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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Frost warning Moro data on rag 3a 88th year a no. 294 the Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon october 20, 1972 30 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every to for Wesley q. I m a listener of Wesley memorial Church on sundays which is very interesting. I wonder if they will Ever appear on television during the hour. It would be More interesting. Anon. A. Or. Bernard Fitzgerald Wesley memorial minister said that the Church is buying the radio time to present its message a and that at present there has been no serious consideration of telecasting. A however a he said a a we la investigate this possibility. If there Are others who Are interested in seeing the service telecast we would like to hear from them. We will consider it from All old family tradition 0. Would you tall a what Tho Rad Rota stands for that governor Scott wears in his Lapel. Does it symbolize something anon. A. The red Rose is just a Scott tradition according to the governors office. Governor Scott likes a fresh one in his Lapel As his father did when he held the office. Dirty Drain ditches 0. I would like to know Why these Drain ditches on Ragan Street cannot be cleaned out As we have asked and asked the City to do something about it and it has not bean Dona. A would like for it to a looked into and cleaned out As quickly As possible. When it Rains the water runs through the Yards and driveways and is ruining the driveways. Anon. A. The Public works department has notified the property owners to get driveway pipes in within a specified time or they will open up the Side ditches. Us one us two q. Would you please put Lawrence Welk s address in the column sometime soon thank you. F. R. A. You can write him in care of Don Fedderson productions 4024 Radford Avenue studio City California 91604 dirty dogs 0. An everywhere problem what to do to dispose of dog drippings and the pups Ara confined to a lot and this is a residential area and a would like to keep the pets As sanitary As possible. Please advise. Mrs. Anon. A. We noticed a couple of ads in an outdoor life Magazine that would have made our pioneering forefathers groan in their Graves one was for a Long handled pair of tongs called a super duper proper scooper the other a Doggie septic tank. One weeps at How a mighty nation has degenerated if we must rely on such fastidious devices. Restore our sagging spirits get a shovel and Bury it. Splash splash 0. Would you give to Tho Oddress of Tho swimmer Mark Spitz m. B. A. His Home town is Carmichael Calif. That should do it. A a weeds now mowed 0. When is Tho City going to mow Tho Woods they Hove under construction on Tho Corner of Lake Crest and Johnson Street thank you. P. H. A. Public works reports they mowed every Weed they had under construction at this Comer and really spruced the place up. A a a rats amp snakes alive 0. I am calling about a big pile of tree limbs in front of a lot in the Doo Block of Garrison Street. It it a Good place for rats and snakes to live. I have called the City to have it moved Over a month ago. Neighbor. A. This trash has been picked up it was trash from a lot that had been cleaned off according to Public works director Carl wills who would like to remind folks that limbs from private tree contractors work Are not to be picked up by City Crews. A Bike race postponed q. There was something in the paper last month about a bicycle race out at Albion Millis stadium the 21st of october. I was wondering who could enter and what Are the requirements. Boy. A. A member of the High Point Exchange club which was sponsoring this said they Are going to have to postpone it possibly until Spring. Wien it does come off any experienced Bike rider will be eligible and there will be a number of categories in keeping with the Type of bicycle size of tire number of speeds on it and the age of the participants. A a a sound off q. Here is what i have to say to the Public if you bought a stuffed animal filled with gravel of some kind from a City employee about a year ago please Check that animal. My daddy bought a Frog about a year ago and it is full of some kind of tiny Little bitty bugs that is taking Over the House. He split it open and it is full of bugs. Please Check that and bum it before your House gets too buggy. Mary. Investigation indicates stray bomb hit French area Washington a the United states today admitted responsibility for the bombing of the French Mission in Hanoi saying it a was inadvertently struck by a . the Pentagon issued a Brief statement calling the oct. La attack an Accident caused either by mechanical failure or a Hung bomb. The head of the Mission Delegate general Pierre Susini died of Burns in a Paris Hospital thursday night. Five indochinese employees in the Mission also were killed. Pentagon spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim said it was Likely that the damage was caused by a 500-Pound bomb that had fallen from one of two dozen Navy planes from the Carrier Midway which were attacking military targets about three Miles from the French legation. He said the bomb apparently dropped As one of the planes was heading to or coming from its assigned target. A obviously this was an Accident and not a planned strike a he told reporters. A Hung bomb would mean that one of the 500 or 1.000-Pound bombs used in the raid failed to drop on the intended target when it was supposed to instead after the supersonic Jet pulled up and away the bomb slipped of on a wild course. Friedheim said because it was an Accident no reprimand recriminations or punishment Are planned. At the outset Hanoi maintained that it was an american bomb that hit the French Mission. While the . Command did not deny this it also raised the possibility that the damage could have been caused by one of More than a half dozen North vietnamese surface to air missiles fired at the amen expectations High autumn furniture Market launched by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer a furniture Market expected to be a a tremendous got underway this morning in High Point and along North Carolinas furniture Highway. Thousands of furniture buyers from across the nation Are flooding into the area to see displays offered by an estimated 700 production firms in High Point Thomasville Lexington Hickory and Lenoir. The visitors come to North Carolina against a background of what Robert Gruenberg managing director of the Southern furniture exposition building called a a very healthy Economy and at a time when Home furnishings Industry firms Are enjoying a booming business. Gruenberg said the buyers from this nation and from several foreign nations Are expected to see offerings which will stress continuance of exist ing styles in order to permit manufacturers to Cope with current production demands. They will see a lot of new treatments a great Deal of color and a great Deal of texture together with Many innovations Max Meeks managing director of the furniture Plaza display building said. Paul Fine president of the High Point furniture Mart. Inc., said the buyers will be in the area in Large numbers from throughout the nation. They will be a ready to buy a he said. The retailers have a got to buy in the Wake of very Good business in their communities according to Robert Deale executive vice president of Tho National retail furniture Assn. Deale said the buyers Are expected to stress the need for deliveries and noted the businessmen Are in poor shape in inventories. There is he said a particular need for deliveries for the Christmas season. Fine said he feels manufacturers will be Able to meet delivery schedules. He noted there Are Many added production facilities under construction at the present time in order to increase the flow of goods to meet the current backlogs. Gruenberg said the Economy is a very healthy and that employment is at an Al time High. He also noted there Are booms in both housing and in marriages. When these elements Are added together there a Only one Way sales can go and that a up he said. Meeks said he has found an Overall feeling of a High level of Confidence in the Industry. He said people were a Little concerned to see if the recent increase from a slight recession was a Flash or if it had a solid foundation but that they now feel the increase is built on a be autumn on 2-a september living costs accelerate Washington a the Cost of living led by higher prices for clothing accelerated in september and pushed the rate of inflation to 3.5 per cent since president Nixon a phase 2 Price controls began the government said today. The Bureau of labor statistics said that the consumer Price Index Rose four tenths of one per cent last month with higher prices for clothing causing almost half of the increase. The Price of gasoline and eggs also contributed heavily to the Advance. On a seasonally adjusted basis the rate of increase was five tenths of one per cent the highest since february when the Economy was going through a Post freeze bulge in the rate of inflation. The Bureau said the effects of clothing gasoline and egg Price increases were moderated by lower prices for beef fresh fruits and vegetables and new cars. The Price of food Rose six tenths of one per cent on a seasonally adjusted basis about the same rate As in july and August. But on an unadjusted basis the increase in food prices was two tenths of one per cent. While the Index accelerated the Bureau said that the average weekly earnings of american workers Rose seven tenths of one per cent in september can jets. The command said it did not know and was investigating the cause. Susini who suffered extensive severe Burns arrived Back in Paris on tuesday. He headed Frances diplomatic Mission in Hanoi As Delegate general. President Georges Pompidou called the bombing a a deplorable act a and the French government protested to Washington. President Nixon sent a letter of regret to Pompidou. Kissinger Thieu Pierre Susini talks held in Saigon Saigon a Henry a. Kissinger and president Nguyen Van Thieu conferred for nearly four hours today amid reports that a partial cease fire was being discussed. It was the third meeting in two Days Between president Nixon a chief foreign policy adviser and the Leader of the Saigon government. There was no immediate word on Kissinger s next move but some sources indicated he would remain in Saigon at least through saturday and most Likely would see Thieu again. Kissinger was accompanied to the meeting today by . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker Deputy ambassador Charles s. Whitehouse and Gen. Creighton w. Abrams the . Army chief of staff. South vietnamese sources who reported that a cease fire proposal was figuring in the talks said it probably called for Only a partial truce As a a Good will gesture that could Lead to further agreements. A it is impossible to have any cease fire that could be enforced even by an International body a said one South vietnamese official. A it might mean an end to bombing and mining of the North and perhaps an Exchange of prisoners but it would be impossible to guarantee any kind of a cease fire in the South where the fighting is going the chief stumbling Block to a cease fire agreement has been Thieu a rejection of the communist condition that he resign and give Way to a three faction coalition government including the communists. There has been widespread speculation that Kissinger is trying to persuade Thieu to step Down and the South vietnamese information ministry in a communique thursday said the president had renewed his vow a never to accept a coalition regime. A number of Thieu a political opponents refused an invitation to meet with him thursday night to discuss the current status of the peace Effort. A Many of us feel that Thieu is trying to create a myth about opposition to a tripartite government proposal a said one political foe of the president. A we feel he is Only pretending to ask for opinions to strengthen his position. We Are not willing to he used for such propaganda so we have refused to meet with Early peace not Likely Jim Van Vleck Nathan Dincan Bill Ross at Stanley furniture . Showroom As Market opens t �,4 la Okma stiff photo by Sonny Henry Belk Goldsboro editor Dies Goldsboro . A Henry Belk editor emeritus of the Goldsboro news Argus died at a Goldsboro rest Home Early today. He was 74 and had been in failing health for More than a year. Belk who had impaired vision since 1955, entered the rest Home about two months ago. A native of Monroe. N c., he came to Goldsboro in 1926 As editor of the Goldsboro news. He became managing editor three years later when the news and daily Argus merged. In 1949 he became editor and served until 1968. Survivors include his widow the former Lucie Bullard a sister. Mrs. Clarence Dent and a brother Hazel Belk both of Monroe. Funeral plans have not been completed but services will be held at 3 . Saturday in Goldsboro. Belk graduated from Trinity College now Duke University be Henry Belk on 2-a americans sweep science prizes Stockholm api a american scientists made a clean sweep today of the 1972 Nobel prizes for physics and chemistry one of them scoring a unique double in physics. Three americans or. Christian b. Anfinsen of the National institutes of health at Bethesda md., and drs. Stanford Moore and William h. Stein of Rockefeller University in new York capped an earlier Triumph what s inside amusements 6-7b Bridge 6 b classified ads 8-15b comics 13a crossword 6b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports. 3-5b television 16b women s news Stoa weather. 3a by a Trio of . Physicists by winning the 1972 chemistry prize. John Bardeen Leon Cooper and John Robert Schueffer won the prize for physics with their theory of superconductivity the Royal swedish Academy of sciences announced. It was the second Nobel prize for 64-year-old or. Bardeen of the University of Illinois. He shared the 1956 prize with two other americans for the development of the transistor. Anfinsen received half of the $98,100 prize for a this work on Ribonuclease especially concerning the connection Between the amino acid sequence and the biologically Active conformation a the Academy said. An Fyksen received half of the $98,100 prize for his work with an enzyme called Ribonuclease. The study is important in understanding such human functions As reproductive ability growth and mobility. Washington a such phrases As a cease fire a coalition government and a interim agreement Are prominent these Days in speculation that a Vietnam peace is near. They also Point up difficulties that suggest no settlement is Likely for some time to come. Washington officials who report some Progress in presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger a secret negotiations likewise caution against expecting any Quick Accord. A look at the practical problems helps show what the negotiators Are up against cease fire a halt to the shooting relatively simple in a War with fixed Battle lines becomes much More Complex when applied to a guerrilla Tydd conflict. For South Vietnam the talks have suggested a Checkerboard cease fire in which the opposing forces would stay in the areas they now hold. One problem at the Start would be to agree on who holds what territory. This is an item of considerable dispute Between the two sides and control in various places keeps changing with the tides of Battle. If there is a cease fire in place a question arises As to safeguards. Presumably communist forces in isolated pockets would want Access to the outside and the Saigon government would oppose uncontrolled communist crossing of its territory. Coalition government a key demand by the vietnamese communists is replacement of the current Saigon regime by an interim three a e g in e n t government. South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu is solidly against this. Even if the communists Are willing to accept Thieu As head of one part of the tripartite Rule As Hanoi has indicated it is hard to imagine How this could work out. Presumably the communists would not agree to Thieu a staying on with the apparatus now under his command nor would Thieu agree to being a relatively powerless minority figure interim agreement this concept envisions a partway peace Deal perhaps before the nov. 7 . Election which would be followed by further negotiations toward a full fledged settlement. While Many variations of such an arrangement Are possible administration officials keep saying that the timing of a peace Accord will not be dictated by its presumed vote win Ning potential. They argue that Nixon will win in november anyway and thus is not under political pressure for a Quick pact with Hanoi. Others say that Nixon a avowed goal is a Broad and permanent Southeast asian peace not a temporary Deal which might fall apart. They acknowledge that the . Election May be stimulating the intensity of the current negotiations. They suggest that both Washington and Hanoi see this As a time when the other might be inclined to make some concessions and thus View the hour As Ripe for bargaining. Weather curtails search for Boggs by John Morrison allocated press writer Anchorage Alaska apr while Rescue coordinators awaited results of a probe by a sophisticated military surveillance plane rain Snow and fog curtailed the search today for a Long missing plane with House majority Leader Hale Boggs and three others aboard. Despite the unfavourable conditions however some planes took to the air at first Light to resume their search of the 56.-000-Square mile area Between Anchorage and Juneau on alaskans rugged coast where the Light plane disappeared monday. While some 60 planes flew Over areas not socked in by storms and fog three coast guard cutters cruised Prince William sound and the Gulf of Alaska looking for any Oil Slick or debris that might indicate the plane crashed into the icy Waters. So far air Force and civil air patrol planes and helicopters along with army and coast guard Craft have flown More than 300 hours of search missions. Aboard the lost twin engine Cessna 310 with Boggs 58, were alaskans Lone congressman rep. Nick Begich 40 Russell Brown 37, a Begich aide and the Pilot Don e. Jonz 38, of Fairbanks. Today a weather was in Sharp contrast to Clear skies thursday that allowed full scale Aerial activity including use of the air forces top secret 2000-Mie-an-hour sr71 reconnaissance Craft. Search officials Are awaiting data from the super plane and refused to give up Hope that the four would be found alive. Corinne Boggs said she and members of her family who arrived Here two Days ago would return tonight to Washington d.c., to wait for further word of the search for her husband and his companions

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