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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 19, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Washington merry go roundtrip the bureaucracy it can t happen Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a tuesday october 19, 1976 thoughts for today Quot the lord will fight for you and you have Only to be the lord said to Moses a Why do you cry Tome Tell the people of Israel Togo a exodus 14 14,15. Quot you can t til on the lid of Progre. Of you do you will be blown to a Henry Kaiser american Industrial it. As others see us a lot of other matters discussed in the presidential debates have gotten the american headlines leaving it up to the european to note with More than passing interest statements by the candidates on the subject of nuclear proliferation. A a downplay of the subject domestically was largely occasioned by the fact that there was Here no Point of direct conflict. Both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were at least slightly hazy on the subject and they found nothing in each others statements on the subject to argue about. But the London economist writes that there is an Quot apparently imminent change in one part of american foreign policy that had Quot made the world prick up its the economist read into the debate comments and other statements on the subject an indication that the . Will put its weight behind the nuclear nonproliferation treaty which it helped draw up eight years ago. One might infer that the very fact that the debate comments were so in newsworthy in America is what caught the european Eye. If both candidates feel the same Way there May be More to it than Mere Campaign rhetoric. The economist casually refers to it As Quot mistaken policy that America is following through on its agreement to sell uranium and reactors to Israel and Egypt both of them no treaty states. Last month Carter made a Promise that if elected he would ban sales of nuclear fuel or technology to any nation that refused to renounce the nuclear arms option. A few Days later Henry Kissinger announced a White House Quot comprehensive plan to curb proliferation. Even the agreement is not totally encouraging As the economist concluded Quot whether America will still take the Lead it should take after nov. 2 remains to be by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington Jimmy Carter began his presidential Campaign with a Promise to Cut the Federal government Down to size. Gerald Ford has agreed that the bureaucracy must be reduced to manageable proportions. Whoever occupies the White House for the next four years indeed will try to fulfil this Promise. He will Barge around his Oval Sanctuary with an air of great authority he will scribble terse commands on staff papers. He will bark orders into the zones pushing buttons to direct his voice to the right assistant. He will Issue Stern directives to All the faceless bureaucrats from sea to shining sea. But the bureaucracy propelled by a Force stronger than Gravity will go on expanding. It is contrary to the nature of government to contract. The process is much the same in government offices everywhere. An official complains that the work Load is too heavy for him to carry alone. Since he has no intention of dividing the work with a rival who might replace him he starts accumulating subordinates. His subordinates in time gather up More subordinates for themselves. After a decent pause these last subordinates will also claim the right to be moved up the totem pole and be replaced at the Bottom. The result is what is known in the bureaucracy As a Quot staff All this might be reasonable if the amount of useful work increased by the same ratio. It Seldom does. The process of expanding a staff Means extra paperwork to administer the extra employees in addition a great Deal of work is now duplicated when the 12th Man takes a document from the i Basket he will read it and pass it on to the Lith official for his consideration. And so on until it finally reaches the director who rewrites the whole thing and sends it Back Down the ladder for further revisions. In the old Days before the director acquired underlings he would have handled the document himself. But now he is head of a Section adequately cushioned by a staff against shocks from higher up. Each new president resolves to eliminate the fat streamline the bureaucracy and get More efficiency out of the Federal government. Richard Nixon a plan was to distribute the Power of the Central government to the 50 states. However before he retreated to san Clemente he had created 53 new sex look Here this poll says More voters think Ford is the better candidate against the Grain done to we remember having read in the not so Distant past that America was losing the technological races Wasny to it said by the scientific Community that the nation was so de emphasizing Independent research that scientists in other parts of the world were overtaking and passing our own As poor memory serves the warnings suggested that the heavy balance of scientific funding was moving to practical application As opposed to Basic new discovery. Hie current headlines which declare that . Scientists have scored a clean sweep in the Nobel prizes for scientific Endeavor do seem to take some of the heat out of such dire predictions honors for Burton Richter of Stanford and Samuel Ting of . On top of those for virologists Baruch Blumberg of the University of Pennsylvania and Carleton Gajdusek of the National Institute for neurological diseases Are for the most part representative of outstanding successes in the Field of pure research. As Richter stated it the significance of his discovery of an elementary particle is Quot that we have Learned something More about the Structure of the it has he pointed out no practical application at the moment Quot but like All discoveries in science it has always happened before that the More Man Learned about the universe the More he could it s enough to make us conclude that there was something of the cry of Quot Wolf a and a convenient Way to make the Case for More funding that brought on that rhetoric about the Rise and fall of the american system. But this other poll favors Carter october in t behaving Emit a 1 of ecu Tive agencies and commissions a a bureaucratic expansion greater than during any previous five year period. Gerald Ford proudly announced in a memorandum to the Heads of All executive agencies that he had Cut by 12.5 per cent the number of government forms that businessmen had to fill out. But the president was obliged to admit that the number of hours required to finish the forms had increased from 134.9 million to 138.5 million per year. The Federal machinery is also hopelessly clogged with superfluous committees and commissions which operate like wheels within wheels. Nobody knows for sure exactly How Many committees and commissions there Are. Last year Ford proposed still another Federal commission to study the work of the existing commissions. This proposed commission has yet to be heard from. Both Ford and Carter echoing one another have complained about the time wasting paper consuming government committees the candidates simply Don t understand. The real objective of these committees is not to reach decisions but to avoid them. Veteran bureaucrats Are skilled at evading issues shifting responsibility and diverting the work to someone else. The More committees and subcommittees there Are to share the Burden of decision the less Chance there is that any single bureaucrat will be blamed. All too often the True Veteran in government service is the one who has proved his ability to Man Euver problems safely Quot through channels Quot without making any decisions of his own. One senior official advises newcomers Quot look important. Act Busy. Call conferences lots of them. But Don t make any decisions if you Are forced to do so make sure they Are in someone else s a highly placed Interior dept official has admitted he has a special reason for always calling in others for consultations on policy matters. If he figures his ultimate decisions stir up unfavourable criticism he can disclaim responsibility by saying he acted on the advice of others. Quot the Best technique a confesses another decision dodger Quot is the staff conference. Anything produced by a staff conference is bound to be innocuous because so Many people these civil servants Arentt being deliberately facetious. They Are seriously expounding the refinements of Buck passing so necessary if controversy is to be avoided and Job survival assured. In Many of the regulatory agencies the process has gone another step backwards. The appointed regulators done to merely fail by default to serve the Public they conspire actively against the Public. They wind up serving the special interests which they Are supposed to regulate. Thus the great corporations often Are watched by people who Are in need of watching. The Commerce oversight and investigations subcommittee chaired by rep. John Moss d.-calif., recently completed a five part 700-Page report on regulatory Reform. The report rated the securities and Exchange commission the Best Agency the Federal Power commission the worst. Later this week Moss will Issue detailed recommendations for regulatory Reform. He will seek to make the agencies More Independent from the special interests less subject to White House pressure better protected from backstage lobbyists. He will also try to prevent the agencies from drawing their regulators from industries they regulate. Finally he will ask Congress to exercise its Over sight Powers More vigorously. The Senate meanwhile has jumped the gun on Jimmy Carter who has promised to make government Reform his top priority. In a joint operation the Commerce and government operations committees Are studying How to reorganize the agencies Jimmy Carter the Peanut Farmer from Georgia should be interested in some of their findings for example the unpublished Senate study shows that the food and drug administration took nearly la years to decide How Many peanuts should be required in Peanut butter. And suddenly it Isnit summer anymore the Beautiful october in North Carolina got itself Frost bitten the Only Consolation for those of us who like to show it off to furniture Market visitors being that what happened Here was repeating itself across the Eastern half of the nation. The Windy chill which struck on sunday was better than matched by the Snow that fell i a televised football game in Buffalo n y., and by the decidedly a baseball like conditions that accompanied the first sunday night world series game in Cincinnati. But then it Hasni to been a very typical october this year the summer drought created the wrong kind of chemistry to bring on the breath taking show of colors usual in these parts. Even the new York times a annual Salute to autumn seems to have been written from memory a or perhaps from Reading old copies of the times a As it Speaks of autumn sunlight that makes Quot the Maples shimmer the Birches and the by Yankees slumber Good afternoon just two weeks to make up your min projecting the news rising again win or lose. Jimmy Carter s Campaign for the presidency has sparked an extraordinary amount of interest in the South and Southern politics photographs of Carter and other members of his family regularly adorn the covers of mass circulation magazines overnight. Plains. A. Has become the nation s Best known Small town but All of this was to be expected Given the fact that Carter came from nowhere to capture the democratic nomination. Carter is also perceived As a Symbol of the new. Quot sen again South time Magazine recently devoted almost an entire Issue to the South and its politics Economy religion and culture Jane 0 Reilly wrote in new York Magazine that Quot this season s perfect opening line for breaking the ice at parties is Quot i d like to introduce you to my Friend from Itie washingtonian a monthly Magazine published in the nation s capital put together a Tongue in Cheek Section explaining what local residents might expect from a Carter administration among other things readers were advised to Stock up on or Pepper and Moon pies and to remember that a Quot seven course Southern dinner is a Moon pie and a six pack Overall the recent spate of articles and books on the Southe Misakion of America have been More respectful than flippant for years Southern politicians were derided by outsiders As so Many senator Cla Homs the h l. Mencken s diatribes against the South and its folkways seemed to have left a lasting Mark. Outside attitudes began to change during the watergate period in the mid-1960s. Sen Sam j Ervin or of North Carolina Drew on his wide ranging knowledge of constitutional Law to wort for the defeat of civil rights legislation he won Universal respect when he Drew on the same knowledge to telling effect As chairman of the Senate watergate committee in 1973. Similarly it was the Southern members of the House judiciary committee who most impressed the nation during the Nixon impeachment hearings of 1974. Reps Barbara c. Jordan of Texas and James r Mann of South Carolina were especially eloquent in their defense of constitutional principles thus the South has rejoined America or is it the other Way around Quot the South once thought of itself As a Peculiar people a set apart by its eccentricities a wrote historian c Vann Woodard a native arkansans Quot but in Many ways Modem America better deserves that description the South was american a Long Lime before it was Southern in any self conscious or distinctive Way. It remains More american by far than anything else and has All along a some parts of the South remain untouched As yet by the Region s Renaissance an editorial in the Delta Democrat times of Greenville. Miss., sadly noted Quot old literature still sometimes refers to Greenville As the Athens of Mississippi. Yet today Greenville does not even have a College or a decent University Extension. A tile Many towns Are striving to organize local Amateur theater groups Greenville has just completed the dissolution of one. So the exodus of talented persons bored with life Here now. Though Southern expatriates can find touches of Home away from Home Quot Here is a new Day Quot exulted one of them. Editor in chief h l Stevenson of United press International. Whose Headquarters Are in new York. Quot the grits Are easier to find at the grocery and the checkout girl does t snicker anymore Quot by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus just two weeks from today there s to be a National election a after a lot of Hemming and hawing a in which voters must choose a president on the basis of Choice of too few voters among the 215 millions of americans charged with responsibility of making a free Choice of their leadership for the next four years unfortunately neither candidate stirs real enthusiasm in the ranks of his own party or among the millions of Independent voters reluctant to make that Choice for them president Ford s biggest asset stems from the Quot nervousness about Carter that moderate and Independent voters seem to feel in several key states Carter counts heavily upon holding the big majority of democrats although there s wavering evident among some Southern conservatives and Northern catholics. Fords favors from lobbyists cause some worry in his Camp but Carter s freeloading on big companies when he was governor of Georgia Hurt him the same Way. But those things Don t seem to worry the general run of voters for ifs something All too much taken for granted in political life these Days. Both men pack a personal integrity decency and compassion voters like. While seeking Basic Points for Choice Between them. It matters Little How uninspiring the personalities unclear the issues unexciting the debates and platform rhetoric the Tough fact remains that the american people must choose Between the two candidates neither of whom is the most inspiring Ever to seek the presidency nor Are they by any Means the least so there s a lot of sorting Over issues entitled to careful scrutiny for the immediate and Long Range Well being of this nation and its people needing to be done Between now and tuesday week. Many will make that Choice More upon the basis of voting for or against a Man or against inflation unemployment big unions busing abortion and things they fear or Hope will serve their personal preferences. Its a Choice that May be hard but it s got to be made at the ballot Box rather than shirking that responsibility by staying away from the voting Booth Southern hospitality at its Best was resplendent at the weekend As the Southern furniture Market Center staged its Semi annual press party chef Walter Achatz outdid himself again with his halloween Motif set into the ice capstone of his tables groaning with every sort of delicacy. The British furniture manufacturers Export limited did likewise with a cocktail Buffet that celebrated America s Bicentennial year something they by no Means regarded As Over without that final fling there was roast beef. Black velvet that drink of Stout and Champagne a a favorite of Kings brigadier a l w. Newth be do do and his associates from emf exports Ltd. Were hosts amid cheers and Paul Fine of the High Point National furniture Mart staged a cocktail Buffet in the main gallery of the High Point theatre As a prelude to special entertainment that followed in the theatre. A >978 by Nea my a i m afraid vendors Are not permitted in front of the White House maybe next year miss Carter a with Christmas Only eight weeks around the Calendar Corner those purveyors of pretty and Oft amusing specialities Are busily at work trying to outdo one another. Neiman Marcus the luxury department store Chain based at Dallas is offering this year his and her Buffalo calves in its 1976 Christmas Catalon. The Bison babies a he and she a Are priced at $11,750, including shipment and instruction Book on Bison care and feeding a rancher to deliver the animals and a Brief lecture on Buffalo rearing a even How to Tell the boy Bison from the girl. Not to be outdone by its neighbor Sakowitz a privately held department store at Houston is offering in its Christmas Catalon an amusement Park built to your specifications for $2 million an acre. And if owning such a Park is impractical they will rent you Houston s Astroworld for $50,000 a Day or six flags Over Texas Between Dallas and fort Worth for $75,000. There s also an evening with band Leader Doc Severinson for $15,000. An Andy worhol film for $150,000. Or a Chance to skate with the Houston Aero hockey team for $1,000 a game All that a in the spirit of Christmas a Diamond Jubilee Celebration of High Point s first reformed Church of Christ founded 1901, is being observed this week the five Day Celebration began sunday with a covered dish dinner followed by Quot founders night service with or George Dillinger As guest minister. Monday night s service was designated Quot god. Country and Church night with James Terry scout executive As guest speaker. This evening will be Quot heritage Quot night featuring the first Wesleyan Church choir. Wednesday night is designated As Quot youth night with a special program by or Tom Watson and youth unlimited. Thursday night will Climax the five Day Celebration with Quot dedication night and the Rev John w. Settlemyre and the High Way choral group a reception anniversary event will follow in the social Hall with the theme Quot Happy birthday first Church a Happy birthday All services Are open to the Public at the Church 901 English re. John f. Wallington facing mandatory retirement at the end of this year after a decade ably at the Helm of the Wachovia corp. And Wachovia Bank and Trust co., will continue to be seen in decisions and philosophies of his Bank s new management team. He will serve As chairman of the Bank s executive committee and As a member of the Board of directors. John g. Median jr., 42, will succeed him As chief executive officer of the holding company and the Bank effective Jan. I. Hans w. Wanders 51, will become chairman of the two Wachovia boards while j. Scott Cramer 45, will serve As vice chairman of the Bank Board and executive officer of the Trust division which manages $3 5 billion in True assets. John f. Mcnair in. 49, will become vice chairman of the Bank Board and executive officer of the regional banking and operations division with Overall responsibility for banking activities of Wachovia a 186 branches in 74 cities across North Carolina in addition to general services operations and data processing senator soaper the name of the watergate prosecutor is Ruff not exactly a household word although even a no talking dog can pronounce it. Dedication is Nice but it s not everything Many a Cook is dedicated to the Job but turns out terrible meals. I 4

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