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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina monday october 23, 1939 i7asoc Chakales / y sports editor Hollis Amon i Viii Defeated teams three Dixie outfits have perfect Marks Tennessee knit Tricky be Misti Ippi i ii de foal eel and i lie to i ii la. S. A a a a a a a a if. If. Wake Forest Duke tops conference card Duke swamps Syracuse at Durham 33 to 6 by High s. Al Lighton in. In review hark the sound those perverse North Carolina tar heels. Cantankerous ornery and downright impudent. Why they they Are bolsheviks. That a what they Are going around up setting the accepted order of things. Just imagine a Bunch j new York. Oct. 2 1. A of Crown Young men University students at that who did no to heading into the last weekend know that Tulane was supposed to beat Mem. Hell hell a a min they must have been Reading the Enterprise. Comrade Lalanne Arch bomber of the dynamite squad must have gotten his training under Lenin and Stalin a couple of renowned a a pineapple tossers. It took Lenin a and Stalin a red russians almost four years to take full charge of the soviet Way Hack in 1921, hut it did no to take Comrade Lalanne but four minutes to explode whatever capitalistic ambitions Tulane May have had for a Gridiron monopoly of Dixie. Hark the sound the a a revolution came and went in four minutes. A Little hit of left Over business from the civil War is next Pennsylvania. Dukes Superb squad wallowing in the opulence of luxurious but Green manpower on the ground set off by that gleaming Diamond gorgeous George and Riding on the wings of a precise passing attack that maintains a air line passenger schedule still remains one of the nations great Powers. The Blue devils put the old convincer on Ossie solemn a Syracuse outfit lilt to it proving that the Pitt loss was just one of those things. The Opportunity wealthy Dukes missed two perfect chances to score from near the goal line saturday hut that made very Little difference. They did no to bother to get very close scoring from outside the 2fi-,\anl line All five times. Of october traditionally the mid die of Tho football season those major learns that have managed to escape the plague of upsets tin ally have begun to line up in something like orderly manner. Considering Only those which obviously have earned the rating of a major teams they line up something like this undefeated and untied teams. East Duquesne. Cornell. Pennsylvania. Catholic University South Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi Midwest a notre Dame. Michigan. Ohio stale Southwest a Texas a. And m Rocky mountains Colorado mines Pacific coast Oregon state. Undefeated but tied Kast Dartmouth. Georgetown Rutgers South a Tulane. North Carolina j Richmond Midwest Nebraska. I Oklahoma Rocky mountains i Utah Pacific coast Southern California. U. C. L. A., Santa Clara tied to wire. It s a Small list but the chances i Are the Winner of this year s myth a Teal National title As Well As most j of the conference championships. Is included. Reviewing the situation by sections Here Are the prospects for the immediate future Cut dried i rest of Way same hid Story f football lamp of season from rest or deacons have 190 Points this season by Hill w hit new York oct. 23 a i i they re getting away with murder and getting paid for it or to put it mildly we ate now repro adding the season of the big Yawn. From mid october until the few Days before the a big games a at the end of the season the Grid customers can virtually pre i Juke a Bino devils one of til dict what a coming from the North Carolina goes to Philadelphia Cor game i till Tough Pennsyl Vanir Richmond. Va., oct. 23. Ai a the Southern Confer Espe championship race begins in Earnest this week end whet Maju in Homecoming alumni of Duke University were made mighty ii it a the Blue hex ii swamped an invading a. Mcafee 22duke left halfback 17 of Syracuse. At Durham n. �?T., when Syracuse football team w to a. This was the scene As hatted Down the pass missed by Hoffman 5 and Heald Kast the elimination of Pittsburgh s panthers by a scrappy Duquesne team 21-13. Left the race Dukes next opponent is those up and coming Wake Forest Demon deacons Riding High wide and handsome after a Licking by Carolina. The deacons incidentally top the wide open the Dukes haunt nation in scoring with 190 Points. Saturday nights rout a Bown much before saturday but of Western Maryland indicates that pea head Walker has got then Thev Automa in airy his scoring machine in High gear against secondary foes i ,p0rns night when they i just what it will do against a pull like the 90-degree Blue face the wide open southwestern i devils is a debatable question of pea head can gear his out Brand of football As demonstrated fit to a Long hard pull plug up some questionable holes in j by Texar tech his pass defense then the deacons May come out of the Cornett triumphant Over Penn j struggle with a respectable performance. But Duke will state 4.-o, and Penn 22-< Dutoi Knock them around some. In fact Duke can Knock most of them around. I in it roved Duke Iii deacons Ril ical face list coach Ray Wolf Sas there w As Only one i Hing to do against Tulane pass coach Doe Newton up where the intersection Al Competition is not As fierce As the Southern Intra conference ii eat did fairly Well by himself. To take a 6-21 Licking from Detroit up there is hardly disgraceful although some of the Rabid state alumni who think that a uniform makes a player might tie inclined to take the result As another reason to Sharpen up the Tomahawk for newtons Scalp. Well this has let Een said before but Here goes again you can shake the whole West end of Raleigh and not find a half dozen football players who have any business in this league. Its the same old Story a you can to go hear Hunting with a Hickory june Scott a Black Bison did Well enough Friday night against Lexington. Although the Davidson county capital Falls a Little Short of chamber of Commerce specifications for a City the football team led by Billy Myers has a big City aspect. Still the Bison could Lye held accountable for just a Little bit More hustling. The High Point College Panther Eleen unfortunately Friday night did no to look much if any better than they did the opening game against lion. And that was pretty had. Alison Ylrey Salisbury Iii ital la Thurman Homey Max re relieved of fullback port for thin week Hbl la. Clit his Wjk. Re to Ion co arb june Scott Black Ion Down i vat raring to Tau up j them the Hall Gam against Lex put past defeat in oblivion Day As they Bent their Atter on their Homecoming encounter to take place Between them and the Salisbury yellow jackets Friday night. The Lexington indians eked out a close Victory Over the Piton last Friday As they passed Over the Heads of the Bison safety Man for a forty Yard gain and the receiver ran the remaining twelve Yards to a touchdown. In spite of the fact that the Bison have lost three games. Tied one and won Only two they Are still High up in the Western conference race. This week s game will have a great Deal of i bearing on How the locals come,1 out in the conference this year and May carry a lot of weight As to who w ill go to Chapel Hill and defend the Western Confer ence against the Eastern foes fort the state champon hip. Salisbury a atm k went up con i is Derahl when a they tied the highly favored and tremendous j in powered Al Reynolds team i Friday afternoon. The Winston Salem eleven was slated to be on. One of the big forces in Confer-1 four of the smaller schools Eom petition this year and i Wake Forest with 19o Point Over Harvard Aland out among the a Ivy league Quot teams and get chances this week to win National tame. Cornell plays Ohio state. Big ten co Leader while Penn takes on North Carolina Southern conference Pace setter which provided one of last week s big surprises by timing Tulane 14-11. Dartmouth meets Harvard. Pacific coast when Gonzaga upset Oregon 12-7, saturday that left Only Oregon state undefeated and untied among the coast con the agile teams it was t a conference game How Ever so the Webfoot remained on top of the Heap. While Oregon state beavers moved up alongside by beating Washington 13-7. Now they la Settle Down to serious business of deciding the title. Southern Calif favorite comes Bat off to play Califore de Hack washing for its first major season. Oregon fat. V. Which warmed up by whipping j Montana. 20-6, Aud Oregon state plays Washington state. Washington meets Stanford. Santa Clara which hurdles its Tough St. Mary s rivalry with a 7-0 i Victory meets Purdue saturday. J Rocky Mountain Utah big seven Leader which went outside the conference last week and was held to a Mere 35-0 by Idaho come Back into the fold this week to play Denver 7-0 conqueror of _. I Utah state Aud their leading rival i for the title. Salisbury s Fine Hattle makes them a dark horse and anything j South Tennessee last year can happen with them on the Southeastern conference Cham Field. J Pion a lived up to Early season the Bison were weak in pass Ballyhoo with a 21-� Triumph Over defense and if was this that Cost Alabama and share Charlotte. North Carolinas football gets Bai tic squabble thit of. 23.up a first family of k to the domes week when the Tulane s Dawson sounds like he s punch drunk in Ria. Still the k after a week lift which turn on state. I 3-7. Victory of tile sell c. L. A greatly improved i who have come a i they were beaten Lina go on the c Duke Blue devils the game will be in the big five since Over Davidson in opened. The Dukes three week ends hav ing Eastern foes the Mendouse Power saturday in quering Syracuse. 33 to 6. On the other hand the g will he the second big five by for the deacons in a fort i the deacons turned to a Sui ing 32-0 win Over North care state during state fair week. Saturday night they really Mou deacons. My ways since y North Caro pet with the Durham. Dukes first t triumphed to season s for the last been meet show cd Tren ame ittle get Iris Lina and did the Confer v j 4v a i in ton. Coach Scott said that j this phase of the Bison defense would he Given a thorough working Over this week. From every j indication it is entirely possible that another major shakeup is i going to take place in order to j Holster the faltering Bison before they set into conference can petition seriously. Thurman j Homey Star fullback who was j injured Friday May he Given a i sight rest this week. It is pro j Bable that if either of his understudied bus Overcash or Arnold i Metcalf round into shape that i he will not he in tile starting i i lineup when the Bison encounter i the yellow jackets a a three Grid teams in nation. Including vols unsfored oni new Vork. Ort 23 up Best defensive Marks among the nations College football leaders have been established by Tennessee new Britain Conn teach or. Oberlin College and Arizona s j Temple teachers All unsfored up i ence Lead with Kentucky. 13-6 the Winner Over Georgia. They play Mercer and Xaxier of Cincinnati respectively saturday. Two of their most important rivals Mississippi and Tulane. Collide at new Orleans. Georgia tech. Which heat Vanderbilt 14 6, plays Auburn. 7-0 upset victim of Manhattan. Alabama takes on Mississippi state. While North Carolina visits Penn Aud Clemson in second place after thursday s 27-0 win Over South Carolina plays Navy. Duke s Blue devils return to Southern conference Competition against Wake Forest Duke trimmed Syracuse 33-6, in saturday s intersection Al dash. Midwest Ohio state faces Cornell and Michigan which routed Chicago 55-0. Takes on Vale sensational 20-15 Winner Over army. This week leaving the big ten Battles to the less important teams Illinois is. Northwestern and Iowa is. Wisconsin. Notre Dame whose Victory Over Navy was a lot easier than the 14-7 score indicates continues its interjection Al play against Carnegie Nebraska which again St itself As the themselves proud in scoring a Point a minute against Western Maryland winning 66 to 0. _ �?., the University of North Carolina. Who played to a 14-14 tie with Tulane saturday this week will meet their fourth straight out of state foe the University of Pennsylvania. The two teams have not played since 1908. Says coach Ray Wolf of the undefeated tar heels game with Tulane a your Hoys played Good football against Tulane and we Are proud of that great comeback when. With defeat apparently certain they put across two touchdowns in 13 plays in four minutes in the fourth Quarter. Quot when it be earn obvious that we score through Tulane a 225-Pound line and they were 14 Points ahead we decided the Only left to do was to Gamble on passes they clicked beautifully and thereby hangs the Story of our i 4 Point. A had we taken greater chances earlier in the game we might have won but second guessing is easy. Both teams made mistakes that were very new Orleans la., a act. 23 a a pm a apparently lazed by live Aerial attack North it Arolina slipped Pam his Tulane a a War House line to rack up a 11-11 tie. Coach i ans Al i a lied Quot Dawson today was overhear i talking to himself. A so ii football they want Quot Dawson mused a then Why done to they often up tile game As they Rem id do a Elf you la look in the rules you la find All kinds of screwy football practical and unpractical Are allowed. Marquette Twat Michigan state on a Field goal Lite other Dav scored on a free kick allowed for interference with a fair catch. Nobody in the stands understood what was going on. A but wily on Earth does t a team with a Good kicker and Good defense hut with weak offence. Lake advantage of the fair catch and free kick rules a say your opponent almost on ids goal line punts Short of you make a fair catch your team can try for a Field goal on the a fait with no scrimmage or interference. A have you Ever seen a Man intercept a pass deip in his own territory and kick the Hall Over his opponents head to their goal line Well. It ran be Lone. 3 on ran also kick a Field goal from beyond lie Lim of scrimmage after running with tile Hail or receiving a pass or after intercepting a pass. A drop Kirk is a omitted on Lite Kickoff. Drop kicks usually travel higher than place kicks giving your tacklers a couple seconds More to get Dove Enfield. In t that Worth trying a and wily does no to somebody Iise a More than seven men in the offensive line. Ifs allowed. Also a lineman ran line up bark wants of he wants to. Thai might help in pulling out to Lead interference. It should confuse a or amuse a the a sense. A one Man can hold a punt for another. I saw that done about 11123. The idea i guess was that it would in More steady than dropping the Ball. A every time somebody varies a play slightly he is called a Tricky. But there Are some kinds of plays almost unexploited. Even Radical variations such As the first use of Forward passing or first extensive use of laterals merely utilized tilings that were in the rules All along boys along football s Ballyhoo Boulevard. There should be a Fortune for the lad who can develop a new i Angle in his yarns from foot Hall training Camps. The Day by Day play by ply journal of Grid Dom a Belles letter runs something like this i monday the varsity. After beating Tucumcari tech 99-0 saturday get the Day off tuesday Henry Hula Hipp j our hero i Hurt in practice and won t he Able to play next saturday against running wat i or poly. Wednesday behind locked i Gate the varsity Roe through j a Tough three hour scrimmage j again poly plays a portrayed none too successfully by the Frosh. Freddie rumble finer will replace Hipp thursday Hipp hobbles out of his Hospital bed. Bandaged like a Mummy and accompanies tre team South for ire poly game Friday coach Damon whirling Dervish screams like a Magpie when he learns the local bookies have established his cripples Quot As overwhelming pre game favourites. Hipps has a temperature of at least 115. Saturday a Henry Hula Hipp. Scurrying like a scared Rabbit scampers to six touchdowns a state smothers poly. 36-0. Sunday the Rose bowl bound state Northern arrive Home. Later Tain that Hipps will land an All America Herth. Sammy Slingshot the soph sensation Hurt in the poly game wont he Able to play next saturday in the Homecoming game. Strongest Boa Ion elevens in tin Chi lit i min Wake i my a High scoring Chih which a conic a Long Way it in a the Earl Chis Iii drubbing a North Varoj Lina. The a Nev will he favored Huj an upset would not he too in sprit ing to close followers of the old rivals. Deacons Point Wake fillet has an advantage in that the deacons have been Aba to Point ahead to the Duke Gam All month while the Blue Devil have Bern concentrating on in in with col Gate Pitt and Syracuse. The dem Impi Essi be against 43 six contest Loop rivals Olla have rolled up Al total of 190 Point for the opposition and have whipped two South Carolina Ai Panther soccer team has matches North Carolina state. Duke oped with a 26-6 decision Over i i Vinson before going to Battle the interjection Al front. Sharing the spotlight with the encounter at Home will be und i treated North Carolina s lava in of Pennsylvania for a Clah wit a potent Quaker squad which i howled Over Lafayette Yale at Harvard in a Row. Three other games affecting to Loop standings w ill find Fermi i at Davidson the Citadel at Riel mond. And Virginia tech at Washington and Lee St Lynn Bui v Furman and Richmond Hai spotless Ciruli records. The Strong Clemson Tige whose Only setback a admin tired by Tulane will play at Navy v. M. I. Goes to Columbia w i at Orangeburg s. C. On Frida Florida come to Maryland for Homecoming Day tilt and Vav i 111 a and Mary tangles with Virginia i Norfolk. Navy i Phet sport i ton nil ii p by Eddie Brietz nor h Pac k. Be ence Carolina state s Wolf ten 21-6 by the University of Detroit last saturday will j have an open Date this week. Their next game is with North Carolina at Chapel Hill Novera Ber 4, Davidson Idle last week will play a Southern conference foe. I Furman a purple Hurricane at Davidson. Davidson will he seeking it first Victory of the season while Furman has beaten Erskine Georgia Tho Citadel and lost to the army 16-7. Furman also had i an open Date last week. I the big shots of the North state Loop Are the Mountain rears. When they heat Guilford 20-0 last week that was their i fourth straight conference win and they Haven t lost a same this j11 i week the bears go out of the or. Powerhouse of the j a j j and engage the new Berry in its 20-0 intersection Al new York. Ort 23 up a add Bill conaster of the Texas j i aggie to your All America can 1 re putting on double features Down in South j Carolina. Two coaches staged a fist fight after a close game when the Winner refused to shake with i j the loser. Miami is bidding for a Solly Krieger Ben Irown j bout next month. And Scotty and Sid Luckmann the a Fly Fig . ,. Lefty Gomez has signed to he Best Man for Joe Dimaggio. Western writers say Henry Armstrong a regained his much old time zing. Add Mcleod of i High the purple Panther soccer let get Down to their schedule Iii Earnest this week beginning to Morrow when they travel to Davidson to encounter the wild j cats then on Friday of this week Hugh Hampton charge journey to Duke to Hattle the touted Blue Devil in two practice game this j year the local collegians have downed the Jamestown Arp stars 3-1 and they m. C. A. Hooters 1 2-0. They have been practising regularly for the past three weeks and Are in the Hest of condition for the opening collegiate teams on their schedule this week. Several new freshmen have shown great Promise and will strengthen the eleven which last year lost Only one game. The Dukes coached by a or a Quot Gerald have been tied by Navy i 0-0 this year for their Only mar. I ast year on the local Field the Panther ran away with the devils 10-0 hut on a return trip j to the Duke Campus the locals showed 5-4 in a Tough tilt that required two extra periods to Settle Back from last years crack squad that scored 43 Points to their opponents 12 Are Burke Koontz. Horace Giles i Gerry car Ter Tommy Kina Czuk. Do k Short and others who have had experience at the sport. Hampton. The student Clemson a powerful expected i for the middies May Surprise Navy team which has been key Dartmouth and notre Dame. I Backfield took Complete control the scoring Competition in to conference with John to Lanstal Sophomore fullback setting to e. Polanski leads with j Points just three More than re i Mayberry a teammate who i led All season until Polanski i wild against Western Marylain saturday. Tony Gallovich a thit \. Has rolled tip 39 Points George Mcafee Duke att ranks fourth with 36 and nor i five touchdown for 30 Points. Polanski 3rd in scoring w Uke Forest Sophomore is i Herat Tor scoring in nation the Chicago ars he s the Hist i coach plays goalie. Monteith of Detroit is bickering with Melio betting to meet Dave Clark. Ladies Emerywood Bowling leagues bowl every thursday morning i his league of society ladles is a real treat to our City Ami alleys. Bowling affords i Urpin entertainments for women a Church i irides sunday St Hind lasses f Archt teacher associations Aud other organizations. Visitors Vbk Obdulia invited Arcade amusement company Arcade building Mig six by irs 5u-� inverse Mun. Deans Hickory win Over the previously unbeaten up Baylor bears. Faces Kansas state. beat High Point Oklahoma 27-, Winner Oei a week for their second Aas meets Oklahoma a. And m spa Machlan mountaineers 39-0 last conference win and second place in the con in a non to on Terence tilt. Ference standings. Southwest the Texas aggie j College saturday continued undefeated As they i trounced Emory i whipped Texas Christian 20-6. Hut they re in for a hard siege of conference warfare beginning against Baylor saturday last week will pm will play King Catawba. Which and Henry 12-0 a Guilford at i Salisbury. Elon w ill play lice at Newport news. A Marshall of we i 65 Points in five Manchester wit four Toms a and is 17u Points in Haie been the Yunsu Urio St Virginia with games Indiana a i 16 1 Points in in Jose state with seven contest most touchdown a p Pren Friday. West Carolina teachers who heat k c. T. C. 12-6 last week play Mars Hiu at Cullowhee. Done to let them Bdl you there is no Santa Claus \ Irginia. President Robert Hutchins of the i. Of Chicago asked for to cent foot ill and to look what he cd it wailing Wall Chicago should i give Fritz chalet1 a letter for not j leaving Tom Harmon in there any i longer. Looks like nobody can j do anything about the army team unless if Houston teachers 9 Rice 8 i yep j that a coach Jimmy Kilts Check ing into the Kennel club ,. Tennessee having made its annual trip to town returns to the suburbs to await the Rose bowl Call. Jess Hawley sex Dartmouth Roach guest experts in the Chicago times a it is a True Michigan team. Conference championship aspirants must know they face a real Walter a. Simmons Sioux fall s. Irun Leader a the broadcast of the Apostoli Garcia tight had the toys blink Ivy leaguer Ever to tote a football for dough. A a a a Ihli .1�?1 in the dark of Tho Moon on the night of Friday the 13th, Wharton Tex High heat Bay City. Frank guess wearing no. 13, drop kicked a goal for the 13th Aud winning Point. To make it j Una Timtai. May City is known As 11he Black cats. World Champion race is cancelled at e. City wires Bren attain Elizabeth City. Ort. 23.-i the Antonia trophy awarded to the Winner of the world championship lace of the annual Moth oat regatta Here will not he awarded this year. I members of the Moth boat As Derringer by 3 s la its Cincinnati. Get. 21 Paul s Derringer Cincinnati reds pitch or. Bought lots in Sarasota. Flaa with his world aerie i Huey. Ing with their eyes. Automatic Al Catnip vilify Tim i the Chil fresh a n a toil Bob. Xxx it it la the to with their All their la rat Tot a Imazaki the Kankakee i Republican news. A Navy broke notre Dame s of hold on the football situation did t it Quot # Twenty nine years As coach at Colorado state likes it fort Collins colo., id. 23 i put Harry Hughes just v ants to go alone As he has for 29 years coaching football at Colorado state and Quot having fun doing it a he has won More service stripes at one school than any coach in the nation who is still with the College where he began his stretch. He started Here at Colorado Sta e Iii 1911. When he was 23. Just out of Oklahoma University and never has changed his address. A but urn not aiming at any records either for years o it e r v i c e or Hughes said. A i love to coach football and i want to keep on j doing it Bere As Long As thing i keep going a pleasantly As they have a new York Ort 23. Jav Toui raiding of Butler l Unet i inlay while Don Lieberum. La i step to the forefront of the in Gridiron scoring leaded with a total of 56 Points. In five games Harding. No Gro halfback has tallied Nin touchdowns and two extra Point licht to it w he to ill j i i oui Al of lick school Manchester had scored 54 Points in Foi games prior to last week. Trailing dose behind this Pai was John Polanski. Wake f in est Sophomore fullback with Points. G id Pat Fig i 9 so Clation and judges of the races decided yesterday to hold the trophy Here until the tenth annual regatta next year. The reason for the action was the abrupt ending he hailstorm yesterday of the race Midway of the sixth Lap of the scheduled seven. Jack Vail of Norfolk. Va., sailing the rebel was ahead for five of the seven laps. But judge Selby Stokes said there was some uncertainty about whether Vail or Russell Post of Atlantic City j Kavanaugh n j., in his Fornax was ahead East when the Gale blew up sudden Abbruzzi r i. 5 7 0 0 in. Capsizing All hut one of the Rocky it. Conference a Odd boats on the course snap Madden Ping several masts and wreaking other damage to the tiny Craft. Coast guard boats and spectators launches put out into a blinding Hail to pick up All the Skippers unharmed. N 5 the leaders player school Midwest Harding. Butler Rig ten Harmon. Mich. 3 7 7 i Southern conference Polanski Al 6 x ii so i i it i a san a on i e Rem e Lac i 7 0 0 l col. Mines 4 6 10 so i the West it it n Fer e n e Kimbrough Tex a. Amp m. 5 Missouri Valley o 0 3i j knows Hudson Seattle oct. 23 Al Ulbrickson has figured in 14 rough Peepsie regattas a Washington oarsman or coach. A a cabbages 15 feet in Cir Cumfer Ern e have been grown in Lincoln i Shue England. Schwenk Wash 4 3 7 0 21 Rig six i Seymour. Okla 4 i 0 it Clark. Okla. 4 4 0 0 Pacific coast i Washington us la 4 4 0 0 2 Rig Sei in Wing. Brigham Young 4400 Gehrke Utah 4 4 0 0

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