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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday. October 23. 10.30tok High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. No tit Page Seton the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family noted Fisherman i horizontal i i 5 pictured Fisherman and writer. To Woods Plant. I la column decoration. 112 Small Nail. 14 to Cook under flames. 36 before. 17 musical note. 18 Moccasin. 20 pertaining to the nose. 22 to withstand. 24 silk net. 27 filled with i floating dust. 28 note in scale. 30 to retain. 31 demons. 32 Point. 33 sick. 35 quenches. 37 Halfpenny. 38 Ketch. 40 to berate. 41 Bustle. 42 Mountain pass. 44 common verb. Answer to previous Puzzle 45 Feather Scarf. 46 unless. 47 sheltered place. 48 quarrelsome. 50 Golf club. 52 his Book it i fishing is titled a the compleat 54 preposition. 55 he is still considered an a a on Angling. 56 Compass Point. Vertical 1 provided. 2 striped mammal. 3 to capture. 4 data. 5 Palmi Ped. 6 card game. 7 three legged table. 8 dishes of meat. 0 nay. 13 Marble slabs. 15 state of trance. A 16 he was by birth. 19 he lived in the 17th. 21 sea Bird. 23 tiny vegetable. 25 permits. 26 resembling epic poetry 27 dense Brushwood in Australia. 29 room recess 32 Taro paste. 34 lawful. 36 to precede. 37 horse s room 39 rib. 41 soaked. 43 Stead. 45 to butt 46 Almond. 49 Aye. 50 papa. 51 right. 52 sloth. 53 of the thing. A serial Story Joan of Arkansas by Jerry Brondfield copyright. 19 Nea service. Inc. Cast of Cha it at Thun Icax Johnson a a my a Aioli coed Glamor girl of the tech kith Rhodes a tech mar fullback headed for All Mech a honors. Dan Werbert the blocking Hack who Clear Keith Way a steady industrious student. It acc pfc sat Kay to Ranger is More Friendly to Lam after the Homecoming Queen election. Keith s fraternity plans a hayride and loan is anxious to go. Rut Keith i ordered on a scouting trip. He urges Dan to take loan. A Why not a Webber asks. Chapter i instead of nooning Keith called for Joan at the Library and took her Home a take a deep breath and hold on he said a you re going on that hayride after a do you mean you re not a Quot a you re going hut not with he interrupted. A a say what a Thia All about a a a Dan Webber is going to Pinch hit for incredulous look spread Over her face hut before she could say anything Keith plunged on. A honest you la enjoy it. And you la probably discover Dan is the swell egg in be been telling you he is. Nows your Chance to discover then breaking into a Grin a i would t Trust you with anyone she did t convince easily. A do you mean to Tell me old sourpuss himself consented to escort me anywhere hut to the Guillotine impossible what d you do threaten him a Keith laughed. A Why the Guy just jumped at the a jumped did he Why. Ill bet a a suddenly she paused stared into space meditatively. A Okay Quot she said and there was a smile on her face. A maybe 1 11 have More fun than i it was a Crisp Moon drenched late october night. Perfect for a hayride. They creaked up Pine Ridge Road in two wagons to couples in each. Someone in the first Wagon had a portable Victrola and a j dozen swing records. Dan and loan were in the second Wagon up front just behind the Driver. Air Arm s length away Tommy Peters fished for some music on a portable radio he had Bor rowed. The wagons bumped along j Over the dirt Road but it was j comfortable in the deep warm j Bay. A mind if i sort of rest my. Head on your shoulder Quot Joan i asked without looking up. A a pleasure and an Honor a j Dan assured her. And she tossed j some Hay in hts face with a j backward flip of her hand. A a done the so sarcastically Gar j Quot Well after Alt pm Only a i Pinch hitter you a sure but a far As i know j a Pinch hitter always does his Best to make a she happened to look at the stars As she spoke and caught j the expression that moved Fleet j Ingle across his Fate. Quot right Quot she asked. A after a Cashton i Joan smiled in the darkness. She wondered just How far she could draw him out. A Okay skip it. But look How about telling me a Little about yourself. What makes you tick and All that sort of stuff Quot a really interested Quot a would no task if i he laughed and she settled Back on Bis shoulder. It was Broad and warm with a certain solid Ness about it that did t Corno from his bulk alone. He leaned Back and told her of his Home in a Small downstate town. He told her of his kid sister still in High school and of the time he fell out of the Apple tree and broke his wrist. He told her he had a Tough time deciding Between tech and an Eastern school and Tina i by picked tech because of its Ceramic engineering school. A a How a you happen to get interested in that stuff anyway a she asked. Quot first of All done to refer to it As stuff of you done to mind that is. A i worked in a Small pottery Plant in our town for a couple of Summers and got to like he Simk a strand of Hay Between his Teeth. A and in a not just puttering around. I m just about assured of a Job with one of the largest pottery plants in the country when i she liked the quiet Confidence in his tone. Somehow she knew How lie Felt. He was preparing for something and would be ready to meet it. There would he no wavering no indecision he knew exactly what he wanted to do and was going to do it. A where is this Plant a a a Acme pottery product near a Rig. Chi a very a maybe you la be president of the company some Day a a a maybe i the evenness of his tone startled her. She had spoken half in jest. He had answered with a Calm that was almost prophetic. A you say you re sure of this Job Quot Quot just about. My old Foreman Back Home recommended me and the Acme personnel manager liked my application. Doing to see him in person during the Christmas she caught the eager note in tone. A it must be swell to know exactly w Here you re headed Quot she said softly staring up at i the stars again. Is a he was silent for a Long minute. Quot it is. You ought to think about it sometime. Do you she half turned and faced him. Quot meaning a a a meaning take you for instance. You have so much and yet sometimes i think you have so he paused. Quot to ahead Quot she said quickly. Her eyes in the Moonlight almost whipped him but he Man i aged to continue. A you just slide through things j taking the path of least resistance. J but you can t do that and feel As i though you re genuinely satisfied j with yourself. Or can you Quot that stung just a Little but she did t resent it. Quot Dan you tre right about me hut not entirely. In in a not really like that. Some a How i be just had a faculty for doing or saying the wrong thing j since i be been Here. A a and and Dan Quot a she placed a hand on his Arm a i i done to want you to think that. I be Given you a Chance to show me what you were like. Now you give me a they grew silent then and for the rest of the ride they merely listened to the music. Her thoughts rated hut fore most among them was the fact that she didst want Dan Webber i to think she was the a purposeful creature he thought her to be. There a a time when he might i have been right. But those were the Days before tech. He d find a out in time. To la continued Arrison in Hollywood studios up production to new High a War curtails film work in Europe Dietrich sits on bar sings Cowboy songs mirrors multiply Powell Astaire dances cranium the family doctor crackers this minuted Uncle Ray s Corner norwegians catch millions of fish this week and next. I am got ing to Tell facts about Small countries of Europe. These countries have been a in tile news Quot during recent weeks and people have been wondering How Many of them will keep their Freedom perhaps we should not rail Norway a a a Small country since it contains 124. Too Square Miles of land. Hut it is Small in population. Though it has a larger area than great Britain it is the Home of Only 2.800,000 people in All Norway there Are not so Many people As in the City of Chicago. There was a time when Norway contained 30 Little kingdoms. That was Early in the age of Vikings. In the year 872. A single Man won Power Over the whole country. He is known in history As King Harold the fair haired. A grandson of King Harold later held the throne and was ailed Haakon the Good another King named Olaf. Lived in the time of Leif Ericson. Olaf did a great Deal to turn Norway into a Christian country. Now he is known As St. Olaf. The Patron Saint of Norway. In 1397, Norway joined Sweden and Denmark in a Union of the three countries. Their ruler was Queen Margaret of Denmark. Sweden left the Union 125 years later hut Norway and Denmark were United for More than four centuries. They did not part company until after the wars of Napoleon then Norway was a handed Over Quot to Sweden by a treaty of peace in 1905 Norway declared her Independence from Sweden. We have Good reason to Honor Sweden for agreeing to the change peacefully. The rulers of Sweden were sorry to lose Norway but Felt that the norwegians had the right to decide the question for themselves most people in Norway live on or near the seacoast. Fishing is this add looking building is an i old time norwegian Church now Iii a Park at Oslo. An important Industry and norwegian fishermen haul in an average of a million tons of f1�h i each year. Forests give the country wealth and lumber is exported i in Large amounts. Norway a ranked from fourth to sixth among the worlds countries in the size of her merchant Marine. Sad to say submarines have proved a great danger to her ships in time of War. During the world War German submarines and mines Sank 831 norwegian vessels in the first few week of the 1939 War submarines began sinking norwegian vessels As Well As those of Sweden Den Mark and other nations. For travel or history Section of your scrapbook i if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet a cities of eur Send me a 3c stamped re turn envelope in care of this i newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow farts about Denmark. By Pai l h Arrison Ken to staff i Orre pendent Hollywood. 0� r 21 Horn Kes the number of new pictures prod o Tion i i High a in ire years. American Box office Quot ulpts Are up and Are steadily by n Ming hut Engli a. Bren to and Surman studios Are closed except r the making of propaganda in. Rho leaving Hollywood Ith a virtual world monopoly. A few costly productions have Fen shelved Ami Many budget Ive been induced. Some Obrn v s believe the it inst i out a will better off than before the War Igan. Producers Are wearing no Fate it Nihil. And a a a suing Brave reassuring states that the studio will go Earl with their announced it h d is and without wage nits wage its would bring a lot of bad pub sity. Quietly though executives Are dding the a Rind Aie lopping t Hundred of Low Ray Whiteman people. This la known As adjustment. Vee from the atmosphere of the set a destry rides again a a Visi it a never would guess that it s a Marlene Dietrich picture. It s Friendly and downright Gay. The cute Little number in the Blond curls and scanty dance Hall girl costume is a legs Quot Dietrich herself. She sits on the sidelines instead of in her dressing room. Chats with people makes jokes with the cast. The opening scene will remind you of a Blue except that she will be sitting on a Saloon bar and singing a Cowboy song. A Hays ofed k cats Martha Raye gag the Hays office permit a reference to travelling Salesman in Martha Raye s current Flicker. A the Farmers assistant director remarked Fiat when Warners film Quot Tho life of Edgar Allen Poe Quot have to leave out most of the bib Ulous Side. A a that a said Maxie Rosenbloom. A people done to like to see too much religion in the movies spectacular staging and the new Economy Are blended in a Broadway Melody of 1940&Quot with the Aid of a couple of huge mirrors. 49 Eleanor powells and 49 Fred Astaire will be seen doing a dance. Good bit in a again Max Hing names from the eight listed phrase below select one to describe each of the five names All of which Are connected with present developments in Europe. I. Reich Stag 2. Bosporus 3. Stare 4. Aland 5 Croydon. Ai German City near Berlin Fri islands in Baltic which Russia wants to control of Region in Germany occupied by French troops in Early weeks of War Ltd Airport near London e Baltic Island where Estonia authorised establishment of russian air and naval bases f German legislative body get one of strategic Straits controlled by Turkey in River near Franco German Border. State motor cars in Bulgaria have been ordered to reduce their consumption of gasoline 30 per cent and henceforth motor fuel will be composed of three quarters gasoline and one Quarter alcohol. Modern precautions safeguard Man from fever germs carried by animals a a Howard Mirrium Mckenney on Bridge hitlers Quot mein a Hest seller earlier in the year is now almost waste paper to booksellers of Glasgow. Scotland a dealer estimating that not More than a dozen copies had been sold in the last three months by or. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the pm re an medical association and of Fly. Gent. The health Magazine among the diseases which Are transmitted from animals to men und ulant fever is especially significant. The condition has been railed brucellosis because the germ that causes it was isolated by a physician named Bruce in 1s86. It has also been ailed Malta fever because of studies identifying it with a disease which appeared on the Island of Malta in 1887. Either of these terms is preferable to und ulant fever because the fever does not appear in wave like episodes in All of the cases. Three types of the disease Are now known. The germ May be transmitted to Man from the Goat the cower from the hog in this country cows and hogs Are the usual source of infection of human beings. Ave Goat s milk is often the original source of germs in the first Type of fever. In sections of the country where Goat raising is common the infection May spread to sheep cattle and other animals and from them to Man. A second Type of fever that associated with the cow is known As contagious abortion of cattle. It is sometimes called bang s disease after the discoverer who recognized the condition this phase can he transmitted to human beings by the drinking of infected raw milk and by contacts with infected cattle. Obviously people who drink Well pasteurized milk Are Likely to escape this infection. The third Type called Brucella suis. Is confined to hog raising sections of the United states. It seems to affect particularly workers in packing plants and Butcher shops w to handle Swine carcasses. No person should develop any one of these types of und ulant fever because proper pasteurization of milk inspection of herds to keep them free from infection. Eating Only Well looked pork and avoidance of any Contact with unsafe goats milk protects them from Hie germs that cause this disease. The words you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new p or it in a i kind of reporting this win take expert handling of squeeze play sixty seconds to read. While you o a j Are Reading these fats the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in is in motion. Destiny in brings Victory in difficult hand a world Side glances con int St i ulna Sci u my w $. Sat of so 23 a but sir your wife told or to have you Home by la or shed fire me a bling ship Quot Wayne Morris attentively watcher customers playing a Long line of Slot machines none of which pays off. Pretty soon he goes Over and puts a Penny in a Peanut vending machine. Nothing comes out. A group of about 12 Liberal writers collaborated on a scenario of a school for barbarians by Erika Manti daughter of Thomas. They expected to produce the picture themselves but now the big studios Are bidding for the Story about the education of Young nazis. John Monk Saunders has whipped tip a yarn about the organization in Paris of a battalion of death old people diseased people and people who Haven to much to live for. Sold it for $25,000 before he even got it All Down on paper. ,. Universal is revising and will reissue a the Road Back Quot which was a Flop because All the punch taken out of it in order not to offend tier Many. Flying Arrow hit Bol Morss when you saw men in a Robin Hood Quot hit hard by fast flying arrows the arrows were All shot by Howard Hill and the victims were almost All a Lone stunt Man j named sol Gorss he got $150 for every Arrow that plunked into j the dangerously Small Wood and i Metal shield worn under i tunic. The studio thought head want j More Mone to he shot in the Back for a scene in a Elizabeth and Essex Quot but he asked Only Lugt per Arrow. A a it a Worth so Bucks Quot he said a not to see pm Jack Mulhall. Jr., took me out to visit the set of Paramount a Campus in Tho Natur were Jean Cagney Jimmy skid sister Barbara Denny daughter of Reginald Hal Roach s daughter. Margaret and Mary Jane Hogan sister of director James Hogan. Charles Chaplin has a Story ready for Paulette Goddard. Ifs a Vallejo a sort of pygmalion yarn originally acquired by metro for Jean Harlow marquee signs a rank night a i stole a a. Quot Good girls no to Takis with Melvin Douglas and Walter How can i by Anne Ashley q. How can i make an Ink for writing on Glass Ivory or other smooth Auu faces a use 3 parts nitrate of Silver 20 parts gum arabic and 30 pails distilled water. Dissolve the gum arabic in two thirds of the water the nitrate of Silver in the other third. Then mix and add the desired colouring. Q. How can i clean Felt hat satisfactorily ? a. Add enough gasoline to a Teacup of flour to make a paste. Rub this on with a Brush and let it dry. Then Brush off with a stiff Brush. Q. How can i prevent sausage from shr Veling in the frying pan a. Roil the sausages for a few minutes before starting to Fry them. Lessons in English by Vav. L. Gordon words often misused a thank you Quot is preferred to which is somewhat abrupt or to a i think you a which is too formal. Often mispronounced table d Hote. Pronounce to i by Dot a As in ask. O As in no accent first and last syllables. Often misspelled Council an Assembly Cli. Counsel advice Sel. Synonyms artificial fictitious counterfeit spurious false. Word study a use a Wold three times and it is yours a let tis increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword fortitude patient and constant courage meeting Dan gee or Adi Etsity a adversity my Dit of a �?T11 in it if a it la firmness mid h a from the latin look and learn by a. C. Gorin 1. What were Thomas Edison a three most famous inventions 2. What has been called a the Art preservative of All arts a 3. What is an isosceles Triangle 4 what is the largest state in area East of the Mississippi River 5. Who was the first White Man to a Moke tobacco ism frs 1. The incandescent bulb. Motion pictures and phonograph. 2. Printing. 3. One having two equal sides 4 Georgia. 5. Sir Walter Raleigh. Daring Trio leaves crime Trail behind Greenville. S. Oct. 23 it police sought today to pick up the Trail of two men and a woman believed to he responsible for two daring hold ups in Spartanburg and another in Greenville. Deputy sheriff t. P. Mood said the identities of the hunted men and woman wore known to police the Trio held up two men at Spartanburg Early yesterday. Seized their car and $1.50 in Cash. Wrecked the car. And then held up a negro taxi Driver and forced him to drive them to Greenville. The taxi Driver Benny Nesbitt was left gagged and tied to a tree four Miles North of Here later the Trio was reported to have held up a cafe Here and taken $40. A a a a from 1901 to 1934, inclusive 177 persons won the Nobel prize award. Madame Curie co disco Vornor of Radium shared the physics prize with her husband in 190 3, a find won the chemistry prize alone in 1911. Canadian refiners produced 996 689,000 pounds of refined sugar during 1937, be minute on eat la. Folds itself Start Rea dim the British government Esti mates that during this first year of War it will he spending Over $16,000 every 60 seconds the Industrial area in Germany near the West Wall t Saar Bruecken. Etc a shut Down because of War is causing a loss to the nazis of Over $2,000 every minute of every hour. Extra taxes in England to finance the War placed on Beer whiskey tobacco and sugar will give the second world War Brit i ish ministry an extra $500 each minute. One of the worlds most famous j industries is Sweden s production i of matches., factories there Are turning out another too pounds this minute. Switzerland produces fabulous amounts of milk. Over 12,000 j pounds each minute. Switzerland s Best known activity is its watch business. They ship 30 wrist watches a minute from Switzerland. Fearing invasion Neutral Switzerland Lias adapted a a crisis tax Quot to prepare ifs costing that country s inhabitants $15 a minute. Stop Reading. By us. K Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league some of the hands found in i tournament Bridge Are so difficult that we sometimes wonder How even an expert can find the solution. Watch How neatly one expert Laid the ground work for a double squeeze on today s j hand. The opening Lead of the Spade King was ruffed by South the i Ace of hearts cashed and a Small heart played to Dummy a Queen. Declarer then led the Queen of Spades intending to take a discard and thus establishing the Jack for a discard of his other loser East however disrupted hts plan by ruffing the Spade Queen. Of South Over ruffs he Annot j make his contract so he decided i to discard a Small Diamond to prepare for a squeeze. East re turned a Diamond South won j with the King and played ail of his Trumps. After the last Trump was led South was left with three clubs land the Diamond eight. North with two diamonds a club and the Spade Jack. West had chosen j to retain guard of the clubs so he held three clubs and the Spade Ace. East having to keep two Dia a a 104 2 �q8 a a 65 a 8 7 2 a a k 98 753 a none a q93 a j 6 4 a 109 7 3 a j 10 7 2 a 10 5 3 a none a a Kyj 6 5 4 2 a k84 a a k9 duplicate both Vul. South Hest North foot 2 a 2 a double pass 3 a pass ant. Pass 4 a pass 6 a pass opening a k. 23 mends no longer held a club stopper. South led the Diamond to the Ace and West was squeezed. Had West held diamonds instead leaving East to hold club West would have been squeezed in Spades and diamonds by the cashing of the top clubs. Distributed of Squire features Loc. Reproduction stricter prohibited. Copyright i93s Esquire. Catuna or flapper Fanny by Sylvia / during August. 1939. $1 4,893,-2 79 Worth of automobiles parts and accessories were exported from the United states to foreign countries As compared to $12,-299,236 in August 1 938. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lek q. I it absolutely necessary for n per on to lie Good natured in order to he popular a. Aes. Remember that a goodnature is the Beauty of the mind. And like personal Beauty wins no most without anything else sometimes indeed in spite of positive deficiencies Quot oftentimes a person who is actually homely so far As Tho fact is concerned is the most lovable and popular one in a crowd. Q. What does it indicate when a guest finishes a meal and pushes his plate away from him a. This would seem to imply a Sthats a lion t enough of the unsavoury meal and i am glad it is finished Quot the dishes should never he moved. A Why do people write and carve their names and initials on the Walls of Public places. A Only ignorant and ill bred people do so. A of ill shave myself i afford to go to a Barber shop twice a Day a til i had a Good Job anyway

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