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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina . October to. 10.10 High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings j. P. Rawley. Publisher 1915�?1937 k. D. B. A. Tukey. Rawley Sec a Hammett a. Cecil. President and treas. Gen. Mgr. Capes m. subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. $10 .40 six months .9 3.20 three 2.6c one month.60 one week. 20 carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Adalice. Carrier in City Are not permitted to col Lect Tor a period of More than five weeks. I a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the pm huh a a under the of Post office in High Point. N. A act of Congress of March 8. 18/2. National adv. Representative the John Buill co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City thursday cd Quot Tober 19, 1939. Cd thou Chi search the no ruptures for in them be think get have eternal life and they Are they which testify of it 8b. A a the Bibe is a window in this prison of Hope through which we look into . Delaying the test of economic devices the opinion of John a. Hanes under Secretary of the Treasury that the recent upward trend of american business was not due to War buying we believe is sound. Perhaps unfortunately we never will know the absolutely True character of that upswing because of the incidence of War. This country May feel a distinct commercial flush because of the War demands. Industry is Likely to he seeded up in enough branches to wipe out much of the unemployment of the War continues and the embargo is regaled. But after the War will come the necessary readjustment with the whole question of the soundness of our Economy to be met again. Had the War been averted by agreements establishing a dependable peace our emergence from depression might have had permanent significance. We could have determined in the Light of new developments what share of foreign Trade the United states might expect and. At the same time to what extent new political devices enabled us to live com for ably and even abundantly at Home. In Brief we do not Welcome wholeheartedly the kind of Prosperity that War brings. In conditions of peace and not of w a the Means must be established finally for the production and equitable distribution of the Good things. In conditions of peace adjustment of the necessary burdens must let a made. The fact that Mankind has failed in part in he h accommodations within any economic system does not signify that men cannot succeed to a new and ennobling As Well As enriching extent. The War caught business on the upswing a sudden peace probably would occasion a Sharp drop in the trend and another Long Backset in the enduring climb towards that Happy condition which we sometimes describe As normality but which is something else quite. Municipal salaries before town talk had subsided about the offer of representatives of several Semi Public organizations to help the county commissioners straighten out the government of Guilford the High Point City government tilted its salary scale upward without warning. A half dozen substantial raises were voted by the Council in what seemed to to a somewhat sudden Rush of generosity or Justice to the municipal head. We Are not undertaking to say that any one of the salary changes is inequitable we Are not saying even that the raises give competent men All they Are Worth in Public service. But we do believe thai wholesale corrections of departmental pay ought to be incorporated in the budget for the fiscal year and studied As part of the budget by the City Council s finance committee. Reference has been made to the proposition from Semi Public groups to the county commissioners. That proposition we have been advised originated in High Point among people who keep Alert and perhaps uneasy eyes on mounting costs of county government. The addition of $4,380 to the annual personnel costs of the City coming hard upon the addition of some $18,000 due to an increase of the number of the fire fighters surely is a matter which should have had the deliberate consideration of the finance committee before the Council manic vote. We would not urge the City Hall to keep the salaries of important officers and workers at the lowest possible figure but impulsive alterations of the list Are unpleasantly impressive. Yesterdays action at the City Hall coming without finance committee deliberation and with the fiscal year not yet four months old might suggest Well that the prevailing idea is other than Businesslike. This City heavily in debt should not expect High class service for a pittance but it ought to avoid the policy of limiting its expenditures simply to the last Dollar taxing devices exact from the people. In Brief equitable pay should be budgeted and not dished out from reserves like a Bonus. In these observations we Are not unmindful of the fact that the committee we mention was not set up to Deal directly with individual salary or personnel problems. We Are thinking of the importance of the committee As the ways and Means guide for the Council and of the budget making practice As an important defense against haphazard increase of the costs of government. Looking ahead three months at a time in budget making and then ignoring the budget is shallow application of the budgetary principle. Worth preserving the Best exemplars of sane wholesome living in a troubled world Are to be found we often think in the scandinavian countries. These relatively Small nations Are characterized by a True democratic concern and by about the fairest distribution of wealth to be found anywhere. They have not gone Pell Mell after strange political theories and methods. They have rationalized their experiences and their circumstances and made much of Little in Many instances. The manner in which Denmark converted a Rocky terrain into one of the worlds Best Dairying areas and the methods the Danes have used to build up and even up Prosperity Are immensely impressive. The new member of the group of North european Small nations Finland is relatively inexperienced in autonomy but the american impression of the Small nation is particularly High because Finland happens to be the one european debtor of ours who has met every obligation. For that perhaps inadequate reason Finland is bound to appear to us a newcomer meet for Fellowship with her Fine neighbors. These reflections we mention As the Small countries get together and begin to bristle in spots As they feel the beginning of aggression from ambitious big nations. We Trust that the sentiment expressed by the president of the United states respecting Finland a danger will Rule in All situations involving the Freedom and the territorial rights of All those represented in the Stockholm conference. As to where righteousness lies. The government of Italy soon May be forced to take a stand alongside the very Powers the Pope fears. Italy a situation in the War necessarily is an unhappy one despite the retention of her neutrality. The time is coming when that neutrality May be exceedingly hard to maintain. If Mussolini tries to throw support to his old Axis Comrade something More powerful than his revolutionary dosing May be required to prevent a serious Challenge of his authority. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people do you want to win a Friend Well Here is one method practice and proven ask him to do you a favor. Naturally you Are not to ask him to lend you Money or go on your note or to do anything that would prove an annoyance but ask him to do some Small thing that will not too greatly inconvenience him old Ben Franklin knew this idea would work. Ile had managed to get himself elected to the general Assembly in Philadelphia and hoped to continue in Public life. But he developed an enemy who was most vituperative. He made a speech in Public denouncing Franklin. Franklin wanted this Man for a Friend so he decided to put into practice the principle of asking a favor. He found the Man had a very rare Book of which he was very proud. So Franklin wrote asking if he could borrow the Book. The Book was sent immediately. Franklin kept it a week then wrote praising the Book and saying How much he appreciated the kindness. A few Days later the two met in the House and the Man spoke to Franklin for the first time. They met again shortly and Franklin talked with him taking care not to intrude himself too Long. Bit by bit their Friendship developed and it continued until the mans death. Franklin had accomplished it by asking the Man to do him a favor. There was a poor girl living in a Bare Dingy room Over a sugar refinery in the West indies. Her name was Marie Joseph tastier la Pagerie. Usually called she wanted to make an impression on the greatest Man living at that time. Yes Napoleon Bonaparte. She was thirty three and he was Only Twenty seven when they met for the first time. She was not Good looking her Teeth were in bad condition she had two half grown children and she was in debt. She was in fact Only two jumps ahead of the sheriff. But she had one enormous asset she knew How to win a Friend. Napoleon had t yet become famous and he did no to have any Money. But Josephine s friends told her that Napoleon was going to make a name for himself. So Josephine wanted to meet him. She used a Clever hit of strategy. She sent her Young son twelve years old to ask Napleon for a Little favor if he might have the sword of his dead father. Napoleon said he might and the next Day Josephine powdered her nose and went with tears in her eyes to thank Napoleon for his great kindness. Napoleon was immensely impressed and when she invited him to her Home for Tea he was flattered. Three months later their engagement was announced. Hie next time you wish to win some one As a Friend give a thought to this psychological principle. Ask him to Grant you the kind of favor he would enjoy performing. It will Likely work for you As it does for others. Look out for that last step a a Dandy Walter Winchell on Broadway Otterh i lest. Delly Mirror Lee. Notes of a first Nighter the talk of the Burg is the new Kaufman and Hart attack on their pal Alexander Woollcott at the music Box. Where a the Man who came to dinner was the blessed event monday night.,.one critic observed that the smartest of the Alecs no doubt would have something just As deadly to say in rebuttal it is our guess that he wont. Several years ago after his Book on a dear Friend was published he was asked a How can you write such a cruel Story about someone you love so very child a replied the ancient Assassin who invented smothering those he adored a the very fact that you write about a person is compliment enough a. And when George Jean Nathan was consoling a writer who had just been Tom to pieces by another he said a nobody Ever throws a ton of bricks at people who Are not important. Anybody who is in the Brick throwing business As we Are must expect to get hit by a Brick now and Woollcott was not the Only Pebble i the music Box Beach monday evening. Many of the Weil known occupying front scats wished they Hadnot come perhaps. The authors spared few of them. Celebrities from the Holly we oods and Park Avenue bled a Little from the tacks the collaborators had put on their chairs. Noel cow Ard w As impersonated deftly by John Hoysradt on the stage and so were Harp Marx and an actress whose name the libel statutes prevent from mentioning now so devastating is the Hari caricature. Every mention of a famed person of course turned most Heads out front in the direction of the Orginia. Yes. It was a Holiday for Many of the celebrities who detest each other,.but this May Comfort those mentioned in the sizzling satire due soon evens things with Moss Hart. Constance Bennett who is at the Valdorf Astoria. Left we Ord with the phone girls there not to be disturbed until notified. The n. Y. Times drama dept however wished to speak with her and. Falling to crash through the switchboard. Left word a please have miss Bennett Call the n. Y. Times drama dept to that night at the music Box opening the Newspaperman introduced himself to left word for you a he said a to Call the times drama replied lady Bennett waving a dangling wrist at him a no wonder they did no to know what i we As talking about. I kept asking for the n. Y. Times Glamour department a Ben Bernie in Case you did no to know has finally had a song written about him a the Little Man who Wasny to there mentally a Jack Durant heard two Little boys arguing at intermission last night. Gawan a said the first a my father can scare your father a a Why could your father scare mine yelled the other. A a because a was the convincer a my father Sells the Airt tickets. He said it we need not fear that ale disease of dict Toritis will afflict us by germs spread from european soil. As 90 per cent of our people today dislike despise and fear both Hitler and Stalin. Senator Sheridan Downey to dam. Calif. Sooner or later we must demand the Freedom of this continent and its surrounding islands from the dictates of european Power. A Charles a. Lindbergh. We have Faith that some Day a new Poland will Rise again. Vve know the Freedom and Independence of no great people can to destroyed. A former president Herbert Hoover. Laella gear satire on Queen Mary in a streets of Paris has been jerked. Because a woman Patron the other performance stood up and shouted a you ought to be ashamed a. Martha Douglas the society girl from Detroit and River House Here has sent that Stork club Captain who found her $5,000 Diamond pin a Reward of $70.a frightful incident happened Back stage at the aquacade the other night. A chorus Man went on a tear and sent two of the girls to a Hospital. The management and exploiter of a new night spot were trying to dope out a Way to get the opening into the newspapers the Boss wondered if mayor la Guardia could be persuaded to can guarantee it Quot said the press agent a just Start a fire in the joint a. In a British film Rebecca West reports picturesquely a it is True there Are More men authors than women. But done to forget women have other things to do. They must bring All the authors into the world As Well As the entire Reading Public a. The Excel stationery on West 43rd Street unknowingly we Are told has this display. Three books the titles of which air a live with a Man and love it Quot a a daily except sundays and a address unknown. Thumbnail description of Bert Lahr the Middle of a sneeze. Trouble for Italy when the Pope expresses to a lithuanian minister the fear that a the enemies of god Are easting t110� government in education we do want More education in government. A gov. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts. There Are no factional differences in the neutrality contest. A sen. Josiah w. Bailey dem., n. A in the United states we Don t want new York novelette he Psi a former press agent in the Broadway places a night club proprietor hefted his wife a love,.he carried the longest Torch we Ever heard about. They say he still carries other night he eased his heartache a went into the love thief s cafe and devoured a costly meal plus drinks. Then he started to exit without paying the Bill a a matter of about $10 a a what a the big idea Quot demanded the owner. Quot done to get excited a answered the press agent a you stole my wife and in a swiping a meal from you. That just makes it a sinister Shadow Over Europe a does he have to name his men in order to be understood Isnit the conclusion inevitable that Antichrist an Russia if not Germany is regarded by the head of the Catholic Church As hostile to god of that is a reasonable conclusion Italy a government and the Vatican Are not seeing Eye to Eye the european door to peace seems to be a swinging affair with diplomats always emerging on the same Side from which hey started. A Seattle College increased its enrolment from 34 to Kim in eight years without the Aid of a football team. Strangely enough students Wert willing to Settle for an education. It line Howard of a a scandals unfolded this one about the intr Ted Healy Ted just before his death had been arrested on charges of starting a fire in a friends House. He was released however and went to the Trocadero the same night. The master of ceremonies who was calling upon celebs announced Quot and now we present Ted Healy the Well known fire Bug a 1 Quot i May be a fire Bug a shouted Healy a but i m not a Louse a our red face depot we announced that it would probably be denied but that Sec y of the Treasury Morgenthau was ill not serious we added. Just As we exclusively predicted the Cabinet member confirmed the first half of the scoop in the following Telegram a dear Walter you will be glad to learn and some people will not to so pleased that sunday morning i enjoyed a two hour horseback ride. Sunday afternoon mrs. Morgenthau and i took a Long Cross country walk. Everything was perfect until nine of clock when i turned on my radio to listen to my favorite sunday night commentator. From then on i Wasny to sure which of us was sick. The Telephone began to ring. Friends and press associations wished to ascertain the state of my health. I assured them that up to the time of your broadcast i had been perfectly Well. My Telephone is in working order. How a yours a its not feeling so Good move Over. A Tihe Surprise commutation of a sentence of Warren k. Billings this week wan no news to the readers of this column where it first was announced five weeks ago and then repeated two weeks the Lyons Den in the n. Y. Post october 18th. A governor Olson of California will announce his plan to free Warren k. Billings Tom Mooney a co defendant in the san Francisco preparedness Day bombings. This May be news again in five or six your new York correspondent s broadcast of May 14th. Speaking of prof. Woollcott As we were at the top of the column Here is a Concrete example of what Kaufman and Hart May expect. When Woollcott opened in a Flop theatre Guild show a few seasons ago one of his sex Sec Rezarie now a columnist went to the show smacking his lips. The next Day he columned a Alexander Woollcott a third rate actor is seen in a fourth rate show at the Guild. Harold Ross of the new yorker visiting Woollcott a dressing room said a did you see that dirty dig in the paper about you this morning a ooh. sighed Alec a no Man is a hero to his sacrificing american shipping from the new York Herald Tribune of october 12, 1939 it senator Bailey of North Carolina whose interest in the american merchant Marine is Well known has rendered a service in calling attention to the probable effects on the merchant Marine if no modification Are made in the Initia draft of the Neutral Ity Law changes. The senator estimated that 130 ships with a total tonnage of 860,000 tons would be forced out of foreign Trade and another 16 vessels aggregating 80.000 tons could not operate As at present if the Law is passed As it now stands. In addition. There would be tankers amounting to an As yet undetermined tonnage. What this would mean stripped of technicalities is that one of the most important sections of the american merchant Marine we oud be badly crippled. Of. Incidentally the provision against calling at non european ports of belligerents were to be strictly interpreted american shipping in other parts of the world besides Europe would be seriously crippled. Taken altogether the new restrictions would go far toward driving american shipping off the seas. Only the lines to and from latin America would remain virtually unimpaired. Persons who Brush aside the argument in behalf of the merchant Marine make two serious mistakes they assume that ships now engaged in the european Trade could by a Mere order of their owners be transferred to other routes and they completely Overlook the fact that the United states is dependent on the outside world for much of its indispensable imports. Ships can Only be rerouted when the prospects of business warrant it. In the meanwhile if the ships of the belligerents and the leading european neutrals Are interfered with As a result of blockades and submarine campaigns there will be a shortage of tonnage in which to carry from War zones the imports that the United states needs. Everyone sympathizes with the Point of View which Secretary of state Hull expressed that it would be Worth Tho sacrifice of a part of our shipping if this would surely keep us out of War. But it does not follow that such a sacrifice would in any sense serve As a guaranty against the United states being drawn into the War. At Best it would Only diminish the likelihood of Bruce Catton in Washington labor Board is on Brink of its own private War Washington oct. 19.�?nobody has noticed it due to the Way the War and the neutrality debate Are holding the limelight but the National labor relations Board is about to begin jolting Over the Rockies Road it has yet had to travel. The most obvious Rock was placed there at the recent c. I. O. Convention in san Francisco when John l. Lewis sharply criticized the Board and suggested that it might be time to consider whether the benefits of the Wagner act outweigh a the dangers which Catton its administration inflicts on organized c. I. O. Discontent dates from the appointment to the Board of William m. Leiserson who took the place vacated by Donald Wakefield Smith since then the Board has split on a number of eases and has handed Dow n several decisions and rulings which the c. I. O. Considers highly unfavourable to itself. These however have not lessened the hostility of the a. Of of a whose recent convention in Cincinnati agreed to keep on pressing for amendment to the Wagner act. The Board now find itself under fire from both of labors ramps with no new friends to it show for it. House committee pushes inquiry the biggest rocks however Are about to come from the hands of couple of congressmen a How an Smith of Virginia and Martin Dies o Texas. Congressman Smith Heads the Spe. Cia House committee which a up at the last session to investigate the Board and All its works. He a it a big staff and an ample appropriate to work with and ii getting under a what looks like an exceptionally Thor Ough investigation. Elaborate questionnaires have beet sent to every employer and every urn Ion Ever involved in a Case before the Board. These questionnaires covet every conceivable phase of a lab Ltd Board hearing and when they Havi All been filled in tabulated Ani studied or. Smith s committee will to Able to Start calling witnesses with pretty definite idea of what it of expect to find out. Furthermore it has sent other questionnaires to police chiefs through out the country inquiring into the na1 Ture of a labor disturbances in strike areas. On top of that it has Laid hands on stacks of i Abor Board file and records including some which the Board was highly Loath to Par with. When the committee begins it open hearings the Hoard will he in for some highly unpleasant moments. Dies charges reds on payroll or. Dies. Meanwhile is preparing t demonstrate that the Hoard has Alto get her too Many Ultra radicals on it payroll. He declares that there a upwards of 1500 members of the Monist party in the government s employ and charges that the staff of the labor Board harbours the biggest sin Gle group. He promises to Call Wii Nesses in the near future who will substantiate these charges All of which i will give the Board another bump stretch of pavement at a time who it has plenty of other troubles t Cope with. If amid All these gathering Clouds the Board had at least won a to Friendly attitude on the part of business Community its out Loo would t be quite so dark. But Hasni to. On the contrary few of its decision Ever got a louder squawk from tha Community than its recent ruling r the Pittsburgh plate Glass co. Case 1 which a Branch factory specifically exempted from coverage in an exist ing Union contract is lumped together with five other plants to make o bargaining unit in a represent Tii election. A alter said the fussy diner want some oysters. But they mus be too Large or too Small too of too Tough and they be Salt want them cold and i want then once. A yes. Sir a bowed the waiter. Quot a or without pearls boy a say dad what does it Mea when the paper says some Man went t a convention As a Delegate at Large dad a it Means his wife did no to g with him conductor a this train is going to Chicago. Your ticket is for be traveler a does the Engineer kno he is on the wrong track a alternate claims and denials of a gains from both Germany and the allies Are keeping the world hopelessly confused. An official scorekeeper to record hits and errors might helpful. Herbert Hoover would have to United states Export Only defense weapons. Rifles shipped to Bellig ent nations would presumably be. Tags Reading a to be used Only Vehe shot or misunderstandings arising out of jury to american ships in belligerent Waters. But there is nothing in history to show that even Complete non inter course with belligerents can necessary keep a nation out of War

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