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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday october 23, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Mak sex Georgia coach is taken by death the War today Moscow believes Russia May attempt to extend influence to India a hindus seeking Independence now Athens la., oct. 23.�? up a i illness of More than a year it As fatal yesterday to Herman i. Yegeman who had served for the last 20 years As coach athletic i let Tor. And Dean of men at the. Niv Ersita of Georgia. Of Kenzie Stedman suffered a heart at diplomatic quarters in Moscow express the belief that the in in Atlanta lint year Sovi it t a by Lal advantage of England preoccupation with thai a Atchin the Georgia teen a new Ranc iry f0 sex tonal russian influence into India through the station. Ral Buffer state of Afghanistan. I Eich oct. 23.�?flue-cured to but none the less embarrassing to Bacco growers of North Carolina news of interest to Farmers North Carolina Farmers voted 91 per cent for Weed control Misity of Florida football game and had remained in poor health Nee that time. Arrangements were made for funeral services at 11 a in. Tites a in diversity Chapel with or. L. Hill pastor of the first test Terian Church. Official tug Iii Ria i will he in Oconee Hill Emeteri v. The tall Broad shouldered. Is ear old Roach was known to All Georgia is Tadem to Quot Stere Quot ,110 became associated with tile diversity of Jeorgia in 13 19. Ctr he had acquired recognition ii one of the greatest tackles Ever i play Oil the diversity of Chi Igo football team. In basketball. To was also an outstanding player state of probably <.�incidently, Britain is the sensational political action taken by the powerful voted til per cent for control of India Congress to Force England to pledge herself to Indian the 1 940 crop in the referendum Independence after the War. Fri Rem e Meas if the Congress or Nahon Alist party under the leadership of Mohandas Chandi has adopted the extreme measure of calling on the eight provisional governments which it controls to resign. Since the Congress dominates All but three of the gov in men is of British India resignations of eight would make pretty Well a clean sweep. This political upheaval coupled with the possibility of a further soviet Effort to make in in a treaty of Friendship hut the extensive red penetration was stopped. Now it May begin again. The danger of any armed invasion of India through Afghanistan is probably slight these j Days. There Are Only two Gates into the Empire through the t j mountainous Region and they re powerfully guarded. One is the famous khyber ass on the Northwest 7 interesting n held earlier this month it is re my sealed by the final and official \nfp<2 ii returns announced today by e. Y. I Aviv of a of Sec to buy apples for re if Aid weekly feed Market news Floyd today by aaa executive officer the of slate growers wishing Progi agent Raleigh oct. 23. A feed markets turned slightly firmer toward lha close of the period following further declines Early in the week according to the u. S. And North Carolina departments of Agricula fur in the weekly Market news to Lake part in Pic Ogram service review. Short grass and should Conine agent i a a Quot pm a a a or Quot in the together with higher Grain prices state College. The state vote was t a Vav j As and j Rami won Ion Dia communistic presents a real As a Star half mile runner he problem to the Mother country. Bis a member of the Chicago re which a ready has its hands full y team that established records i n the War with Herr Hitler. The nig ten Ever since communism Esta let at Georgia he served As foot Lilied itself in Russia it has in basketball track and base d0ne its utmost to grow the i kit coach and As director of ath imn in this nationalist soil. Pics and director of physical with some Success though not j location. Widespread owing to the vigor i i in 1 922, lie turned Over his Post a on counter measures of the football coach to George British government Woodruff. Continuing to coach j i / must dream Sketwall and track until 1931, actually the russian amid in he retired As coach of the j lion to dominate India in t Sketwall squad. I original with communism since of India and the other is via the Kandahar route and Southeastern Afghanistan. The great Rock nabbed khyber Lias been militarized in very recent years until it is difficult to visualize an enemy getting through. Opposite the other Gateway the British have created a great military station at Quetta. So the chief danger from the British viewpoint would lie in 159,954 for marketing quotas 15,914 against a total of 175,868 votes and a percentage of 90.95 in favor of control Granville High Floyd also took Pride in the fact that his Home county of Granville gave control its Best margin of All the counties where Frontier f so or More votes were cast. Granville voted 5,971 for and 26 against a percentage of 99.56. Greene county reported 4.4 4 8 a a yes votes and 22 a a not votes for a percentage of 99.50. Only two counties of the 74 in which votes were cast failed to give marketing quotas at least two third approval which was necessary for the question to carry. They were Sampson with a vote of 2,776 to 2.272, or 54 99 per cent and Pamlico with a vote of .173 to 155, or 52.74tper cent. Finnessee Alabama pictures be now showing at Center pictures of the Gridiron classic i the nation saturday the ten isee Ala Hama struggle at Knox Center theatre. Three min-1 a of play allowing the Climax j to of the game. Including inn Butler s Beautiful run shown. The pictures will resin at the Conter through a in essay. Fore than half of the 30.090, to families in the United St Gas for cooking purposes. Giants packers Lead pro league bears lose to new yorker and Green Bay Downs Detroit Lions Chicago oct. 23. To i1 jon5 Quot h czarist dream. portion distinct from that and Afghanistan Alvia was re governed by the native princes. Allied As the Gateway to tin _ mysterious land where the print a Are so Rich that Money and j i jewels cease to have a meaning. For close to a Century the i British attitude toward the Pri i in it Ive country of Afghanistan i has been controlled by the rela i lion of that country to a Paai a his invasion of India by Russia in order to prevent Afghanistan i i loin falling tinder czarist in i filience the afghan wars of i83s j and 1878 were waged i Ango Afghani relations Are j cordial and Afghanistan ii Gen i Egaily regarded As lying within the British sphere of influence j some fifteen years ago the j bolshevik its did undertake pen the National pro football traction of Afghanistan. The league keeping step with the British charge that the purpose merry Click of whirling tumor this was to make it possible Stiles. For Russia to attack India. These two powerful teams j gave is mimes title playoff participants a year j the bolshevik its gave Large sub ago when the Hants won th1 i sidles to Afghanistan. Telegraph a championship turned Hack malines wet erected Highway s j Joe foes in yesterdays games i were built and an air Force was i with an impressive display of developed this suet Ess was in versatile offensive Terru Ted however at the end of a total of 81.521 fans saw1925 when the bolshevik its Cap the two games in which the i hired an afghan Post the giant Defeated the Chicago i a a a i hears 16 to 13, and the Pat k notice or dissolution of partnership the possible spread of Continuo i ism at a moment when there is1 other counties Strong agitation for self govern the vote in other larg tobacco. J intent in British India which is producing counties was As follows Martin. 3.520 to 28, or 99.21 per cent Pitt 8,616 to 83, or 9 9.04 percent Edgecombe. 4,-178 to 4 2, or 99.0 per cent Wilkes. 4 17 to 9. Or 98.02 per cent Stokes 6,088 to 147, or specialists Gir lips in proper handling of meals College station. Raleigh oct. 23.�?how far from the Edge of the table should the dinner plate he placed in Clearing the table after the main course in what order should the dishes he removed miss Mary e. Thomas Extension nutritionist of state collage and her assistant miss Hallie Brooks have the answers to these and other questions of table setting and service. They ate teaching them in demonstrations held for Rural boys and girls in 4-h clubs and for Home demonstration club women. Plates should be set one Inch from the Edge of the table unless they Are to be stacked at the College station Raleigh. Oct. 23.�?prof. E. Gardner head of the horticultural department of state College announced today that the Federal surplus commodities corporation is setting up an organization to buy apples for Relief purposes and that North Carolina growers wishing to participate in this program should Contact their county farm agents immediately. A commercial production of apples this year is estimated to be about one Hundred and three million bushels a prof. Gardner stated. A according to the United states department of agriculture. This is Twenty five per cent in excess of last year s production and seven percent above the average production for the last ten Export curtailed the College official also pointed out that unsettled conditions in Europe have greatly curtailed the Export Trade of american fruit. There is also reported to Host s plate for serving and then be larger crops of apples in for passed. Knives should be dated at the right of the plate with the Sharp Edge turned toward the 97 6 4 per cent Nash. 7.058 to plate. Forks Are placed at the left Iii. Or 97.63 per cent Wilson. I of the plate in the order in which 6.064 to 153. Or 97 53 per cent they Are to be used and with the Orange 1.187 to 34. Or 97.21 per tines up. Spoons Are placed on cent Durham. 1,340 to 39, or the right Side of the plate with 97.17 per cent Yadkin 4,568 to hollows of bowls up. The Napkin 136, or 97.10 per cent. Surry 5,362 to 2k\ or 96.19 is placed of the left of the Fork with the Loose edges toward the per cent Rockingham. 5,137 to plate and the Edge of the table. The state College specialists notice of Sale the High Point municipal court Forth Carolin Guilford county City of High Point a municipal corporation v. M Thoin Naon and wife Mary h Lyo Taon c a York. To. For Mulat building is loan association. C Rubb. To and adm. Of m i. Rubb. Ida Yates and husband j hey Yates Guy Conrad and Wile Pat Conrad a Der Anc by virtue of an order de and entered in in action in the Cipal court of the City of High lit North Carolina entitled City of i of born Macau inn realty compar h Point a municipal corporation 1 f Adam Thomason and wife Mary b 238, or 95.57 per cent Kobe new Yorkus sturdy giants and son 7,064 to 482, or 93.61 per hat the following order for the the Green Bay walkers Are Roll cent Columbus. 4.846 to 693, or i removal of dishes after the main my along again in the general i 87.48 percent Duplin. 4,890 to Eon be Platter or principal dish direction of a title playoff Iii i 896. Or 84.51 per cent Wake first then the vegetable dishes. 4,666 to 861, or 84 42 per a ent Small dishes containing food and Johnston 5,956 to 1,664. Or j soiled plates and Silver clean 78.13 per cent. Were strengthening influences which offset a continued slow inquiry from distributors who had accumulated supplies Early Iii september. The Index number of wholesale feedstuff prices was Down slightly to 110.5 compared with 111.4 for the previous week and 91.9 for the Cone pending week last season. During the Pant week the first of the North Carolina new crop peanuts were sold to Virginia Mills. The peanuts orig need in the Southeastern part of the state and brought from so to 3% cents per Pound delivered. The markets for both leaned and shelled Virginias has weakened during the lust week As the Quality end the volume of new crop became Moi apparent. Reports front the geor Gia Florida area however continue to stress the disappointing Quality of new crop peanuts resulting from the Long continued rainfall while peanuts were curing. F a. C. Purl bases in North Carolina and a lightening in competitive supplies forced North eign countries. The Export Market normally takes eleven million bushels of apples from the United states each year. Prof. Gardner said that the buying program of the of Sec was i worked out at the suggestion of Catawba county is enjoying Secretary of agriculture Henry . Or of Best Cotton season in years 1.25 to 1.62 a in new York of the period s close compared with 65 cents to 1.00 a week ago. The string less Black Valentine likewise sold higher realizing 1.75 to 2.25 a Bushel hamper at the close of this week compared with 75 cents a week ago. Live poultry prices held about steady during the period but egg prices advanced on the Northern wholesale markets. In Washington. Net f. O. B., candles and graded eggs ranged from i to 4 cents per dozen higher and nearby ungraded current receipts Whites from i to 2 cents higher. At the period s clo a candles and graded u. S. Extras Large Whites were quoted at 38 cents and nearby ungraded Whites at 22 to 24 cents per dozen. At Chicago mixed trends featured Hie life Stock markets this week. Fed steers started out briskly then sold lower and staged a partial comeback after mid week. Only Lisle yearling steers and heifers held up throughout the period these Selling dependably at fully steady prices while the rank and file of the steer crop closed steady to 25 cents lower heavies at the full decline. Hogs worked into the month s highest Price position Only to lose a portion of the gain closing mostly 5 to to cents higher than late last week. Fat Lamb sold off Early then came Back slightly to finish 15 to 25 Carolina snap bean prices upward i rents lower for the week. Year on the Northern wholesale mar Ling steers topped at 11,40, native sets this week. Bushel hampers of lambs 9.65. Hogs made 7.50 and the Bountiful variety brought j finished at 7,40 Down. A. Wallace and that the plan to be followed was agreed upon at a conference Between leading Apple growers of the nation and Porter r. Taylor of the marketing division of the aaa. It rails for the Purchase of a Bushel of the higher grades of apples for Relief and other noncommercial distribution for every Wayne Farmer finds spraying effective Bushel of sub Standard but mar dishes and Silver and finally the Keable fruit diverted from the the i 1 notice that the partnership . C. A. York. To for Mutual idiot is loan am of lotion. J. C. . To and adm. Of m l. Grubb Tate and husband j. Riley Yates y Conrad and wife Opal Conrad the Lart lined comm cloner will on the Day of november 1939. At 11 of Ock a mat the East door of the Lloid county building in the City High Point Aell at Public auction the highest bidder for Cash Aub to the confirmation of tha court property hereinafter dear bed loin nigh Point township. Oui a county. N. C. And More panic by described a follow lot 126 Park Street eng lot no 4 in Section 3 of the uttered plat of the High Point Elo amrut company property Reg de in the office of the or a later of ids for Guilford county in Book 53. A 561, containing 1-5 acre. More o. House and lot Blither Street. Ems All of lot no. 6 in the tub ers handed the Detroit Lions their first loss of the season 26 to 7. The Washington redskins maintained their first place he with new York in the Eastern beating Pitsburg Basket making makes profits native materials can he i etl in Aid in supine Hunting farm income carving cloth of there is one. The stable should be cleared of All but i the water glassed and table decoration before his dessert la served. I another Pointer Given by the specialists is that the guest if a i Man. Should be seated to the right a of the hostess if a woman tothe right of the Host. A a a All aaa committeemen for administering the 1940 farm pro fresh fruit Market up to 10,-000.000 Bushel. The minimum Grade to be bought by the Fucci combination a s. No. I and u. S. Util pity or an equivalent Tate Grade. A committeemen and other con no a it Ted w Ith the aaa program in North Carolina Are again reminding Fanner that october 31 is the deadline Date for reporting Hickory. Oct. 23.�?Catawba county a 1939 Cotton crop i far above the average reports Earle Brintnall. Farm agent of the state College Extension service. Numerous reports have been i Worth 28 11 an received of Farmers who Are har i. A. T vesting for one to two bal.-, a of l0un o 10 a it or set a the acre. The season a been a Blitz Wayne county farm excellent for picking and. -1 agent. Cause of the Early opening of the prom has 68 Arr a plaited to bolls a Large proportion of the Cotton this year Jones harvested Goldsboro. Oct. 23.�?spraying to control Boll Weevils was acre to a r. New crop was ginned last month. Old growers say this is the Best Cotton crop harvested in Catawba county in ten years. An average of 670 sounds of lint to the acre total Tost of the Spray materials was $10.80. On farms adjoining Jones the average yield per acre was Only 3 40 pounds of lint Cotton. No Spray pro ram was carried out Cor Tatlong of Royc Wwlborn and j. W Mcgunn. A been dissolved and that no personal liability of the undersigned will be recognized on any contracts i division by made by said j w Mcguinn the other j 21 to 14. Partner 1 Ralph kerch a a i kicked this the 16th Day of october. 1939 i Brooklyn to a 23 to 14 Victory rot c. Welborn. Over Philadelphia and Davey of Brien booting three Field goals. Parker Hall paced Cleveland to 10-16-23-30�?11-6. Notice or Sale in Tira High Point municipal court 1 811 24 North Carolinas Guilford county. Hie Chicago City of High Point a municipal corporation v. J j. Martin and Watfa Arovola Martin t a. Kearns trustee for Hood system Industrial Bank and Hood Sya tem Industrial Bank. Under and by virtue of an order made m d entered in an Cattou in the municipal court of the City of High Point North Carolina entitled City of High Point a municipal corporation v j. J. Martin and wife Arrovia Martin. T. A Kearns trustee for Hood system Industrial Bank and Hood Talon of the j. Hedge it it it k lends j system Industrial Bank the undersigned commissioner will. On the 13th Day of november 1939. At la of o clock a m. At the East door of the Guilford county building in the City of High Point sell St Public suction to the highest bidder for Cash subject to the confirmation of the court the property hereafter described located in High Point township. Guilford county n a and More particularly described As follows being 2 Iota Mobile. Being lots 12 and 13. Block c of or Vail land recorded in plat Book 4. Page 30 in the office of the Register of deeds for Guilford county. N. C. Said property was listed in name of j. J. Martin for year 1935 this the 9rh Day of october. 1939. H. L. Baumgardner. Commissioner. Of -9-16-28-30 per map or plat of which said sub Talon to duly recorded in the office the Register of deeds for Guilford linty n c. Bald map or plat made june a. Johnson c. E this lot Taft. Wide in front and Fronta on allege ave., to 340 it. Deep on East e and 326 feet on the West line and it. Wide in the rear Ald property was listed in name of m Thomason for year 1935 la the 9th Dav of october 1939. H l. Baumgardner commissioner. 9-16-23-36 notice or Sale the High Point municipal court j Orth Carolina Guilford county. City of High Point a municipal corporation \. C Barker and wife sue Barker. Lader Aud by virtue of an order notice of Saif of land de and entered in an action in Tuc Nic pal court of the City of High int North Carolina entitled City of go Point a municipal corporation t. C. Barker and wife sue Barker College station. Raleigh. Get. 23�?honeysuckle Vine Pine Needle rushes Cattail Flag a nil Corn husks Are native material used by Many Rural people of North Carolina in Basket making both for Home use and As a supplement to farm income say or. Cornelia c. Morris Extension economist in marketing of state to 0 Victory Over j College. She suggests that wider Cardinal sinking i us can be made of the a material of proper methods of preparing them Are generally known. Bail the vines honeysuckle vines of one years growth should be gathered in the fall and Winter while the growth is dormant. The Vine should first in boiled for 1to 2 hours to often the balk. Of one Tablespoon j of soda to a gallon of water is j used the bark will readily soften but then the Vine must be bleached ii the Sun to Rou u Ter act the Alkali. Then the balk should be removed and lha Vine washed and it i Gram must be elected by Novena j their participation in the i Ber i. Says e. Y. Floyd aaa i executive officer at state College. Agricultural Gram. Conservation 1939 pro latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables apples this year Are plentiful and prices Are Low so a very Faul tily should keep a Good Supply on hand say m. K Gardner head Jon ihpat4 farm. Of the state College department of Horti Cukur j for beginner this person careful Breeding Aud manage i pyre m Sirut Mem Are clearly reflected in the if Nncy in Umu All Plumi livestock exhibit being shown at a non ii Carolina fairs Thi fall i a Ford oct. -3 up for a i says fled m. Haig. State College beginner Iii the poultry business animal husbandry professor. The losers deeper into the West pm division cellar. Mrs. Mary Hilton Dies in Davidson special to the Thomasville of. 23. Or. Mary Jane Hilton 80, a member of one of a prominent Davidson county family died Ai her Horny on Thomasville route one. Early sunday morning Fob j scraped with a Sharp knife. Sort lowing Short illness. Mrs. Mil according to size Coil and put ton a a daughter of the late away for future ump John and Cynthia Johnson Mere he Cine Needles Dull and has spent her entire life 1 Morris suggested that Pine Iii Davidson county. She a j Needles he pulled from the boughs twice married first to John Jand dipped into boiling water to Kennedy and later to Lee Hilton j kill insect eggs. Allow them to 13th Day of november. 1939, at of of clock a m at the East door the Guilford county building in he by of High Point sell at Public aug a to the highest bidder for Cash object to the confirmation of the tit the property hereinafter de bed. Located in High Point town in Guilford county n a and More described As follows it Uig Kun Uptou and Balker amp begin ring at a Stone in Center of Eft thence a i i la poles and i Sale contained in a certain deed of Trust executed by Angel h Kota Ioa Aud wife. Angelina k Kotala to Mark. _ Cauble. Trustee dated april 2. 1934. R a a a a a a a Ltd it it a a a a Ltd or., it it a Tater of deeds of Guilford county. North Carolina in Book 737. At Page 592 default according to the terms of the note therein secured having been made in the payment of the same. At the request and upon the demand of the Holder thereof i will offer for Sale at Public auction for Cash in front of the municipal building in the City of High Point. North Carolina. On monday october 30, 1939, at 11 00 o clock a. M., is to k Stone in Beata line. Thence the following described property lying 3 pole to a atone. Best # it my being in the City of High Point j Mer thence n. 7 t. With beat a i county of Guilford and state of North e 37 pole and i link to a atone. Carolina hts Corner in a c. Jones line beginning at a Point on the East ence West 16 n 24 poles to a line of fourth Street which Point is be corbetts new Corner in Jones Distant in a northerly direction too a thence 58 e. With Corbett s new j of to from the Point of intersection of e 57 pole to a atone in Center of said line of fourth Street with the ret. John Gurley a Corner thence e North line of Barbee Street thence 6 119 poles to the beginning con j along said line of fourth Street n 4 Ming 5 8-10 acre More or Leas j degrees e so feet to a Point thence s be and except the property deeded i 86 degree e. 125 feet to a Point thence the following person is. 4 degree w 50 feet to a Point. Lot to j. P Hayworth mar. 19. 1914 thence n 86 degrees w. 125 feet to that of 262 Page 108 Point and place of beginning said lot to j. Pm i Hayworth mar 19. 1914 premises being known a no. 604 fourth Street according to Survey made Coe May 23, 1922, Book by june a Johnson. C. E. Under Date of october i. 1928 and being further known a a part of lot no. 17. In Block Quot Jas shown on the plat of Wil Loubser Terrace which plat is duly registered in the office of the Register of deeds for Guilford county. North Carolina in plat Book 4, Page 212. The property will be sold subject to All instalments of Street assessment both of whom preceded her in death several years. The survivors include one son. Carson Kennedy and three Tep oils. Fred Hilton of High Point mute two k. M Hilton of Randleman and mrs it a hedgerow of High Point. Mrs. Hilton was a charter member of pleasant Grove methodist Church where the funeral service will be held this afternoon at 2 30. Under and by virtue of the Power of j the a Erv toe Wui be to Large of the pastor of the Church Rev. Dry. Then rub off with a coarse cloth. Tie into bundles for future use. Needles Are at the Best Shade of Brown at this season of the year rushes Cattail flags and Corn husks should be Cut in August and the butt ends removed. Dry them in a dark place to prevent bleaching. Handle carefully. When thoroughly dry tie in bundles hid store for future use. Before working with them allow them to lie in a Damp cloth to soften. Press Fred it. Love interment will Fol out air and water from each piece to win till Church cemetery 1 As it is used. A affront to German military Honor k 270 Page 108. Lot to s. S 6 Page 181 lot to w a and d. R Hedrick feb 1924. Book 443 Page 294 lot to City of High Point Juty 5. M3. Book 626 Page 415. Lot to Prudential Ina. Co. Aug. 29. Book 696 Page 208 lot to realty Purchase corp. Feb. 1934. Book 725 Page 595. Lot to j. A Porter. Or. And wife due the City of High Point accruing be 25, 1934, Book 779 Page 421 lot to Fannie Hulin aug 20, 1936 of 792 Page 273. Bali property w As listed in name of c Barker for year 1935. This the 9th Dav of october 1939 h. L Baumgardner. Commissioner. -9-16-23-30 and becoming due after october i 1939 the purchaser will be required to Deposit 5rj> of the Purchase Price in i Cash on the Day of Sale a evidence of Good Faith thu the 27th Day of september. 1939 Mark Cau bulb. Trustee. Roberson Haworth is Reese attorney 10-29-16-24. It v v / a a Adolf Hitler reported calling French occupation of German territory a an affront to Germany a military Honor May have had in mind scene like this. Where a German railway station has been captured by French troops. North Carolina shipping Point information and saturdays sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the United states agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk for the Stock of Good Mer Hun table Quality and Loudi Tion sold. Sweet Vota Weh shipments october 2 a California 4 Louisiana 16 Maryland i freight t Relief new Jersey 7 North Carolina 4 Virginia to freight to Relief total 12 freight. 22 Relief. Cleveland Market steady Price unchanged. North Carolina Bushel crates Porto Ricau. U. S. No. I i is to 1.25 South Carolina Bushel Basket Porto Picans u. S. No i too Louisiana Bushel crates 1.25 to 1.40, new York Market Dull prices unchanged. Bushel Basket u. S. No. I South Carolina Porto Deans 85 cents to 1.12 2 Eastern Shore of Virginia Golden 50 to 75 cents Jersey Type. 50 to 65 cents Porto Picans 75 to 85 cents South Carolina Bushel traits Porto Picans a s. No. I. 1.20 to 1.25. Washington Market Dull prices unchanged. North Carolina Bushel baskets Nancy Halls. U. S. No. I mostly 75 to so cents few higher. Virginia anti Maryland Bushel baskets Jersey Type Aud Golden 60 to 65 cents. Pittsburgh Market about steady. North Carolina Bushel baskets Porto Picans a s. No. I Loo to Lio Virginia stave barrels Jersey Type i. S. No. I. 1.85 to 1.90 a Luisiana Bushel crates. Polio Picans u. S. No. I. 1,50. Philadelphia Market Dull. Bushel baskets medium to Large size Virginia generally dark polio Licaus 50 rent Golden 40 to so tents. White yams and Jersey Type 4o cents. Beans new Yolk Market about steady. Bushel hampers North Carolina Bountiful 1.50 to 2.00 South Carolina string less Black Valentines. 1.75 to 2.00 Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland Bountiful 1.50 to 2.00 Florida Bountiful mostly 1.50 to 1.75 some flue Quality High As 2.37 tic. Cabbage Rochester no by demand slow Aud Market Dull. Carloads and truckloads Friday . Usual terms and . Shipping Points based on delivered sales less All transportation barges sacked per ton danish Type mostly 20,00. Few higher and few lower. Washington Market steady. North Carolina Bushel hampers Domestic Fiat Type lot ally packed. Ordinary Quality Aud condition. To cents Virginia Bushel hampers Domestic a Type to cents new weak. Philadelphia Market barely steady. New York and Pennsylvania 50-Pound sacks danish Type. 40 to 60 mostly 60 to 55 coms. A Phi he Martinsburg. W. Lei. A. And nearby Points de a Inland Light Market steady. It i it roads Friday . Usual terms barrels i. S. No. I. Yorks 2 to 3 inches one tar 2.25 Black twigs 2�?T in. Min. One car 2.60 1 w Mesa a 2to 2 inches. 01� car 2 75 hush Basket i. S. No i Staymen 2 in. Min. I a so to 85 cents. York Imperial t i in min. One 7u cents. Jonathans 2 in. Min. On car 70 cents. New York Market Dull. Bushel Basket and Eastern crates i. S. No. I 2 in. Min. 75 to 90 a is. Pennsylvania and new Jersey 2 in. Min Staymen and delicious 65 to 90 cents. Of h a k he Presque Isle Aroostook Conn j to Points Maine Demaud Light j Market about steady. Carloads Friday Fob. Shipping Points based on delivered sales less j All transportation charges Presque Isle rate. 100-Pouud sacks Green mountains u. S. No. I size a 1.25 to 1.3 3. New y Ork Market rather i Dull. Prices urn hanged Loo Pound sacks u. S. No i thing Island Green mountains 1.85 to j 2.10 Maine Green mountains. So to 1.90, Kat Ardins 1.85 to i 90, Idaho russet Burbanks Bakers in 2,00 to 2.10. Chicago Idaho russet Market j St Ady. Rest Quality Western 1 triumphs slightly stronger. For 1 Lair Quality steady for other varieties All sections Market j steady. 339 on track. 96 a j lived. Total u. A shipments j Al Blay 5 7 6 freight 39 boat Scarlot track sales sacked per cwt Idaho russet Burbanks no. Is unwashed l.7u to 1.77 is i Nebraska Bliss humps 85 to j 90 per Lent no. I Quality in washed 1.40 to 1.50, washed to a sales Fine Quality and Good color 185 Oregon Bliss triumphs no is washed one car j 1.70 Colorado red Mcclure j Burlap sacks washed Good condition one car 1.80 Minnesota Hollandale Section cobblers no. J is and commercials few sales j 1,20 North Dakota red River i Valley Section cobblers 90 per cent no. I Quality one cat 1.15 few late sales Friday -.17 a Bliss triumphs 80 to 85 per cent no. I Quality dirty to to 1.15 no Wisconsin 1 round White sales reported. Baltimore Market very Dull j prices unchanged. Truck re a seipts 100-Pound sacks u. S. J no. I new Jersey cobblers 1.65 to 1.75 Kata dins mostly 1.75. Chippewas 1.77 to 1.85. Fouth clubs Over North Carolina and the nation will celebrate National achievement Day november 4. Announces l. It. Har Rill 4-h club Leader for the state College Extension service Vitamin deficiency in poultry May Lead to serious trouble in the average flock says c. F. Parrish poultry Man of the state College Extension service. J. C. Peed Creedmoor is doing Well enough to make veterans sit up and take notice says farm agent c. V. Morgan. At the present time. His flock of 500 barred Rock hens Are laying an average of 300 eggs a Day. Last month peed sold 8.oo i eggs for a total income of $145.59. His feed and other expenses amounted to $79.50, giving him a net profit for the month of $66.09. You watch out for. Why not for termites and other pests termite can destroy your Home just a surely a fire Only More quietly. They do their Murk unbeknown to you and before you know it they have done untold damage. I Etu destroy them be fore they destroy your Home. Wise a free inspection at no obligation phone 8094 214 first National rank bldg. Winston Salem. N. C. Orkin phone 8094 214 first National Bauk bldg Winston Salem n. C. Orkin exterminating co., inc. A a Complete Post control Kervick Quot with a hot reilling time just around the Corner Farmers Are advised that they Tan get 00111-York Market Dull and i directions for this opera re York 50-Pound sack i Don by writing to state College danish Type. 40 to 50 cent. Reel i10 u Type 65 to 85 cents. A it it. Free bulletin on the sub pulverized Mascot Limestone magnesium Limestone Mascot Dolomite Limestone has rendered depend Able service to Farmers for More than Twenty five consecutive years. Ask your neighbor who has used it. American Limestone co. Know ll.1.1ixnnksskk i i

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