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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing Windy colder More data on Page 3 a 88th year a no. 293 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon october 19, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation. 182-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-211 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Would be smoke eater q. I need some information on becoming a fireman. Do you have to be a certain height and weight and who do you talk to about the Job . A. Applicants must be at least 21 and not Over 31 at least 5 feet 8 inches 160 pounds be Able to drive without glasses and must pass a medical exam. A High school diploma or equivalency certificate from passing the general education development tests is also necessary. The department presently has three vacancies and chief Thompson will be glad to talk with anyone interested who meets these qualifications. Begonia banking o. I bought some Begonia bulbs in the Spring and planted them and had Good Success. Now that Winter is coming on i am wondering if i should simply bring the plants inside and continue to allow them to grow or would it be better to allow them to die Back and Plant the bulbs again next Spring of the latter i am wondering if the bulbs will multiply. Or. J. P. A. The tubers when stored while dormant prefer a Cool and Damp not wet location. When the foliage has been damaged by Frost the bulbs can be placed in a Flat or shallow crate. The Earth and roots should be allowed to remain on the bulbs to keep them in Good condition but should be removed next Spring when you Start them growing again. The bulbs increase in size each year As enough nourishment is produced not Only for the Leaf and Flower but More to spare to build up the tissues. This is unlike the corms of Gladiola or other bulbs like tulips which exhaust themselves in producing a seasons Flower and foliage but do build new corms or bulbs in their place. You can re Start the begonias after cold weather is past in their permanent location covering them with about two inches of Earth. They like Rich soil mixed with fibrous matter like peat Moss and require a lot of food. Well rotted cow manure worked in is Good. They prefer North Light no direct Sun but a lot of Light is Best. The soil should be kept moist but done to overwater. For specimen blooms the female Flower should be removed from the Stem when it is in a Small Bud state. This is a three sided pod just below the Flower. By re moving this the male Flower will develop with no Competition from the female. A clean up petition 0. There is a lot in the 500 Block of Hedrick Street that has a Creek running through it and it has lots of Trees and some building material on the lot. I wish you would get somebody out Here to clean the lot off. Thank you. Anon. A. Public works reports that a petition is being circulated among the adjacent property owners so the Street department can clean the Stream. The Trees will not be Cut. But the building material will be taken care of. A a it s been fixed up a maybe 0. On Southern Avenue the fire hydrant is open and running for three or four weeks. The City has been notified and the fire department has been notified. They come out Here and look at it and they turn around and they go away. There s thousands of Gallons of water being wasted. Someone needs to do something about it. Mrs. L. A. The City department of utilities which is the one to Call about hydrant problems rather than the fireman advised that they Hope to get this fixed at noon saturday oct. 14. According to Ralph Myers there were a couple of reasons Why the repairs have taken so Long. Reason one is that other Utility repairs of a More emergency nature kept the Crews Busy. Reason two is there a no valve on the hydrant so when they shut off the water to repair it have to shut off water to a Large Section hence the saturday fix it schedule when factories wont be affected so much. A a sound off q i just want to say that i think the Flag at Lyles Chevrolet is the most Beautiful thing in be seen in All my 15 years. I think All the people in High Point should be proud to have such a piece of Beauty in our City. If you Haven to seen it you should take the time. Its Worth your time and trouble. A special thanks to Lyles Chevrolet. Is. A. T., Trinity. A a wart problem q. I have warts and would like to know How you can got Thorn off and what doctor to go to and would like to know As soon As possible or. J. A. Dermatologists can remove them but there a fio guarantee they wont come Back if you keep picking up the virus. Going barefooted outdoors is a great Way to pick it up me infection spreading to your hands when you touch your feet. You can get compound w at a drugstore for them or try some Pioneer remedies which include the application of Castor Oil or a slice of Lemon soaked overnight in vinegar or the juice of dandelion stems two or three times. In Case you re a Fingernail biter try to give that up too As that can spread the virus. Battle with Nixon killed Many Bills Congress record thrust into Campaign by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a the 92nd Congress battling with president Nixon to the end. Killed about As Many major Bills As it passed. Even before adjournment wednesday night the demo cratic controlled Congress had its two year record thrust into the National political Campaign. Nixon accused the legislators of excessive spending and raised the Issue again in his response to his twin defeat on the last Day of the session. Congress overrode his veto of a $24.6 billion we Ater pollution control Bill and killed the $250-billion Federal spending ceiling he sought along with unlimited Power to make the cuts to achieve it. Nixon characterized the votes As an invitation to a tax increase. Democrats replied that the president exaggerated the Cost of the clean water Bill that he has repeatedly vetoed funds urgently needed for education health and other programs treating social ills and that he has protected the Pentagon budget from their Effort to pare what they Call wasteful spending. Nixon a Only major Domestic legislation to survive Congress was the $30.2 billion Revenue sharing Bill which he plans to sign in ceremonies Friday at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. But Congress killed the Wel fare Reform plan which Nixon repeatedly called his most important Domestic proposal. It killed anti using legislation All of the presidents Broad government reorganization proposals and All of the various National health care plans. Congress fought and lost Battles with the president on foreign policy and military issues in both the 1971 and 1972 sessions. Amendments calling for an end to . Involvement in the Indochina War cleared the Senate three times in 1971 and twice in 1972, but none Ever got through the House. A watered Down version of a proposal by Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield to fix a time for . Withdrawal from Vietnam did go to the White House last year but Nixon an Thieu refuses coalition Rule by George Esper associated pres writer Saigon a Henry a. Kissinger conferred twice today with president Nguyen Van Thieu and Thieu a information ministry said the president had once again stated his opposition to a coalition government including the communists. President Nixon s chief foreign policy adviser and the South vietnamese president reviewed Kissinger a secret peace negotiations in Paris for 3 i hours in the morning at a meeting attended by 13 other High level . And vietnamese officials. Kissinger and . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker returned in the late afternoon for another session with Thieu. Economy inflation there was no official word or leak from the . Side of what was being said. But a spokesman for the South vietnamese government. Vul Khanh read this communique at the information ministry s daily news briefing a political observers in Saigon remarked that at the arrival of the american delegation in Saigon president Nguyen Van Thieu continues to meet with representatives of the Senate and the lower House the supreme court and various political parties and reasserted our firm position never to accept a tripartite proposal or any other political solution which has not been agreed upon by the people of South Vietnam through democratic slows rises Washington a the Economy slowed Down in the july september Quarter but still scored solid gains while the rate of inflation edged up the government said today. The Commerce department reported that the Gross National product Market value of the nation s output of goods and services advanced at a 5.9-per cent annual rate during the third Quarter compared with 9.4 Heinrich Boll German wins Nobel prize in literature Stockholm a Heinrich Boll a War Veteran whose writings depicted postwar Germany a Way of life today became the first German novelist to win the Nobel literature prize since Thomas Mann 46 years ago. The 55-year-old novelist who became International pen club president last year was cited by the Royal swedish Academy for a this writing which through its combination of a Broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German Boll born in 1917 in Cologne which was then occupied by Allied forces was wounded several times during service As an infantryman on the East front in world War ii. He made his literary debut in 1949 and in his novels has pierced the facades of the postwar German bourgeoise life. Per cent in the second. The rate of inflation moved up to 2.2 per cent compared with 1.8 per cent in the second Quarter. Although the growth rate was slower than in the previous Quarter it was Well within the Over ail performance forecast by the Nixon administration. The administration has predicted that the Economy will grow at slightly More than 6 per cent for All of 1972 while the rate of inflation will be about 3.25 per cent. A Commerce department analyst asst. Secretary Harold c. Passer said the figures announced by his department made it virtually certain a hat 1972 a will be a Banner year for the . he said they show the Economy is continuing to expand rapidly and that inflation has been held in Check. Passer said prospects Are excellent for the administration to reach its goal of a 3 per cent inflation rate at the end of the year. According to the cup figures the rate of inflation increased by 3 per cent in the first three quarters of the year. The department said that get increased by $22 8 Pihion in the third Quarter to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,162 trillion. In terms of current dollars this was a growth of 8.3 per cent. But in subtracting the effects of inflation the government figured it As a real gain in output of 5.9 per cent. In the previous Quarter the cup increased by $30 3 billion. The administration said at a he time that it would be difficult to sustain a growth rate of 9 4 per cent and As Low a rate of inflation As 1.8 per cent. Khanh said the communique was sent to him at to a.m., Midway through the first meeting Between Kissinger and Thieu and he was ordered to read it at the evening briefing. He said he did not know Why the communique attributed its information to a political observers instead of an official government Agency. But newsmen considered it a device for Thieu to make his position Public without breaking any pledge of secrecy he might have Given the americans. There was no indication yet when Kissinger would leave Saigon. There has been speculation that Kissinger would try to convince Thieu to accept a or at least negotiate a some sort of coalition or dual government with the Viet Cong. But a communique from the South vietnamese information ministry said the government reaffirms its position not to accept the principle of a tripartite government As proposed by the communists. It called for democratic elections. The communique also said Thieu was expanding the consultations he has been holding with vietnamese officials since sunday to include members of the National Assembly the supreme court and various political groups. Mcgovern and daughter mrs. Ann Mead sen. George Mcgovern a oldest daughter smiles As she and her famous father press through the overflow crowd gathered at Lucas county recreation Center Toledo Ohio wednesday night. Sen. Mcgovern said that his wife was exhausted and had returned to Washington for a few Days rest. A wire photo Mcgovern accepts toughest questions on live to casts Tole i Ohio a sen. George Mcgovern is tackling an assortment of nettling issues from amnesty and abortion to marijuana and his altered democratic tickets in televised question and answer sessions that tactic led the democratic presidential nominee wednesday night into a televised debate with an unseen critic who telephoned to accuse him of changing his positions and was told to a let George Mcgovern speak for George it was the second in a series of television appearances billed As person to person sessions with the nominee this one broadcast on a Hookup of nine stations covering Ohio and West Virginia. Mcgovern plans a total of to such programs the next in new York monday night answering telephoned questions in the big states that Are Pivotal to his Campaign strategy. Gordon Weil a top Mcgovern aide screens the questions off camera but said he purposely puts through the ones that Deal with problem issues. The object is to confront troublesome topics in Hopes of putting to rest some of the items Mcgovern strategists say trouble voters most about the nominee. Thus Mcgovern was asked about Republican charges that his projected defense spending cuts would Cost 85.000 jobs in Ohio which he denied. He was asked whether he would legalize marijuana my replied that he would not but advocates that its use be treated As a Misdemeanour not a felony. He was asked about abortion and said it is a matter for the states one that a docs not belong in a presidential Campaign a Mcgovern was to meet privately today with Toledo labor officials before flying to Philadelphia to appear before a United electrical workers meeting. Mcgovern accused the Nixon administration of joining with the . Chamber of Commerce and the Senate finance com Mittee to a cheat american workers out of pension in a statement issued in Advance of his Philadelphia appearance Mcgovern said the size of the private pension system Over $150 billion a is equated Only by the outrage that it Perpet rates on the american worker whom it is supposed to Mcgovern urged a thorough overhaul and Reform of the pension system to make sure that workers get benefits even if they change jobs and to provide a program of Federal insurance to guarantee retirement income. At a rally in a Toledo suburb wednesday night Mcgovern told a crowd estimated at 4,000 most of them Young people that the closer the election draws the More presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger a is going to be travelling All Over the world in search of the peace that was promised four years ago. A i Hope he succeeds a Mcgovern said. A i do not honestly believe that s what is going to bounced he would ignore it. Congress ratified the limitation agreements worked out by the president with the soviet Union. Despite Many objections members generally approved funds for new weapons projects Nixon said were necessary a spite the agreements. It was in the Domestic Field that Congress walked at several key Nixon proposals and tried to enact others he rejected. He vetoed some including a Broad new child development program. $ in the 1971 session. Congress did give the president the economic and tax legislation he said he needed to control and stimulate business. Among the major Bills cleared in this years session a a constitutional amendment barring discrimination on these Congress on 2-a lawmakers quickly exit Washington Washington a Congress has called it quits for the year after overriding president Nixon s veto of an ant pollution Bill and denying him the spending Cut authority he had asked. The congressmen were leaving town so fast wednesday that neither the House nor Senate could Muster quorums for votes. So Congress adjourned at 8 50 . A Bill carrying $6 billion for highways and $3.4 billion for mass transit died in the Rush in the House and so did a Tough Antis jacking Bill that could have brought the death penalty for Airliner hijackers and terrorists. But before closing up shop Congress overrode Nixon a veto of $24 6 billion water cleaning Bill and a proposal granting him Broad authority to hold Federal spending within a $259 billion ceiling this fiscal year. The 93rd Congress convenes Jan. 3. The 92nd was marked by passage of the 26th amendment giving 18-year-Olds the vote approval of a new concept of sharing $30 billion in Federal Revenue with the states and by a House Senate standoff on legislating an end to the Indochina War. The Highway mass transit Bill had been declared dead by Senate House conferees saturday night but was resurrected and passed by the Senate wednesday before dying in the House for Lack of a quorum. Only 156 of the 433 House members answered a quorum Call far Short of the 217 required to conduct business. The Senate had fewer than 30 of its too members in town. Also killed by the sudden adjournment was a Bill to halt . Air travel with countries that Harbor skyjacker and Airliner terrorists and give juries the death penalty option for skyjacker. What s inside amusements 3d Bridge 7c classified ads 4 Iid comics 9c crossword 8b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 7b sports 1-6c television 3d women s news 1-7b weather 3a air Armada resumes search for Boggs Anchorage Alaska apr taking advantage of the Best weather since the search began 73 military and civilian aircraft renewed the Hunt today for a Light plane missing since monday with House democratic Leader Hale Boggs and three others aboard. Coast guard cutters and a team of Mountain Rescue experts also joined the intensified search along a rugged 560-mile stretch of coast Between Anchorage and Juneau. Broken to scattered Clouds Hung Over most of the area and an air Force spokesman described the weather As a the Best we be had since the search a it could be a make or break Deal a he added. Planes flew Over the entire area but the main Effort was entered around two areas a the Portage pass area 50 Miles Southwest of Anchorage and Mountain areas Northwest of Juneau about 500 Miles to the Southeast. Fog rain and generally poor flying weather prevented All but the briefest of visual searches Over the two areas wednesday. About 40 planes took part in the Hunt. The missing twin engine Cessna 310 left Anchorage monday on the last leg of a whirlwind Campaign tour by Boggs on behalf of alaskans Lone congressman rep. Nick Behieh. It has not been heard from since. With the 58-year-old Boggs were Begich 40, his aide Russell Brown 37, and the Pilot Don e. Jonz 38, of Fairbanks. While the planes and helicopters criss crossed the 45.000-Square-mile search area three coast guard cutters plied the rough seas in the Gulf of Alaska searching for a Trace of the plane. A crack 11-Man Mountain Rescue team moved out for another ground search Over Glacie red valleys and Steep mountainsides of the Portage pass area. The team climbed to the top of the pass wednesday but reported it had found no Trace of the plane. Two additional climbing teams were being held on standby. Some alaskan Bush pilots familiar with emergency situations in rough terrain agreed that the Light plane could have put Down safely. But they also agreed that every hour the search continued unsuccessfully diminished the Odds for survival. Air Force and Federal aviation administration officials continued to investigate reports of signals received during the search from one or More emergency locator beacons. Coast guard helicopters picked up two separate signals on tuesday but lost them quickly. The emergency locator Beacon of the Type in the congressmen a plane is set to trigger on Impact or manually. J c

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