in solving this nations More pressing problems Richard Nixon will pay for his transgressions As will others who Are just As guilty whether it be in this life or the next. Moreover As president Ford has wisely said this nation does not need the turmoil of a trial that will last for years. Instead what this nation needs is a Congress a Senate and a president who will work together to renew Cair nation s Pride and Trust in the greatest form of government in the world. More importantly this nation needs its elected representatives to come up with ideas that can solve the problems of its Economy. That is what they Are there for. Most Likely the Power and influence that one obtains after being elected to office in Washington is quite exalting and goes to one s head. However those elected to office should acknowledge and accept the fact that it is the working Man the member of the lower or Middle class who pays the most taxes having few or no loopholes St All whose Peers Are the most numerous and who in turn elects those representatives to their offices. Therefore it is imperative that these Peoples problems be recognized and solved those people who have no difficulty at All paying their Bills making a living and never having to wonder where their next meal will come from have no real problems at All. On the other hand the average worker who has to Cope with steadily increasing food electrical and heating Bills while living on a fixed income is the one who is truly suffering the leadership of this nation needs to return to the Basic necessities of life. It needs to concentrate less on political strategies that Are Devisee and More on solving our country s problems As a whole. Therefore i urge everone to unite As a country write letters to those already in office and elect those people who seem to truly be interested in you let these people know How you feel also do not forget that hate can destroy All. Lei us forget about crucifying one Man and concentrate on saving the nation As a whole. Lynne if. Hunt it. 5, High Point to our White House sources is to insure that no one tainted with watergate winds up on the presidents payroll. A a review is already a in process of the proper disposition of gifts to the first family and White House staff. The review even extends to a gift giving Between White House two presidential Counselor. Don Lowitz and Don Murdoch have prepared a tentative Agenda for the staff conference on ethics. After the president s opening remarks. Rumsfeld would discuss a everyday lie would instruct the staff members How to handle individuals and companies with problems before the regulatory agencies. His advice As proposed by the two Counselor would be a consult with the counsel to the president in every such instance. Generally done to touch Rumsfeld would also Lay Down the Law on a politics and fund solicitation and the use of White House Telephone and finally Rumsfeld would warn the staff members that their a conduct outside of the White House also had to be exemplary. A regrettably you Are always on duty in the eyes of others a solar scandal the Only inexhaustible and no polluting form of Energy i Raffier 3 . Heat from the Sun is being largely ignored because it holds no Promise of giant profits for the nation s Utility companies. This is the discouraging conclusion of a secret Federal Energy Agency study on solar Energy one of a thick packet of draft documents we have obtained on every aspect of the Energy crisis. A potentially solar Energy could make a significant contribution to the goal of Lon term Energy self sufficiency.,�?� says the document. But Congress has authorized a piddling $75 million to study the question. And a Only minimal research and Small feasibility studies will be conducted by private Industry because the Long Range markets Are not competitive with other research and development investments a the report predicts. Of the nation would get serious about solar Energy the face of America would change the nation declared Independence from foreign Oil. Giant 200-foot High windmills one behind the other would line the Lanc Cape says the report. Vast expanses of hot arid desert land in the West would be covered by mirrors. The 10,000 Square Miles of Cal forma Arizona desert a could theoretically provide twice the present generating capacity in All of the United states a within a few years after the year 2000, says the report a solar systems May be capable of supplying 15 to 30 per cent of total in s. Energy requirements if the country ends its a business As usual approach and accelerates Sun Energy. A however unless Federal involvement increased substantially in the late 1970s,�?� warns the Fea document it is unlikely that much development in solar Energy will to inspire even by 1990. At present solar Energy is limited to about 25,000 solar hot water Heaters and a few experimental houses and swimming pools

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