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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A. Weather sunny and mild More data on Page a Toth Okah a no. 295 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 121711 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon october 23, 1974 72 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2111 daily Ioc sunday 25c accused of Power plot sex greek dictator exiled by Paul Anastas Siadys associated press writer Athens. Greece api a former dictator George Papadopoulos and four of hts closest associates have been arrested and exiled to a Remote part of Greece on charges of plotting to regain Power the government announced today. The announcement said those arrested with Papadopoulos were his former Deputy premiers Stylianos Patakos and Nicholas Makarios one of the hard line ministers in his regime Loans ladas and the former chief of the Central intelligence Agency Michael Roufogalis. Authoritative sources said the five men were taken to the Small Island of Kea about 60 Miles Southeast of Athens the government s announcement said Papadopoulos and the other four a undertook conspiratorial activity creating anxiety and the conditions conducive to the disturbance id Public peace Ami order at the time of upcoming parliamentary elections. The elections a Greece first in More than to years a have been scheduled for nov 17 by tin Reform regime of Premier Constantine Caramanos the announcement also indicated that More charges will probably be filed against the five men it said their confinement made it impossible for them to escape from Greece while the leaders of the military dictatorship Are being investigated the government announced tuesday that Papadopoulos has been under House arrest for the last three weeks Quot for making conspiratorial moves there have been persistent reports that leaders of the ousted military regime were plotting to make a comeback. Since his overthrow by another military Junta a year ago Papadopoulos had been living quietly in the Seaside Villa so Miles from Athens that he rented from shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. The jailed men. All former army officers were the chief conspirators in the colonels coup in april 1967 that ended parliamentary democracy in Greece they ran Greece until a Junta of generals overthrew Papadopoulos last november in the Wake of violent student demonstrations train backs into school bus 7 dead George Papadopoulos to fight inflation Muskie asks Stern moves Washington api a sen. Edmund a Muskie has proposed requiring business to pay a share cd the Cost of fighting inflation and recession As a major part of a democratic alternative to president Ford s proposals. Sharply critical of Ford s suggested economic remedies the Maine Democrat said tuesday night Quot of the president wants americans to eat less drive less and demand less he should be prepared to ask some of them to charge less Quot Muskie spoke on Abc to in a speech billed As the in s-2@si for mowers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Rolling papers q. Is there any special trick to rolling and lying newspapers for use As newspaper logs i understand there is a log roller tool you can buy that makes them into a compact Cylinder for even burning and Little smoking. Does any store in High Point Tell these or. B l. A. For answers Well Appeal to readers if any merchant Sells the gadgets or if anyone knows a special newspaper log rolling technique please let us know. George s choppers q. Did George Washington have wooden Teeth anon. A. In an Effort to separate fact from myth a professor of Anatomy and Oral biology at Uclair. Heidar Sognnaes researched our first presidents dentures. He reported his findings in an article in the february 1973 Issue of smithsonian Magazine. By the time of his inauguration Washington was Down to his last tooth a lower left premolar. A new York dentist in 1789 made a lower denture with an Ivory base which was fastened to his one remaining tooth this tooth shortly eroded came out and was Given to the dentist As a souvenir which he kept As a trinket on his watch Chain eventually it was donated to the . Academy of Medicine. The Ivory was said to be made from a Hippopotamus Tusk but or. Sognnaes examination of the denture Ion display in the Academy share Book room led him to the conclusion it was elephant Ivory. He also believes five different types of Teeth and tusks were used for the rest of the Teeth in the dentures from elephants Hippopotamus is cattle probably a Walrus and Man including some of Washington s own a tooth missing from the denture is on exhibit in a Gold framed Glass medallion in a museum in Fraunces tavern in new York another set was made by one of Washington s portrait artists Charles Willson Vale he used a Lead Alloy for the base of the dentures connected by two powerful steel Springs. The lower Teeth were of human and elephant origin. The uppers he concluded had been made from Dairy cattle. What were probably Washington s last set of Teeth now exhibited at the smithsonian institution is considered one of the first made with a swaged Gold plate to fit the palate. The Teeth were carved from Hippo and elephant Ivory and secured to the base with braces whose Sharp edges must have caused considerable discomfort. A life mask in plaster of Paris of Washington in 1785 gives a wholly different impression it his Mouth and profile it was made before he had resorted to dentures and before Gilbert Stuart painted his Well known portrait which emphasized Washington x dental disfigurement. Washington tried to keep his dental problems a secret but professor Sognnaes believe he must have suffered untold pain that he probably did not laugh much must have been extremely limited in what he could eat and was no doubt very self conscious in Public with a constant danger of an embarrassing a dental disaster Quot wishing that his Teeth not be made a Parade of Quot Washington would no doubt be appalled at the notoriety or curiosity his Teeth inspired and aghast to hunk the plates and parts Are on display in museums Here and abroad. But be Virginia there is no wooden tooth in his dentures. Sound off in there anyone Iii High Point that has a night Blooming cereus and if they have one would they be willing to let somebody come when it opens and see it i would Uke to hear this pretty soon because this is the season tor them to Bloom. Thank you. Mrs. . Democratic response to Ford s address a week earlier in Kansas City. The senator called for the Federal Reserve Board to pump More Money into the Economy in order to make credit More easily available for housing and Small business and he demanded firm presidential pressure on business and labor leaders to depress wage and Price increases. Quot i would like to see the president meet regularly with business and labor leaders in All major sectors of the Economy to work out guidelines for action and agreements for restraint Muskie said. Quot a temporary Cut in payroll social Security taxes to help fatten pay envelopes should be a Central part of a Trade off to help moderate wage demands. But let us be Clear that if vigorous voluntary wage and Price control efforts fait mandatory action must be taken Quot the thrust of Muskie speech was much the same As one last week in which Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield recommended a stronger governmental role against inflation and recession Mansfield s remarks were in response to Ford s message spelling out his economic proposals whose Centrepiece was a 5 per cent surtax on Middle and upper income americans and on corporations opposing the 5 per cent surtax Muskie chairman of the Senate budget com a Init tec. Said Many americans believe Quot they have been Sac fied to. Republican economic policies of inflation control by recession that their jobs their Standard of living their Hopes and their dreams Are being sacrificed by this administration he said Fords plea to balance family budgets and to save More is cruel advice to families whose paycheck will not cover Bare necessities Muskie offered these alternatives a a National policy of be Muskie on a Rockmart a a a work Tram backed into a loaded school bus at a Railroad crossing today killing at least seven children authorities said police said there were about 30 children mostly to to 14. Aboard the bus they said seven were killed and most of the others were injured. Some seriously. Darrell Smith said he was pumping gasoline at a service station about 50 feet rom the crossing when the collision occurred he gave this description of the Accident Quot the bus was stopped and it started on across the train was backing up it seemed like it seeded up and hit the bus Quot Smith said one of the workmen jumped off the train and ran to the front of the train Yelling at the Engineer Quot go Back go police said the train dragged the crumpled bus several Hundred feet Down the track which was left littered with blood bodies shoes and schoolbook. When the train came to a halt the caboose was derailed and on top of the bus. Which was overturned Joan Miller of Aragon ran to the scene and said there i what s inside amusement14-1a a bridge141 c classified ads.19-231 comics.22 a crossword disc editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries ii sports1-5c television 18c women s news 6-15a Vieather 3a were All these Little children lying around one of them had his head Cut off. Some of them were turning Black and Blue there were More than two kids pinned under the bus one of the kids was crying and looking for two of his Brothers. Quot some of the kids were dead and they were covering them she said Quot some of the parents were at the scene crying and looking for their the Polk county Coroner drat reported that the bus Driver Billy Kellett had been killed bul police later said he was hospitalized in critical condition. A spokesman for Southern hallway in Washington said the train was moving about eight Miles per hour the Accident occurred Between the towns of Rockmart Ami Aragon about 35 Miles Northwest of Atlanta caboose sits atop crumpled school by sat a Hagon a. This morning 4 a a Ephel o Charlotte race ties Surprise Boston pupils by Kobert la Reid associated press writer Charlotte no. Apr four High school students fro in racially troubled Huston say they Are surprised by the Progress made in race relations among students in this Southern City. Quot people just seem to get along Quot said Bob Messina one of four Boston students studying desegregation in Charlotte. Quot the Only similarity Between our school and your school is the the four two Black and two White members of the Hyde Park High school biracial committee arrived in Charlotte late monday to see How desegregation and busing have worked Here. The Charlotte Mecklenburg school system has been integrated since 1970 under a court order that provided for massive busing. The trip was arranged by Charlotte students who said they wanted to share their experiences after nearly five years under a controversial busing order. Although the Boston students were reluctant to draw conclusions after Only one Day in Charlotte they said the Southern students seemed More tolerant of other races after years it desegregation Quot people in Boston were not willing to said Dana Gonsal committee co chairman. Quot people want to close their minds and not want to understand where the other Man came another Boston student Linda Lawrence said Blacks and Whites in her City were afraid of one another because the races had lived apart culturally Quot White people have never dealt with Black people and the Black people Haven t dealt with the Whites Quot she said Quot it s a new about 18,000 of Bostons 92,000 Public school students Are affected by court ordered busing which has touched Oil violence since it went into effect last month. Quot it seems like All we re doing in Boston is coming to school and fighting said Barbara steer a Junior. While in Charlotte the Boston students Are attending integrated classes St Charlott on 2a Campaign pressed by Ford Washington a president Ford stepping up his personal Campaign for Republican candidates is arguing that a big democratic election Victory could threaten the peace of the world after painting this dire picture tuesday at a Gap rally in Oklahoma City Ford stopped in Cleveland before returning to the White House and said Quot i Call on republicans in Ohio and the rest of the country to turn out to vote on nov. 5 like you never have before. Confound the doom savers. Fool the pessimistic White House reporters were alerted just before Ford spoke in Oklahoma City to expect an important foreign policy statement. Ford announced no new foreign policy move but in what press Secretary Ron Nessen said was a reference to congressional votes to soon Cut off . Aid to Turkey the president said Quot i am concerned about the breach of this bipartisanship Between a Republican president and a democratic Congress. Quot i am concerned that if we get a Congress that is veto proof a Congress that has St Campaign on 2a Happy s aunt Miner s son refuse to Call off plans London apr the London evening news reported today that lawyers for Happy Rockefeller aunt Rachel pitied had offered Welsh Barman Michael Wilson $48 too not to marry the millionairess nearly 50 years his senior. The news said Wilson told it he refused a i got very angry and told them i am not a Fortune Hunter Quot a and that miss fitter said at her Home near Philadelphia Quot i have no intention of changing my mind the More they press me the More determined i am to marry or. the newspaper said miss fillers lawyers Quot were expected to make one More attempt today to get the couple to Call it Quot i think it is because i am a Miner s son that they feel i am not fitted to marry miss fitter Quot said Wilson a handsome 29-year-old who is visiting his Mother in the Welsh town of play. He said he would be telephoning miss filler today. Quot. Yes reversed charges Quot he told a questioning newsman. Wilson said the difference in their Ages is irrelevant because their relationship is based on companionship Quot is she tit he asked. Quot i d never have thought she was As much As that and of course being a gentleman i never the tall ruggedly built former Choirboy announced through a newspaper in play that he was going to marry the aunt of vice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller a second Wile the former Margaretta a Happy Quot fitter. Miss fitter and mrs. Rockefeller Are joint heiresses to the fitter Fortune at one time valued at More than $8 million. Rac Rel Ehler leaves mansion tuesday wire photo

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