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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain tonight thursday Mora data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 292 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon october 18, 1972 72 pages Call us circulation. Ss2-1719 classified ads. 1852177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every meat 0. What can a done about a local store which covers up the freshness Date on pre packaged meat with their Price tag this same store also does not take the old dated meat off the shelf but either leaves it at the same Price or reduces the Price. I brought this matter to the attention of the meat department but they still do it. I have found meat dated As far Back As july on the shelf in september. They told me to bring Back any bad meat i got but to in it is not Worth going to a store buying the meat taking it Home and cooking it then having to take it Back. They have lost my business. Mrs. F. A. We believe you answered the question in your first sentence with your last one a they have lost my business a the final consumer clout. The state chemist or. William Cobb whose office has the responsibility of retail and restaurant inspection for the meat and poultry inspection service says there Are no requirements yet in food Laws that require Date coding. Bills have been introduced in the legislature and in Congress but they re still up in the air. Appearance usually provides a clue to freshness if there is no Date on the wrapping. Cheaper grades of ground meat and Chicken would spoil the fastest so if you have any doubts ask the meat department when they were brought in or prepared. Or. Cobb also suggests you take a Good whiff of the meat before you Cook it and also remember to get the meat purchased into your refrigerator immediately. If its left in a car while you shop for an hour or two ifs not the fault of the store if it smells like something the cat dragged in. He believes with the standards meat packers must adhere to under the surveillance of inspectors that meat is probably the most wholesome food product the consumer can buy. But the integrity of the retail Market is just As important As the other links in the consumer Protection q. Where could i find a person in High Point who would make articles out of snakeskin j. B. A. A couple of years ago a local taxidermist referred us to a new York expert in tanning and making belts etc., out of skins m. J. Hofman. 953 Broadway Brooklyn n. Y. 11221. To Case you a like to try to do it yourself we have sent you a Catalon from the Tandy leather company in Charlotte. It contains a huge variety of kits for making belts bags boots wallets jackets etc., plus the tools hardware accessories and skins for making your own leather designs. We re unschooled in the Craft but it would seem possible to laminate the snakeskin onto a leather Belt with the proper bonding agent. The Catalon also contains Indian Bead work supplies a even a Tom Tom and an Indian War Bonnet kit. You could make that for your Mother for Christmas to Wear when she goes on the War schooling 0. Is them any place in High Point for you to finish High school at Homo anon. A. We referred your question to or. Virginia Lewis secondary supervisor for the City schools. She says they Are interested in your inquiry but since such a Small amount of information was Given this could involve Many possibilities requiring a very complicated answer. It could possibly involve correspondence courses work at Guilford technical Institute a Home bound program of study or maybe some new avenues could be opened up. She says if you will Call one of the High school principals or the superintendent of schools and give some details something could doubtless be worked amp dust 0. Would you Palasa Fey to got Tho contractor for Juanita Hill Tho 400 Block of Juanita Stroot to do to nothing sine their big truck a causing All this dust and Tho truck Driver teem most inconsiderate. Or. Anon. A. Public works director Carl wills says that because of the heavy traffic due to construction any dust control measures Short of curbing and guttering and paving simply cannot do the Job. The property owners can locate Oil and Public works will apply it. For temporary Relief this should be done soon As the ground will get too hard for any penetration. The Best answer to permanently beat the dust is to petition for paving. Water pollution Bill Senate overrides presidential veto sen. Edmund Muskie discusses override a wire photo by Joe Hall associated pre writer Washington apr tile Senate has rebuffed president Nixon on two fronts denying him unlimited authority to Cut Federal spending and then overriding his eleventh hour veto of a water pollution control Bill. At i of clock this morning two hours after Nixon had slapped Down the $24.6-billion ant pollution authorization measure As a staggering budget wrecking a the Senate voted 52 to 12 to override him. Rep. Boggs aboard horses invitational q. I d like to know who to got in touch with about Tho High Point thanksgiving Parade. Who is sponsoring it and whore would you got in touch with someone to ride a horse in it s. W. A. Eddie Knox of the h. P. Merchants Assn. Says there will Only be a few Parade horses and these will be in it by invitation Only signals picked up from lost plane Juneau Alaska a four coast guard cutters joined aircraft today in the search for a downed twin engined plane carrying House democratic Leader Hale Boggs and three others. They headed for the rugged coastal area where signals from an emergency located Beacon were heard late tuesday night. A weather throughout the search has been on and off unfavourable to an Aerial search a a spokesman said of the introduction of the ships. A it was thought that surface vessels in some cases could provide better the plane carrying Boggs on a Campaign fundraising trip disappeared monday Between Juneau and Anchorage. The four cutters a three 180-foot bouy tenders and a 95-foot patrol boat a joined dozens of aircraft which took off at first Light to resume criss Cross fights Over heavily timbered mountainous regions of Southeastern Alaska. A spokesman said the vessels began combing Shoreline areas from Whittier and Prince William sound to Sitka a Community More than 600 Miles from Anchorage Midway Down the alaskan Panhandle. The coast guard said the pilots of two Jet powered helicopters heard the signals twice some to Miles West of this Alaska capital City on tuesday but there were notes of caution. A we have experienced false alarms in the past a said a spokesman for the Federal aviation administration. Cmdr. Paul Breed of coast guard Headquarters in Juneau also cautioned against undue optimism. A there was no indication it came from the missing aircraft a Breed said of the signal. A and it is not uncommon for one to get tripped there was also a report that an Amateur radio operator in California had talked with someone in the Boggs plane monday night and that he had been told the aircraft had landed on a Beach near Juneau. The Cessna 310 in which Boggs and his companions left Anchorage monday on a 34-hour, 560-mile flight to Juneau was equipped with an emergency Beacon which activates on a crash. With the 58-year-old Louisiana were rep. Nick Begich. Alaskans Only member of the House of representatives Russell Brown 37, an aide to the 40-year-old Begich and Don e. Jonz 38, the Pilot. Boggs wife Lindy and Mem Bers of her family left Washington Early today for Anchorage. Aides said they wanted to be on the scene. Jonz filed a flight plan by radio 12 minutes after leaving Anchorage and that was the last word heard from the aircraft As it headed Southeast through rain swept skies. Soon after the House meets at noon today. Democratic leaders planned to try to win the necessary two thirds mar bulletin Washington a the hous overrode president Nix in veto of a 524.6 billion water pollution control Bill wednesday putting the massive program into effect despite his opposition. Gin to override and thus enact the measure Over Nixon a objections. Earlier tuesday evening the Senate voted to eliminate from a debt limit increase Bill the $250-billion spending ceiling which Nixon had asked for the current fiscal year. The Senate last week had voted for the ceiling but walked at giving Nixon authority to make cuts in virtually any area he wished. That legislation was sent Back to conference with the House. The water pollution and spending limit Bills Are the final obstacles to be cleared before the 92nd Congress could finally quit. Leaders said they were hopeful today would be the Day. The president served notice in his veto message that he would draw the spending Issue in the closing weeks of the National political Campaign. A if this veto is not sustained. Let the Issue be clearly drawn. As with the spending ceiling so with this Bill a vote to sustain the veto is a vote against a tax increase. A a vote to override the veto is a vote to increase the likelihood of higher sen. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine floor manager for the ant pollution Bill said the president was a just Plain wrong in his a budget wrecking charge. A the Only budget we have before us is his fiscal 1973 budget and the spending this Bill pro John Ehrlich Ian announces veto a wire photo Vides for 1973 is $250 Muskie declared. A that will hardly bust the budget. A Over the Long run this total amount of Money is needed to do the the Senate vote to kill the $250-billion spending ceiling May have been the death blow for that Nixon proposal. However Senate House conferees still could come up with a Compromise which would put tighter controls on the presidents Powers to make cuts to stay within the ceiling. Major review is launched in Indochina a rugged alaskan coast where search for plane concentrated a wire photo by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger arrived in Saigon today to join . And South vietnamese officials in a major review of the military and political situation in Vietnam and his peace negotiations in Paris. Kissinger came from Paris where he held another secret meeting tuesday with the North vietnamese. It was his 20th trip to Paris for secret negotiations. With Kissinger were William Sullivan Deputy assistant Secretary of state for far Eastern and Pacific affairs along with several other aides from the National Security Council staff. Kissinger was met by . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker Gen. Creighton w. Abrams army chief of staff who arrived earlier in the Day and Gen. Frederick c. Weyand commander of . Forces in Vietnam. On the vietnamese Side he was greeted by his counterpart Nguyen Phu due special and Mcgovern returns to Michigan Ohio by r. Gregory Nokes associated pres writer sen. George Mcgovern who helped beat president Nixon in two Senate votes tuesday night returned to the Campaign circuit today in his Effort to also beat Nixon at the polls on nov. 7. President Nixon had no Campaign appearances scheduled today but plans to go monday to Westchester county n.y., to seek votes there. He said tuesday the last three weeks will be the most important of the Campaign. Vice president Spiro t. A new was planning to travel to the Michigan Wisconsin area after several Days in Washington. Democratic vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver who was the busiest campaigner of the four candidates tuesday planned to be in Chicago. Sen. Mcgovern the democratic candidate for president made one of his few appearances of recent weeks in the Senate tuesday night to vote to override president Nixon a veto of a water pollution control Bill. Mcgovern also voted with the majority to reject com Promise on a debt limit spending ceiling Bill requested by Nixon. While in Washington tuesday Mcgovern taped a 36-minute speech on economic issues that will be televised Friday night at to 30 p m. Edt Over Abc network stations. He was to Campaign in Detroit Cleveland and Toledo Ohio today. Meanwhile a judge in Washington set nov. 15 As the trial Date for seven men charged in connection with the june 17 break in and alleged bugging of democratic National head Quad despite known flaws political polls get More attention by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Washington map a last sunday top aides of sen. George Mcgovern s presidential Campaign made available the result of the latest California sampling by their own pollster Patrick Caddell showing president Nixon with a three Point Lead in the nations largest state. A Day later the Independent Field poll came out showing Nixon with a 14-Point Lead. Mcgovern aides while challenging the results conceded privately that the Field results were a psychological setback. In 1972, More than in any previous National election politicians and reporters Are taking polls scrutinizing the results and making comparisons though knowing the whole exercise has several fatal flaws. None of the polls purport to show More than the standing on the Day of the sampling. The in Home interviewers decry the Telephone pollsters and vice versa. And the Mcgovern Camp whose polls were relatively accurate in the Spring can to understand the disparity in the fall and the inclination of Many to dismiss their results As self serving. In California for example where Caddell a polling Between oct. 9 and la showed Nixon with a 45-42 Lead Field s polling in the first week of october put the president ahead 50 to 36, compared with a 49-41 Lead two months earlier. An Independent poll in late september by Dorothy Corey showed Nixon a Lead at approximately 43 to 37. And the Mcgovern Camp insisted a recent Republican poll actually showed Nixon a Point behind. The same pattern shows up elsewhere. In Michigan where the most recent Detroit news poll gave Nixon a 52-37 Lead Caddell a findings shared a nine Point swing from Nixon to Mcgovern since last aug ust. Then Nixon led 57 to 31 now the tally is 48 to 40. At the same time the Yankelovich poll for the new York times and time Magazine showed the president with a 50-28 Lead in a state he lost four years ago. Similarly in Illinois Yankelovich a figures were 60 to 24 for Nixon. Caddell a were 51 to 34 for the president compared with an earlier tally of 63 to 27. In new York Yankelovich a sampling showed Nixon with a lopsided 50-33 Lead in another state he had never before carried. Caddell however put the Gap at Only 50 to 39. Mcgovern aides noted that in neither be political Oti 2 a Tern . District judge John m. Sirica also set of. 25 As the Date to hear defense arguments for a change of venue a continuance and dismissal of the indictments. One of the seven defendants Bernard Barker also is scheduled to go on trial on oct. 30 in Miami fla., on a charge of misusing a notary Public Seal in cashing a $25,000 Check that passed through the committee for the re election of the president. The president will travel to Philadelphia Friday to sign the Revenue sharing Bill in Independence Hall. The trip is described As in other political developments a John b. Connally former Secretary of the Treasury who Heads the democrats for Nixon said he will appear on a 30-minute television broadcast for Nixon on Friday. The broadcast will be at 7 30 Edt on the Abc and Abc networks. Viser on foreign affairs to president Nguyen Van Thieu and ambassador Tran Kim Phuong who was recalled from Washington for consultations Here. Kissinger declined to make any statement to waiting newsmen. He was driven in a limousine to bunkers downtown Villa. Abrams arrived for a we Klong military assessment that could influence the Allied bargaining stance in Paris. Both Kissinger and Abrams were scheduled to meet with president Nguyen Van Thieu but officials said they did not know just when. Abrams conferred after his arrival with Gen. Frederick c. Weyand. Commander of . Forces in Vietnam and Gen. John w Vogt the 7th air Force commander responsible for air strikes against North Vietnam. Kissinger was scheduled to return to Washington after meeting with Thieu. The chief stumbling Block in the peace negotiations has been Thieu s insistence that he would never accept the communist demand for a coalition government. There was speculation that Kissinger would try to convince the president to agree to some sort of coalition or dual government with the Viet Cong to break the deadlock. What s inside amusements 15c Bridge 12c classified ads 15-21c comics. 3b crossword. 12c editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 2b sports. My television. 15a women s news 6-17a weather. 3a Chavis handed 34 years Burgaw n c. A Black activist Bon Chavis was sentenced today to 34 years in Anson following conviction on charges related to racial violence last year in Wilmington. The other Rune defendants got sentences ranging from 7 to 26 it tars. Chavis got 25 to 29 years on a charge of arson and 4 to 5 years on a charge of conspiracy to assault emergency personnel. The Appeal Bond was set at $50,000. Each defendant gave notice of Appeal. Other sentences handed Down by Superior court judge Robert Martin were Marvin Patrick and Tiney Tyndall both 22 to 26 years for arson 4-5 for conspiracy Bond $45,000 Jerry Jacobs 22-26 years for arson 3-5 for conspiracy Bond $40,000 Willie Earl Vereen Reginald Epps James Mccoy Joe Wright and Wayne Moore each 20-24 years for arson 3-5 years for conspiracy Bond $40,000 Ann Shepard the ony White defendant got 7-10 years on a see Chavis on 2-a

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