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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Frost warning More data on Page 8a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8824719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 92nd year a no. 292 High Point n. C., monday afternoon october 18, 1976 24 pages daily 15c, sunday 35charris poll this election is up for grabs by Louis Harris although Jimmy Carter won the second debate by a thumping 54-30 per cent margin president Ford continues to gain in this election and now has narrowed the presidential race to a Mere four Point Carter Lead 44-40 per cent with third party candidate Eugene Mccarthy receiving 6 per cent. After the first debate Carter held a much More substantial 46-39 per cent Lead. Thus the Carter Lead of two weeks ago has now been Cut almost in half. In a two Way pairing a parallel trend has developed with Carters previous 50-41 per cent Lead now dropping to 47-42 per cent. A nine Point Carter margin has dropped to a five Point Edge. The latest Survey of 1,503 voters taken jointly by the Harris organization and Abc news contains within it evidence that this race Between president Ford and gov. Carter is now Likely to narrow even further in the final two weeks with much depending on what each candidate does and says for make no mistake about it this election is up for grabs. The key clue in this latest Survey that presages a close election is the Issue of Trust. When voters Are asked which candidate they Trust More president Ford forges into a razor thin 39-38 per cent Lead. After the first debate in late september Carter ran ahead on the Pivotal Trust Issue by 39-37 per cent. Although these changes Are marginal they Are indicative of the momentum going Fords Way. Of course another Factor that indicates just How much the outcome of the election will be determined in the remaining two weeks is the revealing evidence that solid backing for both men is slipping rather than increasing As election Day approaches. In late August Only 35 per cent of the voters who favored Carter said that they Felt a very strongly for their Man. In september the intense Carter support shot up to 46 per cent. But As of last week the number of those backing Carter who feel strongly about him has dropped to 37 per cent a fall off of nine Points after the second debate. Similarly in late August no More than 31 per cent of Ford voters said that they Felt a very strongly for their candidate. In september after the first debate this number went up to 40 per cent. In the latest Survey after the second debate intense Ford support dropped Back to 38 per cent. This Means that More than six in to voters who say they would vote for either Ford or Carter simply do not hold very Strong feelings for their candidate. Put another Way it is conceivable that a sizable number of Ford or Carter voters can be weaned away by the other candidate by election Day a or that they will simply stay at Home from the polls. Of course if there is a Low turnout on election Day the chances that president Ford will close today a Gap become even greater. For in this latest Harris Survey for the first time Ford has moved into substantial leads among those groups that Are most Likely to vote. With Eugene Mccarthy in the race the results indicate president Ford is ahead among the College educated by a substantial 48-33 per cent among the $15,000-and-Over income group by 47-35 per cent among the professional people by 45-35 per cent and among Small businessmen and executives by 54-30 per cent. All of these segments of the electorate Are far More a Likely to come out to vote even in a Low turnout than those that give barter his current Lead for example. Carters biggest Edge can be found among those with a Grade school education where he is ahead by 59-31 per cent among the under-$10,000 income group where he leads by 53-31 per cent and among skilled labor where he is ahead by 50-33 per cent and Blacks we re he leads by 77-14 per cent. When the electorates feelings on the crucial Issue of Trust Are compared with their actual vote preference some indications of Carter vulnerability emerge More clearly. In the suburbs Ford holds a current 44-36 per cent Lead in the vote but a bigger 43-32 per cent margin on the Trust question. Among Young people under 30, Carter is ahead by a sizable 49-34 per cent in the vote but by no More than 43-34 per cent on the Trust Issue. Among women. Carter holds a 44-39 per cent margin in the vote but loses the Trust test by a narrow 39-38 per cent. Among those voters who say they Are a certain to vote a Carter holds a vote advantage of 45-41 per cent but loses the preference on Trust by 40-38 per cent Dairy Coop bidding for monopoly in la. Baton Rouge la apr the giant cooperative dairymen inc. Has taken Steps apparently aimed at monopolizing Louisiana s milk Industry a source in state government told the associated press. The source who asked not to be named said that if i is successful in getting a stranglehold on die states Dairy Industry the cooperative could control milk from the cow to the grocer s door. And that could mean spiralling prices for Consumers the comments came after dairymen inc. Backed out of an informal agreement to limit its activities in Louisiana. I is a sprawling Organiza for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Halloween q when will we go trick or treating because halloween comes on sunday october 31it. The boys. A. Let s stick to oct. 31, regardless of the Day of the week. All saints Day is always nov. I by the Church Calendar and All hallows eve is naturally the evening before so Why tamper with this old tradition. Otherwise before you know it somebody will come along and say it should be celebrated on the sixth saturday after the autumnal Equinox or the third Friday after the old Columbus Day or 20 Days following the first Frost whichever comes first. Then everybody will forget if they Haven to already that it is a Celebration preceding the Date set aside by the Church to Honor the saints. Maybe we should put the a Back in halloween before the meaning is lost even the apostrophe is disappearing the Parks and recreation department is planning parties at the recreation centers at different times with old timey games and prizes for winners and costumes. According to recreation supervisor William Covington the party at Washington Terrace Park will be oct. 25 from 4 to 6. South sides will be get 27 from 6 to 9. The one at Oakview will be held oct 28 from 7 to to and the Leonard Street Center party will be on fri., oct. 29 from 6 to 9 presidential choices q. Is Eugene Mccarthy going to be on the North Carolina presidential ballot if not could you write his name in As a candidate if you want to vote for him thank you. Anon woman. A. Mccarthy a name will not appear on the ballot but provisions Are made for write in names. A paper Roll is in the voting machine to record write in names. The registrar will show you where to pull the lever and write if you can to find it. A pen or Pencil can be used and both the name of the candidate and the office you wish him to hold should be printed clearly. Besides Ford and Carter the presidential candidates on the n c. Ballot will be Thomas j. Anderson american part Lyndon Larouche jr., labor party and Roger Mcbride libertarian party. Clipping the Cloverleaf q. Who is responsible for cutting the grass at the Blair Park Bridge on main Street. I called the county and they said it was the Job for the City and after calling them they responded it was the Job of the county. I would like very much if you would Check into it for me. Anon Man. A. One More notch up and you would have had the right one. The state dept of transportation division of highways maintains the ramps along the interstates. District Engineer r l. Willis in Greensboro advises that the mowing and general clean up of temporary 1-85 in the High Point area began the first part of october so the appearance of the interchange at 311 should be improved. Gearing up for Santa plans for the Christmas Parade to be held nov. 25 at 3 . Are underway. Local groups who would like to make floats or sponsor other entries Are asked to Call or go by the High Point merchants association at 740 n. Main for an application and set of rules. A dozen professional flouts have already been signed up for the event. Danny Courtney executive vice president . Merchants Assn. Tion of Dairy Farmers serving Kentucky Tennessee Georgia Mississippi Indiana Louisiana Alabama North and South Carolina Virginia and West Virginia it has been accused of trying to milk Industry in several of those states. State atty. Gen William Guste was scheduled to talk today to the Federal Trade commission in Washington with i s operations in Louisiana apparently the subject of the meeting. The Etc is investigating i s operations in North Carolina checking into allegations of unfair Trade practices there. The source said the commission is also looking into the co Ops operations in Louisiana. Still unresolved is a three ear old Justice department suit in which i is charged with attempting to monopolize the Sale of milk to processors in its operation. That suit is before a Federal court in Louisville by. I has its own political Arm for Campaign contributions and has figured prominently in National campaigns. The Coop has also contributed to Louisiana campaigns with one of the latest donations being a $5,000 contribution to Jerry Huckaby the Ringgold Dairy Farmer who beat rep Otto Passman for the democratic nomination in the 5th congressional District. Gov. Edwin Edwards has received contributions from the milk Industry. I which has a Strong Dairy Farmer membership in Louisiana agreed in a july 19. 1973 letter to gusted a office not to attempt to Purchase any milk processing plants. In return the state agreed not to conduct hearings into whether i was trying to monopolize the Industry. The state Bent a Little in recent months the source said allowing the Coop to Purchase three processing plants in North Louisiana Winnsboro Monroe and Bastrop but the state would agree to no More purchases without a hearing in a letter last month the Coop rescinded its voluntary agreement and the state probably will conduct hearings next month. A dairymen inc. Feels that modern Agri economics dictate that it engage in a com plete and thorough marketing system for the milk produced by its members including the processing packaging and distribution of members milk a said the sept. 8 letter signed by attorney Clayton James or. Of Franklinton. The a source said the Coop wants to Purchase two Large Louisiana processors Walker Roemer dairies and sanitary dairies and is looking at smaller ones i furnishes a Large Supply of raw milk to several processors said the source dogging his Steps Buffy an Airedale terrier leads Clon Silla a six year old half arabian around the Canadian National exhibition grounds in Toronto sunday. Clon Sillay a owner Debbie Rasmussen of London ont., was competing in the All arabian horse show at the Cne coliseum. A wire photo panamanian ship still missing new York a coast guard officials held out Little Hope that a panamanian cargo ship reported missing with 37 crewmen in the Bermuda Triangle Section of the Atlantic Ocean will be found afloat. A search was resumed at Dawn today for the crewmen of the 590-foot Sylvia l. Ossa carrying Iron Ore from Brazil to Philadelphia the ship was last heard from on wednesday about 140 Miles due West of Ber Muda. When she radioed that heavy weather and Gale Force winds were forcing her to reduce Speed the 15,028-ton ship is owned by the of minium shipping corp. Of new York. . Coast guard officials Hua is Given credit for China bomb blast Tokyo apr China has announced its 19th nuclear test explosion and in the process underlined the Ascendancy of Premier Hua Kuo Feng. Hsinhua the official chinese news Agency said on sunday that the Success of the underground test was due to recent decisions of the communist party Central committee a headed by Comrade Hua Kuo Feng Quot this was the formula previously used to attribute the Success of everything accomplished in China to the teachings of the late Mao tse Tung. Hsinhua gave no details of the test but As in the announcements of previous explosions it said it was for defensive purposes and that China would never be the first to use nuclear weapons. The last chinese nuclear test was an above ground blast sept. 26 that scattered radioactive fallout Halfway around the world. The fallout was detected in Penn Sylvania. New York. Connecticut Massachusetts and several other states but the . Environmental Protection Agency said it was too Small an amount to be a threat to health. Although Huas election to succeed Mao As chairman of the communist party has not been announced prime minister Michael sombre of Papua new Guinea arrived in Kong Kong from peking and told a news conference that Hua told him he had been named named Mao a successor. The propaganda Campaign continued against Mao a widow Chiang Ching and other Radical leaders reported arrested by Hua sept. 7. Peking radio reported that a million persons demonstrated Friday and saturday in Shanghai in support of Hua and foreigners arriving in Hong Kong from the coastal Metropolis reported that the crowds hanged Chiang Ching in effigy said sunday they found an Oil Slick a Lifeboat a Coil of rope and a a sign Board with the letters Ossa on it near the ships last reported location. No vessels in the area reported receiving either a distress message or the traditional a mayday Quot signal from the missing ship. The Triangle an area bounded by Norfolk va., puerto Rico and Bermuda has for years been a subject of mystery and speculation in tales of ships and planes vanishing during Calm weather and of ghost ships Drifting the Fate of their Crews unknown the official government position has been to discount any theories of malevolent what s inside i amusements10-11a bridge.6b classified ads8-11b comics.12b crossword.6b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports. 3-fib television .7b women a news6-7a weather.8a Powers at work in the Waters. A we done to recognize any geographic area off the Southeast coast of the United states that is popularly referred to As the Bermuda Triangle or the devils Triangle a a coast guard spokesman said. A the United states coast guard is not impressed with the supernatural explanations of the disasters at sea. It is our experience that the combined forces of nature and the unpredictability of Mankind outdo science fiction stories Many times each officials have also attributed the triangles reputation As a Swallower of shipping to the fact that because of its location the Region is one of the heaviest travelled areas in the world. An air search was conducted sunday by two coast guard Long Range search aircraft and one Navy plane Over 8,200 Square Miles beginning from the Ossa s location at the time of last communication. Shis in the area were alerted and an Argentine vessel later picked up a Lifeboat with a Sylvia 6, Panama painted on its Side. Flaherty thinks gop Here to stay Raleigh a turning David Flaherty Loose in a crowd is somewhat like dropping a chunk of dry ice into a pail of water things begin to pop Bubble and smoke. At 47, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful expresses a Youthful optimism and an idealistic political View. Though he had three opponents seeking cop nomination Flaherty was preoccupied with it. Gov. Jim Hunt the democratic nominee even during the primary Campaign. Both Hunt and Flaherty were considered their party a front runners even before they announced their candidacies. Since the primaries Flaherty has moved from the Drivers seat to the rumble seat. Even he sometimes and David Flaherty mits he is the no. 2 runner with Hunt having an apparent Lead. But Flaherty is ambivalent. On one hand he says he is realistic that he must take chances and make daring moves if he is to come from behind and win the nov. 2 election Aat other times he talks about growing Republican strength in the state and unscientific polls of voters that he says show him gaining on or passing Hunt on a recent Campaign Day Flaherty commented Quot i believe i m up with Hunt if not ahead a and a i feel the next week while anxiously waiting to face Hunt in an hour Long television debate he acknowledged he was behind a what am i nervous about in be got nothing to lose and everything to a former state senator Flaherty sentry into statewide politics was launched nearly four years ago when gov. Jim Holshouser a Senate colleague whom Flaherty supported appointed him Secretary of human resources in the Republican administration. Known through his legislative and administrative work leading democrats give Flaherty favourable ratings for the most part. A if Dave were a Democrat head have a Good political future in this state a a ranking Democrat commented recently. Some say that a tar Heel Republican has Little Chance in a statewide contest and that Holshouser a 1972 Victory was a Fluke partly attributed to the Nixon landslide Flaherty however believes the cop Star is rising and the Republican philosophy will be embraced by North Carolina voters. Effervescent and Jolly Flaherty struggles to stay on a Low carbohydrate diet. He a lost weight despite the Campaign Barbecue and Chicken dinners he said Flaherty and his wife Nancy have four sons and a daughter their household is casual with open expressions of affection. Flaherty in fact is known to hug anyone he feels close to. A i want my kids to love me. I want them to respect me and i want to respect them a he said Flaherty a father was a Boston letter Carrier who died with no life insurance when Flaherty was a it it uth. A we had to borrow Money to Bury him a Flaherty said describing himself As a conservative Flaherty says people should be restricted by government As Little As possible but he cannot support personal Freedom to the Point of legalizing marijuana or prostitution a a its not Black and White there Are shades of Grey and my prejudices slip into it a he said crediting the free Enterprise system for the Middle class Flaherty says one of the most important freedoms is for each person to choose his own destiny. Noting his High school performance was poor he said two years of working on a factory Assembly line and three years in the army readied him for College an Opportunity some governments done to allow. While a student at Boston University Flaherty was married had children and see Flaherty on 3a

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